Aliens – Home Study – Julie Renee



Aliens – Home Study – Julie Renee


Aliens – Home Study – Julie Renee… We’ll be going for it with a massive clear out day removing all 10 varieties of troublesome alien invaders. Our focus will be on the alien disappearance, along with its anchors and purpose for inhabiting one or more aspects or parts of our blueprint.

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Aliens – Home Study – Julie Renee

Aliens -Home Study - Julie Renee

Marathon Clearing Day 6 hours

To clear 85 plus spiritual interferences
Aliens that are definitely not from the earthly plan

We’ll be going for it with a massive clear out day removing all 10 varieties of troublesome alien invaders. Our focus will be on the alien disappearance, along with its anchors and purpose for inhabiting one or more aspects or parts of our blueprint.

Did you know the cause of many illnesses is spiritual interferences that are owning a part of you?

Restless leg syndrome

  • Heart palpitations
  • Weird digestive issues
  • Feel low energy struggle with anxiety
  • Experience, or and panic for no apparent reason
  • Ruminating thoughts
  • Obsessive or erratic eating
  • Tinnitus (ear ringing)

Restless leg
Irregular heart beat
Some forms of high blood pressure
And many mental illness
Digestive maladies

To name just a few..and the removal of these interferences can clear the illnesses as well!

Here are the culprits we’ll be disappearing:

  • AI Artificial intelligence
  • Amphibian
  • Arachnoid
  • Humanoid
  • Hybrid
  • Reptilian
  • Reptoid
  • Serpent
  • Snake
  • Synthetic

Our gathering and clearing will focus clearing all troublesome energies and activities of these alien species as they have invaded or have access to parts of your systems. (Please note we will not focus on the hows and whys they are here, what they look like, or where they came from.)

My purpose for this marathon one-day online retreat is to clean up, remove, disappear and deactivate the spiritual interferences that have gained a great deal of access to the human population and are up to no good by hooking into and running their plans through us.

These are some of the issues I have identified that they are doing anchored in our blueprint:

access fuel from light of cells use as a power source
amplify illness
cause suffering
curious invasion
draw out
exert pain
interfere with – rapid aging
interfere with regeneration
intertwined observe
reaping clan knowledge
repressing longevity
steal life force
stimulate compulsion
tracking device
use body for a power source
use energy as a power source

Together we can make a difference. Each year we’ve cleaned house on spiritual interferences and each year, a few of these beings, leave our community altogether, meaning once cleared, they don’t return even to the new folks entering out community.

There are three ways they clear.

  1. One is that we disappear them for good they no longer exist in the quantum field in any way.
  2. Two for them to lose all their mental information or intelligence, to float aimlessly as a blob in space so to speak unaware and incapable of causing harm.
  3. Three to be exiled to their own realm or dimension unable to return to the human earthly realm permanently.

Please join me in this powerful and life changing clearing day and feel clear headed, strong and vibrant.

Support Materials

Premier Dynamism Meditation

Powerfully attunes all the body’s 15 natural energy and power centers, clearing away blocks and restoring vitality and potency! If you’ve been feeling physically, emotionally or mentally stagnant or just not quite yourself, this meditation will clear things up for you and get you back on the road to vibrant health and vitality.


  • You’ll Increase your energy levels
  • Improve adrenal health
  • Direct the quantum field for natural energy boosting
  • Clear foreign energy from the chakras and nadis and return them to full function, and clear your aura of negative or excess energy.
  • Restore your energetic body to a clean, healthy state.
  • Boost to your cellular fuel source – the mitochondria
  • Direct energetic support to your muscles, and help you regenerate tissue.

You’ll re-establish, feelings of joy and happiness. Dynamism meditation is a GREAT way to clear all your energy centers, and be restored to higher vibrations such as joy, happiness and free self-expression. Burn away any negativities that others try to toss your way!

Quantum Essence

Ask yourself – how is your spirit? How brightly you shine in the world has everything to do with fine-tuning and the alignment of your essential spiritual nature. In this moving meditation you will learn the 3 aspects of human essence and be able to fine-tune each to pristine sparkle and shine.


  • Essence: Spirit, Soul, Life Force
  • Spirit Owning Your Light
  • Soul Protection of Spirit
  • Life Force Energizing Your Body
  • Removal of Past Damages to Spirit
  • Finding New Deeper Complete Power

This amazing meditation is suitable for both the inexperienced and experienced meditator. By introducing simply stated new concepts on the design of human essence you will restore and revitalize you to your best spiritual nature.

Quantum Magic

Have you lost the sparkle and sense of awe and wonder in your daily life? Would you like to reconnect with the feeling that the power of magic is at your fingertips and life’s an adventure just waiting to be explored? Quantum Magic brings you back to the space of co-creation and blissful anticipation.


  • Receptivity Tune-up to Quantum Pleasure Field and Quantum Magic
  • Undertaking a Clean UP and a Clear OUT
  • Hallo Expansion Into Quantum Mind
  • Magic Afoot Amplification of all that is good
  • Connection to a larger oneness to feel joyful and blessed
  • Standing in your power

Fully ignited and ready for magic, this meditation delivers all the goods. If you want to feel vibrant, alive and fully connected with the quantum field of bliss and pleasure, you will definitely want to plug into this meditation today and as often as you can.

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