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Maiyah Olivas - Age Reversal Secrets2Maiyah Olivas – Age Reversal Secrets: How Heightened Frequencies Can Rejuvenate Your Cells!

Who Wants to Feel and Look 17 Years Younger?*


  • Eliminate external energies that create the stress-based “age cascade”
  • Replace self-critical thoughts about your body with acceptance and self-love — the basis of all age-reversal!
  • Remove internal patterns that contribute to wrinkles, arthritis, worsening eyesight and other signs of aging
  • Restore your youthful energy, flexibility, suppleness and strength from your DNA outward

Start Your Age-Reversal Process Right Now!

My mom is 87 and people regularly assume she’s 70 or younger. Shockingly the younger men at church adore her — even the married ones! Happily their wives do, too.

When people first see us though they assume she’s my grandmother. And when they hear my chronological age they simply can’t process the fact that I was born in 1965.



Especially the guy wearing his cap and gown from graduation who hit on me in front of my friends and asked if I’d just graduated too!

What’s your secret?

Everybody asks.

Is there a picture of you in an attic somewhere? Is your name really Dorian Gray?

Nope, it’s shifting the functioning of my endocrine system and telomeres through energy work.



This might sound woo woo but science shows that the healthy cleansing and regeneration of cells in all organs and tissues of the body is governed by the glands (endocrine system) and the strands at the ends of our chromosomes (telomeres).

If the glands emit too much cortisol and adrenaline, we’re in a state of physical stress and we actually poison ourselves! As the strands of telomeres shorten through cell division, we develop symptoms of aging — lack of flexibility, decreased muscle mass, poor organ function, compromised immune function, etc.

But any process in the body can be reversed. And the mechanism for reversing those processes is to shift the vibrations.


This series of Self-Love Age Reversal files contains vibration signatures of powerful flower and gemstone essences that correct the signals in your energy field that cause aging.

These 6 essences are the foundation for every track:


White flash moonstone nourishes the supra physical body and revitalizes every cell.


Platinum (which has been shown to prevent damage to the telomeres in cancer research) nourishes, restores, repairs, and re grows the telomeres.


Selenite continuously flows positive cleansing light energy to all aspects of your energy field and all your cells


Peach Moonstone seeks out patterns that no longer serve you and filters them away from your being


Rhodochrosite breaks through stuckness of all kinds


Cape Amethyst penetrates all aspects of your being, bringing the healing vibrations to every part of you known and unknown, seen and unseen, real and unreal, conscious and unconscious

All Tracks contain vibrational imprints of useful crystalline energies, and flower essences. These five files build on each other in a cumulative process.

The Basic Proprietary Vibration for this Age Reversal Package includes carrier waves of platinum, white flash moonstone, 7 color ray diamond, and selenite on every track.


Package A

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Package A

Package A

5 Age Reversal Healing Files with Music ($111 each)

5 Age Reversal Soundless Healing Files ($88 each)

7 Age Supporting Soundless Healing Files ($77 each)

Item 1 — Clearing



Using divine love and forgiveness vibrations clears off completely external energies that you don’t need which are stuck to you and don’t want you to move forward and sends them off to be transformed into a more positive vibration for the universe; specialized crystalline vibrations include ruby, onyx, black tourmaline, cassiterite.

Item 2 — Rebooting



Emphasizing self-acceptance, this track goes into your deep consciousness and strips down all negative patterns around aging inherited from your family programming, past lives, miasms and genetic coding; specialized crystalline vibrations include tsavorite, green adventurine, malachite.

Item 3 — Redefining



Installs totally new positive ideas about your body, its functions and capabilities and your personal ability to be vibrant, youthful, radiant, desirable, magnetic, sexy, and healthy at every layer and level; specialized crystalline vibrations include pink tourmaline, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, carnelian.

Item 4 — Restoring



Rebuilds the cellular material especially telomeres, to fully support your new consciousness of youthful vitality; specialized crystalline vibrations include citrine, agate, raw emerald, raw garnet.

Item 5 — Expanding



Makes you into a fountain of joyous celebration of your body; specialized crystalline vibrations includes mother of pearl, chalcedony, blue lace agate.

Healing Music

Additionally, items 1-5 also have divinely guided healing music. Each piece is designed to bring the listener to a profound state of consciousness suitable for their personal transformation.

This Music Set is very powerful and will induce strong shifts in your consciousness. Do NOT use while driving a car or operating heavy machinery or doing any physical activity that involves concentration.

Item 6-10 — Age Reversal Soundless Files

Age Reversal Soundless Files


You will also receive the same healing energy as described above in Items 1-5 in the form of soundless files. These super condensed healing files were adjusted so that they could be used during the day within a playlist that included “normal” music.

When used as recommended, the vibrations and energetic healing frequencies will gently flow into your aura and make whatever changes are possible during the day without disrupting your consciousness or focus.

Then at night while you are sleeping, more intensive work will occur.

Item 11 — Being the Love You Are

Being the Love You Are


Continuously reminding every iota of your being that you are created from healthy Divine Love.

Item 12 — Gratitude, Joy and Appreciation

Gratitude, Joy and Appreciation


For yourself and the whole universe! Makes it much easier to manifest more experiences that you feel grateful and happy about!

Item 13 — Allowing Your Optimum Life

Allowing Your Optimum Life


Really focusing on what your deepest soul desires are and letting them gradually and gently come through, while non-optimal situations gently dissolve in the most loving way possible.

Item 14 — Optimize Your Life

Optimize Your Life


Makes your current circumstances the best they can be, regardless of what they are.

Item 15 — Transforming Painful Patterns

Transforming Painful Patterns


When life has spun out of control due to old negative habits and we need extra help in shifting our perspective.

Item 16 — Ultimate Fitness

Ultimate Fitness


Improving your physical condition to its greatest potential including alignment and muscle mass.

Item 17 — Ultra Coordinated

Ultra Coordinated


All over coordination, balance, rhythm and kinesthetic awareness including proprioception great for daily body awareness (no more “being clumsy”) all sports and performing arts.

I’ve lost cellulite, I’ve gained energy. I move better than I did 10 years ago! My body can do things I never thought possible, and I’m almost 60! My brothers and sisters who are younger than I am say all the time ‘What happened? What’s your secret!’ I tell them ‘Maiyah! You need to schedule and appointment!’

MW, Chesapeake, VA

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