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The Power of Story TellingSean D’Souza – The Power of Story Telling

Let’s say you gave two equally-matched writers exactly the same material and facts, and they sat down to write…

What would make one article better than the other?

The answer lies not just in stories and analogies—but well-told stories and analogies instead!

Facts, by themselves are interesting, but more often than not, put us to sleep. Unless, of course, they’re tightly wrapped around a well-told story. The moment a story (or an analogy) jumps out, there’s suddenly an element of zing.

You, as the writer, feel that zing inside you. And if you’re able to pull out not just a story—but a well-told story—suddenly that article is pure magic!

But more often than not, your articles seem almost too ho-hum, too ‘practical’…

You know that if you could insert good stories, good analogies or even case-studies, your article would light up like a Christmas tree. But then as you slide it in, the story seems forced. It seems to go on a million tangents. Suddenly it seems to collapse, is not interesting and is missing the punch.

You wonder why the story doesn’t sit well. Why is it that the story is not coming out as fun, when it’s fun inside you? Why does it seem to lack feeling, have human interest and be interesting instead? And what would it take to make a story one that’s well-told?

Presenting ‘The Storytelling Mini-Series’

It’s not a massive thesis about the “art of storytelling”. It won’t teach you storytelling if you wanted to write a Hollywood film, for instance. But it will help you tremendously in writing your articles.

This series will show you how to suck your audience right in, in a matter of seconds.

And keep them enthralled as you weave your magic of story, darting in between facts and the story line. It will teach you how to use the inherent storytelling ability of a three-year old, and put that story into a real-life context.

And that’s really what this series is all about. It consists of three tiny e-books. But let’s have a look at what’s inside the e-books, shall we?

‘The Storytelling Mini-Series’

The Storytelling Mini-Series makes your stories tighter, more vivid and you learn how to craft a story to suit your audience. You learn how to use “rollercoasters” and “flat lines” and why they’re all critical in creating drama in your writing. And best of all, it’s not taxing on the brain. In a few days, your stories will dramatically improve. The series gives you a ton of option, lots of examples and helps you communicate with your own voice.

Book 1: The Power of Stories—How to Turn Average Stories into Cliff-Hangers

There are dozens of ways to tell stories. But dozens of ways will just confuse you. You need just a few core elements of storytelling when creating articles, books or presentations.

You need to be able to tell an exciting story like a three-year old.

In this 40-page e-book you will learn:

  • The Five Core Elements of Storytelling: How to know precisely when your story is going off track
  • Why storytelling needs to be entertaining (and how to create that oomph!)
  • The 90% Principle: How to create a memorable story in your clients’ brains
  • The ONE big mistake that many article writers make with connectors
  • Why it is important to know when to stop your story—And move your reader to the next stage

Book 2: Signature Stories—How to Create Clear and Memorable Business Stories

A signature story is what gets a person to read or listen to your pitch. It takes a new product or service, and within a few paragraphs creates clarity and memorability.

But what’s the secret behind signature stories that work? And how can you create a signature story of your own?

In this 30-page e-books you will learn:

  • Why it is crucial for every business to have Signature Stories—And the Three Steps to creating unique stories
  • The 90/10 ratio: How to get your clients to remember your stories (and tell others without any loss of detail)
  • How to test your Signature Story in three simple steps—And why your business will suffer if you don’t test

Book 3: The Power of Drama—How To Create Counterflow (Without Making Your Reader Sick)

The most boring stories and articles are the ones that simply flows one way. A story or article needs flow and counterflow to keep the attention of the reader at all times. It needs to have drama. And if you were a Hollywood director, you would see drama in everything.

But does every story or article need to have counterflow? Are you ready to drive in reverse? Come along for the ride, it’s fun!

And here’s what you will learn in this 33-page e-book

  • How to create non-boring article stories—That keep the attention of your readers at all times
  • How to decide the pivotal movement in your story or article
  • The Myth of ‘Boring’ Writing: And how to create drama in your article
  • Why disconnectors have the power of a 800 pound gorilla in creating drama for your articles

What’s Inside?

Most books are dull because they don’t use graphics, cartoons and captions. The use of the above elements make the reading of the books a very pleasurable experience. Sprinkled within the chapters are lots of examples, so you can get ideas for your own business. Plus there are always detailed summaries that gives you a bird’s eye view of every chapter.

What’s Unique About This Mini-Series?

The e-books are brief, very brief. They have just between 30-40 pages. And the reason they are brief is because you need to be able to learn about storytelling and how to use it for your articles, sales pages, presentations and your signature story for all your products in one sitting. You need something that you can apply straight away—and see results.

Yes, storytelling seems to be all the rage these days.

You may often wonder “does this stuff even apply to me?” It just seems like jargon. As if it’s the next bandwagon to jump on. It often doesn’t make any sense at all. And yet, you know that the moment you read an article with a well-told story or analogy, you’re interested; you’re engaged. And likewise, your reader gets engaged. That’s the magic of well-told stories.

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Premium Bonus: The Power of Drama

When you buy the Premium Version you get an amazing bonus audio: The Power of Drama. You will be able to download this 45 minute mp3 and listen to it as many times as you like.

This audio covers all the concepts mentioned in Book 3. It talks about how to create counterflow in your articles without making your readers sick, the myth of boring writing and the four ways to create drama.

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