Beginners Course – KB Trading



Beginners Course – KB Trading


[ Pre-Order ] Beginners Course – KB Trading…

Module 2

What is technical analysis?

Candlestick Anatomy

What are pips and how do we use them?…


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Beginners Course – KB Trading

Beginners Course - KB Trading Introduction

Module 1

Currency pairings

Currency Correlations

Module 2

What is technical analysis?

Candlestick Anatomy

What are pips and how do we use them?

What is a lot?

Stop and target basics

Candlestick Patterns

Support and Resistance levels

Support and Resistance zones

Trendlines and Trends

Fibonacci Principles

Moving Averages

Non-trending markets

SL & TP placement

Chart Patterns

Module 3

Using economic data to mitigate risk

Module 4 

The Casinos Edge

Calculating Risk

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