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Shelle Rose Charvet - LAB Profile Learning Program1Shelle Rose Charvet – LAB Profile Learning Program

“Shelle, I can’t tell you how pleased and impressed I am after watching you teach in this program. I don’t know if you realize how critical I can be–and you gave me no opportunity to demonstrate that skill! I have respected your work for years, but I was unprepared for the richness of the program–especially the organization, sequencing, and nonverbal delivery. This program ought to be mandatory in any program including training/presentation skills!”

Steve Andreas, NLP Developer and Trainer, Colorado


Welcome! I’m Shelle Rose Charvet, the author of Words That Change Minds, and I have been training, consulting around the world to help people find ways to

  • solve communication challenges,
  • create better relationships and
  • achieve outstanding results

I have to say this is the only on-line program I’ve done that I really look forward to – and the benefits to me and my clients are already evident.Your lovely mix of passion, playful humour, and thorough knowledge is irresistable!
Phil Reed: Master NLP CertifiedCoach, specialising in trauma recovery, UK.

“The online LAB Profile® program was so much fun and, as others have commented, gave me valuable insights and tools from the minute I started the program online. I’m so pleased I did it. It also complements my iWAM qualification really nicely. Very, very pleased, inspired and motivated to use the in my work and in general life.”
– Helen Holan, Perth, Australia

“Shortly after our visit the customer sent a 1 million Euro order to our subsidiary and has placed a 2 million Euro order for a VMI (vender managed inventory) to start off for 2014. I believe that using the tips Shelle so beautifully and vividly “taught” me, helped me close this deal.”
Crystal Mccollough, Germany

There have been so many fantastic comments from the people who’ve taken the program and actually used the material to get great results, but you can check it out for yourself!

I fully enjoyed the course. I found it had practical examples from different industries, liked the on-line forum for exchange, exercises I could follow/do at home and you also conveyed personal connection through the internet!
Brent Markley, Paris, France

How the LAB Profile® Online Program Works:

You will have access to this online program for 12 weeks.
Each week, you access a new Module with 2 sections, so you have the time to watch and practice, without having to do too much all at once.
*If you want the option to access all the Modules at once, or need more time, just let us know after you receive your login information.

“I think this course is brilliant and it is already helping me with my work environment. I love Shelle’s style. She is amazing!”
Audra Smith, Business Consultant, East Midlands, UK

Each video shows you the exercises that you can do and questions that you can feed into conversations to practice the skills.

If you want to complete the LAB Profile® Practitioner Certification, watch the 6 LAB Profile® interview videos at the end of the program, fill out the LAB Profile® Worksheet for each one, and fax or email the worksheets to us at + 1 905 639-4220 or . Your worksheets will be marked and if done successfully, we will send your Certified LAB Profile® Practitioner Diploma.

“Totally awesome! Perfect mix of content and exercises and perfect for modeling how to do a training.”
Joe Niedzielski, Trainer of NLP, HNLP and Brain-Based Training, New Jersey

“Fantastic! The amazing discovery and journey on language that create a person’s destiny. Spread the LAB Profile® around the GLOBE!”
MD Taib bin Mat, NLP Trainer, Certified LAB Profile Trainer, Malaysia

What do you get with the LAB Profile® On-line Program?

  • Access to video of me – filmed live, edited into bite-size pieces with exercises, demos, and answering questions.
    · Clear Instructions on how to complete the program.
    · A new module with 2 short sections to view each week for a total of 12 weeks. *Or if you like, after you login, just ask us to have all the Modules at once.

And for download:

  • The PowerPoint Slides for each section (for your personal use only in this program)
    · LAB Profile® Learning Manual PDF (for your personal use only in this program)
    · LAB Profile® Worksheet with cues
    LAB Profile® Worksheet without cues

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“I really enjoyed the LAB Profile Online Program. It made the learning so much more accessible. Watching the videos made me feel as if I was attending an actual live session and the format was very interactive and inclusive. I also appreciated the flexibility in being able to extend the access to the material to be able to complete it at my own pace.
Shereen Qutob, Change Management and Development Manager, Dubai

“I thought the online LAB Profile® Program was excellent Shelle and I really felt that I was in the training with you. The information was very clearly explained for me and it was fun and interesting to study it each week, in fact I looked forward to each new module every week! Also I was pleasantly surprised by how easily and relatively simply it all came together at the end in order to be able to profile people, using the questions and worksheets. It has truly deepened my knowledge of meta programs and enhanced my ability to illicit them in the coaching I do. I highly recommend it and in fact will be recommending it to my colleagues!.”
Tom Kelsall, Australia

“Really enjoying the online program. I’m an NLP Master Practitioner and have been interested in getting the LAB Profile certification separately for some time – so when I saw it was available I jumped at it. Really looking forward to the future modules and embedding the “academic” understanding I had of Meta Programs.”
Michael Fooks, New Zealand

There are many possibilities for how to use my LAB Profile® Online Program in your work and all your relationships: Speed up your ability to read others

  • Be more persuasive
  • Prevent, avoid and solve communication problems easier
  • Motivate yourself, even when it’s difficult
  • Check out my new LAB Profile® 3-2-1 Motivation Sandwich – it’s
  • Find ways to be more effective in every aspect of communication.

The LAB Profile®, (short for the Language and Behavior Profile), is a method that enables you to uncover the ways that people get motivated, think and make decisions. It helps you be more persuasive, even with people who are very different.

The LAB Profile® is not the same as typical personality profiles. Most profiles give you useful information about a person. But, people don’t always do the same thing in every situation. If they did, wouldn’t that make our lives easier?!

People behave very differently depending where they are and what they are doing. How you think when you are at work may be very different than when you are having an argument at home, or when you are lying on a beach, or when you are thinking about making a career change, or even doing your grocery shopping.

“Your online programme is amazing. You make it so understandable and clear. I have read most of your books and listened to the audios and must say, seeing and hearing you train in the video brings such clarity and “lightbulb” moments. As I move from session to session I see so clearly how I can use this skill to improve my Retirement Coaching conversations with my clients. It’s exciting to think how I can verbally “nudge” them into moving forward more quickly with their own solutions to attaining their dreams, overcoming their self-imposed limiting beliefs and/or inner obstacles. Developing this skill makes me realize my responsibility in its use too.”
Janine O’Shea, Coach, South Africa

“I’ve trained with many trainers in the UK and in North America, and nobody seems to know their subject as deeply as Shelle knows hers.”
John Cliff, Communication Consultant

With the LAB Profile®, you won’t drop the ball, even when it’s “complicated!”

What exactly is the LAB Profile®?

Every day, in every situation, people communicate through their own thinking and motivation patterns. As humans, we respond immediately when someone “speaks our language” to communicate with us in return.

I LOVED the course. I have watched all the segments with great pleasure and interest. Your material greatly compliments and expands my work”.
Allie Middleton JD LCSW RYT, Integrative Leadership Practices, USA

The Language and Behavior Profile (LAB Profile®) is a way of thinking about people and groups that allows us to notice and respond with just the right Influencing Language. It’s tailored to each situation and structured to allow you to understand

  • how people get motivated,
    · how they process information, and
    · how they make decisions.

The Problem with Many Profiling Assessments

While many assessments explain the differences between people, they often only allow a few very specialized applications. Or worse, some stick people in boxes with labels, like round pegs into square holes. Sometimes they don’t recognize our inherent flexibility to shift thinking and behavior as situations change.

“I just had to take a moment to say that I love this program thus far. This is the first, in a very long line of online trainings/education that I have purchased over the past 5 years, and this is the ONLY program that has actually worked with my learning style. Thank you. I look forward to completing this class. Kudos for creating something that actually resonates. Training, presenting, coaching, teaching and facilitating are all very different spokes on the same wheel. It’s so refreshing to finally have information that I want and am eager to learn in a format that truly resonates.”
Alexis Chapman, Operations Manager, California

It’s not surprising that many people, while fascinated by questionnaires, tend to discount the sweeping generalizations that these instruments produce. People often prefer to rely solely on their intuition and gut feelings to make critical decisions such as hiring or choosing a spouse. I once told a CEO that if he hired his executive vice-president because he liked the person, he would be in big trouble. The last thing he needed was to recruit someone who thought just like he did.

How is the LAB Profile® Different?

The LAB Profile® is a set of questions and a way of listening that anyone can feed into casual conversation or use as a formal survey for groups and it teaches us to pay attention to how people talk when they answer, rather than what they talk about. Even if a person answers the question indirectly, or not at all, he or she will reveal a pattern. As we become familiar with the questions and the kind of responses people give, we discover the patterns people use without having to actually ask the questions.

“Brilliantly conceived and entertainingly delivered, a course I would recommend to anyone,”
Lynne Phillips, United Kingdom

You pay attention to how people talk when they answer, rather than what they talk about. Even when a person does not answer the question directly, he will reveal his pattern by the manner in which he answers.

As you become familiar with the questions and the kind of responses people give, you will find that you can hear and pick up the patterns people use without having to actually ask the questions. You can immediately use the Influencing Language that is just right for the situation. People communicate with their particular patterns naturally as they speak, both in words and in their body language, and they respond immediately when you use their language.

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Shelle Rose Charvet

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