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CupofTJ - The Vlogger Academy1CupofTJ – The Vlogger Academy

The Vlogger Academy By CupofTJ – Instant Download!

Vlogger Academy is the ONLY Youtube program that is live, high-touch and made for YOU. It is the most comprehensive course for creatives, taking you through the entire roadmap to becoming a full-time Youtuber.

This is NOT a DIY course. This is a premium coaching program with me by your side for 3 whole months.

Imagine this:

  • Your channel filled with EXPLOSIVE content
  • Subscribers & views growing by the minute…
  • You have a repeatable system to generate consistently high converting content
  • Your videos appearing on search pages like magic ✨
  • Signing that first 4-figure brand deal and an inbox blowing up with companies dying to work with you
  • Turning your passion into PAID!

I’ve spent 4 long and hard years figuring out the nitty-gritty of what it really takes to grow on Youtube and compressed it all in a 3-months program made for you.

Ready to invest in yourself?

Here’s what past Vlogger Academy students have to say:

“My 3 months in Vlogger Academy were, without a doubt, the most important 3 months of my 4 years as a content creator on YouTube.”

“I’ve searched near and far for a program like TJ’s, and I haven’t found anything like it.”

“I was scared to invest in myself because, well $$$, and within the first 2 weeks it was already worth it!”

Be confident in investing in your own future and passions, and trust that TJ can provide the expertise to help you get there. You will never find a more genuine, caring, funny, and kind-hearted coach who really just wants to help their students succeed. The one big distinction between Vlogger Academy and other courses is that, because TJ is a creator herself, she’s been there. She’s been where you are. And everything you learn is going to be contextual application versus theoretical application What’s inside Vlogger Academy?


  • Weekly group coaching calls with me, your no-BS-let’s-get-it-done coach for 3 whole month
  • Live feedback, attention on your work and personalized strategy on YOUR channel
  • Extensive training modules with step-by-step processes to help you niche down, create explosive content, rank your videos and EVEN MORE (outsourcing, repurposing content, honestly…it’s jam-packed)
  • The entire Vlogger Pitch Kit to help you score PAID collaborations. That’s 35+ video trainings, over 20 done-for-you pitch scripts, creator business templates and MORE.
  • High accountability so you can get sh*t DONE.

Results our students have gotten…on CreatingEvery element of Vlogger Academy has been tried by myself AND my clients. This WORKS. Hey, I’m TJ! I help creatives confidently grow their Youtube audience and make money doing it!
Before my YouTube channel, I felt like I was drowning in the ‘okay-ness’ of life. I had a good job, great benefits, good pay, but that was it. I had no passion, no creativity, no actual direction.Until I had a breakthrough. I wasn’t going to kill myself for something I didn’t love.So, I created the Cutest Travel & Food Show four years ago and now I have over 42 MILLION views and 400K subscribers.

What does that mean for you?

I’ve taken all of my experience and built a program that actually helps people like you live your best creative life


I recreate classic Asian dishes in a cinematic way. My motto is “Food is the Key to Happiness!” Within 3 months my videos went from getting only 70 views to 1500 – 3000 views and being shared on company social media pages. I negotiated and locked in my first brand deal and developed multiple sources of passive income, one of them being my first recipe ebook!

Investing in your biz can be SCARY! But it’s worth it.


Vlogger Academy is perfect for you if…

  • You spend hours filming and editing only to hear crickets when you upload
  • You’re ready for serious consistent Youtube growth and a direct plan of action
  • You LOVE all things creating but just don’t understand the business side of things
  • You want to set systems in place so you can skip the busy life and become an actually productive creator
  • You’re afraid of showing up online, of asking for pay, of getting in your own way. This program is designed so you can show up fearlessly and demand your worth in the world.
  • You’re in desperate need to stop drowning in deadlines and take ownership of your schedule
  • You feel alone in your creative journey and crave the community to grow with together
  • You’re ready for a mentor to take you to the NEXT LEVEL. Time to invest in yourself.
  • You’re tired of being a starving artist and you’re ready for that thriving artist LIFE

More good things about what’s in store for you…

“We got our brand new channel that’s growing FAST and hit 150K on Tiktok. Vlogger Academy helps you in all aspect – Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook. It’s going to change your life. “

“Hands down the best thing I’ve done for my channel. I’ve never felt more confident in the strength of my platform and how I can change it from a hobby into a business.

“I had already invested and learned from two YouTube self-study online courses but Vlogger Academy was what put it all together for me.”

“Ever since Vlogger Academy, my views have increased exponentially. I’ve also grown from 10k to 40k subscribers, and have tripled my AdSense revenue.”

“This is not a passive course; this is an active, living, breathing experience that helps you through any situation or milestone in the present. You get a family and a support system that is more valuable than anything.”

“I’ve gained the confidence to call myself a YouTuber. I’ve already seen growth with my videos that are now getting more views in the first 24 hours than some of my videos ever received.”

“TJ has really helped me focus, set straight clear goals to help me accomplish things I need to and want to accomplish. I learned all the skills and knowledge needed to make more money. This has been life-changing.”

“This was the best decision ever. TJ is there with you every step of the way. If you want to be successful and choose this career path, Vlogger Academy is the program for you.”

“Before joining TVA starting a Youtube channel is just a dream but I was always so overwhelmed…during TVA I learned a repeatable process and a strategy. I emerged from the program with TEN full videos and a launch plan. My channel is officially launched!”

The Vlogger Academy By CupofTJ, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)

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  • 27 October_2020_-_Loom_Recording.mp4
  • 471644-8702390535650127329.mp4
  • Activate Platform_Walkthrough.mp4
  • Adding Closed_Captioning.mp4
  • Affiliate Marketing_video.mp4
  • Aspireiq_Walkthrough_Video.mp4
  • Bonus_Ending_Video.mp4
  • Bonus_Episode_Ignore_the_haters.mp4
  • Boss Batching Lesson_Part_2.mp4
  • Jun Boss Batching Video Lesson_Part_1.mp4
  • Camera_basics.mp4
  • Capturing_b-roll.mp4
  • demio-webinar-1648388.mp4
  • Finding_collabs_on_marketing platforms.mp4
  • 2Finding companies_on_tripadviser.mp4
  • Fiverr_vs_Upwork.mp4
  • Freelancing.mp4
  • Hotel Stays Scripts_Video.mp4
  • How_I_Create_Shorts_Quick_Version_.mp4
  • How_I_Edit_a_Travel Vlog_Fixed_for_TVA.mp4
  • How_I_Edit_a_Travel_Vlog.mp4
  • And much more

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