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How a Tiny FREE Report and a Little Bit of CHEAP and EASY Outsourcing Can Earn You Hundreds Per Day… Passively!

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Profit vs Profit

How a Tiny FREE Report and a Little Bit of CHEAP and EASY Outsourcing Can Earn You Hundreds Per Day… Passively!

Michel Writes…

michel | eSy[GB]

“I’ve been testing Lee’s method for the past few weeks and let me tell you, this is fo’real!

Not only has Profit vs Profit helped me boost my daily income to over $200 per day… but this is actually something that can be done in any niche.

That’s what I call having unlimited leverage.

Thanks for this amazing training Lee.”

Michel Sirois

Montreal, Canada


Alright, let’s make this snappy. I’ve got many sweet affiliate commissions (and enemies) to make.

Actually, so do you!

Life ain’t all peaches and pancakes, homie. Sometimes, in order to succeed in this world, you’ve gotta pick a fight. 

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that I’m about to show you the magical art of picking a fight that EVERYBODY WINS!

More on that soon enough. But first…

How the heck are ya?

My name is Lee, but my friends call me Mr. Murray ‘cuz they’re nasty… and they know what’s good for them. ?

I look like this…

lee bee 1 | eSy[GB]

But I’m actually pretty cool.

I earned my first dollars (a $26 digital product commission) in June of 2008… and began earning my full-time income exclusively from home (quit my soul-burning restaurant job) in March of 2013.

It’s been rad. Not gonna lie.

My specialties are content creation, email marketing, blogging, and basic jackassery.

These are virtues and skills that I instill in my students, as they have served (and continue to serve) me oh so well.


“Lee, I Have a Serious Problem, So Can You Get Right to the Damn Point Please?”


You think that adding “please” to the end of that made it any nicer? Sheesh.

But I get it. 

You’re aching for fast results, and I do have just the thing for you… or so I think.

First, let me see if I can accurately identify this problem of yours.

  • You desperately want to make a nice living online, but…
  • Nothing you’ve tried seems to work, and…
  • All of those rotten guru-types keep selling you more and more worthless solutions, so…
  • You’re skeptical as hell, but…
  • You’re still hopeful.

Am I in the ballpark? See, I told you I’m pretty cool. ?

Listen, this is a tricky business.

Seems like most of us who do succeed online do so because we believe we will.

Maybe we’ve made a few sales early on in our endeavors and discovered first-hand that earning great money online is genuinely possible for everyone. Maybe this knowledge drove us to persist even when most things weren’t working.

And perhaps those who haven’t had this initial taste of success simply don’t believe it’s even possible for them.

I dunno.

Maybe we just have a different type of mindset… a bit more “do or die.”

But I have also identified another advantage that successful people clearly have over the masses in this business…

We Go STRAIGHT to Where the Money Is!

It’s true. 

Most successful online entrepreneurs are efficient as all get-out.

We don’t chase money, but we do create the conditions for money to come into our lives quickly.

This keeps us motivated, which keeps us taking the appropriate actions, which makes us rich… which makes us happy. ?

Let me ask you a question…

Are you scared?

Most of My Students Are Freakin’ TERRIFIED!

terrified | eSy[GB]

They’re afraid that they don’t have what it takes to actually attract money into their lives without a nasty-ass boss breathing down their necks. They’re scared to death of trying and failing… only to be laughed at, mocked, and welcomed back to “sanity.”

What really sucks is that they’re almost equally terrified of the alternative…

  • Working their asses off for a paycheck that will NEVER give them the life of their dreams.
  • Being at the mercy of someone else’s vision.
  • Spending countless hours away from their homes and families… with no immediate end in sight.
  • Never realizing their full potential as brilliant, capable human beings.
  • Never experiencing a reality that includes abundance, security, peace of mind, pride, and true contribution.
  • Seeing other people “make it big” online while they beat themselves over the head asking “why not me?”
why not me | eSy[GB]

These are real fears, my friend.

And guess what…

They’re totally justified.

This is the sad, pathetic reality that the vast majority of us are going to be reduced to living day-to-day. Sure, it’s not the worst thing that could happen to a person… not by a longshot.

But it’s also not the best thing… not by a LONGSHOT.

If you can relate with any of these… if you are currently experiencing any of these fears…

I got you.

And I just gave you the antedote.

You need to go STRAIGHT to the money.

Every moment wasted is another moment in which more doubt is able to creep into your skull. Each moment NOT spent actually MAKING MONEY ONLINE is another moment in which all of those fears listed above become more and more realized as truth.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

I really don’t.

Neither does my partner, Tony “The Tonester” Miciche. And that’s why we’ve come together to bring you one of the most direct business approaches you will find ANYWHERE…

We’re Taking You STRAIGHT to the Money!

The shortest distance between where you are now and where you want to be is a straight line!

There’s a common misconception that making money online is necessarily a slow, tedious process requiring months or even years of ongoing patience and effort. People believe that they need to become big-name authorities in their niche… or that they need to manufacture expertise in order to gain prospects and get paid.

This is called the “fake it ’til you make it” approach. And it’s absurd.

Tony and I don’t condone faking expertise in your chosen niche. In fact, we don’t condone focusing on a niche at all! Wait, what? If we’re not focusing on niches, what are we focusing on?

Products, Baby. Focus On Products!

You face a STEEP uphill battle when you decide to become a niche authority.

You need to basically live and breathe your niche. It needs to be a serious passion. You can’t fake this… or your audience will see RIGHT THROUGH YOU. You will never earn an online income that way.

Most of the niche bloggers and YouTubers who actually succeed do so because they LOVE the niche in which they’re operating. They have a passion for it… they’d do it for free. The money’s just a bonus that allows them to keep pumping out content without having to drive to a boring-ass job.

Is that you?

Probably not.

If you’re like most of the people that I encounter on a daily basis, you just want a nice taste of success.

How you get there is pretty much inconsequential, which is why you likely invest in online money-making course after online money-making course… DFY package after DFY package… software program after software program.


No shame in that, amigo. None at all.

And that’s why we say to stop focusing on niches, and start focusing on products. 

“So What Is Profit vs. Profit, Lee? Is This Amazon Stuff?”

This is affiliate marketing, plain and simple.

Amazon, Clickbank, Market Health, WarriorPlus… it doesn’t matter. 

Just like we’re not focusing on deep niche research, we’re also not focusing on affiliate platforms.

We’re focusing on PRODUCTS. Through whomever they’re being sold doesn’t matter.

“Profit vs. Profit” is an EASY 2-Step System…


Create a Special Consumer Report and Product Funnel…

Creating a giveaway product through which to build an email list is one thing.

Creating a product-centric resource that ONLY targets people who are ready to BUY specific products… and then using THAT to capture leads and build an email list is something else entirely.

In “Profit vs. Profit,” we’re going to show you how to do the latter. 

Again, we want you focusing on PRODUCTS, not niches. This helps you to cut right to the chase, allowing you to be honest… and make money hand over fist… without pretending like you’re an authority in some niche that you may or may not have a passion for.

It’s much, much easier.

When you put your report together in the way we’re showing you, your report itself becomes a major asset. While most of your competitors are giving away “whatever they can” in exchange for an email address…

You’re giving away something that will actually GET YOU PAID… over and over and over again!

We show you how to do everything. No stone is left unturned.

You’re about to have a lead magnet that doubles as a cash magnet. And yes, you’re also about to have a SUPER EASY email funnel that pays you in your sleep!

You’re welcome. ?


Give Your Consumer Report Away!

Simply get your special consumer report into the hands of as many interested people as possible.

Do I show you how to do this?


There are two primary ways. You can do it for free… or you can skip a lot of work and go the paid route.

I show you how to do both!

If you decide to go the free route, I’m gonna have you creating “Profit vs. Profit” review videos and/or blog posts. Worry not, these are INCREDIBLY easy to create… and can be easily outsourced to make it as hands-free as possible.

And guess what…

I even SHOW YOU how to OUTSOURCE it!

But I do even better than that…

Get download Lee Murray and Tony Miciche – Profit vs Profit at Forimc.com right now!

Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20170519031346/http://imwithlee.com/profit-vs-profit/

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