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“Learn How To Seduce Women – Directly From WOMEN?”

Discover The Secrets Of Seduction & Attraction Women Know That Men Don’t!

Have You Ever Wondered…

  • What do women really think when you approach them?
  • Do women REALLY want sex as much as men do? (And if they do, why don’t they act like it?)
  • Why do women always go places in groups – even to the bathroom?
  • What exactly are women attracted to in a guy? (Hint: It’s NOT always his looks!)
  • How can you get a hot girl interested in you even when she has tons of better looking guys around her?
  • How do girls prefer guys ask them out on dates?
  • Just how far are women willing to go sexually?
  • What are the simple things guys do that get women incredibly aroused?
  • What are the secrets to keeping relationships strong and healthy?

If you’ve ever wondered what the answers to these and many other questions are, then this may be the single most important web page you’ve ever read!

In fact – I’m so convinced that you’ve never heard attraction secrets like this before, that I’m going to GIVE YOU a 62-minute, tell-all interview with a ‘knock-out’ named Tracy. She really laid out ‘exactly’ how women think about men and dating. The interview is classic. And it’s free just for reading this letter!

Keep reading to discover more…

From The Secret Files
Of Joseph Matthews

It all started innocently enough.

seduction-secretsIt was Christmas Day, and I was going through my contact list calling up all my friends whom I hadn’t seen or talked to in a while. (I know, I need to be better about staying in touch, but sometimes it can be hard!)

One of the people I decided to call was my good friend Jamie.

Jamie is an extremely attractive girl who I’ve been friends with since high school. She used to sit in front of me in science class, and we’d spend our lab time chatting with each other. I’d make her laugh, and she’d shower me with female attention. It was great!

At the time, she was engaged to be married (a marriage which later on she broke off – that’s what happens when you get engaged out of high school!), but she let it be known to me many times that she was interested in me.

Unfortunately, being the wussy with women I was at the time, I refused to go after a girl who was engaged to be married.

Since moving away from where I went to high school, I had kept in touch with Jamie, calling her from time to time to catch up.

And when she answered the phone this Christmas Day, she was excited, as always, to hear from me.

What Happened Next Was The Most Interesting Phone Call Of My Life!

Usually, my phone calls with women are fairly short. Mostly because I don’t like talking on the phone, but also because I want to save the good stuff for the date.

In my wussy years, I would spend hours on the phone with a girl, listening to all her problems, ideas, or whatever it was she wanted to talk about that.

When I started getting serious about dating women, I cut that down dramatically.

But because Jamie and I are such good friends and hadn’t talked in a while, we had a lot to cover.

She began telling me about how she’d gotten engaged again, and about how she met her current fiancé and how he won her over – even though she wasn’t attracted to him at first!

She told me about a guy who began stalking her at work, and all the things he did wrong that really turned her off in the first place.

She began telling me about how she had her first lesbian experience and actually hooked up with her best friend!

Needless to say, I was captivated. Obviously, we had a great rapport going on, so she was comfortable enough to share all these details with me.

I began asking her questions about certain things that lead up to these events, getting details and insights from her, and suddenly found myself understanding a lot about how women think about men, love, sex, and many other things guys usually take for granted.

When I got off the phone with her, I felt like I had learned more about the way women think in a one hour phone call than I had with a year of going out to the clubs.

That’s When I Started Keeping My Secret Files…

After my talk with Jamie, I began recording some phone calls I had with women I’d meet.

The things I would learn from re-listening to these phone calls was nothing short of amazing.

After reviewing what I had talked about with the girl, I’d open up a journal and start writing about what I head learned from the conversation. Insights into dating, seduction, women in general – anything that came up.

I began to jokingly refer to these journals as my “Secret Files.”

These “secret files” were actually the inspiration for a great deal of my courses.

And then, something interesting happened…

I Suddenly Became A Dating “Guru!”

I was interviewed by a very prominent dating advice expert. He had a monthly interview series where he’d feature a new “guru” every month who’d share advice and insights about women.

When I did my interview with him, the response was overwhelming!

I started getting a FLOOD of emails from the people who had heard it. Many of them said it was the best interview they’d heard in the series. Others were dying to learn more about my philosophy.

And that’s when inspiration hit.

Rather than just try and condense everything people wanted to know into yet another book, I decided to do something different.

I decided to open up my Secret Files for everyone to experience.

These are honest to God interviews with actual WOMEN. These aren’t women who write books or make money off of dating advice – these are the type of girls you’d meet in clubs, the bookstores, the coffee shops, and the internet. (I know, because that’s where I met some of them!).

They are all attractive, wonderful, real-life women. They get hit on by guys all the time. They have different experiences and philosophies on men. And I was able to get them all to open up and share some of their most personal experiences for YOUR BENEFIT.

FACT: The Reason Most Men Fail With Women Is Because They Don’t UNDERSTAND Them!

Too often, men are just focused on themselves.

They are obsessed over how they look, how insecure they are, how strong their desires are, and any number of other factors.

And when this happens, the woman simply becomes an OBJECT.

It’s only when men are able to actually shift their focus and pay attention to the girl they are with that they actually start to experience some success.

Understand – women are people too. They have their own thoughts, beliefs, issues, and feelings that you have to deal with.

And most of all…


Every woman you meet will need to be treated a little bit differently from the others. The successful ladies man will actually adjust his strategy depending on the woman.


There are also similarities. Because even though women are different, they aren’t THAT different.

One of the amazing things you’ll notice when you listen to my interviews with women is that there are a great number of commonalities present – and the more you’re exposed to these, the quicker you’ll recognize them.

But in addition to that, you get a new perspective from every girl, and an true insiders look into how women think and how they operate.

And this, my friend gives you an edge when picking up other women!

Because this means that you’ll know all the right things to do to initially attract ANY girl, and then you’ll know the tricks and techniques to customize your seduction based on the individual girl you are dealing with.

Learning From Women Is Extremely Important!

There are some out there who say “If you want to get good with women, find guys who are good and learn from them.”

And this is true. You can absolutely learn a lot from other ladies men. But if you neglect learning about women from other women, you’ll be missing half the puzzle.

See, truly successful ladies men have a keen insight into how women think and operate.

Guys who don’t have a lot of success with girls usually have no idea what a woman may be thinking or feeling.

So though you can learn all the tips, tricks, and techniques from the guys, you may not understand WHY they work.

And without that knowledge, you’re operating at a disadvantage!

Understand – many men are inexperienced with women. Maybe they’re virgins, or only been with one or two girls. In this situation, how are they supposed to get the insight they need? From their mom? Their sister?

I don’t think so.

Then you have the guys who may have been in one or two long term relationships. These guys may think they “understand” women, but in reality, they only understand the women they’ve been with. Put a new girl in front of them, and they are helpless!

After that, you have the “player” types who go out every night and pick up different women. Sure, they may get the quick “lay,” but put these guys in a long term relationship and they fail immediately – mostly due to the fact that aside from knowing how to get a girl in the sack, they have no clue what women are about!

As with everything you learn, you always want to go to the source.

In when it comes to getting better with women – that’s who you have to go to!


And up until now, the only way to do that was to go out, meet new women, date them, and pick their brains yourself.

But I’m about to give you the shortcut you need…

Here Is Your Shortcut To Getting Any Woman You Want – My New Monthly Interview Series!

It’s taken a lot of hard work, time, and effort on my part to not only go out and MEET some really amazing women, but then letting me convince them to share their insights with my students.

As you can imagine – I get a lot of weird looks from the girls when I bring up the subject!

But you know what?


Because when I did get these girls on the phone, they didn’t hold back.

And because I have done the work to understand women, I am able to get them to open up and share with me things about dating, love, and sex I had never even THOUGHT about before!

And here’s the strange thing…

No matter how many women I interviewed, there was always something original and interesting they had to share!

Because of this, I felt that I could meet a new woman, interview her, get her to share her insights with me, and pretty much do this ALL THE TIME.

So I decided to make this a monthly series. A new girl, every month, will get on the phone and share her inner-most thoughts with me.

And not only will I let you listen to it WORD-FOR-WORD, I’ll also include a special report with each audio talking about some of the issues I feel it’s important for men to learn.

That’s a new audio AND report every month!

So What Do You Get? More Than You Bargained For!

In addition to getting a monthly audio and special report, just for trying out the interview series…

I Am Going To Give You Over $2,579 Worth Of Bonus Material – FREE!

Seriously. This is not a joke.

When sitting down to create this new interview series, I really wanted to start it off with a BANG. I wanted to over-deliver for guys looking for a nice little kick-start in the right direction.

So I decided to create a few bonuses to include in a “Starter Kit” to get everyone off on the right foot.

But then something crazy happened…

I just kept adding bonuses! And before I knew it, the bonus package had become a full-blown course in and of itself!

Here’s what you’ll find in the Secret Files Starter Kit:

seduction files

1. An Exclusive Instruction On Online Dating From Neil Strauss, Best-Selling Author Of The Book “The Game: Penetrating The Secret Societies Of Pick-Up Artists.”

A short while back, Neil and I collaborated on an exclusive course called “The Annihilation Method.” Only 375 copies were sold for a whopping $3,779 each. After we released it, we both made a pact never to sell that course again. Only the lucky 375 people to get that course would have access to its secrets.

But I was able to convince Neil to let me take one of the best segments of the Annihilation Method – an audio where he breaks down his full-proof online dating system with a girl he actually picked up from the internet no less! So you get to hear her feedback on how his methods actually worked!!!

Until now, only 375 people had access to this amazing interview… but now, it can be yours too!

2. An Exclusive Interview With Erik “Mystery” Von Markovick – Widely Known As The World’s Greatest Pick-Up Artists!

Many people will recognize Mystery from his role in Neil’s book “The Game.” During the Project Hollywood Era, I sat down with Mystery on the back patio of the mansion and picked his brain about some of his best pickup tactics.

And if you’ve ever heard Mystery speak, you’ll know that in addition to being a world-class pickup artist, he is also one of the most charismatic and engaging speakers you’ve ever heard.

Seriously, you’ll be amazed at the tactics Mystery reveals in this special interview.

3. Get An Inside Look Into The Process Of Dating With One Of The Best In The Business – Carlos Xuma!

In my special interview with Carlos Xuma, creator of the “Dating Dynamics” program, we go in-depth into different strategies on how to meet and date women.

For those of you who don’t know about Carlos, let’s just say that he has been in the game for years, and is one of the most prolific Dating Advice Gurus out there.

And when he and I get on the phone, we tend to talk – a LOT! So in this interview, you’ll get to hear some great stuff from the both of us.

4. An Exclusive Interview With Internet Dating Master Dave M – A Computer Geek Who Went On Almost 400 Dates In One Year All By Meeting Women Online!

If you’re into online dating, you’re going to want to learn from Dave M.! This guy doesn’t bother going out to bars and clubs to meet women. He does all his dating on the internet, and he is INSANELY successful at doing so!

Dave uses his online marketing expertise and applies it to his online dating, with stunning results. In this interview, him and I compare notes on our respective online dating tactics, and then he opens up Pandora’s Box and begins to reveal his super-effective internet dating secrets.

5. Learn Forbidden Sex Secrets And Advice On How To Get Threesomes With Super-Hot Women From Sex Guru David Shade!

David Shade has been publishing his underground sex guide – David Shade’s Manual – for many years, and it is widely regarded as one of the best guides to sexual pleasure for men available online.

In this special interview, conducted at his first ever Masterful Lover seminar, you’ll get to hear sex expert David Van Arrick interview David Shade AND his sexy Threesome Partner about how they pull other women into their bed, and then what they do with them once they have them there!

This interview is NOT to be missed…

6. Discover The Secrets Of Hypnotic Seduction From One Of The Masters – IN10SE!

IN10SE (pronounced “intense”) was one of the original hypnotic seducers. Fans of the best-selling book The Game might recognize him by a different name – as the character of Twotimer!

In this exclusive interview, I sit down with IN10SE and pick his brain about how to use hypnotic language to get into a girls pants quickly, and how to condition the women you’re with to make them feel fantastic!

IN10SE even reveals some of his “forbidden patterns” that he uses on girls to “close the deal.” This is stuff you won’t find anywhere else.

7. Renegade Hypnotist Major Mark Cunningham Reveals Forbidden Secrets On How To Bang Married Women (And Not Worry About Their Husbands)!

Major Mark is a major guy (no pun intended) in the hypnosis and NLP field. And he’s used his “dark powers” of persuasion to seduce women all over the world.

In this rare interview, Mark shares with us his tactics – not only for hypnotic seduction – but also for seducing married women in particular.

This interview is so over-the-edge, I hesitate in releasing it to the public.

8. Learn How To Get A Girlfriend With Relationship Expert Stephen “Playboy” Nash!

Stephen, who was also featured in Neil Strauss’s book “The Game,” is the author of the book How To Get A Girlfriend.

Stephen has a very interesting take on dating advice, and he seems to believe in total transformation. Everything from the type of clothes you should wear, to how you can get creative on dates, is revealed in this interview.

Stephen is a great guy with really tight inner game that many men would benefit learning from.

9. Tighten Your Inner Game With Some Of The Best Philosophy Around, Taught To You By One Of My Mentors – Zan From Enlightened Seduction!

If you’ve read my book, The Art Of Approaching, you’ll know that I follow the “Zan Philosophy.”

Zan is one of the few ladies men I’ve met who makes this stuff look EASY. When I first got to know Zan, he was dating 6 WOMEN AT THE SAME TIME. Not only that, but they all knew about each other… AND they all hooked up with each other, all without jealousy.

If anyone knows a thing or two about “harem management,” it’s my friend Zan. But in this never-before released interview, Zan shares with us his personal philosophy on meeting and seducing women.

This is truly one of the best interviews you’ll hear on the subject.

10. 6 Exclusive Episodes Of The MothaB Show – The ORIGINAL Seduction Podcast!

Before anyone out there was podcasting on dating and seduction related topics, there was ZD, the enigmatic pick-up artist who started the MothaB Show.

Before ZD retired from the game, he recorded 6 episodes of his show just for me and my subscribers, and they are as timely and interesting today as they were back when he was broadcasting.

In these six episodes, you’ll hear ZD delve into personal topics and analyze them from the point of view of a pick-up artist. This is stuff that’s not to be missed!

And that’s just the AUDIO portion of the Starter Kit. Check out what else you get…

  • An Interview With Mystery – A transcribed interview of a meeting I had over dinner with Mystery. In this interview, Mystery goes into how he turned from a lonely computer geek to a pick-up guru. He also shares his secrets to getting almost any girl her wants. (This interview is different from the audio one listed above!)
  • An Interview With Swinggcat – Author of the book Real World Seduction, Swinggcat is one of the most successful pick up artists I’ve ever met. His methods of using frame control and push/pull in his pickups are some of the most effective I’ve ever seen. In this exclusive interview, you’ll get to read about how he developed as a pick-up artist and how to use some of this best material to get girls.
  • An Interview With IN10SE – An in-depth interview with hypnotic seduce IN10SE (pronounced “intense”) where he shares how he got into using hypnosis to seduce women, and how you can too. IN10SE shares some amazing stuff in this interview that is not to be missed. (This interview is different from the audio included in the course.)
  • Mike Pilinski Profile – Author of the best selling online ebook “Without Embarrassment,” Mike Pilinski is an average guy who’s figured more than a few things out about women. In this in-depth profile, we get to see the trials and tribulations Mike went through to conquer his fears of the opposite sex and become a real ladies man.
  • Cliff’s List Interviews With Dating Experts – Cliff’s List is one of the oldest and longest running online dating and seduction newsletters for men, and Cliff has interviewed a number of the best ladies men out there. In this exclusive eBook, I’ve compiled some of the best interviews with dating experts Cliff has conducted into one place.
  • The Cocky & Funny Handbook – Ever wanted to know something witty to say? Are you looking for EXACT word-for-word lines and comebacks? Look no further. In the Cocky And Funny Handbook, you’ll get pages and pages of field tested and proven cocky and funny lines you can use immediately.
  • Double Your Dating Masters Recap – Go behind the scenes in one of David DeAngelo’s most historic seminars, and get insights from some of the best ladies men on the planet as David DeAngelo records what would later become his “Masters Program.” (You even get to see the people who were cut from the finished product and learn what they talked about!)
  • Dynamic Sex Life Preview – One of the most divisive and controversial figures in the men’s dating advice business, the man by the name of Gunwitch, gives you a sneak preview of his in-your-face book “Dynamic Sex Life.” Gunwitch has a style all his own, and now you can see what he has to offer for yourself.
  • Dynamic Approach Manual – From Gunwitch as well, this manual will give you some helpful hints on “direct approach game.” Gunwitch has some very interesting theories on how to meet women that should not be missed!
  • Secrets Of Seduction Report – Authors Ron Luis & David Copeland, the men behind the best-selling book “How To Succeed With Women” (which you can find in most bookstores) have a special report on the secrets every man needs to know to seduce women. These guys have been in the game a LONG TIME and have some great stuff to share.

As you can see, this is a MASSIVE collection of some of the best pick-up advice you will find on the internet.

And That’s Just For Starters! Now, You Can Get FULL ACCESS To All My Secret Files Interviews!

In addition to getting a brand new interview and special report every month, you’ll also get access to all of my previous interviews! This way, you won’t miss out on any of the amazing insights that these incredible women share with me.

Just to give you an idea of what you’re in for, feel free to check out the ENTIRE first interview in the series for yourself:

Episode 1: Interview With Tracy

seduce tracyTracy is a fantastic girl I met who is actually a Yoga Instructor! She is very outgoing and fun to talk to, and her insights into dating and men were very astounding.

You can listen to her entire interview by clicking the “Play” button on the player below:


(This is the FULL interview, running approximately 62 minutes!)

Don’t forget – every interview comes with a special report filled with insights from me on different aspects of dating and seduction. Check out the first of these Secret Reports below.

Just right mouse click the link and choose the “Save As” option to download the report to your computer.

Right Click Here And Choose “Save As” To Download Secret Report #1

You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this special report. You can download this software for free on Adobe’s website.

This should give you a really good idea of what the monthly interviews I conduct with women are like. But just in case you want to know more, here are the breakdowns of some of the other interviews I’ve conducted…

Episode #2: Interview With Renee

Renee is a really amazing woman. At age 38, she might be what you would call a MILF. A single mother of 2, she lives in San Diego. She’s a former bartender, so she knows all the tricks of the club scene. She’s also incredibly attractive, and has some really keen insights into how men operate. This is definitely a great interview! In it, we discussed things like:

  • The secrets to dating a single mom most men need to know if they want to have a chance with her.
  • What experienced women are REALLY impressed by (and it has nothing to do with how much money you make!)
  • The biggest disadvantage older men have when trying to attract a woman and how to overcome it – (HINT: it has nothing to do with how old you are!)
  • Why being successful in your career and making lots of money can actually HURT you.
  • What a girl REALLY means when she says she wants a guy with a “sense of humor,” and why it has NOTHING to do with how funny you are!
  • Why trying “too hard” to impress a woman can really work against you!
  • Why where a girl is from is vitally important to knowing how to seduce her!
  • The secrets to using MySpace to meet incredible women online.
  • How guys with “no game” can easily attract women just by “being themselves.”
  • The real reason why guys get rejected in bars, and how you can avoid rejection every single time.
  • The secrets guys can use to date hot female bartenders.
  • Why wearing a good cologne can give you an “attraction advantage” over other guys when you’re picking up women.
  • The “Tests” most single moms will throw at you, and how to pass them with flying colors.
  • How a woman uses her breasts to tell if the guy she’s talking to is a “loser” or not.
  • The 5 biggest mistakes men make in bars when trying to pick up women, and how to avoid them.
  • The core differences between a guy who has confidence and a guy who is a jerk.
  • How to listen to a woman and pick up on her “secret communication” about how she wants the guy to seduce her!
  • What a girl really means when she says she “likes a challenge.”
  • The secret any guys can use to attract TONS of hot women to them when you’re out in a club.
  • Why “just being yourself” around women will never really get you any results, and what you can do to ACTUALLY attract women.

Episode #3: Interview With Lucy

Lucy is a great girl who works in the Advertising Industry in Los Angeles. She’s also been in a long term, committed relationship for four years. In this interview, I discussed with Lucy the secrets to making relationships long-lasting and healthy for both people involved. Here are some of the things we talked about:

  • The important role “Meeting The Parents” plays in the success of every long-term relationship.
  • How strong similarities are important to creating the emotional connections necessary to generate a long lasting relationship.
  • Why “Going Deep” first emotionally can help to form the bonds necessary to keep the relationship strong for the long term.
  • Why “Breaking Up” is not necessarily the end of a relationship.
  • The qualities women look for in a man to decide who’s a “keeper” and who’s a “fling.”
  • Why lying to a girl when you first meet her will absolutely destroy your chances of having a good relationship.
  • How to be honest with your woman to create deep intimacy and trust in a relationship.
  • Why adopting a “player mentality” can actually work against you when it comes to attracting a long term girlfriend.
  • How being “stupid” helps you to be more charming than most guys.
  • The top things girls look for in a guy to determine if he’s “boyfriend material.”
  • Why a sense of independence is VITAL to nurturing a long-lasting, healthy relationship.
  • How to avoid jealousy that can eat away at a relationship.
  • How long a girl will date a guy before she decides she wants to get serious with him.
  • How you know when someone is “Long Term” potential.
  • When should you make the decision to move in together, and how to do it.
  • The important thing to know about sharing finances in a relationship.
  • The secrets about how to communicate with your partner to make sure everyone stays happy in the relationship.
  • What every guy should know about how to properly prepare to meet her family.
  • How to deal with the whole “marriage” issue and how to make sure you’re not pressured into walking down the isle!
  • How to handle “relationship annoyances” and keep them from ruining your chances for long term success!
  • The special “key” to keeping relationships strong that most men don’t know about.
  • Why honest fights between couples actually keep relationships strong in the long run, and how to keep these arguments from getting out of control.
  • How to deal with female “moodiness” when her time of the month rolls around.
  • How to create a sense of independence in a relationship so you can have your own space without alienating your significant other.

Episode #4: Interview With Kate

Kate is a beautiful 23 year old college girl from South Carolina with aspirations to get married to Mr. Right and be a stay-at-home-mother. She gets approached a lot by guys because of her beauty, and she knows all the right (and wrong) things guys do to attract women.

In our interview we

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