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“How We Quickly Make Thousands Of Dollars In Commissions And Get A Flood Of FREE Website Traffic, All In Just 2 Hours.” WARNING: This “Almost Too Good To Be True” System For Creating An Empire Of Sites Selling Actual, Real Products Will ONLY Be Revealed To A Select Few People!

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Sneaky System

“How We Quickly Make Thousands Of Dollars In Commissions And Get A Flood Of FREE Website Traffic, All In Just 2 Hours.”

WARNING: This “Almost Too Good To Be True” System For Creating An Empire Of Sites Selling Actual, Real Products Will ONLY Be Revealed To A Select Few People!

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Seattle, Washington

In an effort to keep competition down, we are limiting the number of people who can sign up for these deadly effective affiliate cash producing methods based on your location.

If you want to be one of the few people in your area to take advantage of these methods, you must act quickly!

From: Matthew Kadish
Rich Jerk Headquarters
Thursday, February 26, 2009
RE: The Rich Jerk’s Sneaky System

Dear Friend,

Are you tired of never making any money with your affiliate marketing efforts?

Are you tired of having to hire an expensive website designer, copywriter, and graphic artist every time you want to make a website to help you make money?

Are you frustrated trying to keep up with the latest “traffic tricks” and spending countless hours trying to get a few hundred visitors to your website?

And most of all – are you tired of having to shell out THOUSANDS of dollars to Google, Yahoo, and MSN to pay for website traffic that never converts to sales?

If so, then this could very well be the single, most important website you ever read!


Because in this letter, I am going to reveal closely-guarded secrets that show you…

  • How to track down highly profitable affiliate products NO ONE is promoting, that can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.
  • How to quickly build an empire of websites that take you virtually no time to set up, require no knowledge of HTML, and will automatically generate affiliate sales previously not believed possible.
  • How to ethically “steal” content from other sources to help you create instant, keyword rich sales material that you don’t need to spend any time rewriting.
  • How to get highly targeted, frothing-at-the-mouth, ready to buy online shoppers to your website quickly, and WITHOUT paying for it.

Don’t believe me? Think this sounds too good to be true? Well, if you’ll give me just 5 minutes of your time, I’m going to PROVE to you, beyond any doubt, that this is not a scam – and that this shocking new “underground” affiliate method is so deadly effective, practically anyone can be making an easy six-figure income in no time.

Undeniable PROOF This System Works…

Before I reveal to you how this top-secret affiliate marketing method works, I want to show you the kind of money that we at the Rich Jerk company have been making using this system. Check out these actual screenshots from our Amazon.com affiliate account…

amazon associates | eSy[GB]

amazon stats | eSy[GB]

amazon revenue | eSy[GB]

These screenshots have not been edited or doctored in any way. These numbers are REAL, and verified by Amazon.com.

And you know the best part about it? We paid ZERO money for traffic, ZERO money for website design, and ZERO money for content or images.

That means the amounts you see listed above are 100% pure PROFIT. The only thing we pay for is web hosting, and that is so cheap, it’s not even worth mentioning.

So How Do We Pull In Six Figure Commission Checks As An Affiliate?

The best part of this incredibly system is that it doesn’t require a lot of time or effort to do. In fact, we spend just 2 hours a day working on new affiliate websites.

That’s all!

We create simple, 2-5 page websites specifically designed to sell any product that will make us money – everything from digital info-products to real, honest-to-god products.

I’m talking about things like:

  • TVs
  • Computers
  • DVD Players
  • Gaming Systems
  • Home Theater Systems
  • Books
  • DVDs
  • Games
  • Toys
  • Jewelry

These simple mini-sites are specifically designed to do just two things

1. Get people to buy products through my affiliate links.

2. Quickly rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and MSN for relevant keywords.

We do not spend thousands of dollars on Pay-Per-Click traffic. We do not rent email lists and spam people. We do not do any complicated search engine optimization. We do not waste time and money building thousands of backlinks.

The secret is in how we design our mini-sites. The Rich Jerk accidentally stumbled across a secret formula that Google LOVES, that makes any site rank in the top 10 positions for highly relevant keywords

So when people go searching for a particular product, they find a website that belongs to US.

And if they buy through our site, we get the credit!

The best part is – once our site is indexed in Google, it stays there pretty much until we decide to take it down! This means that whenever anyone does a search for a particular product they are looking to buy – chances are they’ll find one that belongs to us.

Imagine how much money you could make as an affiliate, with an empire of sites that can get thousands of free visitors from the search engines every day.

THAT is what we’re doing right now – and I want to show you how you can do it too!

What Is The Secret Formula For Getting Free Traffic From Google?

You may be wondering how we came across the secret to ranking high in the search engines and getting tons of free traffic to our affiliate sites.

After all, this is the “holy grail” of all internet marketers, right?

Well, you might have heard that the Rich Jerk first made his fortune by creating high authority websites that ranked really well in the search engines for competitive keywords, and then sold those websites for massive amounts of cash!

Back when he was doing this, he was using a method called “cloaking” to fool the search engines.

Since then, the game has changed as search engines have become smarter. But the Rich Jerk is always one step ahead. He actually FIGURED OUT what the search engines are looking for, and created a system of making affiliate sites that can make him EASY MONEY.

After figuring this out, he sat down with us at his company and taught us his new method, then had us start doing it on a massive scale.

And wouldn’t you know it? It worked better than I personally could have ever imagined!

For the past 2 years, we’ve operated in the shadows, quietly building an empire of affiliate sites, and making easy money using this unqiue system of affiliate marketing. And we did it all using the Rich Jerk’s secret search engine formula that makes Google think our websites are the most relevant webpages out there.

And the best part is – we’re not “fooling” or “tricking” the search engines! We’re actually giving them what they want, and because of that – our sites are always showing up as number 1 on the Google search results, and STAYING there!

The Key To Our Success Is Very Simple…

You might think that getting all the free traffic was the secret to our success, but that was only part of it.

The other part was selling real products people actually WANT, instead of just Clickbank info-products.

Info Products are popular because they don’t cost anything to produce, and you can charge a lot of money for them.

But the biggest problem with info products is that they usually only cater to a very SELECT niche market.

This means, if you’re trying to promote info products as an affiliate, your customer base is usually limited to that specific niche.

But real, physical products are a different story entirely.

Real products like TVs, Computers, and Cameras apply to an extremely large mass market audience. This means that no matter how many people are promoting real products online, you can usually make a lot of money if you know what you’re doing – because the market is so HUGE.

That is the reason why we’re not afraid to share these methods with the public. No matter how much competition there is in promoting physical products, you can always make money.

Don’t believe me? Just look at how many people are promoting iPods! And that’s just ONE product!!!

If you promote every physical product you can think of, you can start making the kind of money that will make your average info-product marketer green with envy.

And the best part is – when it comes to your competition, they’ll never know what you’re doing! And should they actually find one of your websites, they’ll have NO IDEA how you’re able to outrank them for your chosen keywords.

That’s Why We Call This Method “The Sneaky System!”

After you learn how we do the Rich Jerk’s special method of affiliate marketing, you’re never going to want to promote products any other way ever again!

When you use The Rich Jerk’s system to earn massive affiliate commissions, you’ll learn…

  • How spending $8 on a domain name can generate $100,000 in sales.
  • A simple trick to get Google to index all your websites in a matter of days.
  • The killer secret to finding the best products that will generate the most commissions.
  • How to ethically steal product descriptions from manufacturers to quickly populate your website with relevant content Google will love.
  • A sneaky trick to get past Google’s duplicate content penalty only the most elite SEO strategists know.
  • The best website template to use so you can set up an army of affiliate websites in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • The most effective technique there is to make sure when people visit your website, they buy from you and no one else!
  • Our patented “mini-site secret” that allows us to create websites that Google can’t ignore.
  • How to set up a “secret web” of links to every website you build that will make the search engines think your sites are more relevant to searchers than anyone else’s.
  • The most important aspect of optimizing your websites for the search engines – and how easy it is to implement.
  • A step-by-step system of optimizing your websites so that the search engines are practically FORCED to rank them in the top 10.
  • How to build an empire of cash-producing affiliate sites that lead your customers exactly where you want them to buy.
  • A simple trick that will make your customer think he’s getting a discount when he buys through your website (hint: the customer is getting a discount, but it has nothing to do with you!)
  • The key to creating urgency that will force your site visitors to buy. This simple technique increased our commissions by 75%!
  • The most important aspect of any product you decide to promote, and how you can use it to ensure the number one spot in Google.
  • A killer trick to get “link juice” from authority sites that Google loves, that no one else ever thinks about doing!
  • And much more…

All that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Some of our techniques are so top-secret, I will ONLY share them with loyal students who’ve proven they can already succeed using The Rich Jerk’s teachings.

“But Matt, You Don’t Get Paid Very High Commissions On Physical Products!”

This is true. Typically, one can only make 4%-8% commission on selling physical products through Amazon.com. On Clickbank you can find products that pay out anywhere from 50%-75% commission.

But here’s the thing…

First of all, physical products are about selling in QUANTITY.

If I asked you if you’d rather pay me one dollar so that I’ll give you back two dollars all day long, or if you could pay me fifty dollars to get one hundred dollars back only once a day – which would you choose?

With real products, the market is much bigger, so you can make WAY more money selling lots of products at a lower commission than you could selling only a couple of info products at a higher payout.

Our system is about hitting singles all day long, instead of trying to hit the home run.

Further more – if you try and buy traffic to promote physical products, you’re typically going to spend way more money than you’re making!

The beauty of The Rich Jerk’s system is that you pay NOTHING for traffic, so everything you make is pure profit!!!

Finally, you are forgetting about the law of COMPOUND PURCHASES!

What I mean by this is, if you send someone to Amazon.com to buy a product you’re promoting, you don’t just make money on that one product. You make money on EVERYTHING they buy!

So if someone buys a Playsation 3, and four video games, 5 Blu Ray movies, and some TV cables to go along with it, YOU GET PAID ON ALL OF THAT!

If you’re sending thousands of people to Amazon.com every day and they are all compounding their purchases by buying multiple products, that is more money in you’re pocket!

(And very few people only buy just ONE product thought Amazon at any given time!)

“But What About Competition From Others Using Your System? Will That Affect My Ability To Make Money?”

Absolutely NOT.

We’ve already taken on a small handful of students to teach them this system. And even though almost all of them are promoting the exact same products – they are all STILL making money!

The reason why is simple…

First, there are literally hundreds of thousands of physical products out there to promote. Everything from movies, books, video games, TVs, computers, etc.

Because there is so much to promote, it would take literally MILLIONS of affiliates to saturate the market using our methods to see any effect on your commissions.

Secondly, Amazon.com has different sites for different countries. So if you’re promoting your sites in the United States, that won’t affect the people in Australia, Canada, the UK, or any other country.

This means that your competition is usually limited to the country you’re operating out of!

And finally, new products are CONSTANTLY being released. There’s always a new TV, Digital Camera, or Computer coming out, so even if you miss out on an older type of product, you can take advantage of the new products coming down the line!

So as you can see, no matter how much “competition” there is to use The Rich Jerk’s tactics, it will not effect your ability to make money using them.

“If This System Is So Great, Why Are You Sharing It With Everybody? Why Not Just Keep It For Yourself?”

This is one of the reasons why it took us so long to finally go public with these techniques.

As you know, the Rich Jerk loves his money! And our affiliate sites using his Sneaky System are so successful, he didn’t want anyone else knowing about them for the longest time.

After months of begging and pleading, we were finally able to convince the Rich Jerk to share his secrets. Here’s what changed his mind…

1. We owe it to our students to constantly give them the most effective money-making tactics there are.

The Rich Jerk might be a jerk, but he loves his students! And he wants them to succeed. We proved to him that we could make his system so easy for his students to use, that they wouldn’t be able to help making money when they used it – and of course, the Rich Jerk would get all the credit for their success!

2. Our Sneaky System affiliate sites are already so numerous and profitable, it wouldn’t matter how many other competitors started using our methods – we’d still be making money.

Because we’ve been using this system for so long, we’ve already got a foothold in our markets and will always be able to hold our rankings in the search engines. Because of this, we know that bringing new blood into the markets will not adversely affect our commissions.

3. We’ll make even MORE money sharing these incredible strategies!

This is the one that really changed RJ’s mind. These strategies are so cutting edge and effective, that we’re convinced people will literally be knocking down our door trying to get them. Because of this, we’re confident we can make just as much, if not more, selling these tactics as we could using the Sneaky System.

So after hearing these arguments, the Rich Jerk finally agreed to allow me to share his Sneaky System with the masses.

There Is No Better Affiliate Marketing System Than “The Sneaky System.”

I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but in all my time making money on the internet, I have yet to come across a system for making affiliate money as simple and effective as the one I lay out in this course.

So many other courses make you feel like you need to have a degree in computer engineering or have thousands of dollars to spend on advertising to make them work.

But not this one.

The Rich Jerk is not a guy who likes to work very hard, so he made the Sneaky System method something that could be done quickly and without much effort. Because of that, he specifically stayed away from things like:

  • Expensive Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Complicated Search Engine Marketing
  • Oversaturated Niche Markets
  • Fancy And Costly Web Design

In The Sneaky System, you get all the Rich Jerk’s down-and-dirty methods for making insane affiliate profits, and building an empire of affiliate sites you can set up quickly, that rake in thousands of dollars a day with almost no effort on your part.

If that sounds good to you, then you owe it to yourself to check out the Sneaky System Course.

Here’s What You’ll Get In The Course…

When you get access to the Rich Jerk’s best affiliate marketing strategies in the Sneaky System Course, you get to learn every last one of his sneaky, underground affiliate secrets.

Check out everything that’s included in the course below…

ss small | eSy[GB]

Introduction To The Sneaky System

In this section of the course, we’ll introduce you to the over-all method employed in the Sneaky System, so you have a solid understanding of how it all works before you start diving into the training materials.

ss small | eSy[GB]

Choosing Products To Promote

In a series of 3 videos, we’ll cover the best ways to find great products to promote on your affiliate websites.

Not only will we show you the secrets to finding the hottest products on Amazon.com, but we’ll also show you how to spot the best-sellers on Clickbank as well!

And in a special video, we’ll reveal a nifty trick using Google Trends that will help you get a head-start on the competition for all the hottest, new, upcoming affiliate products and trends.

ss small | eSy[GB]

Keyword Research

The key to being a wealthy affiliate is knowing what keywords to target. With an in-depth guide and a special video tutorial, we’ll lay out for you the Rich Jerk’s own secrets for finding the best keywords for your affiliate marketing.

ss small | eSy[GB]

Domain Names

Believe it or not, the domain name you choose plays a HUGE role in how successful your affiliate site is. In a video and a top-secret manual, we’ll lay down the guidelines you need to follow to get a money-generating domain name for pennies on the dollar.

ss small | eSy[GB]

Site Architecture

In this section, we’ll go through a detailed analysis of how your websites need to be set up for maximum effectiveness. This is all about how your sites need to be created, how they relate to each other, and how they inter-link with each other. This is a CRUCIAL concept to understand if you plan on building an affiliate site empire. This section consists of 2 manuals and a video.

ss small | eSy[GB]

Website Optimization

This is the real meat of the Sneaky System course. In this section, we’ll reveal to you our best secrets for quickly creating websites the search engines LOVE.

We spare no detail in these video tutorials and 3 manuals. We’ll take you, step-by-step, through each aspect of your website you need to pay attention to in order to completely optimize your website for the search engines.

ss small | eSy[GB]

Creating Images

Creating images isn’t just about making your sites look professional, it’s also crucial to making sales! In this section, we’ll cover the Rich Jerk’s conversion strategies using images and graphics, and how you can use them to make those coveted affiliate sales.

This section includes two guides and two videos teaching how to make your own images, or how to find outside hire to help you with your image creation.

ss small | eSy[GB]

Mini-Site Software

The key to making lots of money using the Sneaky System is making lots of affiliate websites very, very quickly! And we give you the exact tools you need to do just that.

With our ultra-fast mini-site software, you can create powerful affiliate sites that rank highly in the search engines without having to know a single lick of HTML code! All you need to do is install the software on your hosting account, and that’s it.

ss small | eSy[GB]

Mini-Site Training

It’s one thing just to give you the software to create your affiliate sites, it’s another thing to actually SHOW you how best to use it! In this section of the course, we go into detail about how you can construct your affiliate sites for maximum search engine love. This section contains 15 videos and 3 manuals.

ss small | eSy[GB]

Web 2.0 Training

As if giving you our mini-site software wasn’t enough, we’ll show you the secrets to using FREE Web 2.0 properties to get the exact same results! There are many Web 2.0 services out there that allow you to create properly optimized webpages the search engines love – and you don’t even need to pay for hosting! These are great for creating free affiliate sites, or giving your hosted affiliate sites even more backlinks. This section contains 4 videos and 1 manual.

ss small | eSy[GB]

Paid Advertising

Just because our system gives you tons and tons of FREE traffic, doesn’t mean you can’t get even more traffic by advertising your site. In this section of the course, we give you our specific strategy that will get you highly targeted traffic from paid search results for next-to no money! This is a killer affiliate marketing strategy that only the pros really know!

ss small | eSy[GB]

Backlinking Strategies

Once you create a website that ranks well in the search engines, you need to either drive that ranking higher, or you need to make sure it stays at it’s top ranking! And you do that by creating high-quality backlinks that point back to your affiliate site.

This is a crucial strategy in out-doing your competition, and you will learn the Rich Jerk’s quick-and-dirty secrets to getting massive amounts of backlinks to every affiliate site he creates. This section of the course consists of 4 manuals.

ss small | eSy[GB]

Tracking Your Progress

Once you have your website ranked in the search engines, you need to know how to find out what it’s ranked at for a given keyword, and track how high it is in the listings. In this video, we will show you exactly what you need to do to find out how high your website is ranked for any keyword term.

ss small | eSy[GB]

Selling Your Affiliate Sites

The end game to your affiliate empire is being able to sell off your websites at some point and pocket huge amounts of cash. This is the Rich Jerk’s specialty! Through a revealing video and manual, we’ll show you what you need to know to sell off your affiliate sites for massive profits.

As you can see, this is one of the most EXTENSIVE affiliate marketing courses of its kind. I personally created all the videos and manuals myself – these were not outsourced!

That means you really are getting The Rich Jerk’s unique strategies, directly from someone he personally taught his method to and has actually used them to make money!

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a….

Get download Rich Jerk – Sneaky System at Forimc.com right now!

Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20090225212504/http://www.sneakysystem.com/

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