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Jim Knippenberg - Using Energy Influence & Remote Influence for Having Better Sex1Jim Knippenberg – Using Energy Influence & Remote Influence for Having Better Sex

One of the subscribers to the newsletter wrote and said he’s having trouble with his boss at work.

Another subscriber wrote and said he’s having trouble with his lady, and could I please help.

I sure can.

In fact, I gave a presentation on it at Doc’s seminar.

Doc named it: “Using Energy Influence & Remote Influence for Having Better Sex!”

It’s about covert hypnosis skills. Seduction Skills. Telepathic Mind Control Skills. Energy Medicine Skills to get others to LIKE you.

Everyone there LOVED the presentation and loved the content.

These are skills I use all the time. In fact, I just recently used these skills to take care of a conflict at work. I’m currently using these skills with a lady I’m real interested in.

It’s all about how to combine your own thoughts and suggestions to get the other person to do what you want them to do, in a way that causes them to think it was all their own idea.

Heck, I haven’t even had a chance to write the ad for this yet, but because of the questions I’m getting back from some of you on the newsletter, I knew I had to tell you as soon as I had the DVD and workbook ready for you. Some of you really need this information, and I’m going to give you one awesome deal on it.

In fact, after getting email after email from several of you really want a quick start course on mind control skills, I decided to slash the price on this package.

Several of you said you’d love to have the larger package I offered previously with the 9 bonus manuals and the large manual on Mesmerism skills, but you just didn’t have the money to fork out the $149 bucks plus shipping for the previous package I offered.

So I’ve turned this into a “bare bones” course that will give you a quick start to hypnotic and telepathic skills.

And I’ve SLASHED the price for you!

(You can still get the original package with the 9 “Lost Seduction Manuals” and the book on Mesmerism skills (value of over $180 bucks!) – if interested, just write to me at jim (at) mindcontrolresources (dot) com for information!)

The presentation on the DVD is approximately 57 minutes.

Then I’ve written up a training manual that explains some of the concepts that were not explained in the classroom due to the fact that many in there were already familiar with those techniques and ideas. I’ve added further examples, explanations, and “how-to-do it”.

If you’ll just do the exercises in this course, you’ll be light years ahead of almost everyone else’s persuasion skills. And you’ll be far ahead of most of the “psychic” influence skills that people are teaching out there, too.

There are some common “techniques” taught by supposed psychic influence gurus, and it’s obvious those guys don’t have a clue about the psychic energies or how they work.

Not only do I show you, I even demonstrate on the video, how you can activate those psychic circuits while you’re talking with someone. (I do it all through the presentation!)

And that’s not all! Here’s some more!

*Need money? Do this, and you will go even further in the hole! Or you could do this simple step, instead, to fix it and have OODLES of money!

*If you don’t fix this first, you’ll never win her heart – no matter how hard you try!

*A vital secret of being able to read their mind and learn to see their mental pictures!

*Secrets of compulsion and impulsion.

*Do you know which two chakras are most important for romantic attraction? WATCH the DVD, and you’ll know, if you pay close attention.

*How to get good deals on food.

*Bypass her resistance to what you want her to do!

*Little-known psychic secrets hidden in the Bible that are simple, but extremely powerful!

*How we constantly attract “helpers” from the other side, and how to make sure you attract the ones who will help you get where you WANT to go!

*How to focus on success!

*Turn supposed “failure” into success!

*Use your imagination to psychically communicate with them while they sleep.

*Get answers to projects while you sleep.

*Cause her to FANTASIZE about you all day, and long to be with you because of this simple dream you send her at night!

*Dreamtime Boyfriend Destroyer so she craves YOU instead of that punk she’s with now!

*How to get your creative imagination to work for you instead of against you!

*More than 5 types of covert hypnotic suggestion most people aren’t aware of, and how to combine them to get what you want.

*How to make telepathic suggestions even MORE effective!

*How your body language and posture affect your message.

*How the pre-programmed writings on the walls of your mind determine what you can or cannot have.

*Cause her to LIKE you before you even meet!

*Convincer strategies that work for most of the population to get them to believe what you want them to!

*Control their thoughts, even if you’ve just met!

*Key to attraction!

*Are you shooting yourself in the foot with the words you use?

*Recognize warning signs from your High Self so you can avoid wackos!

*Find someone who IS compatible with you in just 72 hours or less!

*What to do when you screw up!

So how much is it?

You get the 57 minute DVD presentation AND the training manual for the DVD (a $149 value!) for a limited time while I conduct this marketing test for Almost Half Off at $79 + shipping and handling!!!

You can still get the larger package with all the additional manuals — write to me if interested — but this deal at almost Half Off is only for a limited time only while I test the two offers. Here’s your chance to get an AWESOME course for just peanuts!

The video and audio quality is pretty darn good (the video clip on the webpage had to be re-formatted, so the DVD quality is way better than what you saw and heard on the video clip!). Doc’s son Jack recorded it on a digital recorder at the seminar.

I need to warn you, though, I like to cuss, so if you’re offended by swear words, then don’t get the video.

But if you want to learn some really AWESOME skills that virtually nobody else has (and NOBODY has all in one package at this low price!!!), then you’re going to really want to make sure you get this package!

I reserve the right to pull the offer at any time!

So hurry now and get it while you still can buy it at this INCREDIBLE savings!!!

And when you order, you agree that these materials are for your own personal use only and that you will not resell or redistribute the materials.

I’ve tested the DVD on multiple players, and if you’ve got a recent player, or if you have a DVD player on your computer, it should work for you. If not, I’ll be happy to replace the DVD with a VHS IF the DVD doesn’t play on your older player.

Click the “BUY NOW” button to order right now while this offer is still here!

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Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20101026060420/http://www.mindcontrolresources.com/energyinfluenceandremoteinfluence.html

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