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Video Library – Eric Bach


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How is this program different?

The Minimalist Muscle eCourse is comprehensive. Here’s what you get:

Minimalist Muscle Training

You’ll receive four unique workouts designed to help you gain lean muscle. The focus is on tried and true methods to help you simultaneously build strength and muscle without spending hours in the gym. More specifically, we’ll use specialized workouts during each phase to add lean muscle to your shoulders, back, arms, and chest.

The Exercise Modification Guide

No access to a power rack or stuck without a barbell? Missing equipment can be a problem, but I have you covered. I’ve included this entire eBook on exercise modifications to help you modify any program. There’s no need to completely switch gyms or break the bank for a home gym.

The Minimalist Muscle Hardgainer Nutrition Guide

Finally cut through the bullshit. Find out what busy-hardgainers need to do to build muscle. We’ll eliminate the confusing, helping you eat for the body you want, without completely sacrificing the foods you enjoy.

Meal Plans and How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

I get it. Eating healthy is expensive. Rather than going broke on “miracle foods,” you’ll stay eat healthy and gain muscle, without blowing through your budget.

I will also send a separate module with my supplement recommendations.

Guidance and Accountability

The course structure of Minimalist Muscle gives you access both to other students and me, your instructor. Together, we’ll keep you accountable, answer your biggest questions, and help you build maximal muscle in minimal time.

Minimalist Muscle Bonuses

Measurement and Progress Tracking Guide

As the quote goes, without assessing you’re guessing. We’ll teach you how to assess your progress to make nothing but gains in lean muscle and strength without overwhelming you. Don’t worry, we’ll make it simple.

Comprehensive Video Library

This is a highly focused collection of nearly 200 training videos and written cues for exercises so you can make pain-free progress. Trust me: these will come in handy. You’ll perform your exercises correctly to maximize results and minimize injuries.

The Four Week Power Primer

Your exclusive four-week plan to increase your power for high performance muscle and a leaner, more athletic body. If you’re a coach, you should absolutely own this to understand the science of power and how to apply it to your clients training. If you’re a fitness junkie, this could be the force multiplier to help you make massive jumps in progress and unleash your inner athlete.

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