Apteros Trading-NADRO – Merritt Black



Apteros Trading-NADRO – Merritt Black


[ Available ] Apteros Trading-NADRO – Merritt Black… This course was created on a proprietary trading desk, where real capital is on the line, so you can be confident that the strategies you’ll learn are tested and proven to work.

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Apteros Trading-NADRO – Merritt Black

Apteros Trading-NADRO - Merritt Black

Read this sh*t if you’re sick of struggling in the markets.

Oh, wait, what’s that? You’re not sick of it? You actually enjoy feeling like you’re constantly spinning your wheels and getting nowhere?

Well, in that case, keep it moving.

But if you’re actually ready to put an end to the frustration and start seeing some actual results, listen up.

It’s time to end the frustration and start seeing real results.

Introducing our elite trading course, developed by Merritt Black, a professional institutional futures trader with 15 years of experience.

This course was created on a proprietary trading desk, where real capital is on the line, so you can be confident that the strategies you’ll learn are tested and proven to work.

Through in-depth video lectures, you’ll learn the NADRO methodology – a holistic approach to short(er) term trading that includes the essential components of Narrative, Acceptance, Developing Value, Rhythm, and Order Flow.

This course was created on a proprietary trading desk where real capital is on the line, so you know these strategies are the real deal.

And by ‘real deal,’ we mean they’ve been tested and proven to work, unlike all those other useless strategies you’ve been using.

Don’t become another statistic in the 90% of traders who fail. Take control of your financial future, and join us today.

Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

Whether your goal is to trade professionally, join a proprietary trade desk, or start your own fund, this course is for you.

It’s time to finally start seeing the success you deserve.

Or, you know, continue struggling in the markets. It’s all up to you.

Check out the curriculum


  • Introduction to Mental Framework
  • Most Traders Fail (Why?)
  • The Natural Human Trader
  • The Evolved Human Trader
  • How Process Fits In
  • Warning!
  • Developing the Mental Framework
  • Bonus Material


  • Auction Market Theory and its applications
  • The 10 Laws of Market Dynamics you MUST Know
  • Charting & Getting Set up to Trade
  • Market Profile Basics
  • The Laws of Market Dynamics – Real Examples
  • How & Why we use Composite Profiles
  • Developing Narratives & Hypos (if-then scenarios)
  • Developing Your Ability To Profile Effectively


  • The Work and Documentation
  • Preparing for the Trading Day (Prep)
  • How to Journal
  • How to Conduct a Daily Review
  • Longer-Term Reviews
  • How to Use Statistics to Improve Your Trading
  • Skills to Develop This Week


  • Developing the Full Narrative Using Higher Time Frame
  • How to use Multiple Long Term VWAPs
  • Handling LTVW Extremes
  • Ranking & Distilling Narratives
  • Handling Confluence and Dissonance
  • Live Trade Examples
  • Nightly Reports + Video Q&A


  • Introduction to Execution
  • Rhythm for Entries
  • The Importance of Acceptance
  • Developing Value
  • Risk and Trade Management
  • Building on Mental & Market Framework + Homework
  • Bonus: Execution Video Q&A


  • The Basics of Order Flow
  • Identifying Strength and Weakness
  • The Tools We’ll Use
  • Cumulative Delta / Footprint Trading
  • Contextual Order Flow
  • Identifying Strong Buyers and Absorption
  • Delta Levels
  • How and When to Use the Footprint Chart
  • Live Examples Using Order Flow

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