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24 Hour Product Creation

Are you struggling to create your own information products?

“Here’s A Massive Shortcut For Creating Your Own Quality Info Products… In Less Than 24 Hours!”

Even If You’re A Complete Beginner With
No Expert Knowledge… No Contacts… And No Experience
Now You Can Quickly Enter Any Niche Market and Start Making
A Full-Time Living Online…

Simply by Leveraging The Influence, Reputation and Expertise of Others

From: Lee McIntyre

How To Create Your Own Interview Products Using
“The 24 Hour Product Creation System”

Inspired by the successes I’ve witnessed from my mentoring clients, I’m convinced that more people should have the opportunity to learn how to do this. And for this reason I’ve designed a crash course on how to create your own interview products from start to finish.

I’ve fully documented every step I use to teach my mentoring clients and created a course that comprises of 7 detailed stages for creating your own interview products… and professionally recorded these steps as an easy to follow DVD presentation.

When you’re done watching this DVD presentation, you’ll have the exact step-by-step knowledge to do all of the following:

Step #1: Select the right expert in your niche for your interview…

First off, you need to choose who you’re actually going to interview. Easier said than done, I’m afraid. Because not all internet experts are going to want to be interviewed because they may already have all the exposure they’re ever going to need in their niche.

Don’t let this put you off though…

I’ll show you exactly where to find the most receptive potential interviewees by simply looking in the right places, and gathering basic clues that’ll help you decide whether an expert is worth approaching… or not.

Step #2:Prepare your interview proposal…

There’s a lot more involved in getting an interview than simply shooting off an email that basically says “Look, I want to interview you…”

You need to find out exactly how to push the buttons of your interview candidate. What would make them sit up and take notice of your proposal in the first place? What are they ultimately looking for in terms of return on investment of their time? Show them that you have the answers to all these questions in your proposal and they’ll find it extremely hard to refuse.

Step #3:Prepare your interview questions…

The overall quality of your interview product will be determined by the amount of information and level of expertise it delivers to your buyers. Therefore, it’s your job to make sure you extract as much quality information out of your interviewee as possible.

To do this you need to ask the right questions…

This step is where many beginner interviewers go wrong. Not only do you need to glean as much information as possible from your expert, but you also need to know what kind of information will sell in your market – i.e. what questions do people desperately want answers for?

Get this bit right and you’ll have a high quality info product that virtually sells itself to your market.

Step #4:Conduct the interview…

As the interviewer, you need to understand how to take control and guide the interview.

For obvious reasons, you’re gonna want your interview to run as smoothly as possible… without any gaps or awkward pauses.

You must also know when to let the expert you’re interviewing go off on a tangent and deliver extra value… but also when to reel him/her in to get back on track with the subject matter.

There are a number of tips and tricks for dealing with these situations… and even if you’re a bit intimidated or nervous about giving an interview, this can also be quickly overcome.

Step #5:Record your interview to create an audio product…

Due to the nature of internet marketing, your interviews will typically take place online with people who live far away where it’s not convenient to meet up in person.

Therefore, you’ll need to conduct your interview remotely.

With modern technology these days, this is not a problem. And all you’ll require is an internet connection and the right software to create a professional recording – don’t worry, it’s as simple as hitting the record button on a VCR… and the software you’ll use is readily available and free to download.

Step #6:Package your interview to sell online and plug into a pre-existing sales funnel…

Now you need to turn your actual raw interview into a finished product and then package it up ready to be sold online.

Additionally, as well as selling your interview as a stand-alone product… I’ll show you how to integrate it into a pre-existing sales funnel so you can claim a piece of the back-end profits and get paid big commisions for a very small initial effort (this is where the real money in internet marketing is to be found!).

Step #7:Drive an instant avalanche of buying traffic to your interview product…

Once your interview product is packaged and ready to sell, you’re going to need to get it seen by the people in your niche who will readily hand over money to get their hands on it.

At this stage there’s really only one form of traffic you’ll need to focus on. Your job is to find this traffic… and tap into it as quickly as possible for maximum profits and to take a massive leap forward in terms of your online business.

As you can see, there’s a lot of preparation and planning that goes into this process. However, when you have a detailed step by step plan infront of you, showing you exactly how to accomplish each stage, it’s actually a very painless process… and one that can be a lot of fun.

(More fun than writing an ebook anyway!)

Here’s A Brief Sampling Of The Exact Techniques
I’ll Share With You Inside…

  • The number one “disease” that causes painfully slow productivity in nearly all beginners… and how to easily banish this unwanted symptom for good.
  • Why there’s absolutely no correlation between profit and time spent on creating a product… and how one product, created in just a weekend, grossed over $30,000 in profits for me whilst I was still a beginner.
  • Discover the primary goal to aim for, above all else, when creating an info product… and how focusing on this one thing will maximize your profits.
  • How and why a few little ‘tweaks’ to your product can dramatically increase its perceived value and give you a much bigger return on time invested.
  • How to use your interview products as tools to create branding by association and “piggy back” on the fame and reputation of other marketers to launch your own highly successful business.
  • The best place (hands down!) to quickly find market leaders in your niche who will gladly sit for an interview… provided you ask in the right way.
  • A neat trick for quickly finding out exactly which marketers will be more receptive to an interview request, simply by looking in the right place and interpreting the stats.
  • How to quickly prepare an effective interview proposal that easily persuades most marketers to say ‘yes’… and agree to be grilled by you for access to their best kept secrets.
  • Discover the 6 most important pieces of information a marketer wants you to hear from you before any kind of agreement can take place… and how to embed this information into your proposal.
  • How to, and, why you should leverage your current success points (even if you think you don’t already have any) to generate a much higher response from potential interviewees.
  • How to use the power of blogging to quickly endear yourself to marketers and get them to agree to be interviewed by you.
  • 2 things you need to do to prepare a back end income from your interview product that qualified prospects will readily buy… and for no extra work on your part.
  • 4 top interview tips that instantly makes you seem like a “pro-interviewer” and lets you create flowing interviews that deliver quality, seamless information.
  • The biggest mistake made by beginners when creating their first interview products… and how to easily avoid this by quickly getting feedback from people in your niche.
  • How to gain a clear, absolute vision of the interview product you want to create… and how to prepare your interviewee in advance to extract the maximum information possible and create a high quality product.
  • Discover the overall primary function of an interview product… and how to utilize this function to boost your market presence and create a highly profitable income stream on the back end.
  • Want to know the technical aspects of carrying out an interview? Here’s how you can conduct an interview with anyone in the world… get it recorded… and all for FREE – with no loss of sound quality.
  • How to quickly lower the barriers of entry so you can shift far more units of your product… without having expert copy on your sales page.
  • Uncovered: the only form of traffic generation you need to focus on to give the biggest return on the time you invest… and how to quickly find this traffic and put it into motion.
  • Top tips for recruiting affiliates to go out there and sell your interview products for you… and how to keep sweetening the deal until you reach their final ‘tipping point’.
  • How to ‘chase premium real estate’ and gain massive potential profit opportunities from other marketers that will bring you a passive income for as long as you remain integrated into their marketing.
  • …and that’s really just a small sample of what I’ll share with you.

There’s a lot to take in, but I’ve worked hard to make these steps as simple and easy to follow as possible… so you can quickly create your own interview products no matter what your current level of experience is.

And as I mentioned earlier, I use these exact same techniques myself and also teach them to my mentoring clients who want to create their own info products as quickly as possible.

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