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John Carlton - Scuttlebutt Sessions Interview

John Carlton – Scuttlebutt Sessions Interview

The most ripped-off… and most-listened-to… copywriter on the Web


Colleagues Rave and Clients Breathlessly Report Amazing Results That Changed Their Lives and Businesses Literally Overnight!

“John has created millions in profit for us. We pitted his ads and letters against big-city ad agencies, PR firms, and writers with lots of awards… and John slaughtered them all. He consistently hits ‘home runs’ for us — a 20-to-1 return in profit is not unusual. He has saved our butts on several occasions.” Robert Pierce, president, Tactical Response Solutions

“Latest results are fantastic! A huge bump, thanks to that one great idea you gave me. Thanks, John.” Chris DiRe, software publisher

“I had a massive breakthrough reading your stuff, John. Over the last 14 days, what you taught me generated an extra $20,979 in sales! Thanks again.” Jeff Gardner, TX
(Update: “After a full month, my take is now $70,000! Note to self: Follow John’s advice!”)

“You know that new ‘hook’ you insisted I try in my sales pitch? It tripled response! This translates into several hundred thousand dollars in sales over the coming year. You are on my Christmas gift list for life, dude.” Lisa Wagner, California

“I’ve written pieces that have pulled in millions of dollars. Yet, when I sit down to write copy, I pull out my swipe file of John Carlton’s stuff, and study it like my life depended on it. He is one of the few true experts in advertising. Pure gold.” Caleb O’Dowd, Florida

“My average order is 50% higher (and more) since I adopted your idea. I love your outlook, and your advice cracks me up while bringing in the results.” Tom Venuto, NJ

“Carlton really pisses me off. I collect his ads whenever I can, as professional research on great copy. Trouble is, after reading his stuff, I end up buying what’s he’s selling. He is one amazing writer. Believe what he tells you.” Jeff Paul, best-selling author and entrepreneurial guru

“John is the first guy I call when I have a marketing problem. His insights and marketing prowess are unparalleled among the working advertising experts I know… and I know them all. The money available, when you learn what insiders like John has to share, is just insane. In my book, there is John… and no one else is even close.” Gary Halbert, The Gary Halbert Letter

“Dear John: Your strategies have made me hundreds of thousands of dollars. I consider your copywriting to be so influential on my success, that I’ve literally stalked your ads and sales letters, purchased countless products and services to get on lists… solely so I could collect (and study) the sales letters that you write. This practice has been like a real-world ‘Harvard Business School’ education for me. And I know dozens of millionaire business people and successful ‘gurus’ that quietly keep an eye on you, follow all that you do, and consider you a major influence on their success.” Ben Cummings, Park Place Publishing, NY

“Thanks to your tips, I just doubled response on my website! I’ve never gotten 5 hot sales leads in one and a half hours before, such I just did this afternoon. This is getting really exciting, fast.” Perry Marshall, Perry Marshall and Associates

“Phenomenal content. Of all the marketing, advertising and copywriting experts I pay attention to, John Carlton is by far the most articulate and passionate and knowledgeable (and funny). I get more value just from your hilarious, ballsy stories alone than from the serious efforts of most other gurus. Man, you’ve helped my advertising get wicked-good.” Joe Polish, Piranha Marketing

“John fought hard to get us to mail his sales letter for our new book. He ruffled so many feathers pushing us past our creative ‘comfort zone’ that he got himself temporarily blacklisted… until, of course, his piece not only knocked off one of our top writers, but also mailed profitably for over 4 years to millions of names.” Sindy Berner, Production Marketing Manager, Rodale Books, PA

“What I learned in an afternoon from John allowed me to earn more money than did my entire college education. I can’t tell you how dramatically this has changed my life! My ads now cook and pull like crazy.” James Curley, CA

“Just finished a 1,000 trial mailing with new copy using Carlton’s concepts. Raked in $22,000 the first week. It worked so good it was scary.” Dr. John M. La Tourrette, OR

“Thanks to your course, my sales letters are now getting an extra 69% increase in response! And my print ads are suddenly stratospheric (and highly acclaimed). You are a friggin’ international superstar.” Steve King, London, UK

“I implemented your recommendations, and almost DOUBLED my conversion rate on my website! Awesome.” Blair Gorman, New Zealand

“This guy turned our business around literally overnight. Just John’s consulting abilities alone are worth his outrageous fee — the fact you also get one of the best copywriters alive makes him the biggest bargain in business today. He throws himself into every aspect of a project… so when the ad runs and the phones start ringing, you’re prepared to capture every dollar.” Dr. Russell Horine, NuLife Clinics

“He’s earned us a fortune. Killer copywriter, easily the most exciting and effective I’ve ever dealt with. He’s utterly fearless in meeting challenges and creating successful ads in one of the toughest markets in the world.” Dr. Michael O’Leary, president, OHP Golf, Inc.

“John Carlton is a copywriter I would hire, and there are damn few of those. Further, I would pay to be in a room to learn from him, and there are even fewer people on that list.” Dan Kennedy, “The No B.S. Marketing Newsletter”

“I have 20 years of experience with B2B direct response — I eat salesmen for lunch — so I bristled at John’s suggestion that I needed to rewrite my sales letter. Good thing I got over my rage… because listening to John allowed me to penetrate over 10% of a very competitive industry, and I’m still getting 2-3 calls a week. Thanks for pushing me so hard.” Dan Page, CO

“Studying John Carlton’s writing, and adapting it to Japanese culture, has allowed me to dominate an entire Asian market. It’s just unbelievable what you can do when you learn what’s in John’s amazing bag of tricks.” Markus Kuroda, Japan

“I went from making about $500 a month from my website… to pulling down over $2,000 each month. And it’s all because of your advice on my copy. Nothing else changed.” Fernando Cruz

“I made some critical changes to my ad copy after studying your Copywriting Sweatshop material. Result: The ad ran for $2,150… and brought in a net profit of $12,700. Not bad.” Steve King, UK

“Heck, I even use the stuff you teach to date gorgeous women from Swedish online dating sites. Works like a charm.” Krister Maxe, Sweden

“Who says crime doesn’t pay? John let me steal one of his headlines for a seminar pitch… netting me a cool $251,771 in just 3 days. If you want ‘good’ copy, you can go anywhere for advice. But if you want GREAT copy, you’d be nuts not to see what John offers. I don’t know ANY decent copywriter who would be caught dead without John’s materials close by.” Craig Forte, Forte Communications, Inc.

“One line of copywriting advice you shared at a seminar I attended was the gold KEY that helped me launch my latest — and most successful, to the tune of millions — series of Internet marketing seminars. My ad crashed through the noise of a very crowded market and took me from zero to amazing profit, fast.” Ken McCarthy, NY

“Thanks again for providing such a clear roadmap for success. I’m now faced with more opportunity than I’ve ever dreamed of, and more money than I’ve ever made. You gave me the impetus to act.” John Patten

“I came to you to learn some tricks about writing killer ads… and I got more than I expected. The tricks are great… but the reason I’m now a fan for life is because you also forced me to change the way I look at money, people, risk, problems, and life. You are the complete package.” Scott Palangi

“No B.S., John — meeting you, and getting your advice, has been the most powerful business encounter of my life. I appreciate it.” Paul Roberts

“In just 18 months, I’ve catapulted from a ‘wet behind the ears’ novice scraping $300 a job, to raking $5,500-to-$6,500 upfront per client… plus royalties! I’m now a top copywriter, working for the UK’s biggest direct mailers, thanks to John’s pure-gold advice. He is the ultimate ‘shock and awe’ marketing expert.” Nick Wrathall, London

“Getting your material is like buying dollars for pennies. Your stuff is a proven ‘can’t lose’ system for success, and I go to it first when I need a quick, proven solution to any problem.” Peter Stone, copywriter

“The most recent ad you critiqued for me — and I changed, according to your specific advice — allowed me to triple my return-on-investment. It’s the best response I’ve ever gotten from advertising. You’ve opened up a brave new world for me, and I’m grateful.” Dr. Robert McDermott

“I’m on the third round of reading your material, and I must say it’s just by far the best and most helpful I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been exposed to the best — including Ted Nicholas, Dan Kennedy, Joe Sugarman, and Jay Abraham. None provided the quality of content that is so easy to learn, as you.” Tony Zito, New Orleans

“Thanks to your critiques, my ad is a BIG winner right off the bat! It’s pulling over 300% profits online, in a hotly competitive market. We’re already on the way to seven figures, minimum.” Matt Gallant, Vancouver

“I used Carlton’s tactics in my advertising online, and profits went through the roof. That meant we could move into a bigger house, and I’ve kit it out with most amazing high-tech gear. I would not be here today without John’s help.” Chris Payne, UK

“You’ve made a huge difference in my life. Thanks.” Bill Heid

“I have attached $116.06 to the top of this letter — the cost of the free newsletters you sent me as a bonus when I signed up for your stuff. I just got too much out of your advice to accept it free. What you wrote hit me hard, and helped me change the way I work. I just had to let you know you’re making a huge difference.” Lucas Jaten, Arizona

“Two months ago I had little hope of making it in this business. Now, after taking John’s specific advice, I’m quitting my day job and doing this full time.” April Morelock, Indiana

“My first letter using your advice drew in $35,000 from a list of just 10,000. Thanks for taking the time to critique the letter of a ‘little guy’.” Eric Jensen, San Diego

“This is the exact information I wanted, but couldn’t find anywhere else! You covered everything the other guru’s neglect. I’m keeping your stuff close by.” Wendy Baldwin

“A big thank you — after absorbing your advice on ads, I sent out a letter and got a 26.5% response. Wow.” Dwight Romey, Indiana

“John’s online marketing and copywriting advice has helped me hit sales way over the million mark, starting from zero, in just 22 months. And that’s by myself, from home, with no employees. John is not kidding when he says you are one good sales letter away from a million bucks.” Tom Venuto, NJ

“The best book on copywriting and making money I’ve ever read, destined to become the ‘How-To Bible’ of great advertising writers and marketers of the future. Stop everything you’re doing right now, and read it immediately.” Scott Haines, professional copywriter (written for Jay Abraham, Robert Allen and Gary Halbert)

“I lifted your format and headline ideas for my own mailing, and not only earned back all the money I paid for your material… but the resulting sales letter is still bringing in hundreds of extra bucks each month in passive additional income. Anyone who hesitates to get your collected ‘swipe files’ is leaving a pile of cash on the table!” Kevin Donlin, Detroit

“I study Carlton’s copy like a 14-year-old boy reads Playboy. Completely dazzled, entranced and full of desire. I’ve read hundreds of books on marketing and copywriting and make my living with it… so I know how to separate the wheat from the chaff in this business. Every time I think I’ve hit the nail on the head with my copy, I read one of John’s letters and realize how much father I could go. Ouch… it hurts to say that… but it’s true.” Michael Jans, President of Insurance Profit Systems, Inc.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express adequately the total gratitude I have toward you for touching my life, giving me a massive helping hand, and showing the way! In just two days, your course has revolutionized my outlook on marketing and life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Michael Norman, Australia

“If you ever get a chance to hang out with a brilliant whacko like Carlton, jump on it. And hope some of his raw talent and marketing savvy rubs off. Until then, grab this course and learn from advertising’s most potent secret weapon.” Stan Dahl, DIB Consulting (Clients include NATO & Exxon)

“Great copywriters are proven because consumers vote with their money. That’s why guys like John are so expensive, and so valuable. This is seriously important information for your business. There are only a handful of writers in John’s league. I read this book as soon as I got my hands on it.” Ken Glickman, Boardroom, Inc.

“Early in my career, I had the good fortune to discover John Carlton — and he deserves much of the credit for my success as a freelancer. I hereby confess that many of the ideas behind the million-dollar controls I’ve written can be directly traced to what I learned or stole from John.” David Deutsch, world-class freelancer with controls for Boardroom, Phillips Publishing and other major league mailers

Most folks who discover this semi-hidden Website already know who I am. Thanks for stopping by — you’re in for a major treat here.

However, if I’m a stranger to you, let me introduce myself. I’ve been one of the most sought-after (and highest paid) professional copywriters in direct response for over 25 years now — writing ads and Web copy and direct mail letters that create fortunes for businesses and entrepreneurs.

I still blush when I have to bring it up (and I tell you this only because it’s important to help you understand that my credibility is rock-solid)… but my career-arc is now legendary:

I was the hotshot freelancer Los Angeles agencies snuck in the back door to do the work their staff writers couldn’t pull off…

I’m on the “inside” with the country’s top marketing geniuses — including the notorious Jay Abraham (I had free run of his offices in the go-go ‘80s)…

And Dan Kennedy (I was the featured “star” speaker at his last-ever, sold-out Copywriting Boot Camp, and will speak again this November at his massive Cleveland blow-out)…

And the “godfather of direct response wealth” himself, Gary Halbert (who I’ve been a close friend, head writer and occasional partner with for 15 insane years).

I am also on the “inside” with all the top online gurus — including Alex MandosianJohn ReeseArmand Morin (I spoke at his most recent “Big Seminar” extravaganza in Los Angeles)… and Stephen Pierce.

The super-intense “insider” education in real-world salesmanship I’ve received working at the cutting edge of the business world has been dangerous, stress-filled, fun… and worth millions in secrets and techniques and raw experience.

I’ve now written for the largest mailers in the world. (One of the “home run” letters I wrote for Rodale mailed to millions of names for over 5 years, despite constant efforts by other top writers to knock it off.)

My Website copy consistently pulls in tens of thousands of dollars each month for clients. My revolutionary concepts for posting sites that actually sell are now the standard in the industry. (I had to fight hard to get clients to even try these “classic” tactics at first… but now ALL the top money-making sites use the basic concept I pioneered, without question.)

You’ve likely seen my two and three-page “dense copy” ads repeatedly in magazines like Men’s HealthGolf DigestBlack BeltMen’s JournalMuscle & FitnessGuitar World… or perhaps Penthouse. (That one was a doozy.) Or in your local newspaper.

These long ads stand out because there’s nothing else like them in the publications. Yet they continue to run, over and over…

Bringing In Massive Piles of Cash

For Years On End!

I’ve sold a ton of just about every kind of product there is… from diets to real estate to biz-op to golf to professional services to health cures and beyond… to just about every kind of consumer who’s ever walked this earth (including the elite rich, the masses, and specialty niche markets few people even know exist).

Big-ticket items, lead generation, retail, multi-step, infomercial, radio, print, direct mail, Web, you name it.

I’ve been busy and I’ve been wildly successful, for a very long time.

And it pleases me no end that — just as I once studied the greats like Gary, Jay, Jim Rutz and Gary Bencivenga — my direct mail letters, Website copy and direct response ads are now jealously hoarded and used as study guides worldwide by top marketers and writers. Recorded interviews I’ve done are still hot tickets years after being released.

I am currently one of the advertising industry’s most sought-after experts for speaking and teaching — including being a featured lecturer at Ken McCarthy’s recent Internet “System” seminar in San Francisco and Ron LeGrand’s Phoenix marketing seminar. (My own intense “Copywriting Sweatshop” sold out in just days last fall, even though attendees had to pay $5,000 each for a seat.)

What’s more, my monthly newsletter, “The Marketing Rebel RANT”, is read by all the top players in marketing (and mails to some 16 countries world-wide, on every continent) despite being one of the most expensive newsletters out there.

What’s this mean for you?

Plenty… if you’re ready to experience a super advanced “lesson” in how the best marketers and advertisers in the world operate.

Here’s the story: A little over a year ago, I got the brilliant idea to start “mining” my contacts in the business world. Every day I’m on the phone for hours, talking to the wildest and woolliest collection of geniuses and cutting-edge entrepreneurs around. (You should see my phone bill sometime.)

My idea: Just turn on the tape recorder, and get some of these talk-fests down on tape. So, this isn’t your “normal” type of interview, where experts stuffily answer prepared questions. Instead, it’s actually a group of insiders spilling the beans on the most urgent and important topics any business owner could ever dream up. Freeform, raw, and without a net. It’s exactly like “bugging” fascinating conversations that can quickly and dramatically affect your own bottom line. I call this series “The Scuttlebutt Sessions” – for an intriguing reason I’ll explain later.

These sessions have created a shockwave through the upper levels of the direct marketing world… no one has ever talked about these subjects in this kind of intense, uncensored depth before.

All the players on my subscription list immediately demanded to hear these tapes. Each Scuttlebutt session offers amazing insight to the white-hot core of the direct marketing world — that special place where only a few lucky people ever get to hang out. And this lets you be a “fly on the wall”, hearing everything, uncensored.

Each of these tapes is an advanced mini-seminar on Insider marketing and business subjects. Sort of like “graduate school” for marketers who want to stay on top of the game. Multiply profits, blow away the competition, get hip to the secrets that separate the boys from the men, that sort of thing.

The series was a “baker’s dozen” of intense phone calls that lasted just over a year: 13 recorded calls, one recorded each month. People paid an arm and a leg to get access to these calls as they happened. (Each call was completed in private, with just me and the other person on the line — no audience, no sense of “performing” for anyone else. These are real conversations, caught on the fly.)

Now that the series is completed, I am offering the entire set as a single product. Marketing insiders have already paid a bundle to get their hands on the actual CDs of these calls.

However, I’m currently conducting a very intriguing “online market test” over the next week or so… and if you act fast, you can download the entire series for a FRACTION of what everyone else had to pay. It’s a genuine test, however, so you must check it out now, and not wait.

What’s more, you don’t risk a penny — I’ve arranged things so there is absolutely no risk whatsoever to seeing what all the fuss is about for yourself.

Here is a complete list of the entire Scuttlebutt Sessions… all finally available both as easy audio downloads you can access right now… and with blow-by-blow typed-out PDF transcripts (previously unavailable to anyone for any price):

Audio #1: “The Go-To Guy

With Gary Halbert. One of the most notorious and talked-about tape in the series. You may have already received this tape, if you ordered anything through my Website www.marketingrebel.com. Doesn’t hurt to get a fresh copy. This tape covers a topic I have never heard any other players discuss publicly — namely, what it takes to be that guy who can run the whole show. The guy everyone else knows can be trusted to do whatever is necessary for the job. A rare trait most people never learn on their own. Priceless insight to how things get done at the upper edges of the marketing world.

Audio #2: “Prospering in a Rotten Economy

Also with Gary Halbert. Very timely stuff, aimed at everyone who has been affected by the war, any of the ongoing stock market crashes, the paranoia of the buying public and the whole general bashing of most businesses lately. While most people are singing the blues, a precious few are actually enjoying this roller-coaster economy — and seeing huge increases in income, despite the horror stories of their less-savvy competition. See what’s up. Learn how to cope and prosper no matter what happens.

Audio #3: “6 Easy Ways to Really Screw Up Your Business.”

With entrepreneurial genius Jeff Paul. I’ve known Jeff for years, and he truly understands how to go from scratch to riches in the shortest time possible. He’s one of those rare guys who absorbed all the information available on world-class marketing… and then actually put it to use to earn a fortune. He also made most of the mistakes you’re about to make — and he can help you avoid them. We had a blast on the call, and what you learn can save you years of struggle and a fortune in blunders.

Audio #4: “Classic Salesmanship Secrets.”

Sam Fishbein is a world-class copywriter who also runs his own mega-profitable retail business… and (most interesting to me) manages an enormous stable of “on the floor” sales people. Sam learned his copy chops working with guys like Jay Abraham and Halbert and yours truly… and has decades of experience with killer face-to-face salesmanship tactics. And, because he has to teach and motivate and corral actual salesmen (and keep close track of their progress), he has an incredible “scientific” understanding of what it takes for one human being to convince another to buy. This is the great secret at the heart of killer sales copy: persuasion. It’s also the weakest link in most of the copy I critique for Insiders. You’re gonna love hearing this intense “mini seminar” about salesmanship… and it’s going to increase the power of your own abilities amazingly fast. Among my favorites.

Audio #5: “The Secrets To Success That Scare Most People Half To Death.”

With the amazing Dan Kennedy. Dan and I go way back, and I’ve had the pleasure of working on an infomercial with him, having him speak at seminars I co-produced, and speaking at his seminars. (I was the featured speaker at his amazing “Copywriting Boot Camp” last November.) You always want to hear what Dan has to say about anything… and in this tape, we got down and dirty about what it really takes to succeed. Not your usual interview, by any stretch. Amazing stuff that players gobble up eagerly.

Audio #6: “Getting It.”

The last “R”-rated chat with copywriting legend Gary Halbert. This is a topic Gary and I have hashed and re-hashed over for years — what it takes for people to not just absorb the secrets of world-class business… but what it takes for that information to take hold. In other words: What it takes for someone to “get it”. Most never do, no matter how hard they try. There are deep implications for your business and career here, and if you want to hear what it’s all about, you must get this tape.

Audio #7: “How to Dominate Your Market with Guts and Tactics.”

A stunning “straight from the trenches” talk with my good pal Robert Pierce. Robert runs OHP, the joint that mails my golf ads. He’s a master at sensing what will work in any new market… but just as important, he has the “nuts and bolts” expertise to make it work even if you’re short on bread and going up against Fat Cat competition. The little guy can stomp the fat cats, if you understand the power of showing a little courage and trusting the proven effectiveness of certain, um, “shock and awe” marketing tactics. You’ll never find this kind of real-world advice on the shelves at Barnes & Noble.

Audio #8: “Big Boy Secrets of Controlling Your Data.”

My long-time cohort Stan Dahl gets jetted all over the world as a consultant. He’s worked with the likes of Exxon and NATO (over in Belgium). These behemoths call him in when they get overwhelmed with data. And don’t know what the hell to do with it all. You may not be overwhelmed with data yet… or you may be ignoring the crisis you’re actually in, invisibly. At any rate, we’re in the Information Age now, and every scrap of insider info like this will put you a step ahead of everyone else. Most businesses are losing money, because their data isn’t properly corralled or worked. Find out how to change that, fast.

Audio #9: “War Stories from the Advertising Front Lines.”

Ever wonder what top copywriters talk about when they get together? My good friend and colleague Scott Haines got on the horn with me, and we let fly the insider gossip. You may be shocked to learn how veteran writers think of each other, and what we say when we’re pretty sure no one is listening. I recorded the call anyway. It’s great stuff, and will let you in on some secrets about the industry you would never be privy to otherwise. We pissed a lot of people off with this tape, for good reason.

Audio #10: “Confessions of an Information Age Info-Junkie.”

Phil Alexander understands things about the Web, and about the guys who are hoarding the secrets of making it work, that are (right now) at the cutting edge. I’m more and more excited about Web marketing everyday especially as the money gets bigger and bigger)… and tapping into the hidden resources of an expert like Phil can shortcut the entire process. Very cool stuff, whether you’re a rookie or a veteran Web-head.

Audio #11: “The Dirty Little Secrets of Zooming from Obscurity to Wealth and Fame.

I call my marginally-sane friend Joe Polish “Mr. Action Central”, and let me tell you, he earned that title. This is a guy who started out knowing zilch about anything… and very quickly climbed his way up the success ladder… in one of the smallest and most obscure niche markets in the world. Nevertheless, he is now famous internationally, selling out mega-expensive s
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