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“Are You Sick And Tired Of FAILING With Women?”

If You Have Just 5 Minutes, I Will Hand You The Groundbreaking Tools You Need To Attract Beautiful Women, Be More Confident, Handle Any Situation, And Completely ELIMINATE The Guess Work From Dating, All On A Silver Platter.

(And The Best Part Is… ANYONE Can Do It!)

Listen up,

If you want to STOP being completely frustrated with dating, and start to meet and date drop-dead gorgeous women, and never suffer rejection again, then this could be the most life-changing message you have ever read.

If you can spare just FIVE MINUTES to read this important message, I’ll COMPLETELY HAND OVER my brand new, iron-clad method of meeting, dating, and attracting drop dead gorgeous women — without rejection — on a silver platter.

Ask yourself: Is it worth five minutes to completely change your life?

If you said “No,” then please, leave now. I don’t want to waste my time with you.

If you said “Yes,” then read on…

I’m Not Going To Lie To You. Here’s What You WON’T Find Here…

Let me make this simple.

What I have to teach isn’t hard.

In fact, it’s very simple. If you have a 4th grade reading level and the ability to memorize a few easy lines, you’re a perfect match.

This will not take a long time.

You don’t have to wait for weeks before you can start meeting women. You could go out and start applying my methods TONIGHT if you wanted.

This is not expensive.

You will not be funneling your money into a furnace with this course. I want to make this affordable to anyone who wants it. You’ll find that what you can get will be well worth anything you spend.

Let me be clear: This isn’t about you spending money. It’s about you getting a girl.

You with me so far? Great. Let’s continue…

Stop Being Her “Friend” And Start Being Her Lover.

My name is Joseph Matthews, and I used to be a complete and utter LOSER with women.

Whenever I looked in the mirror, I would cringe. I would think about how fat, ugly, balding, and stupid I was.

I would get rejected by every woman I was attracted to.

I was prepared to GIVE UP on women all together and live as a hermit for the rest of my life!

It seemed that whenever I saw a woman I really liked, I would just freeze up, and never approach her, thoughts of rejection and failure running through my mind.

When I did find a great girl, she usually had a boyfriend or some loser she was seeing who never treated her right, but no matter how hard I tried, I could never get her to leave him for me.

Then there were the girls I became great friends with and really wanted to turn that into a romantic relationship, only to be greeted with the “let’s just be friends” kiss-of-death!

Finally, there were the girls I just ended up settling for.

They weren’t necessarily the hottest or most interesting girls out there, but it wasn’t like I had a whole lot of options!

Because of this, I was never happy with the women I was with.

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

Well, what if I told you that it is possible to have ultimate power and choice with women?

That you could get the hottest women you can find, who don’t already have boyfriends or husbands, who want to have a romantic relationship with you, and who pretty much embodies the woman of your dreams!

In fact, you’ll have so many beautiful, fun, and exciting women in your life, you won’t know what to do with them!

They’d be the ones fighting over YOU!

They’d be the ones calling you up and asking YOU out!

For once in your life, YOU’LL be the one who chooses, NOT the woman!

I know this sounds impossible, but it’s not.

I haven’t changed. I’m still the same fat, ugly, balding, stupid slob I’ve always been. The only difference is…

Now I can quickly and easily meet and date any woman I want, and never get rejected!

Just by applying a few solid tactics, I was able to COMPLETELY transform my love life from freezing cold to steaming hot.

And the great thing is, you can (and will) do it too!

If you keep reading, I’ll not only prove to you that what I’m saying is 100% true, but I’ll give you a completely new, life-changing understanding of women that is guaranteed to supercharge your success with them — forever — regardless of your decision to get my course!

Here’s The UNDENIABLE Truth To Why Most Guys Fail With Women…

Your average guy will get almost nowhere with your average woman because somewhere along the line, the guy TRAINED himself to fail!

That’s right. We all train ourselves to fail.

Think about it for a moment.

You’re not BORN to be scared, nervous, or shy around women.

You aren’t BORN with a hesitation at meeting beautiful girls.

This is all a “learned behavior.” It’s something the feminist-centric mainstream society forces us men to accept over time. We live in a culture that doesn’t WANT us to succeed with women.

Look: They Don’t Teach You How To Pick-Up Women In School, Do They?

Of course not. It’s a skill you have to either learn for yourself or from your friends.

And when left to their own devices, most men learn the wrong way to do things.

It’s because of this that we end up doing the same stupid mistakes over and over again.

We never really learn the right way to do things, so we just end up doing what we know how to do! And this means…

We’ll keep getting the same crappy result time after time!

This leads to frustration.

We start taking measures to “protect” our fragile egos from the harsh sting of failure.

We train ourselves to become scared of meeting women so we don’t have to go through the pain of getting turned down.

We learn to let opportunities with women slip by because there’s a chance it could lead to heartache or embarrassment.

This is what happened to me. I trained myself to be afraid of women!

Can you believe that?

I’m a six foot tall burly guy who’s afraid of a tiny little ol’ girl because there was the off chance I was going to get rejected.

So I did something most guys never do…

I re-trained myself to meet any woman I want WITHOUT fear of rejection or failure!

I went from having absolutely no women at all in my life, to meeting 10 to 12 drop-dead gorgeous women a dayevery day — with no bad experiences what-so-ever!

So how did I go from being a guy who couldn’t even talk to women to now being able to approach any woman I like and get a phone number and a date without worry of being rejected or laughed at?

Read on, my friend…

Here’s The Top-Secret Method To Meeting More Women Than You Know What To Do With…

I know the word “secret” gets tossed around on the internet a lot.

A lot of people don’t believe there are actually “secrets” they don’t know about that can help solve their problems with women.

After all, aren’t you supposed to just “Be Yourself?”

Like that’s ever worked for you in the past? Yeah right.

Listen: You can be the coolest, most suave guy in the world, but if you don’t know how to meet the kind of women you want, you will NEVER enjoy real success in your love life!

It is my belief that you can’t heal a gunshot wound by slapping a band-aid on it.

Yet that’s what most guys try to do when it comes to their love life!

They try to learn ridiculous tricks like “hypnotizing” women into sleeping with them to make up for their inability to attract them.

My special home study course filters out all the B.S. and builds from the bottom up!

Instead of trying to simply teach you a “tip” or “trick” to run on a woman to try to get her attracted to you, I go much deeper to fix your core problems so that you don’t have to rely and stupid strategies that don’t work in the long run.

It all starts with CONFIDENCE.

I’ll show you how to identify the root causes of the fears and anxieties that are holding you back, and re-train your brain to eliminate those bad beliefs that are keeping you from being happy and confident around women.

After this, it becomes insanely easy to get any woman you desire!

Then, I teach you about how to read a woman’s body language.

Now, this may seem like a trivial thing, but it certainly is not.

See, the biggest problem most guys make with women is that they don’t pay attention.

If you know how to read a woman’s body language you’ll know really quickly whether or not she’s interested in you.

How does this help?


You don’t have to waste your time on women who will reject you!

If you know a woman is attracted to you by the way she responds to what you have to say, you’ll almost eliminate rejection entirely.

Next comes how to meet women, any time, any where you may be.

It doesn’t matter how shy or nervous you are, I give you simple, proven strategies that really work! (and women won’t shoot you down for using them, either)

I will teach you how to easily start a conversation with a woman in a natural fashion, without any of the fear and nervousness that usually comes along with such an endeavor.

After that, I’ll teach you how to flirt and create powerful attraction in the woman you’re talking to.

Most guys simply don’t know anything about sexual tension.

If they find a girl they like, they’ll just ask for her number or maybe a date (and then wonder why the number is a fake or the girl doesn’t seem that interested in seeing them again).

The simple act of flirting can really get a girl’s engines revved up for you.

You’ll basically learn how to tell a girl you’re interested in her without ever putting yourself out there for rejection!

If the girl isn’t responding to your flirting, then you know without a doubt that you should cut your losses and move on.

And better yet, when the girl DOES respond to your flirting with flirting of her own, you’ll know it’s ON!

And finally, I’ll show you how to create an active social circle so that you can have women coming to YOU instead of you trying to track them down yourself.

When you create this social network, you’ll always have something to do, and people will look to you as the “center of information” hub for their social lives.

No matter how “anti-social” you may be, you can re-create yourself to become the guy all the girls want to have fun with!

Still Skeptical?

Let me tell you: I’ve spent a number of years figuring out how to quickly and easily meet any woman I want without fear of rejection or failure, and what it takes to get them to feel attracted to me.

It’s been a long, hard road.

I basically had to throw away everything I thought I knew about women, romance, and dating, and start from scratch.

There were many nights where I literally got rejected by every woman I talked to.

But I didn’t give up.

Through much trial and error, I finally was able to figure out how to meet any woman I wanted, any where I was, and get her to agree to see me again for a date!

All the tactics and strategies I am going to reveal to you, I have used myself with great success.

I value my reputation, and I would never teach or share anything which I knew didn’t work!

Everything I’ve written about is field-tested with real women in real situations.

I’ve gone out with guys who’ve had absolutely no success with women what-so-ever and coached them on what to do.

You should have seen their eyes light up when they realized that what I have to teach actually works.

In fact, I’ve even taught at live in-field workshops where guys pay thousands of dollars a piece to learn how to meet women!

And you can bet that if I didn’t know my stuff, these students would have eaten me alive.

Here’s Why I Have To Keep This Information Under Lock-And-Key…

Needless to say, I’ve become a GOD in the eyes of my friends (you know, they’re the type of guys who want to get better with women but are afraid to learn how). They were constantly on my case about sharing my hard-earned secrets with them.

But there was a problem…

If I started sharing these secret underground techniques — every guy would be doing them!

Not only that, but if women ever found out I was sharing this information, I would be strung-up, castrated, and crucified!


But there was such a demand for this amazing information, I couldn’t find it in my heart to hord it like a miserly old scrooge.

So I developed an underground home study course in plain, easy-to-read language (no convoluted psycho-bable here!) that I’m making available for instant download online so you can study it in the comfort of your own home without ever having to leave the computer!

And if you don’t like reading on the computer, you can fully print out the material and put it in a binder for easy access!

Some guys on the internet don’t like to allow their customers full access to products they rightfully paid for.

Well, nothing bugs me more than paying for something I don’t get full control over!

When you get this course, you get full control over it! You can study it on the computer, or in the comfort of your own hands.

After all, I don’t want my awesome new course associated with those terrible, out-dated manuals you find at your local book store or the shoddy “get-rich-quick” internet schemes.


Because my stuff really works, that’s why!

Here’s Why My Special Multi-Media Home Study Course Is Different From Anything You’ve EVER Seen Before…

Have you ever walked into a bookstore and browsed in the “Relationships” section?

If you have, then you’ve probably seen row after row of books that are all, for the most part, useless!

This is because those books are made by the mass media for the general public.

They are edited to be “politically correct” and “deferential to women.”

Many of these books give you terrible advice like “buying women expensive gifts to win their affection.”

Why do you think advice like that is in there?

I’ll tell you why:

It’s not because it actually works, it’s because the feminist-aligned book editors don’t want to risk offending women!

Women are the BIGGEST consumer group in the world! And if they don’t buy, big business loses out on a TON of money!

So if a book is too controversial for the female demographic, some bookstores will refuse to carry it! And then where does that leave the publisher and the author?

In the poor house, that’s where.

But that’s not so in my course.

In my course, I tell you what really works, not what’s deemed “acceptable” by all the fem-nazis out there.

I don’t give a somersaulting DAMN about appealing to the “female demographic.”

My course is for MEN and MEN alone!

That is why you won’t find my course anywhere.

Only here. And only until February 14th.


Because I don’t want too many people knowing about this!

I only want men who are serious and willing to do what it takes to improve their lives to have it!

That’s why I offer my multi-media home study course in digital format that you can instantly download to your computer and be learning in moments.

This means you don’t have to wait around for weeks for something to be shipped to you via “snail mail.” You will get INSTANT access to your course.

Here’s Why You Simply Can’t Continue To LIVE Without This Course…

Most “dating gurus” and other authors on the subject often glaze over the subject of approaching women.

Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll get one chapter on the subject, but that’s about it.

Here’s the cold, hard, undeniable facts:

Knowing how to meet women is the single most important skill you need to have if you want to enjoy real success in your love life!

Think about it for just one second.

If you don’t know how to meet a woman, how can you get her number?

How can you ask her on a date?

How can you enter into a relationship with her?

How can you get her into bed?

The short answer — YOU CAN’T!

Everything stems from the simple act of meeting women.

But it’s not as easy as some of these authors make it out to be.

Walking up and introducing yourself may work for some guys, but what about the guys who are frozen by fear?

What about the guys who get locked up and can’t think of anything to say?

What about the shy guys?

This course covers every single aspect of meeting women.

Nowhere else will you find a starter-kit that covers every single aspect of the approach, from building your confidence, to meeting the woman, to recognizing whether or not she’s attracted to you.

Here Are The Ultimate, Never-Before-Offered, Super-Secret Tombs Of Knowledge You Get With The Course!

If you’re the type of guy who always wants the most bang for his buck, then get ready for this, because you’re going to go absolutely ga-ga over the incredible material people who order this special course get right this second.

Some courses are just padded with cheap extra “crap” to make it look like there’s a lot of great information in it when in reality, they’re just hastily put together bonuses designed to get “chumps” to buy something.

Well, not here. EVERYTHING you get in my course has 100% Grade-A Solid GOLD Information in it.

This course is so good and so effective, I’m positive you’ll be rubbing your greedy little hands together in anticipation of getting it!

…I’m pulling out all the stops.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The Platinum-Edition Video Tutorials
  • The Solid Gold Approaching Audios
  • The Advanced Platinum Audios
  • The “Black Ops” Package

Let’s Break It Down For You…

When you invest in my course right now, you’ll receive:

The Platinum-Edition Video Tutorials

These special instructional tutorials are all 100% high quality, full motion video! So you can SEE what works in addition to listening to my running commentary.

Tutorial #1: Body Language Secrets

Let me be frank…

If you NEVER want to suffer rejection again, the best skill you can have is knowing how to read a woman’s body language!

Actions speak louder than words. And if you listen to a woman’s body, you’ll know whether she’s attracted to you, or not.

So the real trick is: Go after the ones who show they’re attracted to you, and don’t waste your time with the ones that aren’t!

Simple, right?

Well, it’s one thing to read about body language… but another thing all together to actually SEE real examples of what to look for in body language.

In this special video tutorial, I’ll show you true examples of body language women will display that lets you know if they are (or aren’t) interested.

Seriously, you won’t find a detailed breakdown like this anywhere else.

Tutorial #2: Group Theory Explained

Let’s face it. Women of beauty will always travel in packs.

In fact, it’s very rare that you ever find a very woman by herself. She’s usually with a group of friends or family members.

Because of this, if you want to MAXIMIZE your success rate, you have to know how to approach women who are in groups.

In this video, I will break down EXACTLY how to do this. You’ll see how to exploit group dynamics, get rid of your obstacles, and isolate your target.

After watching this video, you’ll never be confused about group theory again.

Tutorial #3-#5: Strategic Thinking

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to approach a woman, but you just didn’t know how?

Hey, we’ve all been there.

But now, for the first time, I’ll show you how to instantly look at a situation and figure out the best way to approach ANY woman ANYWHERE!

In a series of 3 High-Quality Full Motion Videos, I’ll show you examples of difficult situations where you might like to meet women, and how to look at it strategically and figure out the best way to approach any woman.

After I’m through with you, you’ll never be at a loss for how to meet another girl — EVER!

Tutorial #6: The Victory Video

In this special video, I’ll take you through the success of a man who’s followed my system and show you exactly how he used it to change his life and get a SMOKING hot 26 year old model girlfriend (to give you an idea, this man was 39 years old and freshly divorced when he found my course)!

I take you through his story and will give you my insights on what he did right, and how you can have the exact same type of success too!

The Solid Gold Approaching Audios

With the Solid Gold Approaching Audios, I give you some killer advice on how to meet and date the women you’ve always wanted.

And I do it all in high-quality audio MP3 format!

When you listen to it, it’ll sound like you and I are in a room together and I am giving you a PERSONAL coaching session!

And because the audio is an MP3, you can easily put it into your iPod and listen to it anywhere.

The “Brain Pick” Session

In this special 1 hour audio session, dating master Carlos Xuma picks my brain dry, squeezing every little bit of knowledge I have on meeting women out for your learning pleasure.

Not only do I spill the beans on how to keep a conversation with a woman going strong, but I also talk about many other cool little techniques that will make dating women fun, easy, AND successful!

Before You Approach

Here’s the breakdown on what you need to do BEFORE you go out to meet women. Just by following these simple steps, you’ll increase your success rate 87%!


The Advice Opener

If you’ve ever wondered how to deliver your openers properly, wonder no more. Now you’ll get to hear how I deliver them! And it’s so easy, anyone can do it.

Seriously. You’ll be able to hear my voice tone and inflection. The whole nine yards.

In this audio, I cover the advice opener. In it, I’ll reveal how to use the confidence of a subject matter to covertly force a woman to admire you.

The Compliment Opener

In this revealing audio, you’ll hear me explain the oldest and simultaneously most MISUSED opener known to man. If you do this one wrong… forget it (you’ll want to pick up another jar of Vaseline!)

The Direct Opener

The most DANGEROUS (because it’s the easiest for her to reject) yet if pulled off right — is very EFFECTIVE! In this special audio, you’ll hear me break down the proper way to do this opener, step-by-step.

The Joke Opener

The most difficult technique… which makes it the most powerful technique. Why? Because IF you know how to make her laugh… you’ve got her right where you want her. BUT if you don’t… you’ll be cold another night!

Listen to how best to deliver these openers and get a woman laughing right off the bat!

The Opinion Opener

This is a powerful and engaging technique. Understand HOW… and… WHY this works and you’ve built an immediate bridge between you and your desires! And your target will enjoy every minute of it.

The Secret To DESTROYING Approach Anxiety

If you’ve ever frozen up at the sight of a beautiful woman and simply didn’t know what to do to meet her, that time is over!

For the first time I outline my simple step-by-step strategy for NUKING all fear and anxiety from the act of approaching a woman.

The Advanced Platinum Audios

In my Advanced Platinum Audios, I move out of the “Approaching” realm and start discussing deadly effective strategies for what to do AFTER the approach!

For all you guys who have always wondered about carrying on conversations, going on dates, and generating attraction in women, don’t worry! These Platinum Audios are exactly what you’ve been looking for. And they’re all delivered in high quality MP3 format!

Audio #1
Body Language Crash Course

Having a deep knowledge of body language is one thing. But knowing how to use it is quite another. If you’re one of those guys who finds it hard to implement the reading of body language in actual real-world interactions, then this crash course is for you.

Finally, practical, easy to follow advice is now yours on not only how to read the “attraction signals” of the woman you’re talking to, but also how to make sure your own body language is giving off all the right signals.

This audio breaks it down fast, and makes it so easy, even a 4th grader could do it.

Audio #2
Top Secret Phone Tactics

Now you can succeed where 83% of other men flounder. The success of most budding relationships depends on how brutally effective you can be on the telephone, and with these top secret tips, you’ll be armed and ready when it comes time to dial her digits.

No more wondering “when’s the best time to call?” The question of “whether or not to leave a message” is finally answered. And of course, the ever burning dilemma of “what to say” is resolved once and for all.

With these Top Secret Tactics in your hip pocket, you’ll never have to worry about “blowing it” over the phone ever again.

Audio #3
Super-Effective Dating Tips For Men

Do any of these questions sound familiar to you?

“What should I do on a date?”

“What’s a good place to take her?”

“How much should I spend on a date?”

“How long should I date a girl before making my move?”

If you’ve ever wondered about any of this, then stop wondering. In this special audio, I’ll share with you my deadly effective strategies for making sure that your dates are not only memorable, but will also get you the result you want!

These super-effective tips will take all the “guess work” out of dating for you. Guaranteed.

Audio #4
Conversation Secrets

Who doesn’t hate awkward silences?

Well, you can kiss those suckers good-bye for good. With this new audio, I will teach you how to carry on effective conversations with any woman you want.

No more “running out” of things to say. No more “grasping at straws” while your interaction goes into the toilet. And most of all, no more awkward pauses or silences to kill the mood!

These simple secrets will help make sure that your date will be enraptured with anything you say!

Audio #5
Attraction Secrets

Let’s face it. Getting a girl attracted to you is too important a task to leave up to chance.

What if I told that that it was possible to get ANY woman attracted to you, regardless of your age, weight, looks, or bank account, just by using a few simple strategies?

Would you believe me?

Well, you should. Because in this audio, I will show you how to create such powerful sexual tension, that by the end of the evening she will be practically RIPPING your clothes off and ready to take you to bed!

These secrets are so damn effective, I probably shouldn’t even be releasing them to the public.

The “Black Ops” Package

To help round out your armory of hard-hitting techniques, you’ll want secret covert strategies that will help prepare you for any situation. When you run these “black ops” techniques, your target will never know what hit them!

The “Black Ops” Package includes…

The Panic Tactic

If you’ve ever been in a situation with a woman where you mind goes blank, your heart starts to race, and you simply just FREEZE UP, and totally blow your chances with that special woman of your dreams, then this special report is a MUST OWN.

The Panic Tactic is a simple strategy you can use to completely OBLITERATE all your fear, anxiety, and nervousness with women.

Gone are the days where you just can’t think of anything to say, and you let your fear cripple your ability to interact. Now, you have a simple technique you can use to turn the situation around quickly and efficiently.

The Popularity Method

Are you quiet? Are you shy? Are you the type of guy that just “blends into the crowd?”

Well, not any more.

For the first time anywhere, I reveal how movie stars, rock stars, and other celebrities court public attention to get MASSIVE amounts of attraction from women.

And I break it down in a way where ANYONE can do it!

If you’ve ever wanted to get more girls than a rock star, now you can – even if you have no musical talent whatsoever!

The Self-Reliant Ladies Man

Too many times, we rely on others for our success.

We look for “Gurus” and “Teachers” to show us the way. But for some reason, we never seem to get any better, do we?

That’s because we become DEPENDANT on another person for our success. We feel we need their guidance, expertise, and validation if we hope to achieve anything.

If you ever want to be TRULY successful, you need to break away from that dependency and become totally SELF-RELIANT.

Once you learn to depend only on your own instincts to attract women will you be able to find the success you’ve always wanted.

In this one-of-a-kind special report, I’ll lay out for you exactly what you need to do to “wean” yourself off your dependency on others and rely only on yourself for success!

Three Steps To Success

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