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Captain Jack - Get a Girlfriend Teleseminar - Call #1-3Captain Jack – Get a Girlfriend Teleseminar – Call #1-3

Dear PUA, Did you know there is something you should NEVER do within the first 30 minutes of meeting a girl if you have any desire at all to make her your girlfriend, fuck buddy or mLTR? (Or, at the very least, if you want to keep those options on the table.) Ninety-Five of all guys do this, even in “The Community.

“I’m going to tell you a little more about that and the real reason girls like “bad boys” in this post. I’ll also discuss what I consider one of true “missing ingredients” to success in getting good.

But, first, I want you to do something. Get out your cell phone and text this to the women you are Gaming: “Hey sexy, we should hang out soon… I’m starting to forget what you look like.” Do it now… I’ll wait… You may have already seen this on my blog. It got great responses from my readers (maybe you were one of them). A few of them went on to have dates, make out with girls, have sex with them and so forth. Do you know why it works so well? It’s based on a marketing psychology principle called “Loss Aversion.

“You see, that text message tells her that she already has a certain favorable status in your mind. Further, it tells her in a very simple, non-needy and non-irritating way, “You’re about to lose something!”

But, not only that, you’ve told her how to keep it! (…”we should hang out soon…”).Let’s say her desire to go out with you before that little nifty text message was at 12%. The psych guys suppose that this little tactic will probably triple that, maybe even quadruple it. All that PSYCHOLOGY in a little 15 word text message. I got the idea for this text while reading a psychology/marketing journal for a client. The authors said that a pile of studies have shown that a person is many times MORE LIKELY to take action to save something they already have than to get something they don’t. Interesting, huh? You know how it seems like girls like “bad boys.” Well, there are a FEW reasons why this is true but one of the more little known was recently revealed in a scene in a popular movie. Imagine this…A little four year old girl is on the playground having a great time. She is going on the slide, playing on the monkey bars and having a blast. While she’s in line, Johnny, a snot-nosed punk kid (also 4 years old) pushes her down, calls her a name and steals her turn on the slide. Naturally, she runs crying to her mother, who says, “Honey, Johnny is just being mean and calling you names… Because He Likes You!

“So, at a mere 4 years old, in a moment of extreme duress she gets it implanted by THE ULTIMATE AUTHORITY FIGURE in her little world that “bad boys” actually LIKE her! Now, there are two other reasons BUT this IS a major one and it, all by itself, is enough to do the trick. You may recall a few weeks ago I posted a survey link on my blog about “How to Get a Girlfriend.” Here’s why I did the survey: When I first posted the info about the Sexual Framing Teleseminar I had a few guys email me and ask about getting a girlfriend. Now, my own personal method for getting a girlfriend is real simple. I do my normal thing of going for a Same Night Lay. Then, I’ll just continue to suck up more and more of her time and continue framing what we’re doing (ever so subtly) as a relationship until it’s pretty much an unspoken assumption that we’re together. That’s how I got the 28 Year Old ER Nurse who ALSO owned over a million dollars of real estate and a sex drive bigger and longer than the Great Wall of China. I literally started pumping iron again, just so I could last through the hurricane onslaught of her sex drive! (P.S. She paid for everything the entire time we went out!) It’s how I got the “girl next door” (with DD boobies) in Law School at Baylor University. And, the Pediatric Nurse who a few people said looked like a Latin Angelina Jolie. (hmm… I’m noticing a “Rich Latina Nurse” trend here…) One of the coolest things about having a constant stable of fuck buddies was I could satisfy my sexual urge with the physical type I wanted. Feeling like Really Big boobs? Call the Law School chick. Elegant Brunnette who ALWAYS

dressed impeccably and wore more jewelry than a rapper? Call the Real Estate Chick. A California blonde who could’ve easily starred in a Rock video? I could go on, but I think you get the point. (But, unless you are already a master at Same-Night-Lays, I don’t recommend it’s how YOU get a girlfriend.) However, I realize… You may not want to go through all the blood, sweat and tears to become a Top 5 PUA and spend years perfecting my system for getting girls to have sex with you the same night. Nope… Most of you guys just want to have a predictable, reliable system for getting and keeping a quality girlfriend, some fuck buddys or mLTRs without going off the ‘Deep End’ like Dear Ol’ Captain Jack!

Ok, cool. I get that. But, I had to make sure that the stuff you were having trouble with, the questions you had and your struggles were all something I could really, really help you with. After reading your comments and talking to several of you via email and phone for clarification and more details, I know I can. The people who listen to me and apply the things I tell them get results. The Sexual Framing Seminar had 23 guys in total… so far, there have been OVER 10 new lays by the guys in that Teleseminar. (And, we aren’t done yet!) So, I’ve decided to do a teleconference course on getting a girlfriend, fuck buddies and/or mLTRs. My goal is to put a System in place that provides you multiple streams of the kind of girls you want so you have a few to choose from at any given time. One of the true “missing ingredients” of success in the Community is lack of Scale. Quite simply, the way most pick-up systems are set up they can’t be scaled. If you set up a system that works and gives you 2 possibilities for success per week and then you repeat that system 20 times and AUTOMATE it, you’ll now have 40 possibilities per week… for the same investment of time and energy! If you follow instructions, you should have the system set up in about 28 days. After that, you should be able to choose a girl and get her completely hooked within another 2-3 weeks. Of course, it will probably happen a lot quicker than that. This means that you’d never spend more than a couple weeks of your life (probably less) without a girlfriend. I’ll also cover how to have multiple FBs and mLTRs, too, without all the drama and bullshit that usually accompanies those types of scenarios. The course will be 4 calls (one call each week) along with a guidebook. Most of the calls will run about an hour to an hour-and-a-half. (However, the 2nd Sexual Framing Call went for over 2.5 hours so you never know.) You’ll have “homework” and you’ll get all the feedback via email you want.

Here’s just a little bit of what I’m going to cover…

– How to Discover Her “Unconscious Boyfriend Sequence” and Use it as a Roadmap to her Heart… (Most women have a Template of HOW this type of thing should happen… by discovering it you can give her exactly what she wants in the way she wants it… She’ll be completely ecstatic and SO HAPPY you’ve found her.)

– The Quickest Possible Way to Screen Her as LTR Material

– How to Get Her to Think About You Non-Stop

– How to Design Your Life So The Highest Quality Women You Want Constantly Stream Through It As You Are Just Going About Your Business

– How I’d Go About Getting a Hot Girlfriend in 28 Days If I Absolutely SUCKED at Same Night Lays… and I’d Literally Get Beheaded If I Failed!

– How to Get Your Female Friends to Set You Up With Their Hot Female Friends With the Highest Possible Endorsement (“He’s so hot AND he’s a catch!”)

– The Role of Web 2.0 in Getting a Girlfriend.

– How to Break Out of the Friend Zone (much easier than everybody thinks.)

– A Simple Technique for Discovering The Skeletons In Her Closet!

– What You Should NEVER do on a date. (95% of guys do this… and, it has nothing to do with paying or not paying. It’s something much more fundamental.)

– Why Women Lose Interest… how you can prevent it and get it back if you’ve lost it.

Listen to me: You CAN get a hot, quality girlfriend, fuck buddies or mLTRs. You can also learn to KEEP them and keep that FIRE alive as long as you want. Will you join while it’s still fresh on your mind?

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Captain Jack - Get a Girlfriend Teleseminar - Call #1-3

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