The Freelance Copywriting Course – Lukas Resheske



The Freelance Copywriting Course – Lukas Resheske


The Freelance Copywriting Course – Lukas Resheske… Any income that is discussed in the letter is completely the result of that individual’s effort and personal work ethic, and is in no way indicative of your potential results.

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The Freelance Copywriting Course – Lukas Resheske

The Freelance Copywriting Course – Lukas Resheske

There are dozens…if not HUNDREDS of books, courses, and people out there trying to teach copywriting.

Lukas Resheske – Freelance Copywriting Course

Lukas Resheske – Freelance Copywriting Course

“If this program was twice the price, it’d be a steal.

(To me, The Big 4 module alone was more than worth the price).

I’m glad I joined this Mentorship Program.” – David

8 Core Lessons

4 Advanced Lessons, covering the most important copy in demand today

60Daily Copy Conditionings To Harness The Power Of “Deliberate Practice”…

Weekly Copy Critiques Where You’ll Be Writing REAL Copy And Get It Reviewed By A Professional Copywriter

Weekly Assignments Designed To Push Your Limits As A Writer

Daily Interaction in our Private Group


This mentorship program is not designed to be easy.

In fact, I’ve specifically designed it to be hard.


Because the world needs better copywriters…

not just more copywriters….

Don’t apply to join the program if you’re looking for “quick”, “easy”, or “hacks.” There are plenty of other, cheaper programs who offer those things.

Income Disclaimer: The program you’re about to read about is not a joke, nor should it be taken lightly. This isn’t a course you can buy and never login to. It takes hard work, dedication, and effort to succeed at anything…especially copywriting. Any income that is discussed in the letter is completely the result of that individual’s effort and personal work ethic, and is in no way indicative of your potential results.

From The Desk Of: Lukas Resheske

The Copywriter Millionaires Recommend; Author of The Copywriting Business Formula and Founder of The Copywriting Mentorship Program.

Are You Searching For Something More?

When I speak with copywriters…they all tell me the same thing.

It doesn’t matter if they’re just starting out…

Or if they have 5+ years in the game.

They all say,

“I Just Need Someone To Help Me”

There are dozens…if not HUNDREDS of books, courses, and people out there trying to teach copywriting.

Some teach a tiny part…like email copywriting or headlines.

Some claim to teach newbies…but then those newbies come out the same as they started.

Some guys have taught themselves for YEARS…reading books, buying courses, and going to events…

but they’re still not sure if they’ve “got it” yet.

I see questions like, “Which 10 (or 3, or 6, or 100) books should I read to learn copywriting”

Or, “Who’s the best person to learn copywriting from?”

Well…I believe you’ve found the answer. This is a private program that I’ve run for over 125 people so far…

And nearly every single one of themhas said it’s the BEST copywriting program they’ve ever taken.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Let’s Start At The Beginning…

Hello, dear reader,

I’d like to tell you one of my “dirty little secrets” as a copywriter.

It’s about how I got started writing copy.

See, I’d been “studying” copy since 2009. Buying courses, reading books, going to seminars; the usual grind.

But I didn’t really WRITE anything significant until 2013.

What changed?

In 2013, I hired my first copywriting mentor.

Well, “hired” might be a bit of a misnomer…

In reality, I basically begged him to teach me.

I sent him nearly a dozen emails, pinged him daily on Skype, and forced him to take my money, just to get him to train me.

Why did I harass him like that?

Because I was tired of being an

Armchair Copywiter

What is an “Armchair Copywriter?”

An Armchair Copywriter is someone who’s read some books (probably never finished them)

Bought some courses (never made it past module 3)

And watched a LOT of VSLs and read a lot of sales letters; and therefore considers themselves an “expert” on direct response copywriting.

They are the kind of people who always give out their Top 10 lists of copy books, but they’ve never bought them, read them, or studied them.

I was one of them.

I thought I knew everything…

but then I hired my mentor…because something inside me told me that I was full of crap.

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And after I turned in my first assignment to him, he proved it.

I sucked. Bad. Like, “Sophomore In College Trying To Look Smart” bad.

I got chewed up. My stuff came out at a 14th grade Flesch-Kincaid level, and it wasn’t because it was smart.

It just felt clunky. Unusable. Unreadable. Self-serving drivel that couldn’t sell discount crack to a junkie.

The pain didn’t stop there, though.

In addition to my assignments, I had to hand-copy a sales letter.

Every. Single. Day.

The old school method. Very, very few can follow through with it.

But here’s the catch:

If I missed ONE day with my mentor, I had to send all the material he sent me to another person. Another writer who wanted it worse than I did.

And f**k if I was going to let that guy win.

So I wrote. Every day, for several hours a day. For 60 days.

I traveled to India for a friend’s wedding, and I still wrote every day.

I went to a Military Training where I was up at 0445 every day, and got back at 7pm at night, and I still wrote every day.

On top of that, I wrote assignments. I wrote emails, sales letters, VSLs, articles, landers; you name it.

And I read. I read John Carlton, David Ogilvy, Dan Kennedy, Eugene Schwartz, Eben Pagan, Mike Dillard, etc. Modern and Classic copywriters worth billions in revenue.

And, little by little, I stopped sucking so bad.

I sold my first sales letter for $300. Then I wrote 4 more. Each one made 1500% it’s cost on the initial launch. Some are still being used today. (almost 4 years later)

My emails started getting opened. My VSLs got watched. And slowly, but surely, I elevated my skill to a “Journeyman” level.

In May of 2016, I decided to offer to do the same for a small group of people.

58 people joined my group over the next couple months.

I asked them:

“What is the One Thingyou would say to someone who is thinking about joining this program?”

This are the testimonials we could fit onto the page. There are about 100 more.

I’m not going to bullshit you here.

There are A-list Gurus with copy courses out there right now. There are also a lot of people coming out of the woodwork and offering the same kind of mentorship after I first offered it in May 2016.

So why should you choose me to be your copywriting mentor?

Even for 12 weeks?

Because I give a damn.

I take my student’s success personally. Any other “gurus” course is going to have content, maybe a forum…

But I challenge you to find a single one that gives you the in-depth attention and mentorship that this course does.

While most courses have a 95% dropout rate…and 35% of them don’t even open the package…

My course has a 89% COMPLETION rate…and a 97% satisfaction rate. (Some students couldn’t complete the training for various reasons…they still loved and recommended the program)

If you know that the next stage in your journey is the help of an experienced mentor…then I’d like to invite you to join me for another round.

If you consider yourself a junior copywriter…

Or you’re interested in becoming a true freelancer…

Or preparing yourself to take a full time position at a direct response company…

This Is The Moment To Make A Decision

I’ll be the first to admit: I’m not an A-List writer, yet. I still look reverently at people like John, Eugene, the Gary’s, and the other greats.

So I’m not offering to make you A-List. That’s not my place right now.

But here’s my “dirty little secret…”

My first mentor wasn’t A-List either.

In fact, you probably have never heard of him.

But he knew copy. And he wrote it every day. And he turned me from some young punk who thought I knew shit into a lean, mean writing machine.

In 2013, I was making $2k a month, doing Adwords research.

Earlier in 2013, I was living in a 4 bedroom house with 3 disgusting, drug addicted, morbidly obese roommates for $500 a month; with my wife and dog to take care of.

But by 2014, I was making 6 figures a year from my copy.

I did it again in 2015.

And in 2016, I broke into the multiple 6 figures, all from copywriting I do part-time.

In 2017, we did nearly half a million.

Now, in 2018, I can say that I’m a “million dollar copywriter” for real. Come a long way from living in a shit-hole.

So here’s what I’m offering:

This is a 12 Week copywriting mentorship program.

It’s intense. The previous students all have a bit of masochistic side, so they enjoyed it.

You’ll be writing a daily handwritten assignment, 12 actual copywriting assignments, and going through 8 core modules of content.

You’ll also be getting weekly feedback and a weekly live Q&A webinar to ask any questions.

I’m not going to be nice. The world of a copywriter is not a nice world. We live and die by the numbers, and we’re only as good as our next project.

But by the end of the 84 days, you’ll be OUT of the Armchair and into the saddle.

You’ll be lean, mean, and ready to take on any project.*

*Assuming you actually show up, do the work, get assistance, and generally be the best student possible. AND you communicate your unique needs as a learner and new copywriter

Get immediately download Lukas Resheske – Freelance Copywriting Course

So, Here’s What You Get:

1) 60 daily sales letter or VSLs to hand-copy (priceless)

2) 8 Weekly lessons on the art of Freelancing and copywriting (previous students said Module 1 alone was worth $10,000)

3) 8 graded assignments – Professionally critiqued by myself ($997 value for EACH critique)

4) 12 Weekly Hot-seats where I’ll break down several student’s assignments or copy. (Again, at $997 per critique, this is another $11,964 value)

5) 12 Weekly Q&A Calls (My 1 hour consultations cost $997 each, so this is yet another $11,964 value)

6) Professional Copywriting resources from my years as a freelancer (Cost me over $100,000 to learn…yeah, really.)

Here’s the catch: I can only take up to 15 people.

The amount of work this will take to train, provide feedback, and grade each assignment individually is massive.

It’s going to cost $9000. Honestly, if you can’t afford that in order to up your game to the next level, you’re not right for the program.

I want to make sure you’re serious and won’t waste my time.

You can’t get this experience anywhere else, in any program.

Combined with the core content, and the total value of today’s package is astronomical.

All for a one time price of $9000.

BUT WAIT…I have one more surprise…

If you pay in full TODAY, I’m knocking $2,000 off the price as a Scholarship for action takers.

So Paid In Full students only pay $7,000.

If you need a payment plan, the option is on the cart for 4 payments of $2,250.

Ok, here are the rules:

You have to already have some knowledge of copywriting and direct response.

That doesn’t mean you need to be an expert…just not a total, complete newbie. If you ARE new, and you’re seriously about learning FAST…then let me know privately, and I’ll make sure you get taken care of.

Class starts on Monday, June 29th, 2020

DO NOT JOIN if you like to make excuses.

DO NOT JOIN if you aren’t serious about being a professional, highly paid writer.

DO NOT JOIN if you’re skeptical, cynical, or if you know everything already.

You already know if this is right for you. Click Below to get started.

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