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Tanner Larsson - BGS Live 2022.Tanner Larsson – BGS Live 2022

Build Grow Scale LIVE 2022


“Can’t miss ecom event of the year.” Inc.

In the last 24-months, our company has helped hundreds of ecom entrepreneurs reach all new levels, including…

people become first time
people become first time
people become first time

Here’s a few of them accepting their awards on stage at our last event…

Will You Be Next to Receive the BGS’s 7-Figure Ecommerce Club Award?

The pandemic was a curse for most, but it’s been a blessing for ecom.

shopped online before 2020
It is estimated that only 10% of the world shopped online before COVID. 30%
shopped online in 2020 to now
​In our current post-COVID world, new estimates show that over 30% of the world is now shopping online. $740
per year
​Global ecommerce sales are approaching $740 Billion per year!

Along with this growth has come a massive amount of CHANGE…

  • The days of being able to throw up an ecom store, slap a few products on there, run a few facebook ads and make money are gone.
  • ​The days of being able to cover your acquisition costs, expenses and still profit from the first sale are gone.
  • The days of being able to use large volumes of cheap traffic to make up for an unoptimized ecom business are dead.

It’s a whole new world out there in terms of what works and what doesn’t, and Build Grow Scale has been in the trenches every day doing what we do best…

Testing, tweaking, analyzing data and optimizing stores to maximize their performance and profits.

We Will Be Sharing What We’ve
Discovered In The Room At BGS Live!
Here’s a Taste Of What Could Be
Possible For Your Store…

  • The average global ecommerce conversion rate is around 2%.
    The benchmark average on our students’ and clients’ stores starts around 4%. And some of their stores are converting at 5%, 6%, 7%, 8%, and beyond.
  • ​The average ecommerce business generates less than 10% of its revenue from email.
    Our students and clients average 30% to 40% of their daily revenue from email.
  • The average ecommerce business has a repeat customer rate of 9% to 12%.
    Our students and clients average a 25% to 30% repeat customer rate…with some as high as 70%!
  • The average ecommerce business has a lifetime customer value that’s only 1.4x their average order value.
    Our students and clients lifetime customer value is on average 5.1x their average order value.

That’s just a taste of what our students and clients are achieving after we showed them how to capitalize on all this change.

If You Want To Profit From All That We’ve Learned over The Past 2 Years, You Need To Be In The Room At BGS Live 2022!


BGS LIVE is the World’s #1 Revenue Optimization Hands-On Workshop! Over 2 days, you’ll discover data-driven insights on how to rapidly increase revenue and profit across your entire ecommerce business!

What is Revenue Optimization?

Believe It Or Not, You Don’t Have A Traffic Problem!
All the issues you ‘think’ you have with your traffic are just a symptom of the real problem.
Here’s why …

More Ecom Businesses Die Of
Indigestion Than Of Starvation

Traffic is abundant. There is no shortage of traffic available to be sent to your ecommerce store from a huge variety of sources including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google.

And consider this … for the average ecommerce store, 98 out of every 100 visitors don’t buy (the global average ecommerce conversion rate is around 2%).

The problem is not that your store doesn’t get traffic. (it’s not starving)

The problem is that your store cannot digest the traffic that it does get to turn it into sales.

You have a digestion issue, NOT a traffic issue.

And the reason your store cannot digest traffic into sales profitably is because it is not Revenue Optimized.

You need to maximize your stores performance, BEFORE you maximize your traffic.

Which is why attending BGS Live is so critical for your business.

Beyond that…

I want to prove to you that focusing on making a profit from your initial sale is financially irresponsible. Idiotic, even. (Ask me how I know that.) If you ignore this warning, you’ll never realize how much potential revenue you could’ve enjoyed.

When you attend BGS LIVE, you’ll discover how to optimize and monetize the ENTIRE customer journey … long AFTER you get a click from your ad. Do this along with us as we show you step by step, and you’ll rapidly increase revenue without paying for extra traffic. That’s what Revenue Optimization is all about.

All the strategies you’ll learn and implement during the event are data-driven and field-tested, and have produced hundreds of millions of Shopify sales … across almost every industry you can think of!

In 2 days, you’ll know exactly what to do to almost instantly increase AOV (average order value), your customer lifetime value and store conversions, as well as take your business and lifestyle to all new heights!

Why Listen To Us?

Build Grow Scale is the behind-the-scenes growth partner to some of the most successful Ecom brands on the planet.

  • At any given time we are running the data, optimization and split testing for 20+ multi-seven and multi-eight figure brands.
  • Our team of 53 optimization experts collect and analyze more ecom data in a week, than most stores could do in a lifetime.
  • With Millions of dollars in adspend and over $25 million in sales every month, we get to test things very fast.
  • We only work with Ecom stores, and over the past 5 years we’ve learned exactly what moves the needle to grow a store.

Trusted by …

The ONE THING That Will Set Off A Chain Reaction
Of Awesomeness In Your Business.

“What’s the ONE THING you can do, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” – Gary Keller

BGS Live isn’t about getting you to do more stuff.
You don’t need that.
In fact, chances are you’re already doing too much stuff.
And, if we’re being honest, most of what you ARE focusing on is the wrong stuff … right?
In most areas of life—and ecommerce is no exception—there is ONE THING that is responsible for more than 80% of the difference or results you get.
Here’s an example that should hit close to home …
Goal: Getting in shapeWhat everyone focuses on:

  • New workout clothes
  • Cardio
  • ​Interval training
  • Weight training
  • Crossfit
  • P90X
  • Zumba
  • Pre-workout supplements
  • ​Post-workout supplements

The One Thing: DIET

Your diet is the one thing that is most instrumental in helping you get in shape and have the body that you always wanted.

It’s the big domino that sets off the chain reaction of awesomeness for the body you want.

But nobody focuses on diet. Why? Because it’s hard, and nobody wants to focus on hard stuff.

Goal: Making more moneyWhat everyone focuses on:

  • Facebook ads
  • Manual bidding
  • Dropshipping
  • ​Private labeling
  • New Shopify apps
  • Outsourcing
  • Viral content
  • ​Influencers
  • New store themes


When it comes to growing an ecommerce business, the biggest wins your company will ever find come from Revenue Optimization.

It’s the big domino that sets off the chain reaction of awesomeness in your business.

But people would rather focus on all that other “stuff” that’s “sexy” … instead of on the one thing that’s going to move the needle.

Revenue Optimization IS That ONE THING

You will leave the room each day with a clear action plan of exactly how to apply revenue optimization to your business.

Not only that, but we will also be showing you exactly what things to stop doing—as well as what no longer works (even though most people are still doing them).

The best part is that while at first your to-do list will grow, as you implement each piece of the revenue optimization system in your business, it will make an immediate impact in your metrics and revenue.

And what starts out as something small, grows rapidly into an unstoppable money machine.

Data-Driven Secrets from 7 & 8-Figure Shopify Stores!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), which is an essential daily practice for serious players. However …



All we have to do to “optimize” your conversion rate is lower your prices! (But that causes more problems.)

How many stories have you heard of so-called Ecom Superstars with stores doing over $100K per month, but making dismal profits?

What’s the point, right?

I mean, why endure the stress of running a multimillion-dollar physical product business when, financially, you’re barely making ends meet?

And how many more Facebook ad courses do you have to buy before you WAKE UP and realize you’re climbing a ladder that’s leaning against the wrong wall?



Shifting your focus to
Will Be an INSTANT Game-Changer for You!

Don’t be the pioneer and eat up all your money and resources trying to guess.

Instead, look over our shoulder and model what’s working now!

We have a team of 53 full-time Revenue Optimization Experts who spend over 2,000-hours per week of deep work on:

  • Running A/B Split Testing ideas
  • Improving Customer Journey based on buyer psychology
  • Researching NEW Lifetime Customer Value opportunities
  • Coding scripts and tools to automate and maximize revenue
  • Improving store performance based on deep GA & GTM analysis
  • All of which is based on millions of dollars PER MONTH of Actual Sales Across over a DOZEN different Industries!


Established Personal Health Brand Implemented Revenue Optimization and Added an Extra $800,000 to Their Income in 90 Days…

This 7-year-old brand thought they were doing everything right … and by most people’s standards, they were.

Because we’re had the opportunity to work on so many different stores, we were able to identify things that they wouldn’t have been able to discover on their own.

The run rate of this brand is now north of $24 Million per year!

Unique Children’s Apparel Brand Gets Venture Funding Upon Switching Focus to Revenue Optimization!

Cubcoats—a cool stuffed animal that folds inside out to reveal a super comfy kids’ sweatshirt—had done everything right from a product, manufacturing, supply chain and branding standpoint. But it wasn’t until Zac attended a BGS workshop, that he saw what was missing and immediately shifted his company’s focus to Revenue Optimization.

Now, Cubcoats’ numbers are skyrocketing and investors are lining up to give them money. FitFabFun just bought a percentage of the company and their list of celebrity investors is growing like crazy. Plus, they’ve just secured several licensing deals with some of the largest companies on the planet to produce specialty Cubcoats.

The Largest Companies in The World Take Notice When You Focus on Revenue Optimization …

BreathRox is a brand that the owners originally believed would only work as a novelty item in physical stores, due to its low sub-$10 price point and the fact that people had no idea what it was.

However, the BGS team was up to the challenge … and through a joint collaboration plus laser focus on Revenue Optimization, BreathRox is now on track to do over $1,000,000 in its first year, with a rapidly growing subscription base of users acquired 100% through online advertising.


Actionable Content$1MM Data-Driven InsightsHot seats & Case studies Have you ever left an event with a notepad pages FULL of notes that never get any action? We hate that too. That’s why we’ve designed our content as ACTIONABLE steps, so you can implement in the breaks and make money while you’re at the event! (You’re welcome.) Imagine getting your hands on “what’s working now” from over $1 million (PER MONTH) of Facebook adspend? You’ll be privy to this world-beating masterclass on how to make your store profitable from real-time, DATA-DRIVEN results … and not from costly guesswork! We only teach what we’ve done! Motion beats meditation! And demonstration beats information. We don’t believe in drowning attendees with information-overload. Instead, we’re going to demonstrate our proven strategies through case studies, LIVE “Hot Seats” and interviews! We don’t just teach … we SHOW! Networking & Joint VenturesThe Best (and worst) AppsBehind the Curtain of BGS Ask any seasoned entrepreneur and they’ll often say they make MORE money outside of a seminar room (on the breaks), through strategic relationships and connections. You’ll be sharing meals and socializing with folk who are in the top 2% of successful Shopify store owners worldwide! When you attend, we have two goals for you: 1) To help you MAKE more revenue; 2) To help you KEEP more revenue. Come and learn what apps we’re using (and why) across our 20+ Multi-Million dollar stores … and the “popular” apps we avoid like the plague, and why! Look under the hood and see critical parts of our BGS operations. See how we manage to consistently GROW and SCALE over 20+ Multi-Million dollar Shopify stores. Meet our top Revenue Optimization team players who contribute to hundreds of millions of dollars in Shopify sales! Traffic, Conversions & More7 & 8-Figure Award Winners We know you want it … Traffic, Traffic, Traffic! And YES, we’ve got you covered! Come and learn the latest, bleeding-edge trends, wins, and opportunities when it comes to driving QUALITY traffic. And no, it’s not just Facebook. Expect to walk away with excitable (and actionable) insights on how to increase traffic! As well as world-class education, you’ll also be marinated with INSPIRATION! If you’ve ever felt like “you’re not good enough” or “you don’t have what it takes” … All those lies will be annihilated when you hear the heartfelt stories of our NEW Ecom Insider 7 & 8-Figure Ecom Award Winners, recognized on stage!


Unlike other conferences, this isn’t one big pitch-a-thon.

You won’t be overwhelmed by a parade of random speakers trying to take you down 10 completely different, and contradicting paths.

Let’s face it, that just leaves you with more questions than when you arrived, right?

We’ve designed this 2-day event to be a cohesive, step-by-step JOURNEY.

Every speaker has been strategically picked by the Build Grow Scale team (and placed in a strategic order) because they have MASTERED a specific piece of what it takes to grow your business from $0 to $1 million … $1 million to $10 million … and $10 million to $100 million using Revenue Optimization.

I’ll be taking you on the END-TO-END journey from …

How You Get Your Ecom Foundations in Place to Create Your 7-Figure Store. ALL of the Revenue Optimizations and Scaling Strategies You’ll Need to Grow Your Business to $10 Million. How to Take Your 8-Figure Brand, and Continue to Grow It Into a 9-Figure Empire!

it’s a process.

Which means, you’ll need to be in EACH session (notebook in hand), so you don’t miss any of the key steps along the path.


tanner larsson
Founder & CEO
Build Grow Scalematthew stafford
Chief Optimization Officer
Build Grow ScaleVictoria Griggs
Ecommerce Advertising Ninjadrew sanocki
Executive Chairman
AutoAnythingvinnie fisher
Chief Executive Officer
Fully Accountable & Total TeamIgor Silva
Ecommerce Tech Wizard


“I’ve been looking forward to this event since I joined the [Ecom Insiders] group, basically. The energy is unbeatable. There’s nothing like being surrounded by go-getters, people who are rock stars in this business and the ecom world. So the enthusiasm is contagious. It just makes me that much more excited and looking forward to all of the things that I have planned for my business this year.” — Svetlana Zhitnitsky

“This event is the most valuable thing I have ever invested in.” — Colin Clark

“Even after half a day of being here, I’m motivated, I’m energized and I’ve already learned all the tricks that I need to grow and scale my business.” — Thomas DeLauer

“I had an absolute blast at BGS Live! Thank you to the whole BGS team for putting together a game changing few days. The event couldn’t have come at a better time. David and I are currently implementing everything that we learned from the event and within EI, with the help of BGS squad. To be able to have a team like this supporting us that are on the top of the game is incredible, along with the networking with everyone else here.” — Archer Worsham

“Looking back on the past four amazing days I’ve had at the BGS Live event. I’m so excited for those at the event who joined the EI family. I remember getting goosebumps walking past the line of new members because I know what’s in store if them implement even half of what we learn here. I loved talking to so many people who checked their egos at the door and were open to learning and growing. I loved how present and engaged everyone was during the sessions. I’ve been to (way too) many events and I’ve never seen the level of engagement like what we had at BGS Live.More importantly, I’m so impressed by all the people who took immediate action on what they learned and were already seeing results before the event ended. Thank you, again, Tanner, Matthew and the BGS fam for another life changing event!! #gsd #bgs #ecominsider #blacklabel” — Ane Susanto


In addition to the main speaker line-up, you will also be interacting with and learning from …

Zachary Meiu
Zachary—COO, Build Grow Scale— has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner. Coach Zac is a father to his 3 sons, and is an A/B split tester of life. He lives with passion, has a burning desire for growth and contribution, and believes in building strong relationships through communication and laughter. Christina Gonzalez
Christina’s superpower is she can put up with Matt & Tanner on a daily basis … which makes her a rockstar by default. In addition to that, she is our go-to Klaviyo and email follow-up expert. She’ll be on hand to make sure that the BGS team serves you at the highest level. Aleksandar Nikoloski
We nicknamed Aleks “The Site Whisperer” because of his ability to find the nuances on a site that derail the customers’ journey and create purchase friction. He’s a master at analyzing data and getting huge insights from it that make our websites win. Haley Morgan Spindler
Haley’s a 7-figure store owner herself. As part of the BGS team, she is exceptionally good with buyer avatars and how to implement revenue optimization based on buyer trust signals. She talks quietly, but packs a punch.

Casey Brown
Casey’s biggest strength is A/B testing. He is known for running split tests with radical design and copy changes that often result in huge wins for the site owners—in some cases, up to 10-15% lift in conversion rate from a single test! Travis Hlavka
Known as “The Optimizer”, Travis uses advanced heuristic techniques for everything from 7-figure store revenue optimization to tying his shoes. His philosophy is “Why not? What if?” Whether it’s optimizing revenue, speaking other languages, bio-hacking or dancing ballet, he’s always in heuristic analysis mode. Dominik Meiu
Dominik is probably one of the youngest CROs in the world … and because of this, he brings a unique point of view. He is an expert at digging into data to come up with huge wins to share with the BGS team and give his clients incredible gains. Don’t be intimidated by his gorgeous locks, he’s approachable and loves to network with like-minded entrepreneurs. Joseph Liu
Joseph is laser-focused on perfecting product pages and he picks up new ideas lightning fast. He dissects, tests and optimizes. When he’s not cooking up good websites, you can find him in CrossFit gyms working out with his friend Travis.


Gurwinder Kaur
Gurwinder is a Senior Developer and Captain of Culture to BGS, bringing the developer team together through strong communication. She provides support and leadership, helping in all areas of code creation and development. Vikram Singh
Vikram is responsible for all the magic our team of programmers have achieved with our Revenue Tool Suite, as well as our custom code optimizations. We couldn’t do what we do without this Ninja!
In less than 90 days, the BGS team increased our Organifi Shopify store from a $2.5 million run rate to a $8million run rate.
— Drew Canole, Organifi ” The BGS team helped us take our start up, BreathRox, that sells a ten dollar product from zero to over $70,000 per month in 3 months.
— Ron Lynch “Since we started working with Build Grow Scale, our sales have increased from $300k per month to $2 Million per month and we’re not slowing down.”
— Keegan Rush


  • We’re NOT rehashing old, outdated strategies that worked 12 months ago.
  • DEFINITELY not a pitchfest with a dozen random speakers flogging their wares.
  • NOT a “teaser” event with light content and no “meat” (we hate that too).
  • Not just theories or ideas that “might” work with no PROOF of success.
  • NOT just flash-in-the-pan tactics that work today and are gone tomorrow.
  • This is a DOUCHE-FREE ZONE and we do NOT tolerate whiners!
  • NO WAY will this event be like ANY other event you’ve ever attended.

” I had a lot of great take aways form the event. A lot of stuff that reminded me what I hadn’t been doing. Lots of great connections and on-going support in the group after the event.” — Jeremy Friedland

” This was such a great event. #bgslive It was awesome getting to meet so many people (and that says a lot because I’m a super introvert who’d rather hide in my room during breaks than talk to anybody! lol) I talked to so many awesome people I nearly lost my voice by the end of it! What a relief to finally find people who actually know what the #@% they’re doing, and they’re super awesome and willing to help out and encourage each other.”Amy Van Ollefen


We Couldn’t Do It Without You …

BGS Live 2022 By Tanner Larsson, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)

  • Welcome
  • The State of the Ecom
  • The Information Age
  • Find the Leaks on Your Website that are Dragging Your Profits Down
  • 7 and 8 Figure Awards Show
  • Ecom Done Right
  • How to Make Your Email Program the Sexiest Part of Your Business
  • Why User Testing is the Biggest Lever You Can Pull In Your Business
  • We Can’t Make It Any Easier – GSDing BGS Style
  • Steal Our Biggest Win Insights From over 20 Case Studies
  • The End of Page Speed Chaos
  • TikTok Secrets That Boost Shopify Store Profits
  • The Most Effective Tools and Apps
  • Wrap Up

Sale Page: https://www.buildgrowscalelive.com/2022
Archive: https://archive.ph/Rm62a

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