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  • This course is available – Download immediately
  • Same author: Sean Ogle
  • Lifetime support – Unlimited downloads.
  • The quality exactly the same as salepage
  • Over +7000 Courses, AudioBooks, eBooks available.

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Build a Real, Sustainable Business Around ANY Hobby in the Next 3 Months

Hobby Hacking provides a step by step roadmap for building a lifestyle business around your hobby or passion – absolutely zero technical experience required.

I Never Expected This…

I still remember the exact moment I got the email, 48 hours before my wedding a couple years ago.

“Sean, we’d love to offer you a complimentary three night stay. Any additional nights we’ll give you 30% off our cheapest room rate.”

It was a moment of pure elation. A dream I’d always had that I wasn’t sure would ever come true – was now about to come to fruition.

And the reason for it came from an unlikely source: my golf niche site.

What exactly was that dream? And why would I be telling you about it here? I’ll get to that in just a second.

First, I want to delve into a problem so many of us have.

What One Thing Do You Wish You Could Do More of?

Do me a quick favor, I want you to think of the one thing you’d love to do more of.

What one hobby or passion do you daydream about when you’re sitting at your desk?

What do waste time researching online? Which instagram photos are you constantly flipping through and lusting after?

It could be anything. Hiking, travel, arts or crafts, sports, cars – you name it, I bet there is at least one thing you’d love to spend more time doing.

The problem is, most of can’t do those thing as as much as we’d like. We have day jobs that we aren’t stoked on, that don’t pay us enough, and don’t give the respect that we deserve.

The problem with most day jobs is that there isn’t an end in sight. We can easily spend 5, 10, even 20 years at the same job living a comfortably mediocre life – and not doing more of those things that we’re always wishing we could.

Well, what if I told you there is a way to do more of that one thing you love so much?

A way that not only would allow you to spend more time on that hobby, but to turn it into a brand and a business that not only will help you enjoy the hobby more, but also turn it into a business that has the potential to be the out from your “traditional life” that you’ve been looking for?

Well, here’s the good news: there is.

Simply put, by starting a niche site, or as I like to call it a “hobby hacking” site, you can create an asset that we’ll serve you for many years to come.

Let me show you what I mean.

A Niche Site Isn’t What You Think it Is

For many people the term “niche site” has negative connotations. Think a small spammy site around a niche you could care less about that makes many through plastering adsense ads on every page.

That is not at all what we’re talking about here.

A “Hobby Hacking” site (the term we’ll be using from here on out) is a small site built around a specific niche that provides incredibly valuable content, allows you to connect with other likeminded individuals, and the success of which is based on mutually beneficial value.

You get all that?

Here me out.

How many times have you been looking for something online, only to find that you couldn’t find resources that were quite specific enough to what you wanted?

Maybe you’re into vintage camera lenses, but all you see from Nikon and Canon are the brand new ones.

Maybe you want to learn about the best ways to travel through SE Asia with a small child, but the only resources you see are for solo backpackers or retirees.

Maybe you want new vegan, gluten free cookie recipes, but all you can find are ones laden with butter and eggs.

Here’s the deal. Most brands and businesses simply can’t afford to niche down. Often, there simply isn’t enough people interested in a subset of that niche to make it worthwhile.

And oftentimes bloggers are only focused on the most common things because those are what will drive the most traffic.

By creating a hobby hacking site that caters to those small underserved niches, you’re able to boost your own enjoyment of that hobby, become famous in your industry, and create a side income that has the potential to turn into a full time gig!

How an Affiliate Niche Site Changed My Life

Now that you have an idea of the type of site I’m talking about here, I want to give you more insight into why you’d be crazy not to have one.

This is where I’m going to truly break the mold and show you what makes a Hobby Hacking site so special.

A few years ago I started my own hobby hacking site called Breaking Eighty. It’s a golf site, but rather than write about all things golf I focused on two things:

Photos and reviews of exotic and highly ranked golf courses Reviews of boutique golf products and gadgets from an average golfer’s perspective.

When I first started it the goal was simply to create the golf site I’d want to read, and maybe get some free golf in the process.

Now a few years later, I can’t believe what it’s turned into.

Here are just a few benefits I’ve received from having the site:

  • I’ve gotten access to private courses I never would have dreamed of playing. (I’d never played a private course before starting the site).
  • I’ve received tens of thousands of dollars worth of free products for review and comped greens fees.
  • I’ve made nearly $100k in consulting fees from people in the golf industry who found me via the site.
  • I’ve become well known in my industry and on countless occasions have been recognized when teeing it up with strangers.
  • I’ve made thousands of dollars in affiliate income from my product reviews.
  • I’ve met hundreds of incredible, like-minded people I never would have met otherwise.
  • I’ve built a recurring income membership site through the community I’ve built.
  • I’ve created a sellable asset that has the potential to provide these benefits for years to come.

And this just scratches the surface of how this tiny little site has completely altered how I experience my hobby of golf.

And the best part is, this can work in literally any niche or industry.

Remember that story I started with up above? The one about my dream coming true?

So here’s what happened.

One of the very first things I ever added to my bucket list was to stay in an overwater villa at a super exotic resort.

The problem with those?

For the nice ones (and even the not so nice ones), they’re crazy expensive. Think 4 figures….per night.

Well for our honeymoon I wanted to do something special. But no matter which credit card points I used or which resorts I looked at – all of these places were still way over budget.

On a whim one day, I Googled “golf in the Maldives” and it turns out there is exactly one golf course in the entire country.

And it just so happens to be at one of the very best, most luxurious resorts on the planet.

So with absolutely no expectations, I emailed their marketing team to see if they had any interest in having me come out to take photos and video of the course and write about my experience.

And that’s when two days before my wedding, they replied back to let me know they’d love to have us out at a special media rate to take photos of the course.

In the end, the experience exceeded any and all expectations I had for it – and more importantly, they were thrilled with the writeup and exposure they received.

They get exposure to a new market, my audience gets to see photos and hear about a place they probably never would have heard of otherwise, and I get a memorable experience.

It’s the ultimate win/win/win.

And it never would have happened were it not for starting my Hobby Hacking site a few years earlier.

ANY Hobby Can Be Turned Into A Brand

Ok, I know exactly what you’re thinking.

Exotic vacations in the Maldives seems like a huge stretch from where you are right this second in a day job you may not be totally stoked on.

That’s what I thought a few years ago too.

But let’s not think about all of that just yet.

Right now, the most important point I want to make is that you can apply this to any hobby, any industry, or any niche.

Here’s just a short list of some of the industries you can apply the Hobby Hacking concepts to:

Sure, not all of these will make you a million bucks or get you exotic trips.

But think about the benefits they can provide:

  • Making a name for yourself in your industry
  • Income through sponsorships, affiliate links, or products of your own
  • Access and opportunities that most people will never have
  • The ability to potentially write off hobby related expenses on your taxes
  • A business reason to spend more time doing the thing you love.
  • And this just barely scratches the surface of the benefits of creating a hobby hacking site of your own.

Something You Should Know About Me…  

Being totally real with you, I hate the “follow your passion” movement we’ve seen everywhere. I totally recognize how prevalent and cliche it is these days.

If you’re a millennial, you’ve been bombarded with this message, and that’s why I’ve waited for so long to really embrace this myself.

For the last five years of promoting Location Rebel Academy, I’ve embraced the “boring way” to build an online business.

It’s what will work the fastest and it also helps you get experience with all of the skills you need to be successful online.

But here’s what changed and why I’m writing this today.

Creating a brand around my passion changed my life personally.

For all the reasons I’ve stated above, starting both my golf and photography sites was a total game changer in terms of both income and my ability to enjoy the things I love doing in life.

So while the follow your passion mantra might be cliche, there might be thousands of people selling false hope and false dreams, the reason I’m sticking my neck out is because it’s resonated with me so personally.

Since creating this site way back in 2009, there’s one thing that’s held true with everything I’ve done.

It’s the fact that I’m just an average dude who has figured some things out in life. They’ve worked for me, thousands of others, and there’s a good chance they might work for you too.

So that’s why I’ve created the Hobby Hacking course – because doing it for myself has truly changed my life, and I whole-heartedly believe that it is going to change yours as well.

So, What is Hobby Hacking?

For the last seven years I’ve helped thousands of new entrepreneurs start lifestyle businesses through my flagship Location Rebel Academy community.

Here are just a couple of the dozens of amazing testimonials we’ve received about our products and community:

But the goal with that is slightly different. That program is geared towards people who are looking to make money as quickly as possible.

It focuses a lot on building the necessary online skills and then freelancing in order to build up your income and confidence.

The reason it’s still around after so long? Put simply, it’s because it works.

However, over the last couple years I’ve realized I’ve been under-serving a huge subset of the population here at Location Rebel.

There’s a good chance you have no interest in freelancing, and you’re not cash strapped and needing to make money right now.

Many people would rather build a long term business around something they absolutely love.

And that’s where Hobby Hacking comes in.

Hobby Hacking is an entire curriculum designed to hold your hand and walk you step by step through every single aspect of building a Hobby Hacking site.

It helps you not just build a business, but to create a brand that provides you with all of those tangible and intangible benefits that come from being an influencer in your niche.

Hobby Hacking has been designed to be accessible for any skill level and for people with zero technical background.

The main curriculum is made up of nine phases, each of which having multiple bite sized steps within each.

I know how daunting some courses can be. You’re bombarded with information, and you’re left thinking: “ok, but what do I do next?”

We designed Hobby Hacking to make sure you never have that question. It’s as step by step as I could possibly make it, following the exact same path I’ve used for both my golf and photography hobby sites.

Haven’t done step 21? Great, do that.

Just finished? Then do step 22. Simple as that.

It’s designed to answer all of the questions you might have, while not being so dense that you get lost in research rather than taking action.

What do the nine general phases look like?

Glad you asked

Phase #1: Research  

So, you’ve got a general idea of the industry you want to start something in. But how do you niche down to find the right group of passionate people? How do you craft your idea into something that will both generate income and provide you with all of those extra benefits.

We go deep in this research phase to help you lay out every aspect of your new brand, so that you have a complete roadmap for when you start creating it.

Some Resources Include:

  • Niche Selection Spreadsheet
  • The “Hook” Formula for Branding and Setting Yourself Apart
  • How to Find the Perfect Name for Your Business

Phase #2: Initial Setup and Building Blocks

No technical skills? No problem! Once we have your brand roadmap created we walk you through every single small step of getting every aspect of your website setup. Domains, hosting, WordPress, themes, plugins – don’t worry if this doesn’t mean anything to you, because we help make it all easy.

Some Resources Include:

  • The Ultimate Guide for Creating an Effective About Page
  • 11 Point About Page Checklist
  • Step by Step: How to Create Your Website
  • Services Guide: We help you figure out exactly what you need to keep costs as low as possible

Phase #3: Marketing and Content

This is where the magic starts to happen. Your new hobby hacking site won’t work unless you have the right content strategy in place.

We show you exactly what to create, and how to create it in order to make sure you get significant traction fast.

Some Resources Include:

  • How to Implement the Nine “Magic Post” types that will help your new site take off quickly
  • How to Start Building Your Email List
  • Introduction to Automations and Why They Are a Total Gamechanger

Phase #4: Becoming an SEO Master

While social media may be the sexy thing to talk about at the moment, it’s Google that’s going to provide you with the most traffic over the long term.

In this phase we put a plan in place for making sure every post is optimized, your site follows all the rules to make sure Google loves you, and that you know exactly how to find opportunities, implement your new strategy, and track the results.

Some Resources Include:

  • How to Optimize Your Site so Google Loves It
  • The Essentials of Keyword Research and how to find hidden opportunities for traffic
  • Our Editorial Calendar Template

Phase #5: How to Launch and Get Traction QUICKLY

At this point your site will be live, but you don’t make a big deal of it on the very first day.

No you make sure that you’ve got it looking as good as possible, have the right type of content posted, and then we launch the heck out of it to bring in tons of traffic, start growing your email list, and build the foundation from which to grow off of.

Some Resources Include:

  • Site Audit Checklist
  • How to Create Your Killer Free Offer to Build Your Email List
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Pushing Your New Site Live

Phase #6: Introduction to Monetization

It can get frustrating to put in hours and hours of work and not be able to see any kind of monetary return on it.

In phase six we introduce you to all of the different ways you can begin monetizing the site, and then help you implement the best strategy for your specific site and niche. Making that first dollar is the absolute best thing you can do for your confidence and your long term effort on the site – so we strive to bring in a couple big wins as early on in the process as possible.

Some Resources Include:

  • In depth Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • How to Find the Perfect Affiliate Programs for Your Niche

Phase #7: The Secret Keys to Relationship Building

This is hands down the most important part of Hobby Hacking. And while we delve into aspects of it in other phases, this is where we really turn on the gas. To put it simply, the more people you know and the more relationships you have with people in your industry, the easier growing your site becomes and the more opportunities will come your way.

In this section we help you put a plan in place to build a network of amazing people that will help you grow your site faster than anything else.

Some Resources Include:

  • How to Find and Research the Key Players in Your Niche
  • How to Create Meaningful Relationships Out of Thin Air
  • How to Build Win/Win Relationships With PR Companies
  • Templates and Strategies for Reaching Out to Influencers and Actually Getting a Response

Phase #8: Advanced Marketing Strategies

Finally, in phase 8 we help you put the long term pieces together.

How do you take your site from being a nice side hustle, to generating enough income to allow you to quit you day job and pursue this new business (and your hobby of choice) full time.

Some Resources Include:

  • Exactly How and What to Split Test to Double Opt Ins and Sales
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Emails and Automations
  • How to Implement the “Niche Within a Niche” Method to Hyper Target a Ravenous Audience
  • Advanced Strategies for Building Backlinks to Your Site
  • How to Create Killer Content Upgrades for Highest Value Posts

Phase #9: Advanced Monetization Strategies

Finally in Phase 9, we walk you through advanced monetization strategies that will help propel you from having a nice little side hustle, to a major brand that will help bring in a full time income that will give you the freedom and flexibility you’ve desired.

Some Resources Include:

  • Detailed Overview of Advanced Monetization Strategies
  • The Best Strategies for Creating a Product of Your Own
  • How to Find and Recruit Affiliate Partners

A Community Unlike Any Other

One of the biggest mistakes I see new entrepreneurs make is they try and reinvent the wheel and do everything on their own.

Let’s face it, all too often the people around us don’t quite get our desire to do something a bit unconventional and build a brand online.

They don’t see how it can pay off or become profitable in the long run.

And the sad part, is that in the early stages even one or two negative voices can be enough to make you question your plan and give up before it’s ever had a chance to thrive.

The most valuable part of Hobby Hacking is our online community.

Our forums have been around since 2011, and we have over 2,000 members just like you that have been building every type of lifestyle business imaginable.

We have members that have scaled their business to six figures who provide advice and mentorship, we have members just starting out who know exactly what you’re going through and can help with accountability, and we have everyone in between.

There’s no better way to be successful than by having a positive community of people to help you through the process.

People you can turn to with problems, questions, and who will share in the joy of every win you have – both small and big.

What’s Included With Hobby Hacking?

We designed Hobby Hacking to be the most accessible course of its kind. It’s incredibly easy to follow regardless of whether you’ve never created a website before, or are an online veteran, you’ll be able to implement the formula and strategies we’ve presented.

When you join Hobby Hacking today, you’ll get:

  • Our entire 9 module program walking you through every step of the program from start to finish
  • Templates, Checklists, and Action Items designed specifically to make taking action easy regardless of how busy your schedule may be
  • Lifetime access to our members only forum with over 2,000 other people building lifestyle businesses just like you
  • Lifetime access to Rebel Launches course and all updates
  • The Full How to Pitch Influencers Course with ALL of our Email Templates
  • Overcoming the Fear of Uncertainty – Bust through your concerns and fears that have been holding you back and making you question your belief in yourself and whether this is really possible
  • LIFETIME access to all Hobby Hacking course updates

All of this for just $99/Month

A Note About Pricing

On the surface, $99 seems like a lot of money, and in many ways, it is.

But there’s a reason our course is priced where it is.

First off, it’s what keeps the quality of our community so high. Everyone who is in our forums has made that investment in themselves.

These are people who have said I’m going to do this the right way, take it seriously, and not just “dabble”.

Because of that, not only do we end up with incredible success stories, but we have a community full of active people who are willing to help.

What’s The Difference Between Location Rebel Academy and Hobby Hacking?

Fantastic question, and glad you asked!

Location Rebel Academy has been our flagship course since 2011, we have over 2,000 members and some of the most amazing success stories I could ask for.

Location Rebel Academy and Hobby Hacking are both designed to teach you how to build a lifestyle business, but for two different types of people with two different goals.

The goal of Location Rebel Academy is to help you start building income as quickly as possible. It helps you build a “bridge” business primarily through freelancing to help you build confidence and income by any (legal) means necessary.

Hobby Hacking on the other hand takes a long term approach and focuses more on your passions and interests.

The goal of Hobby Hacking is to help you build a brand around something you love, monetize that brand, but also allow you to reap the benefits of building your name within that industry during the process.

Here’s the quick version:  

Location Rebel Academy is Best for You If:  

  • You need to make money as quickly as possible
  • You’re in a situation you’re unhappy with and want to get out as quickly as possible
  • You don’t mind doing work that isn’t super sexy or exciting
  • You’re interested in freelancing of some sort
  • You’re looking to build an arsenal of online skills

Hobby Hacking is Best for You If:

  • You’re ok not worrying about monetization right away
  • You have a hobby or passion you’d love to turn into a business
  • You want to become a prominent voice in your industry and make meaningful connections in that world

Both Hobby Hacking and Location Rebel Academy offer access to our Members Forum.

Why This, Why Now?

For so many people the idea of starting a business around something they love is the ultimate dream.

But for so many reasons, it can feel daunting, feel impossible, or feel like there’s “no way I can do this.”

Trust me when I say: you can do this, it’s not as impossible as it feels, and you have so much to gain from getting started.

Imagine a business that allow you to:

  • Travel the world…
  • Spend more time with your family…
  • Work from home on your own schedule…
  • Feel like your work is something you get to do, rather than have to do…
  • Be a part of an exclusive club within your niche, where suddenly everything (and everyone) is accessible

This is what starting a niche site or a hobby site will allow you to do. It can help you make more money than you are now, give you more freedom, and most importantly bring a happiness to your day to day life that you haven’t experienced in a long time.

That’s what it’s done for me, and dozens of people I knoew and have worked with.

Now I want to help it be true for you.

Sports, Hiking/Outdoors, Cooking, Photography, Charitable Work, Personal Development, Health/Fitness, Relationships, Books, Video Games….these are just a few of hundreds of potential niches that this works in.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time or opportunity, this is it.

Even if life feels daunting, or like you don’t have time, we’re here to help support you at your pace, to make sure you make progress, build confidence in what you’re working on, and get to that dream life and business as quickly as possible.

Let’s do this together!

One More Time, Here’s Everything You Get 

Finally, just to recap one last time. When you join us inside Hobby Hacking today, here is everything you’re going to get:

  • Our entire 9 module program walking you through every step of the program from start to finish
  • Templates, Checklists, and Action Items designed specifically to make taking action easy regardless of how busy your schedule may be
  • Lifetime access to our members only forum with over 2,000 other people building lifestyle businesses just like you
  • BONUS #1: Lifetime access to Rebel Launches course and all updates
  • BONUS #2: The Full How to Pitch Influencers Course with ALL of our Email Templates
  • BONUS #3: Overcoming the Fear of Uncertainty – Bust through your concerns and fears that have been holding you back and making you question your belief in yourself and whether this is really possible
  • 30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee
  • LIFETIME access to all Hobby Hacking course updates
  • Priority access to our team to help you quickly get the answers you need.

There’s a very good chance these bonuses will be taken down tomorrow, so join us inside, and we’ll be waiting to help you grow the brand and business you’ve always wanted.

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