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30+ Leading Experts Deliver Insights & Inspiration On Sex, Love & Relationships

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Uncover pearls of erotic wisdom, including how to:

  • Revive your libido & boost sexual desire
  • Deepen your intimate connection with your lover
  • Feel more confident in your body while making love
  • Introduce novelty or kink in a fun & safe way
  • Have more intense orgasms & more sexual pleasure
  • Learn mindfulness techniques to enhance your physical sensitivity & sensuality
  • Release drama & trauma of the past


Listen to the interviews anytime, anywhere to learn how to bring more ecstasy & eroticism into your life!

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Your Instructor

Andrea Pennington, MD, C.Ac.

Andrea Pennington, MD, C.Ac.

Dr. Andrea is an integrative medical doctor, acupuncturist and bestselling author specialized in longevity medicine, self-love and sexual wellbeing.

She blends the wisdom from the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine with neuroscience and positive psychology to empower you to live in optimal wellbeing.

Dr. Andrea created the Attunement Process, a 5-step mindfulness meditation technique, to help clients alleviate stress, depression and anxiety as well as increase positive emotions, resilience, creativity and intuition.

She has been featured on global media platforms including the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Dr. Oz show, The Today Show, CNN, TEDx, the HuffingtonPost and LUXE-TV.


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Course Curriculum

The Erotic Love Summit – Upgrade
Welcome to the Erotic Love Summit 2016!

    Top 5 Blocks to Orgasm – and How to Overcome Them (Audio & E-book)

Session 1 | Opening up your chakras for sexual healing & erotic bliss

    Preview | Sexual Healing with Yoga (3:14)
    Breaking the Chains of Sexual Trauma w/ Adi Shakti | Embodied Empowerment for the New Paradigm Leader (35:19)

Session 2 | Authentic Tantra for Sexual Healing & Transcendent Sex

    Preview | Devi Ward explains Authentic Tantra, a Tantric Orgasm & Why we ALL need sexual healing (3:51)
    Devi Ward explains tantric orgasm, authentic tantra and why we all need sexual healing (43:30)

Session 3 | Breaking down barriers to love & intimacy

    Preview | Basak explores how women can have success, happiness and true LOVE (3:12)
    Basak Gunaydin explores how meditation & yoga help you go within to love yourself and fine love in life (38:48)

Session 4 | Discover Your SeXy-Factor to Shine from the Inside Out

    Preview | Discover Your Sexy Factor w/ Rúna Magnús
    Your SeXy-Factor w/ Rúna Magnús will help you unlock your own authentic sexiness (27:20)

Session 5 | Ignite Passion & Make Love Great w/ Dr. Gayle Friend

    Preview | Make Love Great AGAIN w/ Dr. Gayle Friend (2:00)
    Intimacy as a gateway to great sex | Dr. Gayle Friend (43:39)

Session 6 | Sex Coach U w/ Dr. Patti Britton

    Previews | Become sexually empowered w/ a Sex Coach! (5:54)
    Sex Coaching w/ Dr. Patti Britton (50:36)

Session 7 | How the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine Influence Your Sex Life

    Preview | The 5 Elements in Love & Sex w/ Nick Haines (1:58)
    Chinese Energetics & the Vitality Test w/ Nick Haines (54:45)

Session 8 | Conscious Women Date Differentlly w/ Camille Sheppard-Parrish

    Preview | How to prepare for finding your Mr. Right w/ Camille Sheppard-Parrish (2:15)
    Get your mind right to attract your Mr. Right (47:45)

Session 9 | Hormones, Compassion & Self-Love

    Preview | Holistic Hormonal Health w/ Hannah Ransom (2:37)
    Hormone & Fertility Awareness w/ Hannah Ransom (30:05)
    Preview | Boost compassion & self-love w/ Monika Laschkolnig (3:04)
    You are worthy: self-love & self-compassion w/ Monika Laschkolnig (29:31)

Session 10 | Relationship Rehab: How to repair after conflict

    Preview | Relationship Rehab w/ Robyn D’Angelo (2:56)
    Robyn D’Angelo explains how to repair after a fight (37:33)
    Preview | Explore ways to use conflict to enhance intimacy w/ Kyle Benson (1:54)
    How to Use Conflict to Enhance Intimacy w/ Kyle Benson (44:49)

Session 11 | Yoga for the Vagina w/ Tamra Mercieca

    Preview | Heal, Tone & Tighten the Vagina w. the Jade Egg Practice (2:03)
    Use the Jade Egg to tone, tighten & heal your vagina (24:31)

Session 12 | The ‘Secret’ to Lasting Love Using the Laws of the Universe

    Preview (2:33)
    Use the Laws of the Universe to Manifest Love w/ Shasta Townsend (39:52)

Session 13 | Body Image, Kinky Sex & Erotica – oh my!

    Preview 1 | Fat Shaming & Body Confidence in the Media (5:01)
    Preview 2 | Erotic Novel feat. ‘real’ BDSM (3:48)
    Feminista Jones and Dr Andrea explore beauty standards, fat shaming and sexuality in the media PLUS a sneak peek into a hot erotica book about REAL BDSM lifestyles. (27:50)

Session 14 | Become FEARLESS & Unleash Your EROTIC Self

    Preview | How to tap into your EROTIC nature w/ Todd Malloy (2:30)
    Unleash your erotic nature interview w/ Todd Malloy (41:06)
    How to become FEARLESS w/ Brian Begin (36:12)

Session 15 | Reclaiming Joy & Pleasure in Menopause & Beyond

    Preview | Bring Joy & Humor to Menopause w/ Pauline McCarthy (2:59)
    Managing Menopause w/ Joy, Compassion & HUMOR w/ Pauline McCarthy (47:51)

Session 16 | When Love Hurts : Painful intercourse, vaginal dryness & other conditions

    Preview | When Love Hurts w/ Rosemarie Wedell-Wedellsborg (3:29)
    Video 1 | Menopause, vaginal dryness & kegel pelvic floor training w/ Rosemarie Wedell-Wedellsborg (38:22)
    Video 2 | When Love Hurts: Painful intercourse & vaginal pain w/ Rosemarie Wedell-Wedellsborg (30:17)

Session 17 | Hypnosis & Tapping Therapy to Erase Trauma & Pain

    Preview | Transformational Hypnosis w/ Marisa Peer (3:08)
    Transformational Hypnosis w/ Marisa Peer (46:51)

Erase Trauma, Pain & Anxiety w/ Thought Field Therapy (TFT) w/ Bitta Wiese

    Preview | Erase pain & trauma with TFT (Thought Field Therapy) (1:37)
    Thought Field Therapy (TFT) w/ Bitta Wiese (50:14)

Session 18 | The Brain in Love, Lust & Orgasm

    Preview | Turn Your Brain on w/ Dr Mike Dow (3:05)
    Interview w/ Dr. Mike Dow | Turn on your brain for better sex (32:22)

BONUS | Dr. Andrea explains The Orgasm Prescription for Women & the Sensual Vitality Movement

    Dr. Andrea Interviewed by Monique Head of Feminine Allure Academy (27:14)
    Why I wrote The Orgasm Prescription for Women (2:43)
    How to Surrender to Pleasure | The Orgasm Prescription for Women (1:40)
    Why women want to have better orgasms and need this book (2:43)
    Benefits of the 21-Day Program for Orgasmic Bliss (2:30)


    Welcome to the Entourage! Added Benefits of Lifetime Access (4:47)

Sex as we age

    Anabelle Bugatti

7 Personality types which predict sexual problems

    Why the Alpha Boss ends up lonely & sexless and how to reclaim femininity (9:35)

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Salepage: https://attunement-meditation.teachable.com/p/erotic-love-summit-upgrade
Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/YCYcM

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