Smart Email Marketing 2022 – John Grimshaw



Smart Email Marketing 2022 – John Grimshaw


[ Available ] Smart Email Marketing 2022 – John Grimshaw

You also get free course updates through 2024 including updated walkthroughs, bonus videos, resources, swipe files and more whenever they’re needed.


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Smart Email Marketing 2022 – John Grimshaw

Smart Email Marketing 2022 - John GrimshawAn On-Demand Training Program That Teaches Anyone How To Grow A Brand With


The new Smart Email Marketing is the most up-to-date email marketing course on the planet. It’s packed with 107 streamable videos, 22 advanced campaigns, 110+ email templates & examples, and 55 different course resources to help you turn email into a huge revenue channel for your business.


Crucial Cornerstones Of Email Marketing
Learn how to audit your brand’s email performance, create better-selling offers, and craft the perfect email template as you discover what it takes to succeed as an email marketer.


Build Your List
Your email list is the most valuable asset a digital brand owns. In this module, you’ll learn how to build and grow yours as quickly and efficiently as possible using paid traffic channels.
In this module, we dive into one of the best kept secrets (and most important skills) that makes email marketing work for any business: How to craft a unique brand voice.


Automation Engine Campaigns
Automated email flows will drive the majority of your email sales, and here we give you 14 of our most profitable campaigns and teach you how to add them to your business.


Generating Revenue: Promo Emails
Want some extra sales today? This module includes 7 types of multi-day promotional campaigns you can launch year round to boost revenue and drive free traffic.


Hitting The Inbox: Email Deliverability
Apple’s iOS 15 and Google’s new Spam Filter are changing email forever. We’ll teach you the skills you need to improve deliverability and protect your biggest sales channel.


Analytics & Optimizations
Learn the easiest ways to track your email performance, so you can start using honest data to make smarter (and more profitable) decisions in your business. No math degree required!

What’s Included

Each module of SEM combines strategy sessions, step-by-step tutorials, email templates, and 55 brand new course resources to give you a clear path to success.
  • 110+ Email Templates & Examples
  • 15 Automated Sequences
  • Facebook Lead Gen. Campaigns
  • Customer Review Campaigns
  • Course Workbook w/ Expanded Notes
  • Flow Metrics Worksheets
  • Email Audit
  • 22 “Done For You” Email Campaigns
  • 7 Promotional Campaigns
  • Apple iOS 15 Solutions
  • 16 In-Video Quizzes
  • Quality Review Checklist
  • Campaign Map Worksheet
  • Copywriting Toolbox
  • 107 Total Videos
  • 37 Walkthroughs
  • Google Warm-Up Series
  • 2 SEM Swipe Files
  • Webinar Promo Checklist
  • Brand Voice Worksheet
  • Offer Formulas
You also get free course updates through 2024 including updated walkthroughs, bonus videos, resources, swipe files and more whenever they’re needed.

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