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Red Thread Institute – Insight Qigong


[ Pre-Order ] Red Thread Institute – Insight Qigong… Insight Qigong has the only Health Qigong teacher training program that requires coursework in human anatomy and physiology, Classical & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, professional ethics, and emergency medical training.


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Red Thread Institute – Insight Qigong

Want A Life Free Of Pain?

We all age. Everyone experiences injury at some point. Ignoring it won’t make it go away.

Graceful aging and faster recovery are a choice.

If your goals include living better, longer, and without pain, then Insight Qigong was made for you.

  • Realize the true, natural human state—and its remarkable potential.
  • Access & utilize your own natural ability to heal.
  • Invigorate your life with increased energy, performance, and balance.
  • Feel better—physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Ancient wisdom. Modern Knowledge.

Insight Qigong is straight forward and accessible—bringing better health easily within your reach.

What Is Insight Qigong™?

Insight | ˈinˌsīt | :

The capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing: an instance of apprehending the true nature of a thing.

Qigong | ˌCHēˈ- gông |:

The acquired skill of cultivating and maintaining Qi energy—or vital life force.

Utilizing traditional lineage wisdom and modern, practical understanding, Insight Qigong was developed by a Qigong Master and Doctor.

Designed to optimize your health and energy, this practice is structured around a moving form consisting of postures, coordinated breathing, and focused intention.

Highly adaptable and accessible, Insight Qigong is available to anyone with a desire to actively and effectively improve their well-being.

The Insight Qigong™ Curriculum:

IQ.110 | Illuminate

“Entering The Practice”

Everything you need to start an Insight Qigong practice—from the entire form, to the underlying theory and foundational technique.

IQ.120 | Refine

“Energy In Motion”

An in-depth exploration and refinement of the practice clarifies the path beyond simple proficiency.

This is the next step towards personal mastery.

IQ.130 | Embody


Experience possibility beyond perceived limitations.

With deep internal training (neigong 内功) and advanced shengong 神功, the depth found here completes a Qigong practice truly unlike any other.

Offered In-Person Only.

Insight Qigong™ Online Immersion Program

Learn the essentials (IQ. 110) and more advanced levels of theory and practice (IQ. 120) in one online course.

Not All Qigong Is Created Equal.

We fully encourage you to do your own research (Please!). We’ll be here when you get back.

Insight Is Expertise

Insight Qigong was developed by a working physician and Medical Qigong Doctor. Our Master Instructor, and Insight Qigong innovator, is a leader in the field and a licensed physician in both China and the United States.

Our experience and expertise translates to you—here you’ll actually know what it is you’re doing, why you‘re doing it, and how it works.

Over 5,000 hours of background medical training and research have become Insight Qigong—making it the most complete Health Qigong you’ll find available in the West.

We Care About Your Safety

Insight Qigong has the only Health Qigong teacher training program that requires coursework in human anatomy and physiology, Classical & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, professional ethics, and emergency medical training.

Our instructors are trained to handle any challenge that arises and meet you exactly where you need to be met.

Offering knowledgeable instruction, while keeping your well-being a top priority, is a hallmark of our teachers.

We are with you every step of the way—making sure you have both exceptional and safe instruction.

Insight Is Tailored To You

Here, you’re never just a number or another face in the crowd.

Direct access to your teacher and individualized instruction is important, and it’s something that we strongly believe in.

In-person classes are intentionally kept small to ensure you get personal attention and instruction. Online learning is fully supported with direct access to the instructor.

No Bulls**t

Getting tired of all the nonsense and insincerity out there?

We prefer honesty and figure you probably do too. We are real people, really helping other people.

If this training is not right for you, we’ll tell you—and even point you in the right direction. It’s the right (and practical) thing to do.

And the material? It speaks for itself:

Insight Qigong is honest, intelligent, and effective.

Need More Reasons To Get Started?

Increased Energy & Performance

Feel better, younger, and more capable.

Get More Life Out Of Life

Qigong is a key ingredient in esoteric longevity training.

What would you do with extra years on life?

Bad Health Is (Really!) Expensive

Whether you’re 18 or 81, it’s not too early or too late—Insight Qigong™ can help you achieve better health.

Unplug. Revitalize. Heal.

Being mindful is not enough.

Insight Qigong is a physical and tangible process to revitalize your health and reset your state of mind.

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