Trouble Spot Solution – Holly Rigsby



Trouble Spot Solution – Holly Rigsby


Have you ever wondered how some women you know have such an easy time Trimming, Sculpting, Tightening, and Defining their bodies? And they seem to be able to do this in just a matter of weeks without slaving away on the treadmill or going on some ridiculous 600-calorie diet?


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Discover Why 96% Of All Women FAIL In Their Approach To “Fixing” Their Trouble Spots…

And How You Can Easily Eliminate These Devastating Mistakes and Finally Have Trim Thighs, a Firm Butt and a Flat Tummy in Just 12 Short Weeks!

Have you ever wondered how some women you know have such an easy time Trimming, Sculpting, Tightening, and Defining their bodies? And they seem to be able to do this in just a matter of weeks without slaving away on the treadmill or going on some ridiculous 600-calorie diet?

If so, I’d like to show you how.

But first, I’d like to share with you 3 Critical Mistakes that I regularly see women make that prevent them from sculpting their bodies and having the Trim Thighs, Firm Butt, and Flat Tummy that they so deeply desire.

These mistakes could be the difference between you getting the body of your dreams and you continuing to get less than satisfying results from your fitness and fat loss efforts—so pay close attention.

3 Critical Mistakes

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Most Training Programs Will NOT Transform Your Trouble Spots, No Matter How Great the Promise

It’s no secret that most women who join a gym, start a diet, or begin an exercise program fail to achieve their goals.

But did you realize that the failure rate was 96%?

There are 3 critical mistakes that almost assure you of failure when it comes to actually transforming your trouble spots and melting unwanted body fat.

Very few women know this—that’s why they struggle when it comes to achieving any sort of meaningful body transformation.

So what are those mistakes?

Mistake #1—Doing a “One Size Fits All” Workout

It’s no wonder that so many women fail in their efforts to lose weight or transform their trouble spots when they are following cookie-cutter programs that aren’t specific to their goals, their needs, or their lifestyles.

I work with busy moms to help them reach their fat loss and fitness goals, and only in hindsight do they realize that “Joe Trainer,” who was asking them to spend 4 hours a week training and another 2 hours a day preparing and cooking meals, didn’t have any understanding of the challenges and needs of a busy mom.

If you want to have Trim Thighs, a Firm Butt and a Flat Tummy, then you need a program that is specifically designed to give them to you—and ideally it will be designed by someone who understands how to match it with your lifestyle.

Mistake #2—Trying to Tone Your Trouble Spots with Body-Part-Specific Training

One of the longest running jokes in the fitness industry is the ineffectiveness of body part specific training for fat loss.

Doing endless crunches to get a flat tummy. Triceps kickbacks to define your arms. Thinking that a few dozen reps on the inner / outer thigh machine will get rid of that jiggle for good.

It just doesn’t work.

The absolute worst part about this is that the women doing these ineffective exercises are doing resistance training (unlike most women) but they have nothing to show for it.

But did you know that through specific exercise sequencing, you can actually “target” your trouble spots without wasting time on pointless isolation exercises?

More on this below…

Mistake #3—Confusing “Getting Tired” with “Getting Results”

Any workout can get you tired.

Chasing my three year old son Alex around the playground can work up a sweat.

But there is a huge difference between a workout getting you tired and getting the results that you want.

Go into any health club around 11 a.m. or 7 p.m. and you’ll see a group of women leaving the group exercise room drenched in sweat and breathing heavily.

But are they lean? Are they defined? Do they have the flat tummy, sculpted thighs or firm butt that you want?


Because you may be able to work up a sweat or wear yourself out with a group exercise class, but that approach will not fix your trouble spots.

So What Is the Answer?

If you can avoid these 3 critical mistakes, you can transform your trouble spots, melt the unwanted fat and have the body that you’ve always wanted. But you need a program that is specifically designed to transform those stubborn body parts, melt unwanted fat…and do it all in the time that you have so you can be consistent and finally see the results you deserve.

Now you could try to piece together various workouts or programs to target the body part you want to improve and get the fat-burning results you’re looking for—and do it in the time that you have.

However, I have a MUCH better answer…

Introducing: The most effective, body shaping, trouble spot transforming system ever developed—and it’s been specifically designed for you, the busy mom.

Introducing The Trouble Spot Solution System

The Trouble Spot Solution is a complete, 12-week body shaping system that was designed for you, the woman who hasn’t been able to trim your thighs, firm your butt, and finally get a flat tummy no matter how hard you try. If this sounds like you, then The Trouble Spot Solution is your answer.

Why Should You Believe Me?

I’m Holly Rigsby, and first and foremost, I’m a mom just like you. I’ve got two sons: Tyler, my straight-A, baseball-playing 12-year-old; and Alexander, my super-energetic, Jake-the-Pirate-loving 3-year-old.

Like you, each day for me is non-stop between taking Tyler to school and to practices, watching Alexander, managing our household, and running my own small business.

So I understand.

And over past 8 years, I’ve coached over 21,508 moms to get become leaner, fitter, sexier, happier versions of themselves, first in person as a personal trainer and then over the past 6 years online with the Fit Yummy Mummy Fat Loss System.

I’ve been featured in Women’s Health, USA Today, MSN, CBS, ABC, and about every other media outlet you can think of.

I’m not sharing any of that to impress you. I just want you to know that as a mom, I understand—more than about any other fitness expert you‘ll find—what will work for you, and over the past 8 years, I’ve made it my life’s work helping moms just like you get the bodies they want.

And, in case you wondered, I practice what I preach…

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My 2nd Post Pregnancy Transformation (12 Weeks, 8 Months, 16 Months)

The Only System of Its Kind

While most fitness programs are designed to simply help you lose weight, Trouble Spot Solution’s 3-phase approach combines metabolism boosting fat loss training with a unique system that actually transforms the 3 most troublesome spots for women: the thighs, butt and tummy.

The magic of the Trouble Spot Solution system is in the exercise selection and the sequencing, specifically designed to target a woman’s trouble areas. Each of the 3 phases of The Trouble Spot Solution work in synergy to both maximize the fat burning effectiveness and trouble spot targeting.

Sure, you could try to adapt one of the countless other fitness programs on the market to fit your busy lifestyle and spend hours upon hours modifying something into a simple, system that allows you to transform your body by both incinerating your unwanted body fat and beautifully shaping your trouble areas.

But WHY waste your time?

With the follow-along exercise and nutrition plan inside the Trouble Spot Solution all you have to do put the system into action. EVERYTHING is laid out for you step by step.

Yes, You Can Target Your Most Stubborn Trouble Spots and Burn the Unwanted Fat—Even If NOTHING Has Worked in the Past

It doesn’t matter what you’ve tried in the past—gym memberships, personal trainers, fad diets, exercise classes—my guess is that none of these ‘solutions’ actually met you where you were and gave you the blueprint you needed for success.

They didn’t understand the limited time you have to work with.

They didn’t care about the specific results you want.

They all asked you to adapt to their plan…they didn’t adapt to you.

That’s the beauty of the Trouble Spot Solution.

If YOU want to…

  • Achieve lightning fast fat loss
  • Tighten and trim your thighs…
  • Lift and firm your butt…
  • Flatten and sculpt your tummy…

…then the Trouble Spot Solution is for you.

Get Trouble Spot Solution – Holly Rigsby , Only Price $37

This Is NOT for Everyone

Look, the Trouble Spot Solution is NOT for everyone.

I specifically designed the Trouble Spot Solution system for busy moms who want to transform their trouble areas, lose their unwanted fat, and finally have a beautiful body that makes them proud.

This is not a quick fix, fad diet, or some other gimmick.

It will require some effort, 15 minutes per workout followed by a 5-minute finisher, and commitment to a simple and effective system.

So if you are unmotivated; if you’re looking for a magic pill; or if you’re not specifically looking to tighten, trim, and shape your thighs, butt, and tummy while quickly losing the unwanted fat; this is NOT for you.

Here’s What You Get in the Trouble Spot Solution System

The Trouble Spot Solution System is a 12-Week, professionally-designed, Body Shaping Program where I personally coach you through the first-ever system specifically designed to fix your trouble spots.

The magic of this system is in the exercise selection and the sequencing, specifically designed to target a woman’s trouble areas. Each of the 3 phases of The Trouble Spot Solution Online Video System work in synergy to both maximize the fat burning effectiveness and trouble spot targeting.

In each phase, you’ll receive 2 separate 15-minute workouts that you will alternate between for four weeks. I personally guide, coach, and motivate you through each of these workouts on follow-along videos to make sure you get the most out of each training session.

Phase One Target Area—The Butt

Phase One lays the foundation for your success by targeting your largest muscle group—the glutes. In this phase, you’ll alternate between two challenging workouts where you’ll firm up your butt and ignite your fat-burning metabolism to start melting off that unwanted layer of fat.

Phase Two Target Area—The Thighs

Phase Two builds on the first phase and targets the thighs. In Phase Two, you’ll finally be able to tighten and tone those inner thighs, and through our revolutionary exercise sequencing approach, you’ll also continue to target the butt with a precise combination of exercises. After just four weeks of the Phase Two program, your thighs will be better than ever!

Phase Three Target Area—The Abs

The Phase Three Videos will coach you through the final two workouts you’ll use during this 12-week program. In this Phase, you’ll target the Abs with a unique and challenging sequence of exercises that continues to firm and tighten your lower body while finally giving you the flat tummy you’ve always wanted.

In just 12 weeks of following The Trouble Spot Solution and our proprietary exercise sequencing system, you’ll finally have the Trim Thighs, Firm Butt, and Flat Tummy you’ve always wanted—while only spending 15 minutes per workout!

Plus, by ordering today, I’ll give you 3 Additional Fat-Burning Bonuses…

Bonus One:

So You Think You Can Swing: Kettlebell Workshop Video

Kettlebells are one of my favorite body-shaping, fat-burning tools, and the kettlebell swing is my favorite fat-burning exercise. Unfortunately, most women do the swing incorrectly and lose many of the fat-melting, metabolism-boosting effects—and even worse, they expose themselves to potential injuries.

In this Kettlebell Workshop, I teach you the right way to perform the swing to harness all of this exercise’s body-shaping and fat-burning potential.

This bonus is delivered in a digital video format so you can start benefiting immediately upon purchase.


Bonus Two:

Fat-Burning Finishers and Intervals Video

Finishers are an intense metabolic finale to your strength based workouts to help bump up the afterburn. Enhance your fat loss results and choose from one of 3 different finisher formats demonstrated in this video bonus.

Research has shown that Interval Training is 9 times more effective than steady state cardio for fat burning, so I’ve put together a bideo that demonstrates several of my most effective Interval Workouts which complement each Phase of your Trouble Spot Workouts.

This bonus is delivered in a digital video format so you can start benefiting immediately upon purchase.


Bonus Three:

Fat Burning Meal Plans Video

No fat-burning or body-shaping program is legit or effective without implementing a supportive nutrition plan. Fact is, you can’t out-train a bad diet. To keep it simple, I’ve created a video tutorial that invites you into my kitchen for a tour of the must-have, metabolism-boosting foods, as well as my step-by-step meal planning system that simplifies how to map out your meals, meal plan templates, and the 8 Effective Nutrition Strategies to Maximize Fat Loss.

This bonus is delivered in a digital video format so you can start benefiting immediately upon purchase.

If You’re Still on the Fence, Please Consider THIS…

You may not like what I’m about to say, but it’s important nonetheless.

Here are the undeniable FACTS about being a mom:

  • You rarely put yourself first.
  • You’re always doing for others.
  • Your wants and your needs all get shuffled around and moved to the back burner… if they ever get addressed at all.

While this selflessness is certainly courageous, it can go too far if you’re not careful. In fact, it can negatively impact EVERY aspect of your life: A lack of energy, fluctuations in mood, low self-esteem, and weakened relationships.

You have to take care of you if you desire to continue to give of yourself in order to continue taking care of everyone else.

Not only do you deserve to look and feel your best, but you need to be the best version of you. That’s the only way that you can do everything that’s asked of you without getting beat down and exhausted.

The secret is—you know you’ve heard this before—put your own oxygen mask on first before you try to help someone else. If you don’t take care of YOU first, the quality of what you share with those you love will diminish. Taking time for you isn’t selfish; it’s the best thing you can do for yourself and for others. Plus, it will make you a fantastic role model for your family.

I believe in you, but you have to believe in yourself by taking action now if you really want to achieve ‘better body’ results…results that make you proud…results that give you confidence and increase your self-esteem.

Time is going to pass regardless. Think about how quickly your children have grown. Don’t put this opportunity off another second! Take control over your body, fire up your metabolism, and get back into your favorite jeans—or you can just keep doing what you’ve always done and keep getting what you’ve always got.

But if you take action today, EVERYTHING in your life will change for the better.

You’ll wake up EVERY day with energy and enthusiasm, ready to take on your day.

Your body, your relationships and, most importantly, the way you feel about yourself will improve in ways you can’t even imagine.


Get Trouble Spot Solution – Holly Rigsby , Only Price $37

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