Ultimate Grappling Hacks – Joe Lauzon



Ultimate Grappling Hacks – Joe Lauzon


When you take Joe's aggressive style where he is always looking for the finish and chains his attacks together, you will begin to overwhelm your opponent into submission.


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Joe Lauzon's Grappling Hacks gives you powerful weapons that will dumbfound your opponents and work on anyone…because quite frankly…they have never seen these moves before!

When you take Joe's aggressive style where he is always looking for the finish and chains his attacks together, you will begin to overwhelm your opponent into submission.

Joe Lauzon's System will allow you to put so much pressure on your opponent (whether you are a BJJ guy or MMA guy) they will make a mistake and give you an opportunity to finish.  

There is no fluff whatsoever. Joe only put his best hacks from each position…

No one is used to defending Joe's game, so even experienced black belts will often make "rookie" mistakes when these hacks are applied… This is a surefire way to get a stronger position and/or a submission and leave people scratching their heads.

The first half of the course is pure No Gi Grappling Hacks for anyone who trains! Whether you are a beginner, purple belt, or even a black belt, you will get to the next level with Joe's Hacks! 

The second half of the course is grappling for Real Life! He shows how to use striking on the ground to set up the passes and submissions (and even finish the fight.) 80% of his grappling for "real life"  can be used in just regular no gi jiu jitsu!

Right now you can get this full system for the first time ever revealed in this special launch bonus limited time opportunity..

So who is bringing you these moves and WHERE did they come from?


Hi, my name is Joe Lauzon and I am a 20 time UFC Veteran and 13 time fight award winner including 6 Submission of the Night awards! I have been training Jiu Jitsu for 16 years and been competing for 13 years…

I got into Jiu Jitsu when I was 15 years old back in 2000 because I was a huge fan of WWF. 

My friends and I would do wrestling matches on my trampoline and throw each other around.  

Then, one of my good friends starting taking BJJ classes and would destroy us all!

I couldn't have that!

So I joined up with him and have been training ever since!

BJJ And Competition Have Always Been A Part Of My Life 

I had over 20 MMA fights and over 50 BJJ tournaments before anyone ever knew who I was.

Then around 2006, I was brought in by Joe Silva to fight the ex champion Jens Pulver.  I was the sheep being fed to the wolves!  I was supposed to lose!

But no one told me that…so I shocked the world and knocked him out in round 1…Since then I racked up 6 Submission of the Night awards and 6 Fight of the Night awards with 20 UFC fights!

I have trained extensively with Jiu Jitsu experts like BJ Penn, Reagan Penn, Ricky Lundell, Rob Kahn, Matt Arroyo, and Tim Burrill…If you put all of their stuff in a blender and mix it around…you get my style.

I am one of the few guys in the UFC who goes for the submission and the finishes the entire fight.  I hate decisions!

My first love was Jiu Jitsu and when I am done fighting, I don't think I'll take another boxing class…but I will always train Jiu Jitsu.  I have been training it for over 16 years.

And now, finally after all these 16 years, grappling matches, fights, awards, and training with the best grapplers in the world…I am finally going to share my knowledge with the world…

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It's My Pleasure To Introduce … Joe Lauzon's "Ultimate Grappling Hacks"


DVD 1:  Ultimate Grappling Hacks Part 1

  • Butterfly Guard 
  • Fundamentals
  • The God Sweep
  • Double Over Hook Concepts
  • Double Over Hook Sweeps
  • Concept of All Controls
  • Lower Body Control 
  • Over Under Options
  • Body Lock Sweep
  • Top Butterfly 
  • Sticky Shins Pop Lock it  
  • Sit to Hip Pass to Half
  • BJ Penn Pass Sequence
  • Bottom Half Guard
  • Knee Bar Sweep
  • Escape to Butterfly to "Instant Sweep"
  • Half Butterfly Kimura to Straight Armlock
  • Back Control
  • Seatbelt to "Onion" Grip
  • Rear Naked Choke Hacks
  • Short Choke Hacks
  • Stretch Them Out
  • "Broke Back Mount"
  • Straight Jacket Back Control

Free Preview #1: Flying Scissor (From Jim Miller Fight)


DVD 2: Grappling Hacks Part 2 and  Grappling For Real Life Hacks Part 1

  • Basket Weave System
  • Armpit Razor Arm Lock
  • Modified Kimura
  • Traditional Arm Lock 
  • Wrist Lock
  • Flying Scissor Heel Hook
  • From Over Hook
  • From Under Hook
  • From Superman
  • From the Single Leg
  • Ten Finger Choke from Standing
  • Ten Finger Choke from Knees
  • G and P Striking Fundamentals
  • Elbow Strike Fundamentals
  • Top Guard: Ground and Pound
  • Philosophy  and Wrist Pin Elbow Strikes
  • Head Pressure Target Striking
  • Using the Fence or Wall
  • Get Them to the Fence 
  • Distance Positioning
  • "Shelving" to not Let Them Up
  • Belly Down Ankle Lock when They Try to Get Up
  • Using Fence to Escape Triangle

Free Preview #2: Butterfly: The God Sweep 

DVD 3:  Grappling For Real Life Hacks Part 2

(80% can be used for straight no gi grappling) 

  • Top Half Guard And Strikes
  • Top Control Elbow
  • Jaw Grab and Pig Elbows
  • Re-Gain Under Hook
  • Knee to Body/Head Under Chin Face Strike
  • Top Half Pass
  • Worm to Knee Bar
  • Worm to Back Step Pass
  • Worm to Mount
  • Top Side Control
  • Modified Kesa Control/to Beat Down Position
  • Leg Step Over Strikes
  • Leg Step Over Neck Crank
  • Top Mount: Philosophy
  • Low Hip Mount Lock
  • G and P from Mount
  • Block the Elbow Escape
  • Head Smash Arm Bar
  • Top Turtle (Control and G + P)
  • Turtle turn over
  • Abu Dhabi Roll
  • Bottom Mount Speed Bump Escape
  • Bottom Side
  • The "Special" Roll
  • Forward Frame Escape
  • The "Butter Tard" Escape
  • Bottom Guard
  • Face Smack Arm Bar
  • Hip Heist Series: Technical Stand Up, Kimura, Hip Bump, One Arm Guillotine/Triangle 
  • Take Downs
  • Over Under Clinch
  • Body Lock Takedown
  • Knee Tap Takedown
  • Hip Lift Takedown Off Cage/with Reach Around.
  • Cage Takedown Defense and Getting Up Using Cage

Free Preview #3: Half-Butterfly Guard Pass

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