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Learn How To Increase Power And Influence In Your Life


There is a difference between borrowed power, borrowed enthusiasm, borrowed love, borrowed motivation and true power, true love, true motivation and true enthusiasm. See, there are 2 kinds of people: One is a person who borrows from others and external situations. The second one resides in it. He is a child of it. A lot of people are waiting on outside circumstances or their emotions to kick in and make them move. This is borrowed motivation from the calendar changing, from the commercials, from TV, from just society in general. They have borrowed the inspiration, it is temporary, which means it can be taken away at any time, which means it is temporary.

Then there are people who reside in motivation. See that’s the difference. Anybody can have a momentary something. You are dealing with people and you yourself might have manifested this at some point in your life or are still manifesting it, so aks yourself: “Are you counting on borrowed inspiration to kick in?

This is why it is so important, that getting a black belt in martial arts, becoming a great salesperson, becoming an incredible artist or a professional in any area, takes a very long time. You have to go through a lot of heartaches, a lot of hardship and a lot of failures, because the people who will get it, have to embody the black belt, have to embody the art, have to embody the skills they desire so much. They can’t be a black belt for a day, they can’t be an artist for a day and they can’t be a professional for a day. See everyone is manifesting being these things for a day, everyone is manifesting being happy for a day, being content for a day, that is why they crash so hard right afterward!


Many are having a momentary blessing, a momentary inspiration, a momentary expansion of consciousness. It is borrowed and it will go away. You have to live in it, you have to reside in it.Every man when he first meets a woman is momentary polite, caring ambitious, protects her, charming and then it fades, because it is not who he is. A good man has it the whole time because this is who he is.

Same thing with a woman. Everytime she meets a man, she momentarily takes care of her looks, momentarily smiles and flirts, momentarily cooks the best food, but it is borrowed. It is not who she is. And when she fully embodies it, that’s who she is.

So ask yourself the following questions: Which one are you? Which one do you even want to be? That’s even more important. You could have been whatever you were, you don’t even need to live in the past, that’s over, now let’s create your future, who do you want to be? Do you want to be the momentarily inspired person?


Do you know the difference between a wealthy state of mind and a ghetto poor state of mind? It is that a ghetto state of mind even when they get a good job they lose it. Even when they win the lottery, they’re still broke, they’re still slaves. Do you have an idea how many celebrities become broke?

This is all but temporary wealth. True wealth is you having a wealthy state of mind. So even if we put you in a ditch or make you homeless for a week, still your condition will improve because you reside in wealth.

You see, you need to make the change on the inside so that the outside can manifest itself. You know this, this is already part of our teaching. Now you got to make the change where you reside in it, where you are a child of it. It is who you are at your very core. You are not temporarily.


Have you seen people who are temporarily nice and friendly? They only want something from you and are not genuine. These people are garbage. If you are nice to people, then you are nice to people, simple! It’s who you are.

Anybody can temporarily do anything and that’s what you have to open your eyes to. The temporary motivation around you. You know how many people tell me every day, that they really want to handle their life, they want to be able to handle their state of mind, make money? Too many to count!

It’s one thing to say something and be temporarily motivated and it is something different to actually live in it.

So if you want to have your fitness goals met, you need to live, you need to embody who you want to become. Who you become has to be someone who truly appreciates and wants to be healthy and beautiful.

You have to change who you are, you have to reside in being fit, you have to reside in being beautiful, you can’t just temporarily be beautiful.

That’s the problem: We are running on borrowed energy, borrowed motivation from others, but it is not generated from the inside. One of the most powerful teachings you’ll get from me is that it all starts in here: All the power you want, all the power you desire is from within…You understand? THE REAL WILL GET STRONGER OVER TIME

True love gets stronger in time. Not that physical chemistry you feel when you first meet someone. That shit will fade, but your love better grows. You better understand each other better, you better have more passion for each other, you better understand each other better.

And the physical body is the physical body man, everytime you had a problem, it has been with your physical body, right? If you had a headache, you were sick, you were tired, you broke something. It’s all physical shit and you think it’s mental. Yes, it is mental, because your state of mind controls, but you’re living in the physical realm. So if you start to live in the mental realm and you start to state from your mind what it is you want, you’re physical body will have to comply. Get your mind right and your body will follow.

Start looking around. Surround yourself with people who reside in and are children of the thing you want. You don’t want to surround yourself with people who are temporarily borrowing because they’re borrowing from your life. These are the people who are always half dead, until some big party comes up or something. They have no real life! And you see them put stuff up on Instagram and Facebook and they’re excited. That is temporary because the same person is dying on Monday morning. He was

excited on Saturday evening but is dying on Monday morning again. That is the difference between borrowed energy and power.

In today’s online live lecture “Arash Zepar Dibazar’s Secrets To power” Arash will teach you: What is true power? How do you generate and hold it? What does power mean in other dimensions? What is Arash’s method to grow his power no matter where he is? A priceless datum, that will forever alter how you think about power! What are thoughts and ideas, that cut your power, without you even noticing it?


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