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Hypnotic Marketing

“Who Else Wants the 3-Step Hypnotic Marketing Formula Backed By 8 Years of Multi-Million Dollar Results?”

From Joe Vitale

Dear Friend,

Maybe it’s already happened to you.
There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to quit worrying about making money from everything they do, and start thinking of how to help others.

That time came to me on December 29, 2001. That was my birthday. I turned 48. It was a big deal to me. After all, none of us know how much time we have left. My days are numbered, too.

I reflected back over my life and realized that while I had struggled, starved, and even filed bankruptcy once, I’m now at the point where life is good.

I live in a beautiful home in the Hill Country outside of Austin, Texas. I drive a luxury sports car. I have a beautiful, intelligent girlfriend who loves me.

My books are best-sellers. My tapeset with Nightingale-Conant continues to be a best-seller. And I have enough passive income from everything I’ve already done that I don’t need to do much else, ever. Life is good.

That’s when I asked myself the life changing question, “What’s next?”

The answer is this: It’s time for me to share the real secrets to marketing any business today.

The REAL secrets?

You see, most marketing people today will tell you to do a wide variety of things to increase your business. One guru will give you a hundred different tips. Another will confuse you with his large vocabulary and complicated theories. Still others specialize in just one aspect of marketing — whether direct mail, publicity, Internet sales, telemarketing, or whatever.

They all mean well. But they aren’t giving you the real secrets to making your business a success today. They aren’t giving you the whole story.


You can’t blame them, really. If they tell you everything they know, you won’t need them anymore. As long as they keep feeding you small pieces of the marketing pie, you’ll always stay hungry and always keep buying their slices.

Aren’t you tired of it?

Admit it.

I’ve bought books and tapes from them, too. I got insights and tips that were useful. But I never got a system — a strategy — that worked for me.

I had to create and test that for myself.

Enough already.

I’m ready to reveal all. I’m ready to tell you what works in marketing your business today — and I’m ready to do it for next to nothing.


Here’s the whole story:

In 1999, I quietly created a new marketing strategy. I called it Guaranteed Outcome Marketing. I let three people hire me to create a GOM Strategy for them. They paid me $25,000 each.

In 2000, I decided that I had left a lot of people out of the picture — and a lot of money on the table. So I designed and taught an email based class on my GOM Strategy. All students had to sign confidentiality agreements so they wouldn’t reveal my system for making money. Almost a dozen people paid $2,500 each to be in that class. (Later one of those students told me he had a 70% increase in his business — in less than 90 days.)

In 2001, I turned 48 and decided it was time for me to give back to the world in a big, glorious, unforgettable way. That’s when I began to write my latest and greatest e-book, called Hypnotic Marketing.

I had a tough time writing that book. I wanted it to be complete. I wanted it to be so simple that anyone could read it and use it — and for any business — even if they were nearly broke.

When I completed the first draft of the book, I didn’t know if it was any good or not. So I sent it out to a few peers. I began to get endorsements that blew my socks off and gave me delicious chills.

Of course, I then went and finished the book!

The table of contents alone will reflect just how much is in this work —

Chapter 2: How to Hypnotize the Masses with “PO” Ideas
Chapter 3: Flying Midgets and the PR Folk Hero
Chapter 4: Eight Proven Rules for Getting Publicity
Chapter 5: Pitching a Heavyweight Boxing Champion and His Sausage
Chapter 6: Show Your Bra!
Chapter 7: 21 Ways to Identify Story Ideas About You or Your Business
Chapter 8: Running Water
Chapter 9: Selling Bloody Games
Chapter 10: One of the Easiest Ways in the World to Get Publicity
Chapter 11: How to Install a “Success Wish” in Your Mind
Chapter 12: The Top Three Ways Guaranteed to ALWAYS Hypnotize the Media
Chapter 13: 10 Tips on Becoming Newsworthy from a Media Tigress
Chapter 14: The Seven Laws of Baseball’s Greatest Publicist
Chapter 15: The Psychology of Hypnotic Publicity
Chapter 16: Edgy Top Secret Ways to Absolutely Nail Media Attention
Chapter 17: How to Get Rich With P.T. Barnum’s Secret
Chapter 18: The Amazing Breakthrough Formula Called “E-DR Publicity”
Chapter 19: A New Way to Get 30 times More Replies from the Media!
Chapter 20: 14 Instant Ways to Send Out Your News
Chapter 21: Two Words that Can Get You on Virtually Any Radio or TV show (And a Secret Way to Even Get on Oprah)!

Chapter 22: Your Keys to Hypnotic Websites
Chapter 23: A Master Copywriter Reveals His Inner Secrets
Chapter 24: A Forbidden Persuasion Master Reveals His Secrets
Chapter 25: A Practical Mystic Reveals His Website Secrets
Chapter 26: Declan Dunn Shocks Me with His Website Secrets
Chapter 27: What Are the Hardest-Hitting Direct-Selling Websites Online?
Chapter 28: Some Sexy Advice from the World’s Greatest Hypnotist
Chapter 29: How to Transform a So-So Website into a Truly Hypnotic Website
Chapter 30: How An “Inspirational Folk Musician” Can Create a Hypnotic Website
Chapter 31: What You Can Learn from This Really Stupid Website

Chapter 32: The Secret Nobody Wants You to Know About Making Money Online
Chapter 33: How a Famous Street Magician Can Help You Create Hypnotic E-mail
Chapter 34: How to Create E-mails that Secretly Seduce Your Readers
Chapter 35: The Five Best Ways to Create Hypnotic Email Openers
Chapter 36: “How Can the Right Question Bring in 317% More Orders?”
Chapter 37: E-mail Sales Letter Samples that are Making Me Rich
Chapter 38: A Little Known Secret for Doubling Responses to Your E-Offers
Chapter 39: How to Make Even More Money With This Unusual E-mail Secret
Chapter 40: What are Five Ways to Get People to Open Your E-mail?
Chapter 41: A Truly “Killer” Hypnotic Sales Letter Used Online AND Off
Chapter 42: The World’s Most Unusual Way to Strengthen Your Hypnotic Writing

But that’s not all. Also included are these 9 valuable bonuses, absolutely free:

Bonus #1: How to Create a Hypnotic Viral Marketing Campaign
Bonus #2: The 10 Most Dangerous Marketing Books of All Time
Bonus #3: How to Create Your Own Hypnotic Business Cards
Bonus #4: Dangerous Selling — A New Way to Increase Your Profits
Bonus #5: What Bernice Taught Me About Advertising
Bonus #6: How to Create Sales After Creating Relationships
Bonus #7: The Three Real Secrets to Success Today
Bonus #8:The “3-Step Hypnotic Marketing Formula Revealed” Audio MP3
Epilogue: The Hidden Secret to Getting Rich — In Only 79 Days

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