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Lloyd Lester - Sexual Explosion1Lloyd Lester – Sexual Explosion

For men who want to shoot wave after wave of thick semen that lacquer her body and streak her hair… the kind any male porn star would be proud of…


See Details Below…

From: Lloyd Lester

Did you know that a blue whale’s ejaculation contains 20 liters of semen?

That’s almost like filling up half a tank of gas in a car.

What about yours? Do you squirt a few dribbles?

Or do you spray like a fire hose?

Did you also know that men who shoot the biggest loads also…

  • …experience the most ejaculation pleasure…
  • …have the hardest, strongest erections…
  • …even enjoy longer-lasting and more intense orgasms…

Yes, it’s true… because, it’s all connected…

When you improve one area of your sexual performance, you inevitably upgrade many other areas as well…

And… if you’ve ever wanted to shoot bigger loads yourself… like polished arrows in the hands of a mighty warrior… I have some incredible new information that you really need to know about…


You See…

We have discovered some powerful techniques of…

  • How to ‘double’ your semen reserves –overnight– using a simple trick, and shoot a load almost twice as big by tomorrow!
  • How to naturally boost your testosterone and growth hormone levels so your body can produce more, healthy semen (without using any crazy pills, shots, or medication)
  • How to increase your semen volume up to 30% by tonight, from drinking ‘this’ in the morning. (You’ll impress her with big, powerful loads – the kind she secretly craves!)
  • What 2 common things almost every guy does while sitting down, that destroys semen levelsevery day. Find out what they are so you can break the habit!
  • What’s the #1 erection and sperm killer that you absolutely must avoid! (Most men are consuming lots of this stuff every single day – and paying the price.)

And yes… when you use this powerful information to increase your ejaculation size in a completely safe and natural wayyou can also enjoy lots of other awesome benefits.

For instance,
You can…


Get stronger erections
that also last much longer


Experience more frequent and
increased ejaculation pleasure


Enjoy more intense, more satisfying
and longer-lasting orgasms

If You’ve Ever Been Embarrassed By The ‘Weak Dribble’ When

Releasing Your Load…

These powerful techniques will finally unleash your body’s true, natural ejaculating potential…

Not only will you be able to impress your lover with the sudden increase in semen volume, you’ll even surprise yourself at the speed and effectiveness of this change.

It doesn’t even matter how old you are or what kind of shape you’re in, some of the methods can produce results overnight!

That’s because, unlike other solutions out there – which only focus on the surface issues or temporary fixes…my methods focus on multiple areas, including the core issue of the problem…

It Gets You Blowing Monstrous Loads & Enjoying Pleasure That Never Seems To End…

The reason so many of those pills, herbs, supplements, and shakes don’t work for many guys is because they only focus on one area of the ‘problem’… and they offer a very general fix…

They only focus on creating new semen… by consuming certain foods or lab-created substances…

And, while that could work for some guys, it won’t work very well for other guys because our bodies are different!

If you’ve ever tried any of those supplements or other ‘solutions,’ you already know what I’m talking about…

is a completely different process..

For instance,

My methods…

…also focus on maximizing whatever amount of semen your body is already producing right now! (For some reason, the other ‘experts’ have not figured this important piece out yet.)

That is why some of my ‘instant fixes’ are able to increase your ejaculation size virtually overnight!

I also have other methods that take a few days or weeks to produce visible results.

The point is, you get a comprehensive solution instead of a ‘surface’ or temporary fix…

Plus, you get to enjoy both quick and permanent resultssafely, naturally, and without spending outrageous amounts of money on some exotic herb or food that may or may not work for you right now.

All of these powerful tips, techniques, and strategies are revealed in my brand new report…


Sexual Explosion:

How To Shoot Bigger Loads And Increase Ejaculation Pleasure!

Inside this short yet powerful new report,

you will discover…

  • How to increase your semen volume up to 30% by tonight! (You can impress your lover – and surprise yourself – with a bigger load available so quickly)…
  • Why focusing just on creating more new semen is only one-third of the solution. I offer you the other two powerful areas (ignored by other experts) that can seriously upgrade the size of your load
  • A simple trick you can use during sex to increase your ejaculation load considerably! (If you forget to do everything else, this one ‘last minute‘ fix could still make you look like a rock star!)…
  • Two ways to start enjoying more ejaculation pleasure and longer-lasting orgasms! (Yeah, you can shoot big loads too, but why not make the end result more intense and pleasurable too!)…
  • Why some men do not ejaculate big loads even though their bodies are already creating plenty of semen. (Could this be happening to you?) There’s an easy fix for this, that can often double the volume of your ejaculate – within hours…
  • How to trick your body into creating more semen overnight (or over a few days) to dramatically increase your load the next time you have sex with your partner…
  • How to naturally boost your testosterone and growth hormone levels – without using costly pills, injections or supplements… so your body can produce more, healthy semen on its own!…
  • Two common things almost every guy does while sitting down, that destroys semen levels every day, and hurts their overall sexual health. Find out what they are so you can break the habit!…
  • Revealed: the most commonly-consumed fluids (including fruit/veggie juices) that are harmful to your sexual health – and affecting your semen volume! (I also share a short list of what to drink instead, to really get the volume up!)…
  • Can masturbating too much or too little ruin your ‘big load’ potential? The answer will surprise you!…
  • Plus… is there a specific way to ‘leverage’ masturbation to increase your semen volumedramatically? (Yes, there is! I reveal exactly how to do this)…
  • The 2 best (and easiest) exercises that increase the production of more healthy semen in your body! (Most exercises or workouts have the opposite effect, including cardio or heavy lifting. Bonus: These 2 exercises can also increase your ejaculation pleasure, even extend it)…
  • Five of the worst offenders that will undermine any efforts to improve your sexual health, especially your semen volume. Eliminating these will boost your sex life – even if you don’t do anything else to change your diet, health, or lifestyle…
  • Why kegels and other such ‘popular’ sex-exercises may be ruining your sexual health. (Find out how to fix this so you do make those sex muscles stronger, improve your erections… and even last longer!)…
  • How to consume specific nutrient-rich foods to create a chain-reaction of ‘optimum sexual health’ benefits…
  • Why eating foods like oysters – and other common ‘sexual health’ foods does not work for many guys (or only offers a short-term fix.) And how you can correct the problem…
  • What’s stopping most men’s bodies from fully digesting and absorbing healthy nutrients, even if they’re coming from the best, highest-quality food sources? Fix this and you’ll see surprising improvements, even from the slightest changes to your diet…
  • My personal list of powerful nutrient-dense foods that provide your body with the best stuffwithout being high in calories. (These are the only few foods for healthy sexual organs – that perform optimally to produce healthy levels of semen, and powerful orgasms)…
  • Plus, the two popular categories of food considered ‘healthy‘ by most people – including some experts and even medical doctors – that are costing youoptimum sexual performance and unnecessary suffering

With this kind of powerful information in your hands, you’ll be able to do what most guys wish for – and most women secretly desire..

Best of all, you can do it all in a completely safe and natural way….

No Pills, Injections

Or Magical Cures Required

Don’t be fooled by the products being sold out there…

If it comes in a bottle, carton or container, it’s not as “natural” as they’d like you to believe…

And, please do not fall for those ‘testosterone’ or ‘growth hormone’ injections, pills, supplements, and so on. Those things can have major side effects!

You don’t even need that stuff anyway! Because, your body can naturally produce testosterone and growth hormones!

You just have to know how to ‘activate’ those natural processes… and, in my report, you get to use only safe, natural, and effective methods.

If any of that stuff is important to you, then this report is perfect for you…

You can start enjoying the benefits of shooting “bigger loads” within a few hours… without even changing your diet, health or lifestyle. (However, I do highly recommend that you also use the ‘optimum sexual health’ tips I provide, for even better results.)

You can see dramatic improvements, no matter what your age, or your current health/fitness level.

I have specifically designed this “bigger load” system to hit all 3 major areas of the problem, so it can work effectivelyfor any man who gives it an honest try.

You can see why this powerful system can easily impact the lives of so many men… and impress the heck out of their lovers!


Hardest, strongest erections


Last much longer


Longer-lasting, more intense orgasms

Ever Seen A Male Porn Star Let Rip In Small, Miserable Trickles Of His ‘Man Juice’?

That would be a mighty shame, wouldn’t it? And right now, you’re almost in the same esteemed company of these adult performers who blow impressive loads. You’re already ahead of most guys, because you now know what they don’t, simply by reading this letter…

For example, you already know that..

The men who shoot the biggest loads…

tend to experience the most ejaculation pleasure… have the hardest, strongest, erections that last much longer, and… even enjoy longer-lasting, more intense orgasms….

The biggest mistake you absolutely must avoid…

is to buy into the injections, pills, supplements, or all those other risky and dangerous ‘solutions’… that can have major and permanent side-effects

The only safe, natural, and effective method…

I personally advise my clients to use are revealed in this report… and you can see results in as little as several hours!

These results have been proven by menof all ages – who used to have very little semen volumes and ejaculation size… and are now able to enjoy all of the benefits listed above.

The exact same methodsare now available to you…

Order Your Copy Of “Sexual Explosion” Today

& You Will Pay Just $47 $37$27!

Best of all, you can try this powerful system

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Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/k5NwE

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