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Berkeley Well-Being Institute - The Berkeley Purpose-Driven Business Program1Berkeley Well-Being Institute – The Berkeley Purpose-Driven Business Program

I know you can make an income with an impact… Because I’ve done it and I help other entrepreneurs do it too.

Hi there fellow entrepreneur,

​In 2010 I was still working a minimum-wage retail job that I hated. I didn’t know my purpose. I wasn’t passionate about my work. I was stuck. So I just kept going… aimlessly.

10 years later, I have created my dream job.

I now spend my mornings writing about wellness. In the afternoons I help wellness businesses, go outside to garden, or engage in other life-enhancing activities. It’s not an extravagant life—it’s a life that fuels well-being, and that’s what we all really want, isn’t it?
Well-being programs
But it wasn’t until I saw who I wanted to help and how I wanted to help them that my life started to turn around. It wasn’t until I started pursuing my purpose.

I’ve now coached, mentored, and given advice to dozens of purpose-driven entrepreneurs. And I’ve helped businesses build wellness products that have reached more than a million people worldwide.

Here are just a few of the amazing businesses I’ve worked with:

And here are some of the publications I’ve been featured in: I see now that purpose is at the heart of a good life.

​And I know you can create the business and life you desire. You can create your own purpose-driven business if you build the right skills and have the right support.

If this sounds like what you want, then join my Purpose-Driven Business Program and we’ll do it together.

Here’s what you’ll get in The Purpose-Driven Business Program​

  • 10 modules of science-based and practical content to help you build a high-impact business.
  • 10 quizzes to help you get clear on what you most need to work on.
  • 29 activities to help you build the skills that lead to success.
  • 11 coaching videos with Dr. Tchiki Davis.
  • 28 actionable tips from other purpose-driven entrepreneurs.​​
  • And 10 strategies to help you immediately put your new insights into action.


Sarah Victor, Professor

“A great place to start for anyone who is considering a move into purpose driven entrepreneurship.”

Dan Martin, CEO of Brightsity

“The focus on science driven, empirically supported, and actionable tools make this a great guide for those who are working to integrate their drive for success, as well as making meaningful contributions.”

Cavin Balaster, Founder of Feedabrain

“Tchiki gathers some awesome purpose-driven entrepreneurs (including herself) and distills and organizes the wisdom she derives from each of them.”

Here’s exactly what you’ll do in this program
1. Find your purpose >> Develop your business idea
​​To start your program, you’ll do some exercises to explore what types of businesses might be a good fit for you. You’ll find out how to evaluate how good your business ideas are and learn how to choose an idea that balances both the purpose and profit potential.

Results: You’ll develop (or refine) a purposeful, profitable business idea.2. Boost self-awareness >> Develop your strategy​
In the section, you’ll get a better understanding of what motivates you, create some systems to stay on track, and break your goals in actionable steps.

​Results: You’ll write your mission statement, define clear business objectives, and identify actionable steps for achieving them.3. Cultivate confidence >> Get the resources you need
​Next, you’ll build confidence by being your authentic self and learn how to communicate to better advocate for yourself and your business.

Results: You’ll identify your “business deal-breakers” and learn how to get the resources you need for your business.​4. Focus on others >> Become magnetic​
​Many businesses influence others, often by pushing, manipulating, or taking advantage of people’s weaknesses, emotions, or desires. But purpose-driven businesses don’t take advantage of others. Instead, we draw people to us—we become magnetic—through kindness, listening, and providing value.

Results: You’ll learn how to draw people to you (customers, investors, advocates) who can help you build and grow your business.

5. Transform your mindset >> Make mind-blowing progress
​In this section, you’ll start working on your belief system. You’ll do some exercises to help you develop a growth and success mindset, which can help you more easily achieve your business goals.

Results: You’ll develop modes of thinking that help you reach your goals.

​6. Know your strengths & weaknesses >> Increase your efficiency
​Here you’ll review some of the most important strengths for entrepreneurs and do exercises to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Results: You’ll explore the best ways to capitalize on your strengths in your business and minimize reliance on your weaknesses.

​7. Conquer your fear >> Overcome any obstacle
​In this section, you’ll explore your fear and how to manage the negative emotions that come with scary new things like starting a business.

Results: You’ll develop emotion regulation skills so that when you come across challenges you won’t get stuck.

​8. Build resilience >> Get back up when you fall​
In this section, you’ll change your relationship with failure. As a business owner, you will experience failures—some small and some larger. The key to long-term success is to learn how to pick yourself back up, learn from your failures, and move forward in more effective ways.

Results: You’ll build skills that help you recover more quickly from challenges and failures.

​9. Strive for balance >> Fuel productivity
​Ironically, you can work too hard on your own business and unintentionally sabotage yourself. We are actually the most efficient and effective when we work fewer hours and prioritize our health and relationships as well as our work. So here you’ll learn some strategies for creating better work-life balance.

Results: You’ll develop systems to maintain balance and boost productivity amidst a sometimes chaotic and busy schedule.

​​10. Cultivate positivity >> Create a business and life with purpose
If you are ​building a business that fulfills your purpose and improves the lives of others that is pretty special. In this last step, you’ll learn how to stay positive and enjoy the adventure.

Results: You’ll develop skills that help you enjoy the process of building your business so you’ll really feel like you’re creating the life and business you desire.

These are the building blocks for a purpose-driven business… handed to you, ready to go.

What results can you expect from this program?

  • A purposeful & profitable business idea
  • Your mission statement
  • Clear business objectives
  • Actionable steps for achieving your goals
  • Strategies for getting the resources you need
  • Strategies to draw people to you (customers, investors, advocates, etc…).
  • An entrepreneurial mindset
  • Strategies to capitalize on your strengths and minimize reliance on your weaknesses
  • Strategies to help you get unstuck
  • Strategies to help you recover more quickly from challenges
  • Systems to boost productivity
  • Skills to help you build a business and life you love

​Join the only purpose-driven entrepreneurship program around.
Big businesses will pay me $10,000 to speak to their group for just a few hours. But I know that’s not affordable for most small businesses.That’s why I created this super helpful, super affordable program.I’ll walk you step-by-step through building the skills you need to create your purpose-driven business. You’ll get all the coaching videos, exercises, and tips you need.These are the techniques that I have taught to tons of entrepreneurs in my consulting, coaching, and mentoring roles over the years. And now you can learn them too.
I know it can be scary to start something new on your own. But don’t worry. I got you.

I’ve now worked with giant companies like Facebook, internationally renowned organizations like The Greater Good Science Center, and even small businesses in places like India or Ireland. So I know I can help you make an income while making an impact, regardless of whether you want to start a little one-person side business or a giant company.

Are you willing to invest in yourself and the next generation?
When you spend money on building something meaningful, something that can not only change your life but change the world, it’s not wasted on some object that will just collect dust. This program is an investment in you, your future, and the world’s future.What’s worth more than that?Let’s face it. The rat race sucks. And starting a strictly commercial business may not be much better. Luckily, this simple program sets you up for real success, however you define it.And you can continue to use the strategies you learn in this program time and time again, whenever you need them.

If this feels right for you, right now – don’t hesitate.

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