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Sales letter: Phrases that cause her to Friend Zone you instantly

Today I looked at over 100 messages on Facebook. They were all from guys trying to pick up my girlfriend.

I have narrowed all of it down into a few simple maneuvers that guys are trying.

Avoid these maneuvers, and you’re going to do a lot better when talking to women.

Here they are:

#1 Just saying “Hi”

#2 Offering some help

#3 Asking her out, in a way that is completely out of nowhere

#4 Showing interest in her We’re going to go through these one by one, and I’ll explain why these kinds of tactics fail 100% of the time.

For some of my more experienced readers, who already have game- even if you’re not doing these awful techniques, you need to be aware of them so you know what girls are being subjected to.

Some of the messages are from guys she has never met, some are from guys she met a few times, and some are from guys who she put in the friend zone a long time ago.

Like all women, she will use and abuse these friend zone guys if she thinks there is anything to gain from them that she can’t get else where.

I’ve seen her do it, and we’ve spent many hours together laughing at these guys.

If you use these kinds of tactics, STOP IT NOW and get my routines.

Start using my routines right away.

If you don’t want to use them for whatever reason, there’s a good chance that the woman you desire will be laughing at you next time she is with the guy she likes to fuck.

Think about the girl you like. She laughs at her orbiters and “friend zone” guys. She submissively hands her pussy over to an alpha guy who she finds amazing and attractive.

Don’t be that friend zone guy! #1 Just saying “Hi”

This is the classic. Worst technique ever. Yet it persists, because men are so foolish and want to believe in it so badly.

When you write something like “Hi there” or on Facebook, or you go up to a woman and say “Hi, my name is Joey and I just came over to say hi” you’re making it pretty much impossible for her to have sex with you, even if she likes you.

Why? Because “hi” is always followed by a bunch of dead air time, where the woman is expected to come up with something to say and move the interaction forward.

Women hate to take the lead.

Women are usually uncomfortable around strangers for the first 10 minutes (even if they are attracted!) Saying “Hi” brings her back to hundreds of uncomfortable moments she’s had in her life.

It’s happened to her many times. A guy comes over and says “Hi” and she immediately feels a slew of negative emotions.

She feels pressure to come up with something to say. She feels awkward when she doesn’t know what to say.

She feels a little scared because it’s someone she doesn’t know. She feels like all eyes are on her.

Even if you have great fashion and body language, “Hi” will cause so many negative emotions that she will be very unlikely to allow herself to get lasting attraction to you.10 seconds of attraction? MAYBE. More than that is unlikely.

Instead of doing this, use one of the openers from my routines book.

It will take all the pressure off the woman, and let her listen to you as you create a world of attraction and interactive “chick-friendly” comedy.#2 Offering some help

In person, this may sound like “Can I buy you a drink” or “You should let me introduce you to a modeling agent.”These are common openers that have a zero percent success rate.

Over the internet, these may something like “Let me know if you ever need anything” or “I hope you’re having a great day.”

The reason these don’t work is because the man is being submissive and a complete kiss-ass.

Women HATE guys like this.

It looks desperate and needy. Women run in the opposite direction when a man acts needy.

Any man who’s actually desirable would not offer to “help out” someone they barely know.

Women know that any guy who is worth dating is too busy to partake in random acts of kindness over the internet.

Women perceive guys like this as not only submissive and needy, but also sneaky and ill-willed.

Women think these guys want to trick them. The man will offer some help, then expect a date or a fuck in return.

Sneaky, sneaky!

That’s why women never take these guys up on their offer.

Guys who try this mean well. They are doing the best they can. But it doesn’t work.

Try some of the routines in my book and you’ll do a lot better.

These routines will teach you how to act dominant and in control.

You’ll be funny and interesting. Women will start treating you way better the first day you try these routines.#3 Asking her out, in a way that is completely out of now here

Maybe you read the first two and said “well I’m smart enough to not do that.”

But this third one is something you might be doing without even knowing it. Lots of times, even guys with good game will ask a woman out before he has built enough desire and attraction insider her mind.

That’s why you get flakes on dates and girls who don’t text back.

Here’s what it looks like, over text or internet. “Hey we should chill sometime” or “Wanna go for drinks soon?”

Stuff like that can work if the girl is already interested. The problem is that guys will ask for date without knowing the girl, or without having attraction. If you’ve had girls ignore your text messages or Facebook messages, you’re probably thinking “Well how do I get her interested enough to come and meet me?” It’s not about how you ask her out. It’s about everything that comes before that. If you’re using a bland style of conversation that she has heard from lots of other guys, she is going to see you as average and undesirable. I suggest you read someone of my routines and try them out so you can set yourself apart from other guys. Stand out. Be different. Show her you are the kind of guy who gets plenty of girls, and that you can take her or leave her. This will make her so curious about you that she will be freaking out in her mind, thinking about you all the time, and desperate for you to ask her out.Once you can get there, “let’s go get some drinks” will work fine.

In my routines book “How to Talk to Women,” I have carefully crafted each routine to communicate to women that you are a high quality guy, an “insider” who “get’s it.”

She will know that if she doesn’t jump on her opportunity for a date with you, then you will quickly be dating someone else. She will be afraid to lose her chance.

In a future email, I’m going to tell you more about a twisted dark psychological principle that you can use to succeed with women. Stay tuned for that.

Here’s one hint- hundreds of people have used it successfully on you in the past, including women, teachers, your parents, and your friends.#4 Showing interest in her

When I read through my girlfriend’s inbox, this was the most common one I saw. These are also the funniest ones. She laughs at these guys the most. I’m going to show you lots of screenshots of these soon, but I’ve just got to share one of these with you right now. One guy wrote to her: “I look at your face and I felt butterflies. I’m serious. You are like a girl that was in the movies when the world was perfect. So romantic looking.” BARF!!!My girl said she almost barfed on her keyboard when she read that one. Here’s one simple rule: Don’t give interest or compliments to women until they earn it. Even when they do earn it, don’t make it too over-the-top.Only give a compliment when you are sure she already likes you, and you have something very specific that you are going to compliment. Otherwise, it will come off as needy and disingenuous. Remember those “sneaky, sneaky” guys who make offers? Well complimenting guys are put into the same bag most of the time.

Now here’s the catch. If you’re not supposed to show interest, ask her out, offer help, or say hi….what’s left???

Actually, lots of things. I have over 120 different routines in my book. If you study these, you will gain the ability to create your own stuff in the moment. You will completely re-train your brain to communicate with women in a way that is attractive every time. But I must warn you, it’s hard to find the “off button” sometimes. Once you learn this stuff, you might attract women all the time without even trying. After enough practice, it becomes effortless. You will have women for the rest of your life. But you must take action now. Get my book for now. You get a discount because you’ve been getting my newsletter for a while. You can steal my entire game. You can get the same results as me. I’ll give you all the exact words I use. You can listen to the exact way I say those words. You can do it the same way I do it. You can take a list of the routines along when you’re meeting women and never be stumped again .I’ve put this package together so that you can even view it on your phone. It’s like having all the power of my game in your pocket, ready to strike at a seconds notice. You will be the guy women want to fuck. Soon, you’ll be the guy women tell their secrets to. You’ll be hearing all about how she wants to fuck you, and when other guys approach her she just laughs at them. Do you want to get pussy, or do you want to get laughed at? It’s your choice.


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