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Faculty: Jeffrey Goodman

What makes you successful and your business more sustainable? This course is focused on helping you understand your business as a living entity, and why that’s important. It includes:

  • The 4 Communication Styles: How understanding them can help you learn and communicate more effectively.
  • The Nature Business Model: How your business aligns with nature, and why more and more people are moving towards this model.
  • Your Business as a Living Entity: How your business’s health, consciousness and growth is closely tied to your own, and how you can use this to achieve greater success and fulfillment.

A Constructive 12-part Video E-Course Series With Fruitful Business & Wellness Coach, Jeffrey Goodman @ BodyMind Institute.com.

Can You Run A Business With Your Heart?

CareerHearted Business Essentials lessons are practical business education, from an evolved and aware perspective…. Jeffrey calls this ‘Business Consciousness’. CareerHearted Business Essentials is a fun, 12-part, professional holistic video e-course! CareerHearted will show you HOW your business is a living being. This is something that is only taught in CareerHearted. You and your business are in a very personal relationship, together. Even if you were an expert on all the functions of your business—from bookkeeping to self-promoting and advertising—you are only engaging in half of the abundance and opportunities which your business has to offer.

Business Consciousness allows talented, creative and passionate people to understand the needs, cycles and energies of their business as a living entity. When applied to fundamental business strategies, this consciousness perspective makes it easier and more intuitive for entrepreneurs to be successful at doing what they love. Jeffrey can show you how to create or revitalize your business, by teaching your techniques to take your business model to the next level… by the model demonstrated through Nature!

Lesson 01 Outline

  • Jeffrey’s journey with CareerHearted
  • Introduction to the course


In this lively introduction, you’ll meet Jeffrey Goodman, founder of CareerHearted. He’ll share with you his personal journey that led to the creation of CareerHearted and explain what you’ll learn during the Essentials Course. Welcome to CareerHearted!

Lesson 02 Outline

  • The 4 Styles of Communication
    • Kinesthetic – People who experience their world through the senses: feel, touch, taste, and smell.
    • Visual – People who understand information by viewing images of what is being said or written in words.
    • Audio – People who receive information through listening and hearing.
    • Read / Writes – People who process through writing and reading information.
    • How communication styles and learning are connected


The paradigm of business is changing. The key to success is learning how you communicate and how you market yourself. In this video, you’ll discover the 4 Styles of Communication and Learning: kinesthetic, visual, audio, and read/write. This material will transform your business and your life.

Lesson 03 Outline

  • Recognizing your best qualities
    • What do you do really well?
    • What are you really passionate about and why?
    • What in your business have you avoided doing because you think you’re not very good at it?
    • Discover and learning to receive your “Golden Egg”


Did you know there are people all around who would love to help your business grow right now? These people have a “golden egg” – a gift or skill that will help you and your business succeed. How do you find these special people? Just listen and pay attention to the opportunities that surround you. You don’t have to work harder. Build your team by working “heart-er!”

Lesson 04 Outline

  • Recognizing old patterns
  • (Re)Defining our interpretation
    • Job
    • Work
    • Career
    • Hobby vs. Career


In this section, you’ll focus on defining your interpretation of the words ‘job’, ‘work’, and ‘career’. As you begin to shift into a more holistic, nurturing, Mother Nature business model, you’ll see the greatest gift you can offer this planet is the full expression of your passion, talent, and skills.

Lesson 05 Outline

  • Who am I? vs. How am I?
  • Understanding how you express yourself


There is a big difference between answering the question “WHO am I?” and “HOW am I?” Realizing how you are allows you to discover how you best express yourself. Your answer will reveal the unique skills you can offer your career and your business, both personally and professionally.

Lesson 06 Outline

  • Away from the hierarchy – Towards the mission
  • The C Model
    • Creator – The idea person who loves to express their creative self.
    • Controller – The manager of people who loves systems and order. They are passionate to drive ideas forward.
    • Completer – This is a do-er person who loves to get stuff done.
    • Capitalizer – A true entrepreneur at heart. This person love money and loves to make more money.


The business model is evolving. Businesses are finding people are now more motivated by the companies mission/purpose over the money they can make. So many are moving away from working for “the man” (aka C-Suite – Top-down business model) and towards a more co-creative, collaborating team that is based CareerHearted NEW evolution of the old C-Suite and into a C-Platform of Creators, Controllers, Completers, and Capitalizers.

Lesson 07 Outline

  • The Mother Nature Model
  • The roots of your business
    • Mentors, teachers, people you admire, people who challenge you
    • Friends, family, education, relaxation
  • The 5th C: Clients and Consumers
    • Business, just like nature, is a cycle


CareerHearted’s new model of business is rooted in Mother Nature. You will identify those people and events from your past who inspired and challenged you. You will discover how this is the foundation (aka the roots) of your business and a guide to your own inner greatness. Here you will learn the complete the cycle of Mother Nature’s business model and the 5th C that completes the eco-cycle and for the first time truly follows a living model of success.

Lesson 08 Outline

  • The 4 Seasons of Business
    • Spring: Time to invest! Plant seeds in people’s minds about your business.
    • Summer: Customers will begin to show interest in response to the seeds you planted.
    • Autumn: Harvest time! Enjoy the money flowing in as you reap the results of your hard work and effort.
    • Winter: Spend money for rest and relaxation so you can re-evaluate, repair, and prepare for the next cycle.
    • Seasons within seasons


The success of your business is largely dependent on understanding both the physical and energetic seasons of your career – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Discover why the most important rule of the seasons is to spend when your company is not making much money and save when your company is making a lot of money.

Lesson 09 Outline

  • Recognizing your business is alive
  • The power of the external and internal environment
  • How your belief system is mirrored in your business


Your business and your career are alive. Like the development of a baby into an adult, your business will develop and grow in stages. The health and development of your success is dependent on how you nourish and condition the dynamic energy of your business. Similar to a child that receives its beliefs and behaviors by mimicking its parents, your business will be a perfect reflection of your core beliefs, attitude, and behavior.

Lesson 10 Outline

  • The birds and bees of creating a career
    • Feminine “Mom” Energy: Magnet of Manifestations
    • Masculine “Dad” Energy: Decides the Direction
    • Meeting your career and learning its name


Perhaps for the very first time in your life, you’re about to meet your career. To create a business requires two energies: Feminine Energy and Masculine Energy. In one simple exercise, you will move into the living energy of your business, where you’ll create an expansive space for these two energies to come together. Experience the magic as your business finally tells you its name!

Lesson 11 Outline

  • Step into the “Mom” energy to get creative and collect ideas


An old mentor of Jeffrey’s once said, “Play is the highest form of learning.” In this video, you’re going to play with the tools you’ve learned during the CareerHearted Essentials Course. Now that you know your business is a living model of Mother Nature, your task will be to enter the “Mom” energy of manifestation and get playfully creative!

Lesson 12 Outline

  • Introduction to the CareerHearted Foundation Course
  • The 7 Energy Centers of your business
    • Base/Root – is the foundation of your business from the correct business name, company structure to all aspects of money.
    • Sacral – is your creative design and branding of your business.
    • Solar Plexus – is understanding how your business connects with potential customers and how they relate to you.
    • Heart – is your harmonizer of your success.
    • Throat – is how you communicate and market your business.
    • Brow – is where you receive your insights to grow your business.
    • Crown – is where you attain a higher consciousness of success.


Your body is aligned with 7 energy centers: Base/Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow, and Crown. Just like your body, your business has same 7 centers that make up your whole business. Jeffrey will explain how the 7 centers apply directly to your career and how you can now diagnose the level of health of your business within minutes. At the end of the course, you will be introduced to the CareerHearted Foundation Course, where you’ll discover firsthand how to create and lead a successful business that you love…. and that loves you back.

Do You Already Know A Lot About Running A Business?

“I’ve had a business for years and feel like I already know a lot about running a business. How will I benefit from CareerHearted Business Essentials?” CareerHearted offers the necessary tools, strategies, and the evolving business platform you need to make your business more profitable, more accessible, and moving in the direction of your heart’s vision. While some students who have taken CareerHearted were already ‘successful’, they quickly discovered they weren’t leveraging the full potential of their business. They were losing money that was ‘right there’ waiting for them to regain.

Sign-up and participate in this class–and share what you learn!

How can coach, Jeffrey Goodman, help you?

Jeffrey has a unique ability to communicate business success in a way that you can 1) easily understand, and 2) immediately apply to your life. CareerHearted has helped successful health care practitioners of 15 years, dentists of 25 years, insurance facilitators of 12 years, and even business strategists. Each client-learner discovers new successes, and many reported walking-away from the course having gained tremendous value.

“This course has so many tips and trick that I can use for my new business as well as things I can do to push my current business into a higher income bracket. It has brought a conscious awareness of where I want to go and how to get there.” Testimonial from Suzanne Field

About Jeffrey Goodman, STMT, CBI, Par.Bt. CHI

In 2003, Jeffrey transitioned his focus from a successful advertising photographer to helping people achieve their personal growth, wellness & healing goals. Within the first three months of starting a private practice as a wellness practitioner he quickly established a long waiting list of clients. Jeffrey’s compassionate guidance has helped thousands of people discover their own powerful abilities to achieve greater self-awareness.

Many of his business clients refer to Jeffrey as “The Secret Weapon” or “The Business Whisperer” because he can intuitively see dynamics and energies which would–positively or negatively–affect various business situations. He is able to assist clients in nipping problems in the bud before they develop, and offer unique forward strategies from a business savvy eagle’s eye view.

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