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Juggler - How To Be A Pickup Artist A Practical GuideJuggler – How To Be A Pickup Artist A Practical Guide

To clarify right away, this is not a post on how to be a pickup artist. It is instead a review of Juggler’s (Wayne Elise) book titled ‘How To Be A Pickup Artist’. ‘How To Be…’ by Juggler

Juggler is a veteran of the pickup scene. Long before the release of the above book, Juggler’s collected wisdom was available in a book called simply ‘The Juggler Method’ or ‘Conversational Jujitsu’. This was a good one-stop-shop for Juggler’s take on seduction practice. It was incidentally put together by a third party (a fan), if I ever knew who I have forgotten. Anyway I mention this because the original book is also for sale from www.charismaarts.com under the title ‘Juggler’s Compiled Archives’, to avoid any confusion, the book reviewed below is Juggler’s 2005 release ‘How To be A Pickup Artist‘ – just like it says on the cover of the book.

‘How To Be A Pickup Artist’ costs $39.97 as a downloadable eBook as does the original book, or they can be purchased together with a discount. I haven’t reviewed ‘Juggler’s Archives’ on this site. The style. Juggler is an affable and charming writer and his book is often entertaining. You may know that Juggler penned a chapter in the Neil Strauss book ‘The Game‘ and received much praise for his literary efforts. This book is obviously a far different prospect but its style is still very conversational. What it covers. This is a book on perspectives, in chapters on ‘Your Initial Vibe’ ‘Genuine Interest Versus Desperate Interest” ‘Have A Strong Presence’ ‘Give Away Your Love’ and others of that same ilk, Juggler presents the perspectives that give him success with women. It is full of examples of his ideas in practice, but it is not a book of tactics or technique. Juggler’s is the most conversational of the main pickup approaches. His style has a great deal to do with having fun. And this is, in a way, much of what you are learning from this book. That pickup is nothing to be scared of, despite the natural anxiety that accompanies actually doing it. One of the book strengths is also one of its biggest flaws. The personal voice which permeates the structure of this book gives it an enjoyable feel . It is nice to read a book that demonstrates the fun of pickup. Most books are much drier in style, but this book’s conversational style (with the reader and in the examples) can’t help but presents itself that you should be like Juggler.

The book ends with extensive examples of the type of thing that Juggler has talked about throughout. You get a scripted dialogue of several pickups that show Juggler method in action. All in all good, and a decent learning tool. For the most part there is something for everyone in any book, CD set or program out there. An appalling thing, maybe, for a critic of seduction method to say. But with the information that is available from the various schools, it is important for a balanced review. Questions all of us ask when we set out to learn seduction are “How true are the ideas?” “How much do the methods reflect the ideas?” “How practical and applicable are the methods?” personally (and importantly) “How much did I learn?” and many more. Bluntly, no student of seduction goes through seduction manuals like we were trading baseball cards – “Got, got, got…” until we find a piece of game we can use or an angle not previously considered.

Summary. Some work on seduction is brand new and innovative, some work is a new perspective on a standard concept – we could continue to categorise like this for a while. However, one important category is the standard material on an everyday concept. The core, how to be a pickup artist stuff. This type of material is not unhelpful, it can illuminate the novice (and sometimes the experienced), it just isn’t very useful. For the novice you might go through the ‘How To Be A Pickup Artist’ eBook needing every one of its baseball cards, and be enlightened. Overall, though, there’s not a lot here for the seduction student.

About Author:

Wayne Elise, aka “Juggler” is an instructor of pickup and conversational skills. Wayne was one of the first pickup “gurus” to hold in-field seminars, when he created a company called “Seduction Arts” (later renamed “Charisma Arts”) back in 2001.

Wayne’s style of pickup differs from other early gurus such as Mystery, in that it doesn’t rely on canned material or routines. Instead, the Juggler method focuses on how to have conversations where people open up to you, and how to make genuine emotional connections.

In 2006, Wayne Elise was featured on a British reality TV program called Seduction School: Size Doesn’t Matter, in which he taught three clueless guys how to meet and approach women.

Wayne Elise (aka “Juggler”) is the founder of Charisma Arts and a master of conversational game. Juggler is a pickup artist in San Francisco and has made several media appearances including a documentary on UK television. He is the owner of Charisma Arts.

Juggler is a veteran of the pickup scene. Juggler’s collected wisdom is available in a book called simply ‘The Juggler Method’ or ‘Conversational Jujitsu’. This was a good one-stop-shop for Juggler’s take on seduction practice.

[Juggler] intrigued me. He advised AFCs to overcome their shyness by trying to talk a homeless person into giving them a quarter?He told others to challenge themselves and intentionally make pickups more difficult by saying they work d as trash collectors and drove ’86 Impalas.

Juggler Quotes

There is pride involved in being a pickup artist. It is a challenge. I have performer friends who can explode on stage like samurai and kill five hundred people, but they are afraid to approach a girl in a bar. I don’t blame them. Most audiences are horny to be fucked. They want it hard and deep. But the girl sitting on the barstool is more difficult. She is scarier. She is the five hundred pound gorilla in a little black dress. And she can bust you up, if you let her. But she is also horny to be fucked. We are all horny to be fucked.

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