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“CBCash Grenade is a 100% proven, totally explosive commission grabbing system!” You get absolutely everything you need to know in terms of making a very lucrative income online as an affiliate…

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CBCash Grenade

“CBCash Grenade is a 100% proven, totally explosive commission grabbing system!”

You get absolutely everything you need to know in terms of making a very lucrative income online as an affiliate.

We know how frustrating it can be to purchase a course only to realize that it’s not complete or something is left out so we left nothing out

CBCash Grenade shows you exactly how to make an absolute fortune. Nothing has been held back in these detailed, step-by-step videos and you get to see each phase of setting up and running a profitable affiliate business.

Commissions From Simple Email Based Campaigns And A Couple Of Hours Spent Writing Emails..
cbcg 24k | eSy[GB]

CBCash Grenade also teaches you how to leverage your efforts to explode your profits – Meaning every action you take will be compounded and you make more in much less time

CBCash Grenade Contains 14 Explosive
Money Making, Step-by-Step Modules:

Module 1: Quick Start Introduction

The Sky Really Is The Limit…

Right from the very first module we jump into exactly how you’ll be making life-changing sums of cash online via affiliate marketing.

In this introduction module we separate fact from fiction and finally reveal how the most successful ‘super affiliates’ leverage these tactics to earn the explosive income that they do.

In this module you’ll learn:

How each of the step-by-step components that make up the entire CB Cash Grenade system fit together

The exact blueprint that super affiliates are leveraging in their businesses, that you’d be a fool not to apply to your own business, and which will allow you to earn extraordinarily high profits in a very short period of time

The overall mentality that you need to do to have or develop in order to make this business work for you. This is one of the biggest ingredients that separates RICH affiliates from the weekend Internet marketing hobbyist.

and much much more.


Module 2: The “Freedom Formula”

Making Dreams Become Reality!

This is one of the most important modules in the course.

Not so much for the technical “how to” structure, but more for the overall life-changing impact it will have on you and your business.

This module takes your most ambitious Internet marketing income dreams and brings them down to earth for you so that you can start on the path to achieving them step by step within the next 30 – 60 days.

In this module you’ll learn:

The secret formula for breaking down your dream lifestyle and how to know exactly what it will cost you to achieve it in the shortest time possible.

The formula that the gurus use to figure out how much traffic they need to generate whatever income level they choose for themselves. This is a very powerful concept. Need a new car, apply this formula, see how much traffic you need, use the tactics we give you inside to get that traffic, then go buy your car! It’s just that simple!

How to structure your Internet marketing business so that all your bills and expenses are covered. Just by applying this one little formula for yourself will get you to the ‘financially free’ status quicker than you ever thought imaginable.

Module 3: Explosive Profit Markets!

Super Affiliate Spy Techniques…

This module exposes how to use the research tactics known only to most experienced veteran marketers that uncover the hottest, most profitable markets at any given point in time.

Never turn up with a knife to a gun fight – Most new Internet marketers get this wrong and their campaigns are dead from the start.

Market selection is a vital part of building an “evergreen” Internet marketing business that’s going to continue to pay you month after month on autopilot!

In this module you’ll learn:

How to take a behind-the-scenes look into what markets are heating up and are on the verge of exploding! You’ll be able to position yourself, so that your site is right there to profit from the sudden increase of traffic!

A sneaky trick to using sites like Amazon and eBay to “show their hand” and tell you exactly which markets are making the most amount of money at any given point in time (and importantly, which ones are complete duds.)

How to spy on competitor’s current marketing campaigns and see exactly which ones are the most profitable for them. This allows you to cut out a huge trial and error testing period and skip right to the key marketplaces that are most profitable.

How to legally hack the biggest article database on the Internet and get it to show you which marketplaces other marketers are using to make a killing with. There are thousands of proven marketplaces just sitting there for the taking you just have to know where to look.

and much much more.


Module 4: Secret Profit Product Finder

Sixth Sense Profit Spotting…

Product selection is a crucial component in creating a winning affiliate marketing campaign.

It doesn’t matter if you choose the hottest market and have the best sales process, if the product you choose is missing some of the key components that we reveal in this module you will not make money!

(we’ve never shared this before and it’s worth it’s weight in gold)

These key components are what stop most Internet marketers from ever achieving true financial freedom. They do everything right but simply keep picking the wrong products and eventually get frustrated and quit.

Once you’ve watched these videos it will NEVER happen to you – you’ll discover:

How to select “evergreen” products that will continue converting and paying out handsome commissions for months and months even years to come.

What type of products you must absolutely avoid at all costs. Get this wrong and you’ll find yourself spending lots of wasted time and effort promoting products that have ZERO chance of being successful. (Even worse you’ll be wasting lots of money as well!)

How to instantly size up any product and use our proven product inspection system to tear through and make sure that it has everything you need to convert at the highest potential level

You’ll also discover how to take a inside look and see how the product is converting already and how much money it’s making other affiliates.

Module 5: Rocket Demographics!

Laser Guided People Watching!

It’s virtually impossible to build a highly profitable affiliate marketing business if you don’t know who your potential customers are and everything about them.

Ask any marketing veteran and they’ll tell you the better you know your prospects, the more you know about what their interests are what they like to do, their age and hobbies, and gender, the more likely you are to have the ability to get inside their heads and tailor your marketing campaign specifically for them.

This ability to enter the conversation inside of your customers mind is what “separates the great from the average” in the world of marketing.

In this module you’ll see exactly how to identify these customers so that you can do the same. Inside we cover:

How to get a detailed snapshot of the exact targeted customer that is most likely to make a purchase through your affiliate link. Using this top secret source, you will have access to market data that previously would’ve cost thousands of dollars to get your hands on.

The laser guided method of combining this raw research data into a shockingly accurate prediction that reveals exactly how to promote to a particular market. (you’re competitors will think you have psychic powers)

How to increase the effectiveness of your advertising by over 100% by quickly leveraging the data you’ll gather in this module and then infusing it within your promotion.

Modules 6/7/8: Viral eMails Bomb, Ultra Article Explosion & Google Insider Tricks…

Stomp Everything In Your Path!

These 3 exciting modules go hand in hand and explain how to develop an atomic level, email system that will put thousands of fresh subscribers into your marketing funnel, turn them into paying customers and reward you with thousands of dollars in commissions… (And all on full autopilot)!

You’ll get our proven system that brings in prospects from any marketplace, and then converts them into buyers month after month like clockwork

In these modules you’ll also discover:

The secret to building MASSIVE targeted e-mail lists in the shortest time possible. This list will be filled with potential customers that are highly motivated to purchase just about anything you recommend to them.

How to apply the same powerful tactics used by companies like Facebook to get current subscribers to continue building your list for you on autopilot.

Our explosive system that will build a list of 1,000+ subscribers for less than $50 in less than 30 days. (Finally you can get your list building firing on all cylinders and compete with the top affiliates.)

Article marketing on overdrive. You’ll learn how to write just one article and apply a system that makes it more powerful than having 40 articles out there driving traffic for you! You’ve never seen anything like this before– trust me!

How to leverage the power of Google alerts to position yourself as the authority in any niche. Your subscribers will see you as the go to guy for anything and everything related to their niche, (much like Oprah’s fans see her).

Module 9: Explosive Video Traffic!

Dominating Hearts, Minds & SEO

This module will fire you light years ahead of your competition when it comes to SEO rankings.

After applying these strategies you’ll be able to go and pick any keyword, regardless of the amount of competitors, and get it listed right on the first page of Google with very little effort.

Savvy marketers are doing this in just about every niche you can think of right now… now it’s your turn – In this module you’ll find out:

Our covert method that “picks off” search engine rankings for highly targeted, high-traffic and immensely valuable keywords. Imagine being able to rank for keywords like “make money online” or “get my ex back”. (How profitable do you think a number 2,3, or 4 position on Google would be for you?)

How to create a video promotion that’s not only ranked highly, but also converts at astronomical rate. (Having your video ranked high does you no good if it doesn’t convert to sales it will when you do this).

The secret to “qualifying” a keyword to see if these promotion tactics will work for it. Most marketers who are doing this right now get it wrong because not all keywords are created equal.

How to get this entire system actually built for you for just a few dollars. (simply apply these sneaky guidelines and you can start doing this tomorrow)


Module 10: Facebook Traffic Bombs

Become A Social Marketing Star

It’s no secret that Facebook is the new 800 pound gorilla on the Internet.

Marketers everywhere are talking about how Facebook has now surpassed Google as the number one site on the Internet and new ‘how to use FB courses are springing up everyday’ But none of them reveal this stuff!!

In this module you’ll discover:

How to leverage the demographic data you’ve assembled from previous modules and create a laser guided promo campaign that will suck up commissions like a tornado.

The secret to getting thousands of Facebook users to see your offers for just pennies on the dollar. (slash your ad budget immediately with this)

How to leverage the power of Facebook targeting, this type of marketing selection makes old-fashioned PPC look prehistoric!

Module 11: Massive FREE Traffic.

Can’t Believe We’re Sharing This.

This module almost didn’t make the course. It could have been a completely separate product sold all by itself for hundreds of dollars…

You see this module will allow anyone to set up free advertising in secret locations online and easily dominate the first page of Google for keywords with search counts up to 50,000 searches per month!

This is a tactic successful affiliates are using right now to generate $3,000+ in less than 48 hours, it takes a few hours to set up and could give you an instant pay raise..

Never say we don’t share the best kept secrets!

Seriously this is so damn powerful that we won’t be going into any more detail on this page – Just know that it won’t require you to spend a dime and it works 99% of the time in giving you a first page Google ranking within 48 hours of using it.

Enough said about this… except to say you’re in for real treat!


Module 12: Mind Control Advertising.

Google Helps You Make Easy $’s

This is the best-kept secret about pay per click advertising online.

While other markers are getting frustrated and fed up with pay per click advertising we’ve been quietly raking in a small fortune by combining the power of Gmail ads and affiliate marketing. And now you’ll be able to do the same.

In this module you’ll learn:

The real secret to entering the mental conversation your potential customer is having with himself right at the moment they’re having it.

How to leverage Gmail ads to get more advertising bang for your buck and less garbage traffic. Say goodbye to click fraud and all the other headaches that come with traditional pay per click marketing.

Our secret method of structuring ads so they appear they were made specifically for the person seeing them. Applying this mind-bomb will send your conversion rates through the roof! (no one else is sharing this online right now and it just electrifying!)

Module 13: Media Buy Blowout & Contextual Advertising Secrets…

$100K A DAY – How They Do It…

This module has the power to put your business on a par with any IM Guru you can name in just a matter of weeks!

Applying the advanced tactics in this module and you’ll never have to worry about generating traffic to your promotions again.

Most marketers fail to realize that there’s so much traffic outside of Google it’s staggering. But the truth is, those ‘in the know’ only consider Google as the “training wheels” for the really big traffic sources available.

We’re talking about a traffic source that gets more exposure than Google, Yahoo, and MSN combined!

Maybe you’ve heard about something called ‘media buying’? What you might not know is that it’s the preferred traffic source for the ultra elite affiliates. These are the guys who would probably shoot themselves in the head if they only made $100K a year because their accustomed to making $100,000 a day.

Now in the spirit of full and frank disclosure we openly admit, we are not at this level ourselves yet… But we know what these guys are doing and we know how they do it and now you will too..

Some of these guys are making $3 – $5 Million a freaking month

Now of course we’re not saying you’re going to start out making $3 million a month, but there are no limitations to what you can do with this advertising medium, it’s unlike anything else you’ve ever seen

In this module you’ll be shocked to discover:

The secret place you can go to buy thousands of targeted visitors per month for less than $20.

The secret to harnessing the unlimited traffic potential with media buying. All the traffic in the world does no good to you if you can’t get it to convert. Following our proven conversion tactics this won’t be a problem for you.

How to leverage the demographic Intel from previous modules and combine it with a media buy campaign to annihilate any competing affiliates in your marketplace.

How to position your site so that anytime one of your prospects types in one of your keywords or visits one of your competitors sites YOUR promotion will be the one they see first!

Module 14: Proof Automation!

Make Money By Doing Nothing!!!

Get your money for nothing and your…. (okay you’ve heard the song, this is how to make it happen)

This set of key videos covers everything you need to know about automation.

We’ll show you how to take a proven system and delegate the components of it so that it will run on complete autopilot for you.

Far too often Internet marketers get held up with trying to execute the technical details of Internet marketing. They run into roadblocks with things like site creation, graphic design, script installation, etc.

In this module we’ll show you our proven system for getting any task you need to run a fully automated affiliate business done for you. (And the best part is we’ll show you a secret source for getting most of this work done for less than the price of a Starbucks coffee!)

This module alone has the potential to rapidly multiply the size of your business almost overnight and it’s quick, easy and simple to do!

Get download Simon Hodgkinson & Jeremy Gislason – CB Cash Grenade at Forimc.com right now!

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