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The Astonishing Secrets of Attraction

To Get Virtually Any Woman’s Undivided Attention

Learn to enjoy meeting hot, beautiful women, no matter what your age… with the amazing secrets from hypnosis and energy medicine in this just-released “For Men Only” CD set that will dramatically change the way you are able to meet hot, beautiful, friendly women forever…

Dear Friend,

I’ve just re-released an amazing seduction CD set on how you can easily get virtually any woman’s undivided attention in just 30 seconds or less! and I’d love to send a copy to you.

(30 Seconds? Well, I sorta lied. Some of you wouldn’t believe me if I were to tell you the REAL SPEED at which you can easily learn to get a woman’s attention focused on you and start the seduction process with her!)

Let’s face it: All the seduction techniques in the world won’t do you any good unless you FIRST learn to actually MEET women!

Stay tuned for how you can get an incredible bonus report when you purchase this product…

Here, finally, is your opportunity to learn “world-class” secrets of hypnosis and energy medicine that only a handful of lucky people know about. Many of the people who practice energy medicine shy away from teaching how to use energy techniques to actually meet and attract someone for romance.

I guess they don’t realize that healing starts with you and your ability to attract meaningful relationships into your life.

Many people who talk about “energy” and “hypnosis” don’t know these “super-advanced” skills, know-how and techniques of…

  • Secrets of the Elements Personality Profiling System that the Chinese knew about over 5,000 years ago and how it affects your relationships!
  • How to covertly trigger her energy of attraction and direct it toward you while you talk with her!
  • Right-brain training to learn to recognize those energies that are sensed by the left brain yet most people know nothing about!
  • The true keys to power and control and influence with others!

And that’s just a small “taste” of what you’ll get in this 2-CD set. The CD’s are called “How-To-Get Virtually Any Woman’s Undivided Attention In Just 30 Seconds Or Less!!!” … and it took me countless hours of study along with dozens of cold “walkups” meeting women to practice the techniques and get them right so you can use them.

I cannot stress how powerfully these virtually unknown secrets can affect your life. There is no other CD set like this anywhere. And until now, some of these secrets were only revealed behind “closed doors” at seminars with “inner circle” students. Sure, there’s an occassional post here and there hinting at how powerful these secrets are. I’m giving you the nuts and bolts of how and why these secrets work, so you can go use them any way you desire!

Here, in more detail, so what this CD-set reveals:

  • Create Deep Trance Phenomena with her in less than 30 seconds, even before she knows your name!
  • How-to-use her own ego to get her to easily connect with you!
  • Virtually steal the credit for the good feelings she’s had in the past, and attach those feelings to you!
  • How-to-know what’s important to her before you ever say a word to each other! This virtually takes out all the “guess work” about how to meet a woman!
  • Weave your energy field together with hers to form a powerful psychic connection between the two of you!
  • The part of her energy field that absolutely must be turned on in order for her to feel attracted to you!
  • Amazing trick that allows you to look like an expert psychic, even if you don’t know what an aura is yet!

You can see why this new CD set is going to create a huge sensation among men (of all ages) everywhere! The secrets I’m about to show you can cause dramatic changes in the quality of women you can easily attract virtually overnight. And not just that, even more importantly, you now have an amazing opportunity to share with women what most of them can only dream about… namely…

A Guaranteed Way To Connect With Them Deeply

And Create Feelings of Intimacy… Trust… And Deep Connection

That They’ve Been Starving For!

Order your CD set today and get in on the astonishing secrets revealed here. Secrets like…

  • How To Spot the crazies, the head-cases, and the wackos so you can avoid them and focus on the women you truly desire to meet!
  • Change Your Energy Field to one of attraction!
  • How to “reframe” silence in a conversation to deepen the intensity of good feelings between the two of you!
  • Manipulate her energy field for attraction or repulsion so her energies of attraction run the way you want them to!
  • Mental programming to attract the types of women into your life that you want to spend time with!
  • Don’t do this, and it will be difficult for you to attract women to like you, no matter what else you do!
  • What to do if you get “caught” running language patterns on her.
  • Quickly and Easily put her into a trance and how to recognize when it happens, so you can make the most of her trance states.

There are many products out there that tell you to use hypnosis with women; I tell you how. I bought one product on “seduction” where the supposed “experts” said their entire system depended on the ability to hypnotize a woman. Then they failed to give any techniques on how to actually hypnotize anyone. The only clue they gave was to go look on Google for “Elman induction!” Screw that! You’re paying your hard-earned bucks for something, you want real how-to, not the address for a search engine!

I give you step-by-step how to put a woman in a trance state in a normal conversation ! Heck, anybody can get a woman to like them if they get her in a chair and count her down and give her post-hypnotic suggestions for attraction. But how do you get them to sit down in your “hypnosis chair” in the first place! You got to know how to use your skills where it counts — out wherever you are when you actually meet women! Otherwise, none of the stuff you would use in a hypnotherapists office will do you a damn bit of good! (Remember, in many locations hypnotists are prohibited from sleeping with the women they hypnotized in a professional setting! You want her to be attracted to you and to make it natural, like it was all her idea!)

  • Learn what types of women are more open to you and which ones aren’t so you can focus on the ones who respond best and are most easily attracted to you!
  • How to hold hands with her, within the first 10 seconds of conversation, in a way that seems totally natural for her!
  • Simple trick to put her at ease and make her feel “light as a feather”!
  • Use the way your energy field is wired naturally to flood her with feelings of electricity whenever you touch her there!
  • How to easily be more interesting to her than the man she’s already with!
  • How to get rid of fear of meeting women and replace it easily with knowledge and skill!

Most of us have had “fear” or “hesitation” at some point in our lives when it comes to meeting women. But you have to take action right away when you want to meet a woman, or you might lose the chance forever. So many guys are afraid of “getting caught”! Getting caught doing what? It’s not like you’re doing anything “to” her! And so what if you do get caught? I “got caught” hypnotizing a woman, and much to my surprise, I blurted out one of the most ingenious replies you will ever hear!

Most so-called “experts” on hypnosis will tell you some “pussy-ass” way to try to wiggle out of getting “caught” hypnotizing a woman in a conversation, as if you were doing something wrong to her. They tell you to reply with some sorry comeback like “Well, you know hypnosis makes you more aware so you have better choices” or “Did I hypnotize you? I don’t know…Does it feel good?”

C’mon! There are some damn good hypnotists out there who really know there stuff, yet most of the so called “experts” out there wouldn’t even think of the reply I’m going to give you, let alone actually have the balls to use it!

I was so excited the first time I used this reply, that I quickly wrote and told one of my friends who is one of the best hypnotists I’ve ever talked with, and he told me he knows professional hypnotists with over 10 years experience who couldn’t come up with a reply that good! I decided then and there to memorize this one and use it all the time! I really should keep it to myself, but I spill the beans and give it to you, word-for-word in this CD set!

So what else am I going to show you how to do?

  • How to predict potential flakes and how to take care of it!
  • How to use a mental video screen to build attraction between you and her!
  • How to catch her while she’s already thinking about sex, and get her to focus on you and become attracted to you while she’s already feeling horny!
  • How to start a conversation in a long line at the store or anywhere else and use that experience to get her to value her conversation with you.
  • Sneaky way to get her to “spill the beans” on what annoys her about her man she’s already with and what she needs to feel good instead!
  • Make this mistake now, and it could cost you the relationship you crave later while some other guy waltzes off with the woman you wanted instead!
  • How to build hypnotic language patterns based on whatever is going on at the moment!
  • Secrets of the Non-Local Universe to create a connection between the two of you before you meet, even if you’ve never seen each other before, so when you meet it seems as if you’re already connected to each other!

So what’s all this gonna cost you?

Well, I could easily charge $50 per CD ($100) for the technical “how-to” contained in this set, but when you order now, you’ll pay less than half that amount. But wait! There’s more!!!

See I intended to sell these CD sets for $49 bucks plus shipping and handling all by themselves — and believe me, they are worth every penny of it! And I am so excited about them and how much fun you’re going to have using this information that I’m sure these puppies are gonna sell like hotcakes!

In fact, I’m so excited about how much fun you can start to have with these techniques right away that I even wrote a bonus report on an additional way to meet women.

The CD sets by themselves are worth the entire purchase price. And they’ve got nice covers too– none of those CD jewel cases that break real easy — these are those long-lasting plastic DVD cases that will last even if you accidentally step on them, along with artwork and TWO audio CD’s.

Well what the heck… The CD’s are such a bargain by themselves, I was going to sell the special report separately, but for a limited time you can get the special report for free when you buy the CD set right now. I even include a real fun way to anchor a HOT stripper’s good feelings to you so she wants to sit down and spend time with you. Here’s some more of what’s inlcuded in this spectacular report

  • How-To-Meet Hot, Horny women in traffic!
  • Replace road rage with wanton lust!
  • Have fun learning to recognize women who like to show off (and put out!!!)

The bonus report CAN be used to actually meet women for a date. The real power in it, though, is how you start to develop your intuition for which women are open to exploring fun adventures so you can start to focus your actual “walkups” on the types of women who would be more open to having fun times with you.


Here’s where I lose and you win! You can get these CD sets and the bonus report for just $49 bucks plus $7.95 shipping and handling in the USA, Canada, and most of Europe. If you’re in different location, write to see if I ship to your location.

All packages shipped within the USA are delivered with shipping confirmation tracking numbers so you know your package is on the way.

And that’s not all!

I’m so confident that you will love what you’re about to learn in these CD’s that I’m going to give you a full 6-month “no-hassles” money-back-guarantee.

Try out the techniques in these CD’s and use the information to go have fun meeting women. I’m confident that this information will provide you with incredibly useful and fun ways to start meeting women right away. These techniques will work for a 7th grader if they just do the drill! And if for some reason the techniques don’t work for you then you’ve got 6 full months to send them back for a refund (minus shipping and handling charges). Because of the 6 month “no hassles” guarantee, you agree that you will not reproduce, redistribute, or re-sell this course in any format (including selling it on ebay). If you like the course, keep it. If you don’t like it, I’ll refund your money (minus shipping and handling), but I’m sure you’re going to love the fun techniques in this new course, and I’ll give you 6 full months to prove to yourself how much fun you can have when you follow these easy instructions!

Order your set today! At this low, low price, they are going to sell fast! Remember, the price for this amazing CD set and bonus report is just $49 bucks, so order now while you can still get them BOTH together!

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