Empowerment Program 2022 – John Newton



Empowerment Program 2022 – John Newton


Empowerment Program 2022 – John Newton…. You are here to live the from your deepest truth – to experience the contrast of a life that shows you who you truly are.

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Empowerment Program 2022 – John Newton

Empowerment Program 2022 - John Newton

What is Empowerment?

John Newton’s Empowerment Program is not just about getting your free will back. It’s about creating powerfully from your personal truth.

  • Gain a profound understanding of where your power and connection reside
  • Resolve past hurts and limitation so you can show up fully with integrity
  • Utilize your unique strengths to create a powerful life worth living

Ancestral Clearing John Newton’s Empowerment Program

From John’s Heart to Yours
An exclusive 10 volume video series consisting of
the Best of the Best of John’s live events –

Plus 5 additional MP3 audio recordings
AND 5 bonus recordings.

Each video in John Newton’s Empowerment Program has been hand-picked and meticulously edited by John to include his most powerful transmissions, clearings, knowledge and teachings, to empower you in every area of your life.

Experience the energy of John’s live events as he addresses real-life issues and concerns. Each video from John Newton’s Empowerment Program contains multiple clearings that help remove blocks in all areas of life. Experience resolving the past karma to support your physical & emotional well-being, spiritual awakening, unlimited financial abundance, profoundly fulfilling relationships and access to personal truth.

Participants in John Newton’s Empowerment Program experience profound results, often within minutes when working with John. These specifically targeted clearings are equally effective for those experiencing the video replays. The clearings can be even more ‘impactful’ when you have similar issues as those John is working with.

Some of the issues supported in John Newton’s
Empowerment Program series include:

* Chronic stress * Chronic pain
* Self-sabotaging behavior * Phobias
* Lack of energy * Addictions
* Guilt and unworthiness * Feeling ‘let down’
* Unresolved grief and trauma * Establishing healthy boundaries

John Newton’s Bio

When John Newton was in his 20’s, he had a profound awakening that allowed him to enter the gap between thoughts at will and for extended periods. It’s in this state that John affects well-being by clearing the unresolved negative imprints from our life and ancestral lineage.

In the 1980’s, although John had a successful career in the highly competitive field of professional acting, he chose to follow his deeper calling: To help individuals enjoy profound physical, emotional and spiritual well-being—and to experience the Truth of who they are.

Thousands of people around the world have now reported dramatic changes through this work. In fact, John has even witnessed many people “wake-up” to their own eternal nature, consciousness itself, and begin to live their lives free from suffering. He feels that no one needs fixing; we just need to release the accumulated debris from our lives and lineages allowing our natural ability to heal, often spontaneously, to come through.

John Newton’s Empowerment Program starts with the following
ten downloadable videos – each with an MP3 audio option

Video #1
Clearing the Roots of Suffering – Vancouver, BC

We weren’t put on this planet to suffer. We are here to fulfill what is written in our heart. By resolving the past we create a future of limitless possibility…

*What causes humanity to get off track?
*Handling unresolved grief
*Releasing patterns that originated in your lineage
*Living from possibility
*Clearing self-sabotage

Total Running Time: 1:06:33

Video #2
Waking Up – Boulder, CO

There are two paths to this work: To help us wake up, and to resolve the karma that’s been limiting our life experience.

*Guided experience: You are already awake.
*Simple techniques to unravel karma
*Making peace with the earliest versions of ‘you’.
*Tapping into infinite versions of reality
*Breaking the unconscious patterns of addiction

Total Running Time: 1:08:27

Video #3
Accessing the Infinite – Chicago, IL

We are created in the image and likeness of the creator – the ‘All That Is’. Begin accessing Source to clear what no longer serves us…

*Finally owning your power
*Cosmic simplicity
*Changing the fabric of reality
*Moving beyond our ‘let down’
*Living your hearts desire.

Total Running Time: 57:12

Video #4
The Real Secret – White Rock, BC

We can wish all we want, but if what we’re really ‘putting out’ isn’t aligned with it, it’s not going to show up. Begin to handle what we carry that is actually affecting what shows up…

*Why “The Secret” alone doesn’t work
*It’s as simple as asking for help
*Going beyond your story
*A secret never before shared…
*Transmit a new frequency

Total Running Time: 57:58

Video #5
Rewriting Our Story – Boulder, CO

Suffering begins in the mind. Transcend this limited perspective and we transcend suffering. Rewrite the narrative and experience freedom itself.

*Discovering your narrative
*Transcending Suffering
*Why crawl when you know how to walk?
*When a loved one passes
*Allowing your heart to guide you

Total Running Time: 1:12:52

Video #6
God Only Says Yes – St. Petersburg, FL

Life is the answer to our true prayers: What we are putting out beneath the surface. God only says yes to what we are really asking for…

*Surrendering into experience
*Dissecting epigenomes
*Resolving let down and apathy
*The Creator only says ‘Yes’
*Why we are resisting the very thing that is here to serve us…

Total Running Time: 46:52

Video #7
Clearing Our Karma – Boulder, CO

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Handling the deepest layers of burden can yield magnificent results in your life…

*Our bodies are a roadmap to well-being
*Transforming base emotions into higher states of consciousness
*Not taking on other people’s stuff
*Listening to you inner knowing
*Moving past the consensus reality

Total Running Time: 59:42

Video #8
You Are All Possibility – Chicago, IL

When you let go of your ‘mind identification’, you wake up to who you really are – a blank canvas of possibility.

*Overcoming let down
*Honoring boundaries
*Finding your voice
*Clearing prayers for addiction in your the lineage
*Extended clearing for sexual hurts and wrongs

Total Running Time: 1:11:46

Video #
The Deepest Truth – White Rock, BC

The world we experience is a reflection of what we carry inside. Release the the past and experience the truth that lives deep in your heart.

*Humbly and gratefully connecting to the Creator
*Rearranging your DNA
*Reclaiming your Free Will
*Trusting what you know
*Comprehensive spoken prayers for releasing burden

Total Running Time: 1:06:02

Video #10
Your Divine Purpose – Vancouver, BC

You are here to live the from your deepest truth – to experience the contrast of a life that shows you who you truly are.

*Accessing your Buddha Nature
*The difference between emotion and sensation
*Where your power and connection to Source lives
*Reclaiming consciousness
*Tapping into the bodies ability to heal

Total Running Time: 1:07:14

Plus the following 5 downloadable MP3 audios from John Newton’s Empowerment Program:

Audio #1
Activating Our Goals & Intentions

*Discovering what you want
*Tools to create health, abundance & loving relationships
*A hidden secret: The Bindu point
*Finding your life purpose
*Powerful clearings to keep your intentions alive

Audio #2
Ending Judgement

*Where our judgements come from
*Showing us what we need to clear
*Handling what no longer serves us
*Powerful clearing for ending judgement
*Reclaiming our free will

Audio #3
Ending Self Sabotage

*Self sabotage may be guiding us to something greater
*Clearing the stuff that weighs us down
*Simple tools to end self sabotage
*Letting the Higher Intelligence work it out

Audio #4
Enlightened Relationships

*Moving forward in all areas of relationship
*Empowering yourself through another
*Finding your ‘soul-mate’
*The commitments we make
*Brief access to Hoʻoponopono

Audio #5
Strengthening Your Connection to Source

*Life can be a mindful expression
*Experiencing truth directly
*Coming home from illusion
*The power of ‘not knowing’
*’Source connection’ in the present

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