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[ Available ] Video Sales Academy PRO – Farid Askerov… It’s the most I’ve ever closed for a single project in my life & if you would have told me four years ago I’d be regularly closing deals between $10K to $60K… I would have said you’re f*cking insane.

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Video Sales Academy PRO – Farid Askerov

Today, I closed a $60K video project.

Last year in 2022, my highest project closed was $30K and I could barely believe it back then too.

It’s the most I’ve ever closed for a single project in my life & if you would have told me four years ago I’d be regularly closing deals between $10K to $60K… I would have said you’re f*cking insane.

Not only am I closing these higher priced projects… I’m able to take three months off in a year if I really want to. That’s exactly what I did last year in 2022 and still made more money than I did in 2021.

Sometimes I feel like I have to pinch myself because I can’t believe how far I’ve come in those four short years. I feel like I figured out the “cheat code”.

It wasn’t always like this though…

I struggled a lot with closing deals early in my video production career.

I had NO IDEA which questions to ask or what to say so people would take me seriously.

• Why is this meeting so awkward? I never know what to say
• What if I don’t have a good example to show? They’re going to think I’m an amateur
• How do I tell them the price? I can’t take getting rejected again. Maybe I should just send an e-mail later…
• Why do clients always want to haggle me on prices? I have bills to pay too…
• I’m good at what I do… so why am I scraping by just to make ends meet?
• I always feel like I’m pulling teeth trying to convince people on why they should hire me.
• Maybe I just need better gear to charge more... that will finally give me the confidence I need
• Clients just don’t have enough money. How do I stop wasting my time with people that can’t actually afford to pay me what I’m worth?

Sound familiar? Yeah. I also used to suck at sales.

Good news… it doesn’t have to be miserable & hopeless

Sales is a skill you can learn. Who would have thought?

It’s no different than learning to ride a bike. You’ll probably fall quite a lot in the beginning, but you can eventually find your balance and riding becomes second nature.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the confidence required to talk to others about your work AND your rates. Sales will become second nature.

Most importantly, those sales skills are hands down exactly what you need the most to move the needle towards earning six figures and beyond.

I don’t like the way a lot of courses are marketed with funnels and endless annoying marketing sequences that don’t respect your time. So I want to do things differently.

I’ll keep it straight to the point. There are THREE options to choose from below. One of them is completely free. Yes, seriously – free. No gimmicks.

Everyone in the online course space says to never give away your valuable content for free, but I I know there are a lot of people skeptical of online courses.

I totally understand why – so this one is for the doubters out there

Introducing… Video Sales Academy

More Money

Learning to sell at higher rates means more money. With some effort, the content in this course can take you to six figures and beyond.

Less Clients

More money per project means less clients, which also means you get FREEDOM over your time. Spend it with your family, friends, whatever you want.

Real Sales Call Recordings

You don’t need to spend 20 hours watching “Theory” videos. Learn the core principles in less than 3 hours and dive into real sales recordings. Watch how I run sales meetings to reinforce what you learned.

The Video Vault

To make things even easier, I have organized nearly all of my video projects over the last four years by industry and video type. Use these examples to show clients in your sales meetings. Let me help do the selling for you.

Module 1 – Lead Gen & Confidence 101

  • Confidence 101
  • Lead Gen Strategies (Networking and Direct Outreach)
  • How to Approach Networking Events
  • How to get Repeat work, Referrals & Testimonials

Module 2 – Before the Meeting: How to Prepare

  • Discovery Form & Calendly Integration
  • Red Flags (Avoid Tire Kickers & Time Wasters)

Module 3 – Running the Sales Meeting

  • Sales Mentality
  • How to Set Up a Powerful Sales Conversation Immediately at the Start
  • The ENTIRE Sales Meeting Process – Start to Finish
  • Value Based Pricing
  • FOUR Useful Videos to Sell, when to Sell them & how Much to Charge 
  • Easy Retainer Videos – How to Pitch & Close $2K+ per month recurring revenue projects

Module 4 – Sales Call Recordings & Deals Closed

  • $6,500 – Brand Video – ZOOM Recording
  • $10,000 – 2x Testimonial Videos – ZOOM Recording
  • $10,000 – What to do When Clients Push Back – Closing a Deal over E-mail
  • $13,300 – Multi-Video Deal – IN PERSON Recording
  • $30,000 – Multi-Video Deal – ZOOM Recording
  • $60,000 – Detailed Breakdown of the Proposal that Beat 5 other Video Companies
  • The Video Vault: All of my video projects over the last 4 years sorted by industry and video type. Show these to your potential clients. Let me help you close the deal.

Module 5 – Answering Questions from 50+ Students

  • How I tripled revenue from Year 1 to Year 2
  • Do I need to niche?
  • Do I need a portfolio to sell projects?
  • Feel like you could have charged your client more?
  • ….and many more common questions

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