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Phil Ebiner - Canon Camera Course Getting Started with Canon Photography1Phil Ebiner – Canon Camera Course Getting Started with Canon Photography

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn how to use your Canon DSLR camera comfortably and confidently
  • You will know how get proper exposure with settings like aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  • You will be able to pick up your camera in any situation and take beautiful photos
  • You will know how to use both automatic and manual settings to take great photos
  • You will know how to navigate the camera menu to get to the settings you want
  • You will learn all of the camera basics like focus, white balance, flash, creative filters, burst mode, and more


  • You do not need any photography experience. While knowing basic camera terminology will be helpful, we will go over the basics of new terms and concepts.
  • You should have a Canon DSLR camera (any Canon EOS camera will do!)


This is the only online Canon camera course you need to learn how to use your camera to take amazing photos!

Get comfortable using all of the buttons and features of your Canon DSLR.

Be confidenttaking great photos and understanding basic photography settings.

Quickly navigate your camera’s menu to change any setting you want.

By the end of this course, you should be able to pick up your camera in any situation, and use it to take beautiful photos. We want photography to be fun for you, and by knowing the ins and outs of your camera, it will help you to not only become a better photographer but also have a great time shooting photos.

In this course, we basically try to cover every button, dial, menu option and feature of a typically Canon DSLR.

What do we cover in this Canon DSLR course?

  • Quickstart guide to automatically taking great photos
  • Overview of the camera body, buttons, dials and ports
  • Taking a photo
  • Reviewing a photo
  • Exposing your photos properly
  • Automatic shooting modes
  • Burst and other drive modes
  • Focus modes and points
  • Metering modes
  • Exposure compensation
  • White balance
  • Color profiles
  • The Canon menu system
  • Formatting a memory card
  • Using the internal flash
  • Using an external flash
  • Reading the histogram
  • Wifi connection and Canon smartphone app
  • The viewfinder and diopter
  • Canon video modes
  • Recording audio
  • Using an external microphone
  • Choosing a lens
  • SD card options
  • ND filters
  • and so much more!

Who is this course for and what cameras is it good for?

This course is perfect if you are brand new to using a Canon DSLR. This course is great if you have zero experience with photography or if you already know a lot about photography, but are new to Canon DSLR cameras. Please note that this course will teach you how to use your Canon DSLR camera. It is not a complete photography course that will teach you the artistic and creative side of photography. This course is a more tech-specific course.

We taught this course using one of the latest Canon DSLRs in the Rebel series (the most popular camera for beginner photographers). Even if you are not using a Canon Rebel camera, this course should be beneficial to you. Most Canon DSLR cameras are very similar and have similar options, buttons and features. Specifically our demonstrations use the T7i (also known as the 800D in some countries).

If you have a Canon 80D, 70D, 60D, T7i, T6i, T6s, T5i, T4i, T3i, T7, T6, T5, SL2, SL, 7D, 6D, 5D, 800D, 760D, 750D, 700D, 650D, 600D, 550D, 500D, or any other model of Canon camera, this course should help you.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for complete beginners who don’t know how to use their Canon DSLR camera
  • This course is for anybody who just purchased or received a Canon DSLR camera
  • This course is NOT a general photography course that will teach you the creative side of photography. Rather this is a course that will teach you the technical camera buttons, dials, modes and options to help you become a better photographer

Canon Camera Course Getting Started with Canon Photography By Phil Ebiner, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)

Introduction – 7 lectures29min

  • Welcome to the Course (Preview)
  • Download: Camera Button Cheat Sheets (Preview)
  • Links to Canon Camera Manuals (Preview)
  • Tips to Improve Your Course Taking Experience
  • Start Taking Great Photo Right Away (Preview)
  • Camera Overview (Preview)
  • Course Break: Check Out Our Ultimate Resource for New Photographers
  • 02:26
  • 00:47
  • 00:39
  • 01:36
  • 09:53
  • 11:25
  • 02:23

Taking Photos & Exposure Setting – 18 lectures1hr 21min

  • Introduction to Exposure
  • How to Read & Adjust Exposure with Your Camera
  • Adjusting the Aperture
  • Adjusting the ISO
  • The Exposure Triangle
  • Focusing
  • Aperture Priority Mode
  • Shutter Priority Mode
  • Program Mode and Exposure Compensation
  • Additional Scene and Shooting Modes
  • Bulb Modes
  • Focusing Modes
  • Autofocus Points
  • Picture Styles
  • Drive Settings
  • White Balance
  • Metering Modes
  • Photo Formats: RAW vs JPEG
  • 01:31
  • 09:21
  • 07:03
  • 04:19
  • 03:28
  • 03:15
  • 04:44
  • 02:27
  • 05:11
  • 07:49
  • 02:52
  • 04:19
  • 05:41
  • 04:01
  • 03:05
  • 03:26
  • 02:59
  • 05:38

The Canon DSLR Menu – 5 lectures26min

  • Navigating the Menu
  • The Shooting Menu
  • The Play Menu
  • The Setup Menu
  • Creating a Custom Menu
  • 03:01
  • 10:30
  • 04:27
  • 05:01
  • 02:38

More Canon DSLR Camera Basics – 5 lectures17min

  • Introduction to this Section
  • Wifi Settings
  • The Diopter
  • Using the Camera Flash
  • Reading Exposure with the Histogram
  • 00:27
  • 05:43
  • 01:51
  • 04:30
  • 04:56

Shooting Video with a Canon DSLR – 3 lectures14min

  • Camera Video Modes
  • Audio Levels
  • External Microphone
  • 05:01
  • 03:06
  • 05:57

Canon DSLR Lenses and Accessories – 4 lectures 30min

  • Lens Choices
  • External Flash
  • ND Filters
  • Memory Cards (SD Cards)
  • 15:08
  • 09:32
  • 03:04
  • 02:34

Conclusion – 2 lectures10min

  • 2020 Canon Lineup Updates
  • Thank You
  • 07:36
  • 02:03

Bonuses From Video – 1 lecture1min

  • Bonus Lecture: Learn More from Phil + Video School
  • 00:59


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