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Inner Spirit - Natural ANIMAL Communication CERTIFICATION Course 20222Inner Spirit – Natural ANIMAL Communication CERTIFICATION Course 2022

What you’ll learn

  • How to ‘communicate’ sentiently with animals using techniques that work and are natural.
  • Explore a foundation of the science and energy of interspecies communication
  • Enhance your intuitive awareness, energy and consciousness for animal communication.
  • How to plan for and prepare for an animal communication consultation
  • Animal Communication is a method of communication that can help you communicate with animals, as well as heal them. It is a form of telepathy used by..
  • Learn animal communication with professional standards from a renowned animal communicator
  • Work towards a professional diploma after this foundational course
  • Empower your animal communication with practical exercises and meditations.
  • 8 hours of content and downloads from an international industry expert


  • Enthusiasm, an enquiring mind and a passion to discover the voices of the animals – suitable for all levels
  • A willingness to explore and practice the exercises – an open mind
  • This Is NOT an instant fix – you will NEED to learn the theory and practice and pace yourself well – but if you commit, the rewards are AMAZING!
  • You are here because you are curious about animal communication, or you would like to learn more about the human-animal connection.


Learn to be an animal communicator.Animal communication is a skill that’s been lost in recent years but is needed more than it ever has been! The ability to communicate with animals may seem like it’s not important to some, but we need to rethink that idea because the benefits are outstanding. Foremost, you get to learn something new about and connect with another species – what this means for animal lovers everywhere is simply amazing! It’s awesome.Animal communication has been a part of life for as long as animals have been in this world. This natural-born skill has been used to form strong bonds between others in the animal kingdom and to form strong work and life relationships. This natural ability is yours to rediscover again.Animal Communication is a multi-way connection. As well as learning how to communicate you’ll develop your own consciousness further, with techniques and meditations to easily connect with any being and yourself, in a deeper more meaningful way.

This course is an amazing value! No other online animal communication course on Udemy, offers so many lectures, meditations, exercises, and downloadable materials to get you up and running as an animal communicator. Get the most comprehensive natural animal communication course, for a SUPER low price, without skimping on quality learning.

In this comprehensive course you will:

  • Work more of the natural way our ancestors communed with animals.
  • Further your connection and understanding with the science and spirituality of animal communication
  • Achieve a certificate from a teacher who is an approved training provider
  • On completion, UPGRADE to the professional practical course
  • Exercises to empower your consciousness
  • Masterclass demonstration
  • Step-by-step practices
  • Develop your own presence, power, and intention
  • Deep dive into all aspects of animal communication. Do animals lie? Understanding predators and adaptation.

******* STUDENT REVIEW: “I have been working with animal communication for a long time now, but I enrolled on Helen’s course as it just called to me and I always believe in continuing to learn and am always looking to develop my communication ability. I found Helen’s course to be a breath of fresh air. Exceptionally comprehensive, I have never known a course to be of such detail. Helen covers the area in great depth & in an easy-to-digest format. Her personality shines through on the videos and I found Helen to just be so easy to listen to allowing me to truly take in the information she shares. There are some beautiful exercises and meditations to help you on the way and I love how I now have those meditations to use whenever I need them. I loved how Helen included looking at subjects that are, in my humble opinion, so important to support people with developing abilities to connect with the animals, as opposed to just looking at the actual animal communication process. And despite my years of experience, Helen still had new things for me to learn ? and gave new ways of looking at the subject of animal communication. Just fantastic. If you are thinking of learning about animal communication, this is the place to start – Or even if you are like me and already use animal communication, give Helen’s course a go, it will add to and develop your skills ? I actually can not recommend this course enough – do yourself a favour and learn animal communication with Helen :-)” Rebecca

Mastering Animal Communication

I designed this course to be understood by both beginners and progressive communicators. You’ll be able to revisit lectures anytime and solidify your learning with theory and exercises.

You will first unfold the theory, the science, and real-life examples of sentient interspecies communication. Then you will move forward with exercises to enhance your ability. Finally, you put it all together with genuine animal communication exercises.

There are no shortcuts. I must prepare you to put in the work – the animals will respond well and appreciate it if you do all the groundwork before and it will fall in to place.

With over 8 hours of video content, I’ve packed all the tools and knowledge to further your understanding and strengthen your natural-born skill of animal communication.

I’ve spent years travelling the world, learning the secrets of natural animal communication. I’ll walk you through every step. Together we will cover knowledge and science of animal sentience, as well as the more soulful moments when animal life passes to spirit.

I’ve spent countless hours accumulating the scientific research, practice, and knowledge and condensing it into the most practical and usable forms, with personal lessons and experiences from my students you’ll develop your ability and feel the connection of the animal kingdom that they feel every day

Animal Communication is a much deeper subject than imaginable. I’ve also included SCIENCE & PHILOSOPHICAL topics with thought-provoking lectures to help you determine: if animals lie, how to respond to the passing of an animal spirit, how to share trust, PLUS distant or remote communication.

You’ll also receive bonus material to reinforce the concepts you’ve learned within this course, including bonus meditations and true stories of experiences. I’ve made sure to equip you with the tools you need to rekindle your natural telepathic animal communication skills.

I am an approved training provider with the IICT. This course has been officially, externally approved by the IICT.

Enrol now! Discover the world’s largest conversation.


Who this course is for:

  • From beginners to progressing animal communication learners – plus the advanced in need of a complete reboot
  • Animals lovers with an interest in a closer understanding with all sentient beings
  • Pet lovers and all involved in animal care and animal rescue
  • All who recognise the relationship between humans, other animals and nature, is dynamic and interacting constantly
  • Animal lovers willing to work at getting results

Natural ANIMAL Communication CERTIFICATION Course 2022 By Inner Spirit, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)

Welcome To Natural Animal Communication – 6 lectures15min

  • Join Me As We Get Working With Inspiration From The Start (Preview) 00:26
  • Introducing Your Tutor (Preview) 02:10
  • The Natural State Of Animal Communication? (Preview) 04:22
  • Introduce Yourself 00:06
  • How To Complete Your Training And What You will learn 07:23
  • Building Trust For Animal Communication 3 questions
  • Tutor Message About Reviews 00:59

Animal Communication Systems – 2 lectures14min

  • Social & Biological Aspects Of Animal Communication 11:38
  • Supercharged Animals – The Electrical System 02:28

True Examples Of Interspecies Communications – 3 lectures21min

  • The Horses That Heal Through Communication 12:08
  • The Horses Who Taught Me to Trust Agai 06:53
  • The Singing Whales of Eastern Australia 02:24

The Science Of Consciousness – 5 lectures25min

  • The Science And Neuroanatomy Of Animal Communication 06:41
  • Introduction To Consciousness And Communication 06:41
  • The Value Of The Hundredth Monkey Theory To Animal Communication 04:13
  • The Fields Of Intelligent Consciousness 07:54
  • The Photon Experiment 03:19

Communicating The Heart’s Field Of Consciousness – 4 lectures23min

  • Quotes That Inspire 00:00
  • Introducing The Amazing Heart! 00:35
  • The Heart – Brain Intelligence 07:31
  • Exercise: The Power Of The Heart Intelligence 14:31

The Visual Mind Connection – 4 lectures20min

  • The significance of the visual mind aspect of communication 05:05
  • Exercise: The Power Of The Mind’s Images 04:06
  • Review And Evaluation Of The Visual Exercise 01:50
  • Exercise – The Power Of Creating Symbols 09:18

To Be Thinking The Way Of The Animal Mind – 2 lectures7min

  • Thinking The Animal Mind Way 06:45
  • Think Animal 00:00

Tutor Inspiration: Animals Need Us To Listen & Respect The World We share – 2 lectures5min

  • Inspiration to Stay Motivated 04:48
  • Join The Facebook Support Group 00:15

Exercises to Empower Your Consciousness, Become Mindful And Learn To Be Present – 2 lectures9min

  • LEARN: The Right Energy For Animal communication 04:06
  • Completing The Awareness Chart 05:12

Animal Presence And Acceptance – 2 lectures10min

  • The Law Of Predation 05:38
  • Adaption and Being Present 04:12

Trust, Truth And Secrets With Animals Communication – 3 lectures29min

  • True Or False – Deceit, Lies And Real Truths 09:31
  • Sharing Our Trust 07:32
  • The Important Pain Body Issue! 11:51

Essential Preparation For Animal Communication – 5 lectures34min

  • The Perils Of Anthropomorphism (Preview) 05:54
  • What’s In A Name? 04:35
  • How to Ask Questions With Animals Including Examples 07:20
  • Important Preparation For Animal Communication 15:55
  • Guidance Before Attempting Communication With Animals 00:30

A Demonstration & How To Put It All Together For Animal Communication – 3 lectures21min

  • Introduction To Putting It all Together 02:22
  • MASTERCLASS: Communicating With Tilly The Donkey 08:52
  • Exercises: A Step By Step Process To Conduct An Animal Communication 10:03

The Plan B Quickstart Exercise In Animal Communication – 2 lectures1hr2min

  • More Than One Way To Practise – Preview 01:23
  • Exercises: The Guided Development CD Of Learning To Communicate With Animals 01:00:58

Debrief And Analysis – 1 lecture7min

  • Debrief And Analysis 07:19

Achieving Detailed Communication – 1 lecture10min

  • Adding to your communication experience 09:53

Consultations – 1 lecture15min

  • Conducting Consultations 15:44

Distant/Remote Animal Communication – 1 lecture5min

  • Distant/Remote Animal Communication 04:56

End Of Life Communication – 1 lecture4min

  • End Of Life Communication 04:21

Animal Communication – Working With Photos Or Videos – 1 lecture11min

  • Working From Photos 11:04

True Tales Of Animal Communication – 3 lectures11min

  • Duke And The Mystery Of The Blue Rubber Ball 07:01
  • The Story Of Lola 03:07
  • When The Lola The Parrot Responded To Communication 00:51

Helen’s Philosophy & Contributors – 2 lectures10min

  • On Being Connected (Preview) 07:22
  • End of Course Video – Congratulations & Thank you 02:38

Bonus Section – 6 lectures1hr29min

  • Balance and positivity in your mind, body, spirit – a guided meditation 59:23
  • Welcoming The Dawn With Birdsong (Preview) 00:20
  • The Ultimate Sitting In The Power Exercise – (find a comfortable quiet space) 28:08
  • UPGRADE Your Experience & Become A Professional Animal Communicator 00:04
  • Bonus 00:33
  • Resource files 00:12

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Inner Spirit
International Coach – Mentor – Teacher – Inspirer

Director of Eagle Lodge Training and an approved training provider with the IICT. with over 30 years of experience as an international teacher & inspirational speaker, world-renowned Intuitive, Zoosemiologist, Shamanic practitioner and sentient Animal Communicator. Helen is also a leading educator of working in altered states and trance mediumship and has published 3 books.

She is highly accomplished in lecturing, mentoring & adult training. She has a successful background in academic social psychology, community welfare, inspirational speaking, metaphysics, global indigenous spirituality, meditation, speech & drama voiceover work. She is fully qualified to ‘teach the teacher’ & excels at bringing out the best in you for creating powerful learning experiences & inspirational workshops. Her own work has taken her across the world to teach & is highly respected for clarity, vision, originality, depth & is delivered in a ‘no-nonsense’ but compassionate, intelligent style. Her work and originality of thought are emulated throughout her fields of interest and there is nothing more rewarding for her, than planting the seeds of exploration in her students.

Now retired from as a Course Organiser & Tutor of the unique & prestigious Arthur Findlay College, Helen devotes her time & expertise to sharing her experience and to those who need online mentoring and assistance in these fields of work.

Experienced in audio & video production & frequently records videos & CD’s. With 12 successfully produced CD albums & many more individual tracks, she offers a wealth of experience in delivering a quality of production. Her ‘groundbreaking’ recordings of working in altered states & trance is still a best seller in the field. Helen’s YouTube channel has the most successful recording of the unique ‘sitting In the power’ meditation exercise with over half a million downloads & compliments the global sales of the same physical CD.

When she left school, she trained for 3 years at a London drama school and learned the true power of the ‘voice’ within us all. Subsequently, her recordings are richly narrated and her lecturing has the power to ‘grip an audience from start to finish! Communication is a deep passion and a passion shared with animals too.

She is passionate about animals & nature & the inspirational states of mind, embracing indigenous knowledge & extensive research to her work

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