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Radical Wisdom for Radical Times 2022James Twyman – Radical Wisdom for Radical Times 2022

Join an inspired modern troubadour on his quest to embody personal peace by emulating St. Francis — as you simplify, heal old wounds, and reimagine your life.

All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.
— St. Francis of Assisi
photo body 3 | eSy[GB]

St. Francis, the peacemaker, inspired the emergence of the Renaissance out of the Dark Ages by being REAL — by seeing things as they are and not buying into the story of separation.

One wonders what St. Francis might make of our current circumstances — shut down, waiting, questioning… wondering what’s to become of our lives and our world.

Before this crisis, many of us filled our days with societally dictated, yet ultimately trivial activities. We felt obligated to compete to see who could get things done the fastest. We’ve stressed, fretted, and struggled to reach our “goals,” forgetting that the destination is not what will ultimately bring us peace and contentment.

The good news is, things don’t have to be this way!

It’s possible to live a simpler, more peaceful, and more satisfying life. And now that many of us have no choice but to slow down, there are a few things we can do to align with the flow of a quieter, more fulfilling life.

In this deeply experiential workshop with Peace Troubadour James Twyman, you’ll embark on a pilgrimage to discover the keys to inner and outer peace and restoration during this historic time of global transformation.

What does it mean to truly embody radical peacemaking and simplicity?

Can you find the courage to be misunderstood or mocked for your convictions?

How much do you desire to FEEL the fire of full creativity and connection with the natural world?

Finding these answers begins now, with the steps you can take, guided by a wise friend, toward the source of your own wisdom — for it is only from the strength of your own center that you’ll ever be able to contribute meaningful action in the world.

And who better to serve as that wise friend than someone who’s meditated on St. Francis almost daily for most of his life? James Twyman’s appreciation and love for St. Francis emerged very early on when he was an altar boy, and a picture of St. Francis he happened to be looking at during Mass came alive to his young eyes. After high school, James even became a friar, just as St. Francis did, in the Franciscan Order.

photo body1 42 | eSy[GB]

Within all the contributions James has made in his life, the throughline has always been St. Francis. James seeks out every way possible to promote awareness of St. Francis’ life and follow in his footsteps. He has written and performed a musical based on the life of St. Francis, and is currently in contemplative seclusion for a full year in a small room in his Mexican community (which is where he’ll be during this course with you!).

If everywhere you look you see people locked up in a sense of fear and division but you don’t know how to respond, then it may be time for you to choose another way for yourself. If you feel your own sense of fright at the direction we’re going in, then know that there is also more light than ever before — it is, as Jean Huston so aptly predicted two decades ago, “JUMP TIME!”

Join with James and all the other attendees in this course to choose, as St. Francis did, to be an instrument of peace and a source of a new way of looking at the world and each other. You’ll also get a firsthand look at the path of the Anchorite, a person walled into a cell to live a life of prayer and contemplation (in some cases for the rest of their life). James is currently living in an anchorhold, literally walled inside a tiny enclosure, in Mexico for an entire year.

This is how an imaginary, proverbial “New Renaissance” will become our reality — with committed individuals everywhere using this jump time to imagine this new reality into being and achieve all that our hearts truly desire.

During this fun and illuminating 7-step inner pilgrimage, you’ll:

  • Understand how St. Francis’ early, privileged, yet empty life was shaken to the core — and what he did to influence the people of his time to live more meaningful lives​
  • Become more aware of how sheltering in place creates space for deeply needed contemplation and spiritual rejuvenation​
  • Hear James tell stories of specific times St. Francis made peace that impacted thousands of lives
  • Find out why St. Clare of Assisi, an Italian noblewoman, left it all to be one of Francis’ first followers, ultimately serving as his contemplative, feminine counterpart in the Franciscan ethos — and why she’s an ideal guide for living through a time of being in place
  • Discover how you can participate in the New Renaissance through the self-healing practice of contemplative forgiveness — while understanding the specific steps necessary to experience universal care for all
  • Burn away everything in your life that no longer serves your highest good
  • Rediscover the natural world and our role in the greater web of life
  • Allow the presence of love in your heart to make you an instrument of compassion and action
  • Integrate your entire journey into your simple, clear, and peaceful presence in the world

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-part transformational intensive, James will guide you through the process of embodying — with grace and ease — the inner skill set needed for living in peace.

This course will feature teachings, training sessions, and experiential practices with James. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to become an instrument of peace.

Module 1: Radical Peacemaking

module1 46 | eSy[GB]

St. Francis of Assisi is considered one of the most radical peacemakers the world has ever seen. Why did he risk his life for what appeared to be an impossible dream?

To apply this story to your own life, James will guide you to consider: how willing am I to enter into a space where discord seems to be dominant, while offering the possibility of peace?

In this first session, you’ll be inspired by St. Francis’ journey, and you’ll discover ways we can apply lessons from St. Francis to a world that is very much in need of spiritual peacemakers.

In this module, you’ll take first steps toward peace, as you:

  • Learn how St. Francis was the first inter-religious peacemaker because of his visit to the Sultan al-Kamil of Egypt in 1219 during the Crusades
  • Hear stories from James about St. Francis’ life, plus practical ways anyone can use the teachings to create a more peaceful world
  • Understand how we can take the lessons from St. Francis’ life and use them to wage peace in the modern world and in our own lives
  • Learn St. Francis’ principles for living simply, and discover how to adapt them to your life
  • Explore the freedom in not caring what others think

Module 2: Radical Simplicity

module2 48 | eSy[GB]

Similar to Siddhartha the Buddha, St. Francis had everything the world claimed was needed to feel rich. And yet after a long illness around the age of 25, he realized that his riches never brought him the richness he actually desired. Thus began a “stripping process” in which he literally stripped​ naked in front of the entire town of Assisi.

The lessons he taught medieval Europe still apply today: If you want to enjoy life to the fullest, you must give away everything that is not essential and live as simply as possible. Can you devote yourself to a simple life path that helps you achieve what your soul is longing for, as opposed to what your ego craves? If so, the path of St. Francis will speak directly to your heart.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Understand why simplification is a major theme today — just look at the tiny house and minimalist movements
  • Gain courage to just go at your own pace — while there is much to admire about the fierceness of St. Francis’ vision of simplicity, it was often too intense even for his own brothers
  • Explore how St. Francis’ passion came from Lady Poverty (simplicity) as the great lover he was as devoted to as a knight would be to the lady of a castle

Module 3: Holy Foolishness

module3 48 | eSy[GB]

St. Francis once said that God wanted him to be a new kind of fool, to let go of the societal constraints that forced him to “fit in” or deny the freedom of fully expressing himself.

The Holy Fool is an archetypethat applies not only to Francis, but to mystics from many spiritual traditions. It takes great courage to stand up and appear different or out-of-step.

In this module, a misstep… may not be so bad, as you:

  • Break down the common fears and concerns we all have about “looking silly” in front of others, going beyond those fears to embrace a deeper vision for yourself
  • Explore ways you can risk going outside the norm and deepening your experience of… everything
  • See why James is most excited about sharing this module — considering the fact that he is often called a Holy Fool himself — as he enters a tiny enclosure to spend a year as a modern anchorite
  • Find and claim the courage to be out of step with society

Module 4: A Great Fire Burning

module4 48 | eSy[GB]

St. Francis knew the power of the spiritual fire we’re all called to embrace on the path of inner awareness. He inspired thousands of men and women to leave their homes and everything they owned to live lives dedicated to service. He was on fire with love, and that fire ultimately initiated a time of great inspiration known as the Renaissance.

In this module, you’ll ignite the same fire, as you:

  • Learn ways to transform your life and the lives of the people around you
  • Understand how you can use that fire to burn away everything that no longer serves your spiritual awakening
  • Clarify how to find the others who will support you and who will need your support in return on this flaming path of service

Module 5: Francis — Patron Saint of Nature

module5 47 | eSy[GB]

How many times have you seen a statue of St. Francis in a garden or a meditation area? Most people know St. Francis from the legends regarding birds, wolves, and all of nature. Francis related as easily to the animal kingdom as he did to the humans he saw around him every day.

However, these depictions just scratch the surface of his devotion to the environment. St. Francis became the patron of ecology because his entire life was dedicated to seeing ALL creatures as holy. As is common in Indigenous experience, animals and plants are our sisters and brothers; our various environments are just larger rooms to St. Francis.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Discover what it was about the saint that made it easy for him to relate to nature, and centuries later to become an inspiration for people who are passionate about conservation and protecting our environment
  • Deepen your understanding of how you define yourself in relation to “nature” — are you part of it, or on the outside looking in?
  • Learn ways we can bring simple lessons from nature right into our own lives
  • Further develop your own passion to impact a world that often seems uninterested in preserving our environment

Module 6: The Prayer of St. Francis

module6 47 | eSy[GB]

One of the most famous prayers in history begins with the words “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.”​ In reciting and meditating upon the Prayer of St. Francis, you will become an instrument of peace in your daily life. Just merely living this prayer in a million small ways can change the “big world,” just as it did in Francis’ time 800 years ago.

In this module, you’ll receive the gifts of the journey, as you:

  • Read and understand this potent piece of timeless spiritual literature
  • Learn the steps to complete surrender, just a simple instrument being played by a master musician of peace
  • Receive a tangible experience of actually being that instrument

Module 7: Action & Contemplation

module7 47 | eSy[GB]

In a world of do, do, DO!, there has been an understandable counter-emphasis on just being. “I’m a human BEING, not a human DOING” is an often-heard phrase in mindful circles.

Then what is to be said for action? There is a simple formula… Being + Doing = Creating. We are being called upon these days to be more creative than ever when it comes to stimulating our personal lives, society, and culture into thriving. But how much being ? How much doing ?

Finding a balance between action and prayer has been one of the biggest challenges for nearly every spiritual path.

In this module, you’ll return from the journey with gifts for your family and the world, as you:

  • Examine how to achieve a balance between being an active promoter of higher consciousness and diving deep into your own devotional practices
  • Discover how St. Francis himself was never sure if he found this balance and wavered between a very active ministry and a deep desire for a completely contemplative life
  • Understand how thirsty humanity is to discover new ways to achieve this balance
  • Begin to use your contemplative practice to initiate a new kind of action in the world — one that is not opposed to anything, but merely embraces fully what actually delights the heart

The Radical Wisdom for Radical Times Bonus Collection

In addition to James’ transformative 7-part virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions with leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions complement the course and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

The Levitation Meditation
Two Video Recordings From James Twyman

bonus img | eSy[GB]

In 2012, James Twyman and Dr. Wayne Dyer released a meditation called I AM Wishes Fulfilled, which recorded the frequency of the “Name of God” from the Hebrew Bible. The meditation album sold over 350,000 copies. James has taken that meditation and remixed it with drums and a simple breathing technique. For your benefit, two versions are included: one guided for learning, and one with just the music for flying solo!

The Path of the Anchorite
Video Dialogue With James Twyman and Mirabai Starr

bonus mirabaistarr | eSy[GB]

James welcomes into dialogue the incredible Mirabai Starr, author of many books on mysticism includingThe Showings of Julian of Norwich, the most famous anchoress in history (anchorite is the masculine). They discuss the path of the anchorite, a person walled into a cell to live a life of prayer and contemplation. James is currently living in an anchorhold, literally walled inside a tiny enclosure, in Mexico for an entire year and is featured in this video discussing this decision with Mirabai.

The Prayer of St. Francis
Video Dialogue With James Twyman and Miranda Macpherson

bonus mirandamacpherson | eSy[GB]

In this bonus, James is joined by renowned spiritual teacher Miranda Macpherson for a lively discussion on the wisdom of the Prayer of St. Francis. The prayer begins with the words “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.” What does it mean to be an instrument of peace, and how do we achieve that goal in the modern world? James and Miranda have both had a deep connection with this prayer for 20 years, and now you can join them in the same exploration as they unpack its significance to them.

Daily Flowers of St. Francis
Series of 20 Short Movies From James Twyman

bonus dailyflowers | eSy[GB]

These 20 short movies take you into the life of St. Francis of Assisi in a way never experienced before. The lessons come from one of the first books written about Francis after his death, The Little Flowers of St. Francis. These stories about St. Francis and his first followers have inspired millions of people over the centuries. A true treasure of a biographical narrative of the life of St. Francis and the world-transforming movement that he founded.

No Love But God’s
Music Video From James Twyman

bonus nolovebut | eSy[GB]

James Twyman recorded the song “No Love But God’s” in 2015, and it’s one of his personal favorites. The quote “There is no love but God’s love” comes from A Course in Miracles. Featuring an edgier side of James, this video takes you with him as he gets a tattoo of the title of this song to high-energy broken beats and low-key vocals — while a graffiti artist paints a mural featuring the timeless message of “Love.”

What People Are Saying About James Twyman…

“… produced miracles in my life.”

I have never felt such a total spiritual connection to another human being who wasn’t a part of my family as I’ve felt to James. He is a multi-talented person. His music is indescribable. Such a gift from God. His sharing of what he has discovered about life is a miracle. Reading his work and following its suggestions has produced miracles in my life.
— S. Hunter

“So many insights flooded my consciousness…”

So many insights flooded my consciousness and heartsoul, and I am so grateful to James Twyman and St. Francis for this incredible experience. Thank you!
— Anonymous

“James is an amazing light on our planet.”

James is an amazing light on our planet. His work is powerful and humble and seeps into our consciousness like water nurturing and inspiriting.
— Deb and Cassandra

“… blesses the spirit.”

James Twyman is an enlightened writer… He tells a great story and blesses the spirit.
— Anonymous

“… an amazing writer and inspiring teacher.”

This is one of the best stories of St. Francis I have ever read. James Twyman is an amazing writer and inspiring teacher.
— J.C.

“Creates a loving and deep connection with St. Francis…”

So inspiring and real. Creates a loving and deep connection with St. Francis and a desire to do the camino. Gratitude, James Twyman.
— Arpita

“… helped confirm my spiritual realizations and awakenings in the most profound and powerful way.”

James Twyman’s The Moses Code helped confirm my spiritual realizations and awakenings in the most profound and powerful way.
— J. Manali

More Praise for James Twyman…

mariannewilliamson | eSy[GB]
“James shows us that we all have the power to create peace and change in the world.”

— Marianne Williamson, Author of Return to Love

nealedonaldwalsch | eSy[GB]
“James Twyman’s words are a gift to all who seek a higher way.”

James Twyman’s words are a gift to all who seek a higher way. Your soul has placed your hand upon this book. Now let its message into your heart and mind.
— Neale Donald Walsch, Author of Conversations with God

soniachoquette | eSy[GB]
“… beautiful awakening to the mysterious forces of love deeply at work in our lives…”

Giovanni and the Camino of St. Francis is a beautiful awakening to the mysterious forces of love deeply at work in our lives, if only we overcome the stories of who we think we are, and trust the divine impulses in our hearts. When we let go of believing we know anyone or anything completely, healing happens.
— Sonia Choquette, New York Times bestselling author of The Answer Is Simple… Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit!

frmurraybodo | eSy[GB]
“…helping the reader believe that miracles do happen in our seemingly ordinary daily lives.”

It’s every pilgrim’s dream, namely, that somehow we will be transformed and begin to feel one’s faith, and not just believe with no feeling at all. The pilgrim wants to know that God is there with God’s saints and angels as the pilgrim goes his or her pilgrim way. Pilgrimage is prayer of the feet. Thank you for risking a story full of miracles and helping the reader believe that miracles do happen in our seemingly ordinary daily lives.
— Fr. Murray Bodo, OFM, bestselling author of Francis: The Journey and the Dream

gillianahlgren | eSy[GB]
“… reminds us of the joys of living for love.”

Simply and powerfully, [James Twyman] captures the transformative impact of a pure heart and reminds us of the joys of living for love.
— Gillian T. W. Ahlgren, Author of The Tenderness of God: Reclaiming Our Humanity

albertclaytongaulden | eSy[GB]
“Pay very close attention, for you will find yourself in this work.”

— Albert Clayton Gaulden, Author of Clearing for the Millennium

About James Twyman

bio | eSy[GB]

James Twyman is the New York Times bestselling author of 16 books including The Moses Code and Emissary of Light. He’s also known around the world as the Peace Troubadour, having traveled many to countries at war to share the prayers of peace from the world’s 12 major religions he put to music in 1994.

He has been invited by peace organizations and even the leaders of countries to Bosnia, Iraq, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Syria, and many other countries to initiate world-synchronized meditations while battles raged around him. Each time, millions of people participated, and miracles have often followed.

James has recorded more than 15 albums and has produced or directed six films including Redwood Highway and Indigo. In 2018 he was consecrated a Franciscan Hermit and now lives in Ajijic, Mexico where he founded Namaste Lake Chapala, an interfaith peace community.

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