Embodied Movement Summit 2020



Embodied Movement Summit 2020


Now You’re Probably Wondering, OK That Sounds Awesome, But What EXACTLY Will I Get Out of Attending This Virtual Summit?


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Embodied%20Movement%20Summit%202020(1) » esyGB Fun-CoursesNow You’re Probably Wondering, OK That Sounds Awesome, But What EXACTLY Will I Get Out of Attending This Virtual Summit?

Well, imagine having a movement camp beamed in your living room, with speakers who are the TOP experts around the 4 key human nutrients to bring more meaning into your practice. Here to coach YOU and share their highest impact tips, techniques, and mindset-shifts.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover by joining the FREE Embodied Movement Summit:

An in depth look at key human nutrients: movement, mindfulness, nature, community, and how you can build a balanced practice to cultivate all of them at once. Why movement goes beyond just fitness and aesthetics, and how it can be a life-long laboratory for personal character development. How to improve focus, awareness, and confidence through mindful movement practices across multiple disciplines.

How to actively reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression by using the overlooked secret staring us right in the face: the opportunity to move in and connect with the beauty of nature. How to deepen your sense of comradery and community through cooperative and competitive play. The best principles to use for structuring a rewarding and sustainable movement practice that continually affords you more meaning in life.

Rafe’s system is more needed now than ever

“In the short time I’ve known of Rafe’s work, I’ve found many of the answers I’ve been looking for in the last decade of my coaching life… There is more joy and power to be found in our modern training systems and Rafe’s system is more needed now than ever”

JOEL SMITH // MS, CSCS Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at UC Berkeley 

Deep connections of Movement & Meaning

“There are deep connections between movement in the physical sense, and the movements of mind that are responsible for self transformation and meaning making.”

JOHN VERVAKE // Director of Cognitive Science at the University of Toronto

 It’s self exploration, and questions are key

 “If learning is, in part, about self exploration, then our questions are the key to the map.”

 NICK WINKELMAN // Head of Athletic Performance & Science for the Irish Rugby Football UnionPLUS AS A SPECIAL BONUS FOR CLAIMING YOUR FREE TICKET YOU’LL GET…

 Instant Access

 Move Like a Human Mini-Course ($97 Value)

 Take the guesswork out of your movement practice, engage with your environment, and become a fitter, healthier and more functional human being. The easy way to get started with parkour training. [Limited availability]TEC Package

 Limited-Time Bonuses

 9 Embodiment Resources You Need in 2020

 5 eBooks + 3 Talks + 1 Live Ticket to join us with our co-hosts at The Embodiment Conference this October. You’re not going to want to miss the 100+ presenters on Movement & Anatomy, not to mention 9 other channels including Yoga, Martial & Healing Arts, Dance & Creativity, and more for 1000 presentations in all.Exclusive New Report:The Top 24 Embodied Movement Strategies, FREE In This Epic Playbook. Discover what’s working today to create a more meaningful and embodied movement practice — and then develop the skills to become your most heroic self!

PLUS Secret Bonuses on the inside to get the most out this experience!

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