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Quantum Peak Performance mp3s


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Quantum%20Peak%20Performance%20mp3s%201 » esyGB Fun-CoursesThis is a recording in mp3s format of a two day class (10 hours of recordings).  This class is designed to take your work to the next level.Using the latest concepts in quantum mechanics, consciousness, and neuroscience; this course will show you the skills to help perform at your peak potential.  We will be going over the following

techniques and concepts:

  • individual consciousness versus group consciousness and how to utilize each to maximize results
  • how the concept of the information field is key to accessing more from any situation, endeavor, or relationship
  • the neurobiology of the flow state: what neurotransmitters and brain areas are involved in peak performance
  • String Theory, the concepts of dimensions, and how to shift to the ideal dimension for any endeavor
  • Resonance and how to use it to accelerate learning, become more empathetic, and create more dynamism at work and in your personal life.
  • the concept of timelines and how to shift to a better one for your goals and projects.
  • Creation of powerful thought forms.  You will learn an efficient and effective technique for thought form creation, the master key for manifesting goals.
  • Generating the capacity to multi-task on various projects utilizing higher aspects of your consciousness.
  • Accessing the field in your heart for opening up to manifestation directly from the Quantum Field.
  • the importance of developing certain energetic centers in the body for achieving your goals and becoming more effective on all levels.
  • the concept of the morphogenic field and how this field of information can be used to create a dynamic and living work environment.
  • how to use your mind to penetrate more deeply into any subject matter and see more clearly into your relationships with people

By the completion of the course, you will come away with a deeper aspect of higher levels of your mind and practical tools to start using in your daily life and business to take it to their full potential.

The cost for the entire mp3 recordings (10 hours) is $150

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the recordings.)

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