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The Web’s Hidden Cash Making Codes… “California Web Programmer Reveals 9 ‘Hidden Code’ Strategies You Can Start Using Today To Multiply The Profits From ALL Your Online Sales Letters”

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Sales Page Tactics Volume 3

The Web’s Hidden Cash Making Codes…

“California Web Programmer
Reveals 9 ‘Hidden Code’ Strategies
You Can Start Using Today
To Multiply The Profits From
ALL Your Online Sales Letters”

How Many Of These
17 Secret Sales Boosting Scripts Can You Use…?

By Robert Plank B.CompSc
Professional Web Code Programmer

For over 7 years I’ve been an industry insider programming scripts for leading online marketers and in that time I’ve seen literally thousands of “hidden code” strategies the online big guns use to increase their sales.

In this ebook I’ll reveal the “cream of the crop.” 9 proven strategies you can start using today to multiply your sales online.

You’ll discover what scripts the cutting edge online marketers are using right now to bring in real cash profits…

And best of all I’ll give you a chance to download every script with it’s own simple, no geek skill required, step by step guide.

But first let me explain why a strategy you’ve almost certainly heard about before is far more powerful than you ever realized…

Strategy # 1… Split Test Different Headlines, Images, Opening Lines And Other Key Elements In Your Sales Page…

Split testing your online sales page reminds me of the old story about doubling a penny.

If you double a penny for 50 days you’ll end up with $117.09.

Split testing has a similar exponential effect…

Start split testing changes to your sales page and find just one change a week that increases your response by 10%…

After one year every $100 in sales you’re making will grow to $11,739.09 with exactly the same amount of traffic!

Split testing is one of the biggest secrets to multiplying your profits online and you can set up split testing on any page of your site using a simple script.

No need to pay a monthly fee or use any kind of external service…split testing really is simple when you understand the code behind it.

Let’s move on to another strategy that’s currently underused and can help you cash in from the visitors to your site who aren’t buying…

Strategy # 2…Use “Exit Pages” To Capture Emails Or
Give Your Prospects Another Chance To Buy…

If you have a really kick ass sales letter online you might be getting a whopping 10% to 15% response.

But think about those numbers…if 10% to 15% of your visitors are buying that means 85% to 90% of your visitors are leaving without spending a cent!

There’s a fortune to be tapped in the “exit traffic” from your sales pages.

For years savvy online marketers used “exit popups” to offer this exit traffic a chance to subscribe to a mini course or even to give them another chance to buy.

Then pop up blockers on modern internet browsers killed most exit pops.

But with a short piece of simple code you can bypass your visitors pop up blockers even if they’re using the latest version of Windows or Firefox…

How To Cash In From The 90%+ Of Visitors Who Never Buy…

Below I’ll give you a link to download a full package of scripts and an accompanying guide.

As soon as you download your Sales Page Tactics Package go straight to page 9 and follow the step-by-step instructions…

In just minutes you can have a simple code up on your sales page that displays a WHOLE NEW PAGE every time one of your visitors exits without buying.

With your exit page you can…

  • Offer a valuable gift report, audio or software to visitors leaving your sales page in exchange for their email address…
  • Offer a free mini course sent by email that gives valuable information and helps educate your prospects on why they should buy your product…
  • Give people leaving your sales page another incentive to buy. You can offer a special bonus not revealed on your sales letter or even a special discount price…

The profit potential with exit pages is enormous!

And to make this dead easy I’ll even give you the code in a cut and paste file.

Just create your “exit” web page the same way you’d make any other web page, add this code to your sales page and you can have your exit page up in minutes turning your exit traffic into valuable email subscribers and buyers.

And this exit page script is just one of 17 profit multiplying scripts you’ll find in your Sales Page Tactics script package…

What can this one simple exit page script do for your profits?

Imagine adding a simple exit page that offers your exit traffic an enticing incentive to buy…

And that exit page converts just 2% of your exit traffic into buyers.

For every 100 people leaving your sales page you now have 2 more sales and it hasn’t cost you a cent!

If you’re selling a $29 download that’s an extra $58 in nearly pure profit every time 100 people leave your original sales letter without buying!

Even if your site is only getting 20-30 hits a day
that comes to over $3,016 in extra sales
every year…

Best of all you can download this script right now complete with your simple step by step guide and I won’t charge you $3,016 or even $300.

You’ll pay just $29 once and you can use this script to create as many exit pages as you want…no monthly fees and since you’ll know how to add and customize the scripts yourself you’ll have full control over your website.

Plus you’ll get 16 other response blasting scripts with simple instructions that you can use completely FREE…

AND I’ll guarantee you’ll make at least triple your investment in the next 90 days or I’ll give you a full 100% refund…

And there’s more. Let’s move on to the next powerful strategy…

Strategy # 3…Use Instant Interruption “Pop Overs” To
Capture Attention At Key Times

You’ve probably seen interruption pop overs online. They often come in the form of imitation yellow “post-it” notes.

These little pop overs are popular with online marketers for one simple reason… because they work!

They can be small enough to be unobtrusive and we’re conditioned to read post it notes and look at small images that appear in the mail and newspapers we read …think cartoons.

You can create an interruption pop over that will appear at key times during your sales process urging your prospect to take the action you want him to take.

In some cases this can mean a substantial increase in your sales response or the number of people who give you their email address on a “squeeze” page.

Best of all the scripts for creating these pop overs are fairly simple and included in your Sales Page Secrets package along with step by step instructions.

You can make an interruption pop over out of any image you like and I even give you the script to create a realistic looking shadow effect on your pop overs.

Some services will charge you $10 a month or more to give you interruption pop overs but why pay $120+ a year when in minutes you can follow my simple instructions and have as many as you like completely free…

And it gets even better. Read this next strategy carefully…

Strategy # 4…Run “Dime Sales” To
Create A Sense Of Urgency

A “dime sale” is where you start selling your product at a ridiculously low price and gradually raise the price over several hours or several days.

Promoted aggressively dime sales can create a feeding frenzy because your prospects KNOW there’s a very real time limit on buying your product at the bargain price.

Creating this “sense of urgency” online can be difficult to achieve but running a dime sale does it for you without using transparent “buy now or miss out” sales devices…

Have Your ‘Dime Sale’ Up And Running In Minutes…

If you want to run a dime sale to raise cash fast as soon as you download your Sales Page Tactics package go straight to page 99 and follow the step by step instructions.

You’ll also find 2 cut and paste scripts and simple, “geek free” instructions on customizing them fast.

In less than 10 minutes you can have your dime sale up and running starting at the low price you choose and increasing at any rate you choose.

Then just watch as your sales shoot up.

Your visitors will feel physical pain if they don’t buy immediately… they know that price will just keep rising!

Remember the dime sale scripts are just one of the scripts you’ll find in your Sales Page Tactics Package…

And there’s still more. If you’re selling your product with PayPal you must read this next strategy…

Strategy #5…When Your Prospect Buys Through
PayPal Send An Immediate Thank You Email…

If your customers are buying through PayPal it’s just common sense to send them an email immediately to let them know where they can download their product.

Keep in mind that many people who buy through PayPal will not click on the “Return to Merchant” link after they buy.

If you don’t send a thank you email telling them where to download their product you’re going to get a lot of really pissed off buyers who think you’ve ripped them off.

Fortunately you can use 2 fairly simple scripts that check to make sure your customer has actually paid you for the product and sends out an automated thank you email.

You can include any details in that email you want.

If you’re really smart you’ll include an upgrade option or a link to some kind of upsell as well as your download link.

Your customers are never hotter than when they’ve just bought from you and you can make 2, 3 even 10 times the sales by giving them the option to buy more products off you immediately after they’ve purchased something.

And if you really want to increase your sales and your market dominance you’ll flip over the next strategy…

Strategy #6…OFFline Follow Up Builds HUGE Credibility
And Can Multiply Your Sales…

A high percentage of customers who buy from you through PayPal have automatically given you access to their physical address.

Sending snail mail to your customers can completely revolutionize your online marketing.

The late, great copywriter Gary Halbert once said you should do everything you can to get the physical addresses of your online subscribers and customers.


Halbert found through testing that sending a physical sales letter through the mail got over 5 times the response as sending the same sales letter to a list online.

By using a script you can immediately capture the names and mailing addresses of customers who buy from you through PayPal and store those details in your own database.

You can use physical mail to your customer list in many ways…

  • Send a physical version of your product through the mail. This SLASHES refund requests because it’s a whole lot harder to send back a CD, DVD or a book than it is to just ask for your money back on a digital download…
  • Send a thank you note after your customers buy from you online. You can also tell them where they can download their product in the thank you note just in case they’ve lost the link.
  • Sending thank you notes can also reduce your refund rates and even more important it sets you apart from all your competitors increasing your profile in your niche…
  • Send a sales letter for a related product. In many cases you can sell a product 2, 5 even 10 times the price of your online sale by sending a physical sales letter immediately after your customer buys…

Going offline builds tremendous credibility and trust
and it can be largely automated through the
US postal service or FedEx Kinkos…

I think the best example of using mail effectively is highly respected heart surgeon, humanitarian and online marketer Dr Mani Sivasubramanian.

Dr Mani sends a physical thank you card to all the customers who buy from him online…even when it’s only a small order.

Do you think Dr Mani will get a better reception next time he sends those same clients an email?

Do you think he’ll have a better chance of selling them another product?

Even if you’re not ready to run offline promotions yet you should use the special scripts and step by step directions I’ve put together for you to start building your own database of your customers offline details.

Those mailing details are like pure gold…

“Why Are You Doing This To Me?”


Why are you doing this to me?

I’m trying to cut down on the reports purchases and you keep dangling the reports equivalent of Pamela Anderson in a small white bikini and Hawaiian Tropic Sun oil in front of me again and again …

What to do …

I bought of course …

Great report Robert!


Kenth Nasstrom, KNData.com
Soraker, Sweden

And if you’re running any kind of affiliate program then the next strategy is required reading…

Strategy #7…Give Each Affiliate And Joint Venture Partner
Their Own Subdomain…

If you’ve ever tried to promote an affiliate product on a forum you know it’s a fast track to posting hell.

People will jump all over you for trying to make money out of your recommendations.

Using an obvious affiliate link can also kill you affiliate commissions because many of the people who see the link will sign up to be affiliates themselves so they can get the commission when they buy the product.

The way around this is to set up a separate subdomain for each of your affiliate links so they’re not so obvious.

Now if you’re running an affiliate program yourself think about how much trouble your affiliates have to go to promoting your product.

The more work your affiliates have to do to make money promoting your product the more who will just drop out and forget you.

But what if you made their life easy by giving them their own custom made subdomain?

All they have to do is send their list and their prospects to the subdomain you’ve supplied.

Less effort for affiliates means more affiliate sales and…you guessed it…I’ll show you exactly how to set up custom subdomains for your affiliates in your Sales Page Tactics package…

“BAD ASS Scripts…”

Dude, you ROCK!

These are some BAD ASS Scripts… just like Volume 1.

Did I somehow miss Volume 2?


Joe Lavery, AffiliateProgramsBlow.com
Queensbury, New York, USA

And while we’re on the topic of increasing your affiliate sales this next strategy may challenge the way you think about your affiliates…

Strategy #8…Be 100% Certain You Reward Your Affiliates
And Joint Venture Partners For ALL Their Efforts…

Online marketing giant Mike Filsaime tells everyone who listens that he LOVES paying out affiliate commissions.

And he’ll go to great lengths to make sure he rewards his affiliates every time they promote one of his sites.

Not only does this show Mike’s high ethical standards it’s also very smart marketing.

Every time you pay an affiliate it motivates them to promote you more.

But to be sure of paying affiliates and joint venture partners you really have to track every prospect they send to your site all the way from your landing page to the sale and everywhere in between.

You have to know every time you make a sale where that prospect first came from.

Fortunately this process is easy to do with a special script and my step by step instructions in your Sales Page Secrets package.

Once you have this script running you can integrate with aweber, 1shoppingcart or getresponse, your landing page, your sales page…it’s all a piece of cake.

And you can tell your affiliates and Joint Venture partners with confidence that you track everything.

They’ll know anyone they send to your site who buys from you will result in a payday for them.

Finally there’s another powerful way to motivate your joint venture partners and selected “super” affiliates…

Strategy #9…Pay Your Joint Venture Partners IMMEDIATELY
Into Their PayPal Accounts…

Don’t you love it when a customer buys from you and you get that money immediately into your PayPal account.

Doesn’t that instant gratification make you want to go out and do what it takes to get even more of those sales.

It’s the same for your joint venture partners and affiliates!

They don’t want to wait a month to get paid any more than you do and for selected joint venture partners and affliiates they don’t have to.

Using a rotating script you can share commissions with your selected joint venture partners…each of you being paid in turn.

So if you were sharing commissions 50/50 your joint venture partner would be paid immediately via PayPal for the first sale, you’d be paid for the second and so on.

Instant gratification for your joint venture partners and quite a simple script to set up on a small scale.

Think of how pumped up your big joint venture partners will be when they send out an email to their list and just minutes later they can see those sales coming into their PayPal account.

That’s a total of 9 cash creating scripts you can start
using right now to increase your online sales…

And you can download every one of these scripts with my easy-for-beginners instructions to putting them on your site.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll be downloading just minutes from now…

Your Full Sales Page Tactics 3 Package

1 Split Testing ‘Rotator’ Script $29.00 Value…

2 Exit Page Script $39.00 Value…

3 Interruption Pop Over Script $39.00 Value…

4 Dime Sale Script $39.00 Value…

5 PayPal Script $39.00 Value…

6 Affiliate Custom Subdomain Script $39.00 Value..

7 Affiliate Sales Tracking Script $29.00 Value…

8 Immediate JV Payment Rotating Script $29.00 Value…

PLUS 7 More Valuable Scripts Worth $133 ALL With Simple Step By Step Instructions…

A Grand Total Of $415.00 Value

7 More Valuable Bonuses…$133 Value
FREE If You Act NOW!

I’ve thrown in 7 more scripts you might find valuable running your website including…

  • A live visitor counter that allows you to see how many visitors are on your sales page at any time…
  • Your own Clickbank article brander that automatically puts your affiliates unique links into any articles you supply them…
  • The secret script for the “rolldown ads” becoming so popular online today.
  • A “search engine alarm” script that immediately notifies you when a search engine spiders your site. If you want maximum search engine optimization this will help you time your content updates effectively.
  • And more valuable bonus “odds and ends” scripts too numerous to mention…

This is easily the best value anywhere for a script package online.

Not only do you get cutting edge scripts 100% guaranteed to make you real cash profits you also get all the basic training and instruction you need to get them working in mere minutes.

Any one of these scripts will be worth many times what you’ll invest in the whole package.

And every day you wait is another day where you’ve let the extra profits these scripts will make you just pass you by.

Ever Wish You Had A Cheat Sheet For Starting A Successful Online Business?

A Simple “Paint-By-Numbers” Plan That Was Easy As 1-2-3?

Well Hold On To Your Hat, Because You’re Only 2 Minutes And 17 Seconds Away From Turning Your Wishes Into Reality

Bonus #1: Sales Overload Home Study Mini Course by Terry Telford

1 hour 40 minute audio, 31 page PDF e-book

Your Sales Overload Home Study Mini Course Is Your Ticket To Starting, Running And Profiting From Your Own Online Business…in 30 days or less!

I’ve boiled down my formula for fast tracking a business from start to success. I’ve packaged the formula in an easy to follow, 30-day home study mini course. You’re getting the exact formula I plug into every time I develop a new online income stream.

Can You Benefit From A Home Study Mini Course That Paves The Way For Your Fast Track Online Success?

You can if…

  • …you’re looking for a second income, to buy that new car, make an extra mortgage payment, or take a vacation with your family. This plan can take you there.
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I’m going to be totally honest with you. I could write you a really long letter and fill it full of fluffy copywriting stuff, but I’m not going to. Let’s just be honest with each other. If you’re looking for a solid plan that can help you make money online in the next 30 days, the Sales Overload Home Study Course could be what you’ve been looking for. If not, no worries. It was nice of you to pop by the website.

Here’s What You’ll Find Packed Inside Your Home Study Mini Course:

  • 3 keys that 95% of all online entrepreneurs are missing. You’ll discover what the keys are and how to use them to unlock the 3 doors of success.
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  • How to run your business with 90% -95% pure profit. You keep $95 of every $100 that comes into your business.
  • The misconception of owning a list. It’s not just 1, it’s 3. You have to know what they are and how to use them to max your business profit potential.
  • 30-day planner. Each day gives you an action step to put your business on the fast track.

Who Can Benefit From This Home Study Mini Course?

You can if you haven’t popped out your first $1,000 month yet. This course will show you how to punch through the invisible glass ceiling.

On the other hand, if you’re already making $4,000 – $5,000 a month online, this home study course probably won’t increase your income. You already have a plan and it seems to be working.

Bonus #2: Blogs and RSS Revealed by Brandon Hong

“Finally, 30 Year Old Physics Teacher Screams, ‘Enough Is Enough’ And Answers Your Most Pressing Questions On Blogs & RSS…

If ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ Like Blogs & RSS Leaves You Flat Then…

Give Me 1 Hour And 47 Minutes And I’ll Reveal The Secrets Of Getting Highly Responsive, Cash Rich & Ready Buyers To Your Website Today

Are you frustrated seeing others using new ‘technology’ to make money while you’re left alone ‘in the dark’?

If you can spare me 1 hour and 47 minutes I will finally answer your most pressing questions on Blogs and RSS.

Because that’s exactly how long my recent ‘client-only’ webcast called, “Blogs and RSS Revealed” is. When you listen to it all the ‘technical’ fog will be lifted and you’ll be able to look at blogs and RSS with a crystal clear understanding.

What’s more you’ll be able to profit from your new found knowledge almost immediately.

Here’s just some of the answers I revealed…

  • How to quickly get a blog up and running in 3 easy steps even if you don’t own a website!
  • The top 5 reasons a blog out-performs a traditional website and how you can take advantage of them.
  • 10 surefire ways to drive hordes of traffic to your blog!
  • How to finally ‘get’ what RSS means for your marketing once and for all..
  • Discover how to make money from your blog today!
  • The no hassle way to adding a blog to an existing website to boost traffic and sales.
  • A quick guide to effective niche blogging!
  • When you should ‘ping’ your blog for maximum traffic benefit and why.
  • How RSS and Blogs relate to getting joint ventures with large list owners!
  • Hosting your own blog Versus using a free service – the pros and cons.
  • List building and ezine publishing with blogs and RSS!
  • Where to find a FREE newsreader to read your RSS feeds.

The problem with so many information products these days is they’re written from the point of view of the author and NOT on the pressing questions of the customer!

No wonder so many of them are flat out useless!

Especially when it comes to anything ‘technical’ like blogs and RSS.

That’s why you need an expert who answers your kind of questions, cut’s out all the fluff and jargon and gives it to you straight in an easy to understand way!

Here’s What You’ll Get…

  • The audio package consists of 33 detailed answers to your most pressing questions on blogs and RSS. It’s presented on digitally enhanced Audio MP3.
  • A grand total of 1 hour and 47 minutes of expert answers, advice and recommendations so you can finally use the power of blogs and RSS yourself.
  • The questions and answers are arranged in easy-to-manage chunks so you can quickly find what part of the presentation you’d like to listen to or review.
  • A complete ebook, listening all the questions and answers. NOTE: The ebook and audio are not the same – please review them both to gain maximum advantage!

Bonus #3: Ad Track Pro PHP Script

How Your New Ad Tracker Will Save You Massive Amounts Of Profit & Time, Increase Sales & Ad Responses, And Grow Your Business For You Exponentially!

With your permission, I’d like you to answer a question for me. You see, there is one question that plagues just about every ‘net marketer doing business online.

Well, let me get straight to the point.

Answer this; What does it take to really succeed with an online business? Do you know the answer? If I told you that I have the answer, and that I have solid proof to back it up, would you believe me?

In just a minute, I will be unveiling the answer and how you can solve the problem! Instantly and easily, creating surges of easy cash, cold hard cash for yourself, your family and whatever else you may need.

When Millions Were Actually THROWN IN THE GUTTER!

Let me tell you how 4 Internet marketers, just like you- lost millions of dollars by not employing the correct answer to the question above.

These 4 marketers did “almost” every thing right. They created and sold their own products, ran their own affiliate programs, bought courses and e-books to educate themselves with new profit strategies, worked hard at generating traffic, just like you do- right now.

But one element of their marketing plan was missing, and as it turns out, this one element is the breakthrough that literally skyrocketed their income as soon as they employed it.

So what is the answer to that question? It isn’t about writing ad copy, getting traffic, creating products, or building a list, the key- the one specific money-making key to Internet marketing is the ability to measure and effective test all avenues of your online cashflow without spending much time.

Let the truth be known; Marketing is a numbers game! It’s been said before. And it’s the truth. Plain and simple.

If you have the ability to test and measure the results quickly and easily, then you and anybody can become a marketing genius! And that is the real key to raking in trash bags of cash!

What you need to do this is….

  • Something that is automated, easy to use, and virtually hands-free!
  • Something that lets you track, measure, and analyze the “numbers” of your marketing campaigns!
  • Something that will tell you where your business is losing money, and what to improve upon!
  • Something that will forever help you to increase your income every second of every day!

That “something” has never existed before… until now!

Ad Tracking Pro is a new unparalleled web statistics/ad management/scientific testing system designed specifically to continually boost and downright explode your business.

This isn’t some basic “ad tracker” or “service” that confuses you and wastes your time, this is a complete solution that will stick by your side and speed up the rate at which your business grows!

With it, you will be able to test, measure and analyze all marketing campaigns and easily increase cashflow. Without it, you risk floundering like a fish out of water, losing money on your marketing efforts and wasting precious amounts of “profit time”!

Ad Tracking Pro will soon become your best friend, enabling you to shoot past current competition and free up time wasting tasks that are only holding you back.

Let’s get right down to what Ad Tracking Pro has to offer!

The Statistics Helm (With Campaign Control Technology!)

The Statistics Helm is specifically tailored to help make marketing your business an easy game. Add a simple JavaScript to any or all of your web pages and you instantly empower yourself with the ability to track anything and everything that comes your way!

It tracks unique visitors, total visitors, referring URLs, time and date (down to the second), search engines keywords, you name it!

Not only that, but with it’s Campaign Control Technology, you can create ad campaigns to use without having to use a 3rd party URL. For instance, add a little code to the end of your URL like: http://www.yoursite.com/yourpage.html?tid=ad and you can track unlimited ad campaigns without the hassles of using another domain name.

Simple, brilliant and very effective!

The Ad Amplifier

Need to track visitors going to external links like affiliate programs, joint ventures, etc..? Use your ad campaign trackers with OUR URL instead of yours like above. Just tack your tracker ID to the end of our specialized URL, and now you can track external links. It looks like this: http://trackerzap.com/member/link.php?tid=ID

These trackers are designed to make it completely hands free for you. It will automatically create your web site’s marketing numbers for you. Spitting out such statistics as: Unique visitors, total visitors, visitors to sales ratios, cost per click, cost per sale, referring URLs, time and date of each visitor, and more…

With this, you can stop wasting time and money on ineffective marketing campaigns and start utilizing the power of the numbers came to your advantage!

The Action Gauge

Did I forget? This system also tracks web site sales and actions performed by your visitors! Need to know which ads are also producing sales? No problem! Need to know which marketing campaigns are producing ezine subscribers? No problem!

The Action Gauge is fully integrated with the statistics program giving you a full grasp at what is going on with your web site. Never miss or guess again!

The Scientific Split-Tester

When using the Ad Amplifier, you will have the ability to “split” the traffic that goes through your tracking URL to two different web sites. Why is this important? Imagine the power that you will have if you could per

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Robert Plank Sales Page Tactics Volume 3 250x343 1 | eSy[GB]
Robert Plank – Sales Page Tactics Volume 3
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