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Lloyd Lester - Erection By CommandLloyd Lester – Erection By Command

“New Breakthrough Discovery Helps Any Guy CRUSH Performance Anxiety & Achieve Powerful, Rock-Hard Erections Naturally & Almost On Command (And Here’s How You Can Do It Too)…”

What’s revealed in this page – that you probably don’t know yet – is the difference between a disappointing sex life, infused with anxiety, frustration and self-doubt, and the pure joy that comes from knowing you can completely please your woman with vein-bulging and long-lasting hardness, anytime you want…

dear friend | eSy[GB] Have YOU ever found yourself in these situations?…
check 2 | eSy[GB] You have a gorgeous lover that turns you on like no one else in the world, but you suddenly realize you can’t get as HARD as you used to with her… you’re mortified and have absolutely no idea what’s going on…
check 2 | eSy[GB] You have no problem getting an erection but when it comes to the crunch during sex, you just cannot stay hard enough, leaving you frustrated, embarrassed and feeling like a FAILURE AS A MAN…
check 2 | eSy[GB] Foreplay always gets you up immediately but when it’s time to put on the condom and get into position, you find yourself going limp in seconds, instantly screwing up what you’d hoped to be a wonderful night for the both of you…
check 2 | eSy[GB] Getting hard with self-stimulation is easy enough, but you simply can’t “hold it up” when having sex with a REAL partner (and it’s freaking you out and completely KILLING your sexual confidence)…
check 2 | eSy[GB] You get nervous each time you have sex, worrying you cannot stay hard enough for her. And each time you failed, the anxiety got worse. You’re constantly thinking about it, and it’s creating an underlying “distraction” that overpowers everything else…
check 2 | eSy[GB] You feel so stressed, frustrated and self-conscious about your performance in bed that you find any excuse you can to avoid sexual contact…
check 2 | eSy[GB] Your woman is unhappy with all the extra work she has to put into keeping you hard, and even though she often masks her disappointment, it’s crushing your self-esteem like a sledgehammer…
check 2 | eSy[GB] Your partner gets upset each time you’re unable to stay hard but you don’t want to become reliant on those costly/risky hard-on pills. It starting to put a heavy strain on your relationship and it’s driving you crazy with worry…

check 2 | eSy[GB] You’re desperate to end erectile dysfunction, but nothing seems to work. You feel you’re wasting the best sexual years of your life simply because you’re too afraid or embarrassed to ask for help… If you answered “YES” to any of these, then I have something VERY important to tell you… but before I do…

I Have Both GOOD and BAD NEWS for You…The bad news is that the pharmaceutical industry, the media and even your email inboxes have “programmed” you for failure. You’ve been bombarded with advertising that promises you bigger, stronger erections “at the drop of a hat”. Truth is, stuff like “penis wonder pills”, “magic potions”, overpriced supplements and erection creams leave you hanging on a chemical crutch… and very expensive monthly outlays to boot! Worst of all, that “spur of the moment” kind of sex becomes almost impossible. And along with that, the passion, the spontaneity, the satisfaction, the awesome feeling of sex that you used to experience are now ALL gone… … leaving you having to screw with a chemically-induced hard on… And worse… having to deal with the crazy side effects that come with the use of these ineffective, and perhaps even dangerous “band-aid” solutions. No wonder so many guys struggle with finding the REAL solution that keeps their erection up… safely, easily and anytime they want it… without burning a hole in their pockets (I’m come to that secret in just a moment …) Your head has been filled with BAD advice from unscrupulous folks peddling expensive snake oil that ultimately resign you to months and even years of self-doubt, frustration and embarrassment. That’s the bad news. But I have some WONDERFUL news for you… The good news is, I’m about to share with you how you can “dump” all of that useless programming… … and turn yourself, almost instantly, into the kind of man that can achieve and maintain a natural, spontaneous erection… effortlessly and almost “on command”. Truth is, it really isn’t about popping pills or supplements, or strapping strange or dangerous looking devices to your prized manhood…

Let Me Share A Fascinating Secret With You…I’ll admit, I stumbled upon the way to getting instant, powerful rock-hard erections almost by accident. It all started with my friend, John. You see, John was in his mid-20s and in a very healthy shape when he came to me for help… hardly the kind of age and health condition where you would associate a man with erectile dysfunction. John was dating this gorgeous girl, an absolute hottie… and was getting intimate with her one night after some drinks. He was hard as rock as both their clothes came off and he planned to make it a night for his girl to remember. But just as they were about to get into action, he went limp all of a sudden. No hard on. No arousal. Nothing. John had always prided himself on his natural ability to go the distance and keep his girl sexually fulfilled. But in that moment of floppiness, he was scared shitless. It never happened to him like this before. As you can imagine, this momentary episode of non-performance got built into his mind. The next time he got intimate with his girl, he was unable to get it up at all. It all suddenly turned into a downward spiral for John.

And Each Time He Failed To “Get It Up”, The Anxiety Got Worse…It became a vicious cycle that led John feeling frustrated, confused and mostly scared. He was absolutely god-smacked that this is happening to him. And it’s been going on like this for six frustrating months. He was terrified of losing his girl. In his desperation, John came to me. He knew he was too young to be popping those “little blue pills” and he’s wary of the nasty side effects (headaches, nausea, dizziness, blurred vision and a whole LOT more scary stuff). He knew I had been helping guys with premature ejaculation, and asked if I could come up with something to help him overcome his erection difficulty. He was desperate, and on the verge of complete despair… And then, something remarkable happened…

How A Crazy Female Orgasm “Technique” Changed Everything For John…To help John, I tried something that sounded CRAZY at first… You see, I’ve spent half my life studying mind-development tools, influence, persuasion, seduction, and anything else that can help us improve our sex lives dramatically – and quickly. One of the things I did was experimenting with anchoring principles and pre-conditioned triggers in human sexuality response. And in one such testing, I revealed how I could give a woman instantaneous, powerful orgasms or…”orgasms on command”… whenever and wherever I wanted. But that’s not all… she would be ready instantly and would even experience the actual orgasm within seconds of being given the “command”…without the need for foreplay to get her “ready.” You might think this is in the realm of sexual fantasy, something far-fetched or impossible, but it’s actually not… As a matter of fact, anchoring techniques like this have been used scientifically in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to create pre-conditioned triggers linking to a person’s peak emotional states. And in my experiment, I created arousal triggers that are linked to a woman’s orgasmic state, so that you can “lock-in” her orgasmic experience for an instant replay the next time. In fact, if they’ve felt it at least once, they can feel it again. And by “stacking” arousal triggers, they can even experience orgasms more vividly and powerful than they’ve ever done before…. But the question is…

Could This Same “Stealth” Strategy Help John Unleash Instant, Raging Erections?I’ve seen how erectile dysfunction has wrecked the relationships of several couples I know, and I could sense John’s anguish and helplessness when he came to me, so I really wanted to help him out… So I took these “instant female orgasm” techniques I’d used myself to more advanced levels and adapted them for John to help with his erection problems… and made him PROMISE to use them. I didn’t get a chance to see John again for a couple of months. But the next time I met with him, I was surprised with what I saw… As it turns out, the frustration, anxiety and deep-seated look of fear was gone… in fact John was beaming! John was absolutely thrilled! He said apart from one instance where he had a momentary anxious moment and lost his erection, he was able to get it up quickly like a raging bull! (And even in that one moment, he would SNAP OUT OF IT in seconds and got a MASSIVE, THROBBING hard-on that shocked his girl…) I was pleased for John, but then I began to wonder…

Would THIS Work For Others Too?I’ve to admit…I was very reluctant to try out these techniques on John, because I didn’t want to get the blame if it didn’t help him! But since they worked so well, he said I should help other men with these techniques… so I decided to go and test them out on other guys. In fact, I further tested and tweaked the techniques and strategies, to make them the absolute best that they can be. I got together several of my readers that I know who suffer from psychologically-related, or anxiety-induced erection problems, and asked them to use these techniques exclusively. As it turns out… the results were better than expected! With the techniques I showed them, the volunteers I got together were able to overcome their erection problems and develop / maintain spontaneous, powerful hard-ons anytime, anywhere they want… that was a resounding success, as far as I could tell! Not only that… on several occasions, I’ve had people tell me that they seem to be having “super human” sexual experiences after using some of the stuff I shared with them ? Very quickly, word got out… and before long, friends of those initial volunteers were coming to me, virtually demanding me to help them fix their erectile dysfunction FOR GOOD! In fact one of them said to me, “I really want this – now that I’m so tired and frustrated of ED – to get my confidence back and please my wife.” At that moment, I realized I had in my hands something extremely powerful that any guy could use…

But There Was Another Problem…I simply don’t have the time to help them all! So John suggested I write an ebook that would explain how to use these techniques, in a manner that ANY MAN can do. I have also put together some audio recordings, which would enable the techniques and mental attitude to go in easily, with very little effort. And I’d like to share them with you. But before I do that, let me ask you a quick question…

Why Do YOU Want To Crush Erectile Dysfunction In The First Place?I asked John the same question… He admitted that after that first embarrassing brush of not getting it up, the anxiety really got into him during subsequent moments of intimacy. And each time he failed to get hard, he’d sit around and fret about it all day. And it quickly turned into an emotional downward spiral… As a matter of fact, his sex life changed dramatically and he lost so much confidence. He said it was extremely embarrassing for him and he felt like a fool. Meanwhile… his girl assured him that everything was fine and wanted to help him through this… but in his mind, John was secretly worrying he might lose the girl he loved so much to another man… if he doesn’t fix this soon. I asked the same question of some other guys who initially volunteered to test out my techniques: “What makes them want to fix their erection problems?…” And these were some of the responses I got (And as you read through them, you might find some of these resonate exactly with what you’re going through right now)… “I miss the first couple of times we had sex when I could actually satisfy her, where I could stay hard enough and keep going until she came multiple times…” “Now I simply dread the thought of having sex as I know what’s going to happen. This has a knock on effect and you worry so much about it that you can’t even get hard.” “We broke up just a few months ago, and I fear the problem will happen with a new girl… and that she wouldn’t be as understanding as my ex was.” “It was downright humiliating and I lost my girlfriend because of it…” “This is having a huge impact on my life and I’m at my wits end… It’s getting so depressing that I might just “end it all” if this doesn’t work out, because I can’t see any other options.” “Women often find me attractive, but instead of that being a blessing, it has become a maddening torture to me. E.D. has ruined my life.” Of those volunteers I got together including John, after using the techniques I showed them (and about to share with you), they have now permanently freed themselves from the clutches of erectile dysfunction. So I asked them…

What’s It Like To Get Instant, Rock-Hard Erections “On Command”?For John, he said overcoming erectile dysfunction has helped him feel sexually secure, confident and emotionally strong… like a “REAL MAN” once again. What’s more… it has re-vitalized his sex life and he’s now enjoying deeply satisfying sex. He couldn’t believe “how awesome it felt inside of her now”. He feels so much better about himself now… not only in the bedroom, but with his life in general as well. Best of all, his relationship with his girl has taken off to a whole, new sensual level. As it turns out … many of the guys I spoke with who had used my techniques also experienced a similar rejuvenation in their lives. And instead of shying away from sex, they now look forward to it. Not only that… they feel happier, more confident, and even find women more attractive now! (And as you read on, you’ll be amazed at how this stunning transformation could happen to YOU too…)

So… What Was John’s Secret?If you’re a little skeptical right now – yet also a tiny bit excited about having that kind of power and control at your fingertips, whenever you command it, I am about to reveal to you just how easy – and real – it is to actually enjoy this kind of life right now… Let me show you some of the little-known techniques that John used to permanently crush erectile dysfunction and enjoy sensational, powerful erections “on command”… Introducing… Erection By Command:Secrets To Program Your Mind & Body ForInstant, Awe-Inspiring Erections

combine 650 | eSy[GB]

Here’s A “Sneak Peek” Into The Secrets That You’ll Discover Inside…Component #1:

The “Erection By Command” Core Program

erc main 350 | eSy[GB]

You get my complete step-by-step strategies and techniques to re-program your mind and body so that you can enjoy stronger, firmer and longer-lasting erections… and regain the confidence and control you know you deserve. Everything is explained in clear, concise, easy-to-understand instructions. The powerful tips, techniques and insights in this program have been rigorously tested and proven effective by thousands of other men who are now enjoying sizzling, hard-rocking intimacy in the bedroom (and beyond!) Here’s a VERY partial list of what you’re going to learn inside this exciting new program:

  • My “stealth” strategy to easily “program” your mind and body to create instant, powerful, rock-hard erections… anytime you want and in any situation (It’s like pushing a secret button only you know about … that immediately gets you “ready for action!” )
  • “Orgasm On Command” – Here’s the little-known technique I’ve used to lock-in a woman’s emotional response and bring her to orgasm in under 30 seconds. I’ll show you how the same core strategy of “priming” a woman for instantaneous orgasms can be manipulated to give you INSTANT arousal and erections!
  • Did you know that the emotional reactions to the state of “fear” — which is designed to get your body ready for the “fight or flight” response — all just happen automatically? I’ll share with you my simple strategy to turn that natural, human response into your formidable weapon against erectile dysfunction… with almost ZERO effort on your part!
  • The most powerful technique I’ve ever discovered for “unclogging” your body so that blood and vital “life force” can flow through your cells freely and optimally. (After all, it’s the rush of blood flow to your ‘member’ that can give you those instant, rock-hard erections to make your lover blush and get excited, at the same time.)
  • The simple test you can perform from home to know if performance anxiety is causing your erection problems (97% of erectile dysfunction sufferers have NO IDEA this test even EXIST… When you get this, you’ll have taken the crucial first step towards eradicating ED, for good!)
  • A FATAL “porn” mistake many men make that actually DESTROYS their libido and erection ability (I’m amazed how many men do this… and if you don’t know what it is, there is a good chance you’re making this mistake now)
  • How to “map out” the ‘flow’ in your body during arousal (using “Advanced Anchoring”) so that you can amplify and intensify your erections as well as the pleasure you feel during your entire bedroom experience. (When you get this, you’ll revving like a hot rod that doesn’t quit!)
  • A surefire way to free your mind, and easily get rid of mental stress, performance anxiety and clutter… so you can perform even better still… and increase the power of all my other techniques and secrets ten-fold! (Consider this one a bonus that will improve your sexual experiences as well as help you get more enjoyment out of your entire life!)
  • “The Pavlovian Anchor” – My secret method of installing an “arousal trigger” that acts as a sensory button to produce natural, spontaneous, vagina-busting erections (without you having to think or will the response…)
  • The easiest and quickest way to create an “arousal anchor” for massive, awe-inspiring erections… Here’s how to “STEAL” what’s already working for your body (The best part is, this is something that your mind and body has already been subconsciously programmed to respond to…)
  • The “trump card” technique you can use to maintain your erection and natural stiffness for a longer period (this deadly effective shortcut works like a charm… it feels almost like “cheating”, but you’ll also find it becomes almost impossible to NOT ride like a stallion and give your woman EXPLOSIVE sex all night long!)
  • My secret “stacking” technique to intensify and accentuate the power of your erection triggers – making your hot rod even HARDER, STRONGER and FIRMER (And YES… YOU can use it too)
  • Evolution has not prepared our brains for today’s Internet porn. Here’s a simple 2-step test to know if porn is killing your erection (and simple, specific strategies to reboot, regain and SKYROCKET your sexual performance…)
  • A fun and easy way to “escalate, intensify and amplify” your energy flow when you have sex … Once you get this, it will FLOOD your body with such intense sexual energy, it gives you a RAGING hard-on that scares your partner into submission!
  • How to last longer, have more staying power, more stamina and endurance…and just deliver an all-around, more satisfying bedroom experience for both you and your lover!
  • How to completely reprogram your subconscious and turn yourself into a “sex machine” that gives any woman earth-shattering, body-shaking sex with effortless ease… anytime… in ANY situation… without even thinking about it!
  • The real secret to “supreme, unwavering sexual confidence” – How to enjoy all of the control, confidence and satisfaction that comes from knowing you can always “rise to the challenge” … and never have to deal with embarrassment, apologies, shyness or performance anxiety in the bedroom, ever again!

And too MUCH more to list here! Yes Lloyd I have read enough! Please teach me your powerful techniques for getting awe-inspiring, long-lasting erections on command!Component #2:

“Exclusive Audio Training”

erc audio 350 | eSy[GB]

Hopefully you’re starting to “get this”. Now, in addition to the core Erection By Command manual, you also get an audio MP3 recording of the ENTIRE manual, so that you can take the information wherever you go and listen to it anytime you like, at your own pace… It’s like hiring me as your personal coach, where I speak directly to you about the powerful tips, techniques and strategies that turns you into a hot rod that never quits! On its own, this is a very powerful module. But when you combine both written and auditory learning styles into one holistic system, you get an unparalleled training system that puts your transformation on overdrive! Yes Lloyd I have read enough! Please teach me your powerful techniques for getting awe-inspiring, long-lasting erections on command!Component #3:

“Hardness Multiplier” Hot Sheet

erc hotsheet 300 | eSy[GB]

This handy pull-out guide complements the main Erection By Command manual to help you perform at your sexual peak! Here I’ll give you a simple set of natural, proven strategies that will sustain and amplify the results you get! Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll discover:-

  • “Fountain Of Youth” – How this ONE simple activity can enhance blood flow naturally to your extremities to give you natural, spontaneous erections… in a way that even the most expensive, brand-name hard-on pills can NEVER achieve…
  • Have you ever tried making out in THIS position and find your rod going limp in seconds? That’s BAD. I’ll show you what to do INSTEAD…
  • A great way to keep yourself HARD. If you tend to go soft the moment you roll on that rubber, you want this. (Now, the best part is… women ACTUALLY enjoy doing this with you!)
  • 2 BIG No No’s that DESTROY your erection ability over time (most men make one of these 2 mistakes without even knowing the consequence… so listen up)
  • An ultra-powerful “Contraction Sequence” that gives you sensational results in pretty short order to boot… (It’s no coincidence that many top male porn stars practice this unconsciously, bestowing upon them with not only with rock-hard erections, but also the ability to “shoot” further!)

Yes Lloyd I have read enough! Please teach me your powerful techniques for getting awe-inspiring, long-lasting erections on command!Component #4:

“Rock-Hard Erections & Amazing Stamina: Your Top 20 Questions… Answered”

erc faq 350 | eSy[GB]

Over the past few years, I’ve been answering EVERY SINGLE question that I get from my readers and subscribers relating to erection and stamina issues. And as I read through each and every one of them, I noticed certain questions kept popping up over and over again. These were obviously hot topics, things that every guy seems to want to know about. So I’ve decided to answer the top 20 questions relating to erectile dysfunction and lasting longer in bed, and put them in this concise and handy FAQ report. Chances are, if you’ve got a burning question in your mind about sex, stamina and getting it hard, we have already got the answer. And as you read this FAQ report, you’ll discover:-

  • The mindset that prevents men who couldn’t get it UP the first time round from experiencing MASSIVE success later on (When you “get this”, it becomes almost impossible to NOT develop powerful, rock-hard, spontaneous erections)
  • Some guys can’t hold their erections when their partners are “on top”. Here’s what to do that gives you massive control while turning her INCREDIBLY on…
  • What to do when you lose your erection during a change in position… (it’s no coincidence that sometimes the smallest tweaks like these can make women quiver with shockingly powerful orgasms)
  • 4 deceptively simple strategies that will ADD minutes to how long you last in bed (You can start doing any of these today, and see results FAST)
  • My personal favorite “move” to eliminate nervousness and anxiety in seconds so that you can make love longer and totally rock her world in bed…
  • NEWSFLASH: The truth about delay pills, creams and sprays… and how they can KILL your sexual experience (and here’s what to do INSTEAD…)
  • The “Ben Stiller” maneuver that will DOUBLE your duration whenever you have sex. Some call this “cheating”… but what your woman doesn’t know is not going to hurt… and to be totally honest, if she is able to come to an orgasm, she is NOT going to care either ?
  • The “Passion Incubator” – How to prime her for “sheet-clenching, body-shaking” orgasms and at the same time, last a lot longer than what you normally do…

And much, much more… Yes Lloyd I have read enough! Please teach me your powerful techniques for getting awe-inspiring, long-lasting erections on command!Component #5:

“Premium Lifetime Enhancements”

erc card 350 | eSy[GB]

Hopefully by now you’re starting to realize just how POWERFUL this system is. Erection By Command is choke-full of proven tips, techniques and strategies. But I’m always testing out new tools and systems that will help me and my customers. So it’s important to me that anything new that I add to this program… you’ll get it and use them to improve your sex life. This means you will get all new updates – including new chapters, new tips, and extra bonuses – at NO additional cost to you. This means you’ll get PREMIUM ACCESS to program updates and enhancements from the private member’s area, so you’ll always have the most current edition of the program! Yes Lloyd I have read enough! Please teach me your powerful techniques for getting awe-inspiring, long-lasting erections on command!

Say Goodbye To Erectile Dysfunction And Enjoy Sensational Sex Each And Every Time…

Just imagine…finally being able to instantly get a strong, rock-hard erection …and always be “ready” to ravish your willing and impressed lover…whenever you want. (It’s like “tricking” your body and mind into believing that you just popped one of those little blue pills, to get you going stronger and lasting longer!) Imagineregaining – and enjoying – all the confidence, control and pleasure in bed that most men only wished they had…and never having to feel embarrassed, apologetic, or “less of a man” in front of your lover… And now … imagine enjoying all of that in a completely safe and reliable way — without ever resorting to expensive and harmful drugs or pills … And, never having to worry or stress about any weird, life-threatening side effects, costly or harmful solutions…none of that! Sounds good? I’m sure it does… and this reality can begin for you just a few moments from now… Now, with these things in mind…

How Much Would All This Be Worth To YOU?

You see, I’ve designed Erection By Command to be a COMPLETE SYSTEM, not only to help you safely and permanently overcome erectile dysfunction, but to also totally TRANSFORM your sex life. I’ve spent literally hundreds of hours writing the ebook and editing the audio files to get this system JUST RIGHT for you. I even hired out a recording studio to make sure

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