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Swing For The Fences

From Jay Abraham 

Makeover Your Marketing by Totally Re-Structuring, Re-Positioning and Re-Focusing Your Business

(It’s About Getting “One-on-One” Personal With Me…
But with a “Twist” You Can EASILY Afford)

The people I’ve done private makeovers for have been literally over ten times more successful than the tens of thousands who came to my general theory and “basics”, general topic seminars.

So, I’ve devised a modest-priced, practical (and totally affordable) way to give YOU the individualized marketing makeover you want — and need — along with the “killer” “” marketing action plan that guarantees it works and more importantly, PAYS-OFF.

I’m talking about totally restructuring all of your company’s specific marketing, testing, sales efforts, advertising, promotion, backend sales, and implementation strategy. Plus tapping all the different ancillary income streams that are possible.

MORE IMPORTANTLY–I’m willing to do it for you on a “profit-certain” basis, where you won’t even be asked to pay me, until you know your CUSTOM marketing approach pays off!

More exciting still, I’m willing to risk 75% of my fee solely on how well my customized marketing program performs for you. If it doesn’t perform…I won’t get paid! If they over-perform, I’ll come out even better!

Does YOUR business have what it takes to be part of THIS special Marketing Makeover program?!

If you qualify, here’s my “Partners in Profit” proposition:

I want you to attend my four-day “Swinging for the Fences,”Marketing MakeoverSession in Los Angeles on July 22nd through July 25th. There, I will use the same process I apply to private consultation clients and to $25,000-$40,000 exclusive summit participants — to create with you a totally “turn-key,” brilliant new master marketing strategy and implementation game plan — expressly designed for YOUR specific business.

I’ll personally be there directing, overseeing and helping you formulate every facet of your ultimate new marketing makeover strategy – to ensure your maximum success.

Provided you’re open minded, hard working, ethical and easy to deal with – and your business has true untapped profit potential – I’m offering to accept you into this program as one of my “Exclusive Makeover Clients” and help you mastermind virtually ALL your marketing strategy and replacement tactics in four stimulating days and nights.

Because I’ll be working with a dynamic and committed group of like-minded business owners, I can offer you an exceptional opportunity and money-making proposition you’ve never had access to before.

Lecture and Leave


Makeover and Multiply

 (Your Bottom-Line Profits)

This customized makeover program is different than anything I’ve ever done before. In the past, WHEN I’d teach my general principles and “theory” to business owners, the attendees would have to figure out (for themselves) how and which ones to specifically implement from all the basic ideas I gave them. It could be daunting.

BUT–in this new program, I’ll personally collaborate with you and other business owners and take everything I have learned in 25 years of building “monster” profits for business owners of every kind and help you create the exact individualized marketing approach that YOU need today for your unique business situation. Your custom “makeover” program will be totally different than the one we help the person next to you formulate.

Because lately, I’ve come to believe that most business owners simply don’t have the time or the luxury of learning how to implement effective “theoretical” marketing ideas. The learning curve is way too long.

If you agree that I could do a lot more good for your business by specifically directing your individual marketing activities, then this “hands-on” breakthrough new program is exactly what you need right now.

This unique program enables me, for the first time, to be able to share my potent custom-formulated, profit-making ideas for business owners in a way that finally makes practical and INDIVIDUAL sense for you and your specific business.

BUT–I’m limiting participation to qualified entrepreneurs who have the most potential, commitment and desire to succeed.

Why? Because if I am going to be 75% at risk on YOU (based upon YOUR implementation and your follow-though after your makeover), I really ONLY want to partner with the people who have the greatest chance of succeeding, those with the greatest motivation to make more money and with the highest commitment to follow through I can find. If you don’t implement, you might take a seat away from another deserving person who will. Both of our ultimate pay-offs are tied to mutual performance—mine and yours.

Size Doesn’t Matter…Profit Potential Does

My criteria for participating has nothing to do with the current size of your business. It’s your untapped potential I’m most interested in. As long as you are a person who has a history of making things happen, even if it’s on a small scale, I would love to have you participate. We can do wonders for your business in the next 15 months.

Prove it to YOURSELF That You Deserve This Program

Do yourself a BIG favor. It’s a favor that I believe will excite you because you’ll see how much more committed and success-destined you probably really are.

There are nine simple (yet very revealing) questions here I’d like you to ask yourself. They’re designed to prove one thing to me, and more importantly you: That you are the type and quality of person you think you are.

If you see in your answers far greater ambition that you have yet to achieve, you’ll want to register for my marketing makeover program to get the profit-and-business-boost you’ve been needing. Submit your answers along with your reservation to me, so I can familiarize myself with you before you attend.

I’m banking on the fact that after you’ve completed your self-assessment, you’ll realize you’re destined to much greater success and that it would be tragic for you to deny yourself participation in this exciting new program—or you’re not. It’ll really be that clear to both of us.

These nine questions are NOT designed to trick you. If anything, they are designed to liberate you and cause you to realize that you are more action-oriented, more motivated and more committed to acting—then you may have ever realized. You just need to know the specific action to commit to and get guidance to do it right.

In this new program, you will receive the individualized help you’re. Maybe for the first time in your business life.

Money Making Ideas That YOU Can Take To The Bank!

Because of this breakthrough in the consultative re-structuring process I’ll use, and by accelerating the makeover/restructuring approach I do–it enables me, for the first time, to be able to offer my potent profit-generating ideas and strategies in an exciting, customized way that makes practical sense for both you and me.

Stated Differently After successfully testing-out this new process on 100 other happy business “guinea pigs”, I’ve decided that it’s powerful enough, predictable enough, and result-certain enough that I am willing to assume the bulk of the risk on you and your business. In fact, in the beginning I’ll take on 100% of the risk. Then, after I’ve earned your total trust – I’ll still assume nearly 75% of the financial risk of making your business more profitable, competitive and successful for the next 15 months.

What Every Entrepreneur Wants… Certainty

Which is why, after interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs, I have learned that what entrepreneurs like you want most in their business today is an absolute sense of certainty.The certainty of profits, certainty of sales, certainty of cashflow, certainty of leads, referrals and orders. Certainty of thriving…not just surviving.

So I have designed every aspect of this exciting makeover program to deliver that result I’m guaranteeing (and more.)

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