Wobble-Free Living – Abraham-Hkks



Wobble-Free Living – Abraham-Hkks


Is it hard to get a physical body?


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  • Britney Spears’ perspective
  • Motivation vs. inspiration
  • Wants her own dance studio
  • Singer found alignment through breath work
  • Does earning money depend on action?
  • Who’s calling the plays down here?
  • Promoting restful sleep
  • A relationship conversation
  • Doctor wants to transition to holistic medicine
  • A message to teachers of teachers
  • Son won’t do math or grammar, period.
  • Relationships from a wobble-free perspective
  • His mother and sister were mentally ill
  • Eleven years of Abraham brought clarity this weekend
  • Beekeeper wants to know why bees are dying
  • Traumatic head injury led to non-physical experience
  • Do we all have a spiritual guide?
  • Has trouble believing we can control the weather
  • She has compassion for animals
  • She experiences nightmares all night long
  • She wants a fast refocussing trick
  • She had an over-the-top experience
  • Is it possible to waste time?
  • She is facing death happily
  • Karma
  • Is it hard to get a physical body?
  • … and many more.

6 hours of highlight material from 2 days of workshops

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