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Frame Control and Sexual Themes Videos Videos 
That Are So Damn Good…
They Could Put Me Out Of The Workshop Business!

Who Else Wants To Triple or Even Quadruple
Their Speed Seduction Power, Success And Effectiveness With These Videos That Yates Begged Me Not To Sell?

Dear Friend And Speed Seduction™ Student!

Would you like to get your greedy little hands on over 16 hours of DIGITALLY recorded Speed Seduction Videos that are so damn good, my decision to sell them could spell the END of my business relationship with Yates? 

How about videos that teach you brand new, word for word seduction patterns, INCLUDING the “forbidden” Gemini and Dark Sun patterns that induce permanent behavioral change in the women you desire, allowing you to mold them to the exact erotic specifications you require, demand and dream of? 

How about 4 different models of Speed Seduction, explained NOT just by me, but by the actual students who have taken them out into the world and proven them time and again, by exacting, real world experience?

Here is exactly what happened….

For some time, Yates and I have been a bit dissatisfied with the demands of you, our greedy, horny, insistent customers! “Yates and Ross,” you would say, “We love your stuff. But we are VIDEO junkies. Why not spend some money you cheapskates, get the BEST video equipment, and do an entire 3 day Speed Seduction Workshop on quality edited video? Include the latest stuff…stuff we just can’t get by listening on audio…include students showing off THEIR best stuff..and we’d snap it right up !”

Now….being one open to feedback (and new ways to make money!) of course, we agreed. And when I watched the footage…..power-packed, sizzling hot, filled with secrets and things Major Mark and I have NEVER taught before…including TWO powerful, start to finish trance inductions from Major Mark that put ME through the floor as well as the rest of the room, driving all of us to new, super-levels of radiant confidence with women…well, when I watched all of this, I was both exhausted and thrilled. Far and away, this was not only the best work we had ever done….way beyond any existing course or tape set, audio or video…but the quality of the production was superb as well.

So…dummy that I am…I thought Yates would be thrilled to sell them. Little did I count on the reasoning of the man, dubbed by the street merchants in Cancun as “El King Cheap”. 

The Knock-Down, Drag-Out Fight With Yates
To Sell You Guys These Killer Tapes!

“No way are we going to sell these, Ross,” he said to me. “Because they are so damn good, so inclusive and powerful and complete, NO ONE WILL COME TO A Workshop when they can attend the best one we ever did, just by watching these videos in the comfort of their living room! Who will go to the expense of travel, hotel rooms and plane fare, when they can attend over and over again in their own home? If we sell these YOU’LL PUT US OUT OF THE Workshop BUSINESS!”.

Well, after I got him to calm down, I convinced him otherwise. I told him that you guys, appreciate QUALITY. I told him you LOVE our stuff. I told him that if anything, these videos will be the key to convince folks of just how much value we DO offer in the Workshops, how much they miss by not attending, and, if anything, our enrollments will only increase as a result of a person’s decision to buy and enjoy these videos and all the secrets they unveil. And I told him he could hire a friggin’ lawyer if he didn’t like it, cuz I am the goddamned boss and he better do what I say before I whack him a good one, right in his dented, profit-crazed brain!

Now…Hear The Details…Of These Amazing Videos..16 Hrs Of No-Holds Barred Street Skill You Can Enjoy For Years And Years On End!

One of the things that makes these videos so unique, is they have an actual teaching structure. That is, unlike previous Workshops, where I sort of tend to wander, I sat down, before this Workshop, and thoughtfully outlined a metaphorical frame and structure in which to fit all the learning’s, presented by all the instructors and students, that makes all the material, and each of the parts, easily absorbed and useful as a whole

This, more than any other presentation we’ve ever made, ties things up in a way that allows you to see how each individual tool can be applied in each situation; how it fits in with the overall attitudes, situations, and concepts presented. It is like a road-map that lets you know WHERE you are, where you want to be, and exactly what aspects you need to master to get there. (For those of you who are NLP junkies, you’ll see a masterful use of loops, metaphor and other techniques on the part of Mark and myself to make the learning process much more easy and rapid).

How The Concept Of “Frames” Gets You Truly Well Laid!


What enabled me to do this is an understanding of the concept of “frames’; the overall guidelines through which you present everything else you do. I truly believe that understanding how to fit all of your thoughts, actions, responses and ideas with women into the right frame…the frame of NEVER supplicating, begging or “asking”, but instead, offering challenges, structuring opportunities and eliciting/evoking processes is the single most important key to making every other tool and “trick” of Speed Seduction™ at least three to four times more effective and powerful

Sure…you can do Speed Seduction without this understanding. If want to be a perfect “memorizer” of word for word patterns and still have less than fantastic results because you might still be using the patterns in a “supplicating” or “nice guy” structure, that’s no skin off of MY nose. But wouldn’t you rather understand how to present it all in a way that makes it much more receivable to the feminine psyche and mind…receivable in a way that just lets it slide right in…deep, deep in…deep into the place where her wildest fantasies spring to life and action, with you?

Here Are Just Some Of The Things You’ll View, When You Purchase Your Own Set Of These Amazing Tapes Today!

*The Four Different Models Of Speed Seduction
: How And When To Use Each One And How To Know Which One Is Most Appropriate. Why tie yourself to the idea that patterns are simply there to be recited while she goes into trance? There are lots of other ways to make patterns work for you, and I spend hours showing you exactly how. Dynamite stuff you must learn for ultimate SS success and power.

*Trance-Hi-Jacking By Brother Kamal: over a full hour of Brother Kamal and I, as he presents and I break down, step by step, his amazing “trance hijacking” methods. Word for word, start to finish, from opening line to making love, exactly what he has done with woman after woman (Includes how he got two beautiful, blonde, British tourists in bed at the same time!)

*How To Get Laid On AOL Using Speed Seduction(TM): -SS email list enforcer and my pal, Brother Riker, reveals his detailed, step by step system for picking up and seducing women on America’s most popular on-line service America On-Line. I used his methods to pick up an unbelievably, drop-dead bikini model. Don’t waste weeks or months making your own mistakes; AOL can be a mine-field of fatties, crazies as well as your own blunders, boners and bash-ups without this valuable advice!

*How To Create Your Own Seduction Themes To Intrigue And Seduce Women-I spend lots of time hammering on THEME creation; the overall ideas that allow you to easily flow, in natural conversation from one pattern to the next, with complete easy and flexibility. Master what I teach here and you’ll be able to bring up any pattern in any situation and flow to any other without a moment wasted. The ultimate in conversational flexibility, freedom and power.

*Major Mark On The Psychology Of The Romantic Hero-do you know what the three qualities of the romantic hero are, that drive women absolutely wild? Mark is sizzling in this presentation, as he not only describes in detail what they are, but assists you in manifesting them in your own unique ways in your life, so women view you as their tasty, wild, nasty indulgence…their “naughty” treat to take on an escape into their own private, erotic world…things that her “borefriend” or “husband” will never experience or know. Damn, the Major is really good…why won’t he let me promote him to General?

*Word For Word Pickup Strategies And Tactics: including my famous 30 second pick up designed for use when she’s with other women and in too much of a hurry to talk!. Yep…this is the latest on how to pick up women even, and especially when they are with other women and they are hurried and do NOT have time! Now you can actually make these situations work better for you than when they are alone or time to talk is available. No generalizations here; word for word, specific, exact things to say.

*The Phone Machine Intruder: Getting Her To Call You Back Within An Hour Or Two 90% of The Time: My answering machine intruder is so damn good, I have to brag and say it is the single most reliable thing I’ve ever come up with or described. Here’s how to handle with triumphant success, those annoying situations where all you get is a pager, voice mail or answering machine, and can’t get to speak to her in person! Using the challenge, opportunity and process frames, this word for word pattern WILL get her calling you back, rapidly…swiftly…even apologizing for not getting back to your sooner! I AM PROUD OF THIS ONE!

*Major Mark’s Resource Generator Induction: Yet another powerful trance induction by Major Mark that’s so…so…damn good, this guy is getting so good, even I can’t describe or do him justice. Let’s just say he helps create structures deep inside that serve you as you need them, automatically and without conscious thought…so the same-self processes that at one time kept you stuck now keep you running…humming along…in exactly the direction you need to make your seduction dreams a reality. Honestly, if you can stay out of trance for more than 3 minutes when you watch this part, the bad news is: you ain’t human!

How To Use The Contrast Principle In New Pattern Creation-here I am teaching even more advanced techniques in pattern construction and creation. Take a peek inside my brain and my thought processes, so you can learn to think like me and create new stuff that fits your own unique situation, personality and style. Learn my creativity strategy and move forward on your own with new stuff that you can show to me!

*How To Create DEEP Rapport By Asking Structured, Focused Questions-perhaps one of my favorite trance techniques; because it allows you to experience the joy and pleasure found only in deeply connecting with another human person. Learn to develop deep level understanding, intuition and insight that will lead to the deepest levels of rapport so you can then be as wild, blatant and UN-Sneaky as you like…because she’ll be prepared AND ready for it! One of my favorite of the 4 seduction models presented!

*Ross’ “I’m A Hypnotist Model-” For Seduction. O.k.-I like to use this one, because it is true: I AM a hypnotist. A perfect way to seduce adventurous, excitement-hungry, sizzling hot women who don’t want a delicate or “sneaky” approach. I LOVE THIS MODEL!

*The Brand New, Super-Powerful, “Boyfriend Ignorer“…. Forget the Boyfriend “Destroyer”. What if you want to enjoy sex with her, but don’t WANT to be her “boyfriend”? Here’s how to have her keep him around to pay for dates, do her errands , buy her gifts while she comes to YOU for the deeply satisfying sexual relief she needs! The best of both possible worlds! I deserve a medal for this one!

*New Exercises For Super-Charging Your State And Building New Feelings: One of the cardinal rules of SS is, YOU HAVE TO GO FIRST. You can expect her to experience thoughts and feelings if you have never had them yourself. You can’t lead anyone where you first can’t go. These dvds reveal different methods and exercises for building new states and feelings that let you lead by example and put the power into your words! Of special note is the famous Kinesthetic Squash, which m any of you have heard on audio but never been able to do, simply because to be duplicated it really has to be seen! You see me take a volunteer and then the entire room through this exercise, which allows you to control sexual excitement so you don’t radiate lust in the presence of a stunningly hot woman, but instead exude an even, calm energy that she just naturally seems to like! Vital, vital skill to have, especially if you are aiming at the “super-model” class of woman!

How Strongly Do You Realize You Want To BUY THESE VIDEOS!?!

Now, if after reading all this, you haven’t yet been able to convince yourself to order online now or call in your order, I am not sure what could cause you to just do it anyway. Maybe it will be because you realize we only deliver thebest. Maybe you’ll come up with your own reasons. Maybe it can be something in your environment that triggers that desire to get your hands on a set of these videos. But whatever it is, I know once you’ve done so, only you will be able to try to control the excitement as you realize that your Speed Seduction power is about to triple or even quadruple in merely a matter of days.

Salepage: http://www.speedseduction.net/products/RJ152.asp
Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20150619094023/http://www.speedseduction.net/products/RJ152.asp

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