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Erotic Mastery, Mutual Pleasure, and a Breakthrough in Your Confidence with Women Are Yours, If You Want Them.

“Which of these 9 lies are preventing you from Experiencing Deep Sensual Pleasures with Beautiful Women?”

Do any of these thoughts run roughshod over your confidence?

  • I am unattractive, and can’t get a beautiful woman to look at me.
  • I don’t know what to do, or how to touch a woman to pleasure her
  • I am unworthy, and don’t deserve a hot, intimate relationship
  • I am too fat, too thin, or too short, and women don’t like that.
  • I am boring, uninteresting and plain.
  • I don’t know what to say to a woman I want to be close to.
  • I am afraid I won’t last long enough in bed
  • I am not well endowed
  • I can’t compare to the other guys she’s dated, or other guys she could date now.

You’re Listening to
Grant Adams.
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Nearly every single one of us has sabotaged himself with one of these self-generated stories.

Let me tell you mine because I think it’s instructive (if a little embarrassing).

You know the beginning of my story, not because it’s mine, but because it’s the story of thousands of men. Maybe even you.

A short 6 years ago I found myself standing on the corner of Wilshire Blvd and 26th Street in Los Angeles, believing I was ugly, overweight, repulsively bald, and a failure. Not only that, I actually believed my hands were ugly – yet another parting “belief-gift” from my ex-wife.

I was full of shame and self-doubt.

I had just lost my marriage, my job, my family, and the last shreds of self confidence I owned. My then-wife had drilled these “flaws” into my head repeatedly for the last few years of the marriage. I heard it so much, I began replaying her words over and over in my head.

Which is where the problem really existed

Eventually those beliefs became real to me . . . just like they become for thousands of other men who repeat negative beliefs to themselves.

I honestly believed that I would never date another woman again. I began to justify to myself that a life alone wasn’t such a bad thing. Lots of guys did it, right? Artists. Priests. Hermits. Lepers.

I had plenty to fill my time. Like figuring out how to pay for my divorce, continuing to be the best father I could be, and finding new work.

I plummeted fast and hit bottom and – but with the help of a couple of awesome friends, quickly confronted the fact that something BIG had to change in my life.

Something had to change in my self-talk and my self-image and my knowledge base before I could attract women and feel happy again. I would sit home or listen to the radio or think about all the guys out there that were having great sex with beautiful women.

I wanted to be one of them. And I wanted it bad!

Before you hear about what changed for me, and what can change for you, you need to make a decision. A small but crucial decision.

It’s Your Decision

There are lots of guys who aren’t even ready to begin taking steps to meeting, dating or pleasuring beautiful women – and they alone are responsible!

They’ve disqualified themselves from these opportunities long ago, telling themselves that they’re too fat, too short, too old, too poor, too uninteresting, too plain, and simply too unworthy of dating a beautiful woman, let alone getting her into bed with him.

That’s too bad. It’s actually a tragedy, and a waste.

Because those qualities don’t matter to women.

They matter to men who sabotage themselves—who then create their own negative downward spiral. More on that in a moment…

Once you learn below what Erotic Mastery really is, you will walk right past all of those self-generated problems, self-doubt and that negative self-talk, and actually enjoy yourself in the presence of beautiful women who are enjoying themselves simply by being with you.

So my question to you is this:

Are you ready to have this conversation?

If you said “Yes”, then keep reading.

There’s a small miracle waiting for you ahead. I know because I’ve already received it.

My old negative thoughts existed only in two places on this planet. In my ex-wife’s mind, and in mine. She was already history, but I still carried ideas that basically de-eroticized me. Transformed me into a walking turn-off to women.

Fast forward 6 years.

After rigorous re-training of my mind, and after, of course, methodical and outrageous success with internet dating, I am an utterly different man.

I am happy beyond belief.

I date, pleasure and receive pleasure from women of exquisite beauty, zest and intelligence – yet I am no taller nor less bald than I was 6 years ago. And, guess what? My hands look exactly the same.

I don’t tell you any of this to boast, but rather to demonstrate that it is possible to be wildly more successful than you are now.

It’s possible for you, no matter who you are, to:

  • Effortlessly project erotic confidence

  • Skillfully guide women with your words and touch from friendly conversation into “spontaneous” sheet-thrashing intimacy

  • Give women explosive, rolling orgasms like she’s never experienced in her life

In short, to rock her world and have her rock yours.

And it begins with one central secret:

Women don’t see you the way you see yourself.

Women see you as attractive the more you unlock their sexuality by making them FEEL Special.

This one secret is esential to your coming success with women, and it’s the central secret behind Erotic Mastery.

Erotic Mastery begins and ends in your mind – something you have COMPLETE CONTROL OVER.

The unfortunate thing is that there has never been ONE COMPLETE RESOURCE to learn how to become an intensely powerful erotic man – both internally and externally – until now.

For instance, most men don’t know that . . .

  • There’s a difference between a clitoral and a vaginal orgasm (and did you know that most women don’t even know the difference?)

  • That you can extend a woman’s orgasm into a rolling, extended “ride” with little more than the power of your words

  • That you can learn the secrets of projecting sexuality with your body and word choice in an effortless, easeful way

Please read on because . . .

You can learn how to be the best sexual partner
a woman has ever had. Ever.

Think about it… guys will put hundreds of hours into their golf games, into learning about engines, wines, even fly fishing!

But they are either too lazy or too bashful to put in the time to become an astounding lover – even though the three things guys want more than anything else in their life is sex, more sex and mind-blowing sex!

Any honest guy would admit it.

But then why don’t those guys become the Erotic Gods they truly want to be? Here’s what I think…

  • Some men are embarrassed to admit they don’t know everything

  • Some guys are lazy and will go through life being cruddy lovers until their women leave them for cooler guys who have great technique and smooth patter.

  • Still other guys are honestly afraid they won’t be able to become a multi-orgasmic man or give a woman a full hour of rolling orgasms.

  • Some men just don’t think they’re worthy.

And that’s B.S., because every man can become worthy.

You Can Be A Multi-Orgasmic Man Who Will Learn
To Give Women Extended Rolling Orgasms!

After years of disappointment, I renounced completely living life at half-speed and experiencing half-pleasures.

What about you? What’s your choice going to be?

I started from a place of ZERO confidence, and devoted myself to learning from the best Masters of Attraction available.

What you don’t know (again, guys don’t often talk about this stuff) is that I also set out to learn how to be the kind of lover who women come back to for more, over and over again.

I apprenticed myself to hypnotists, to yogic goddesses, to men who get paid thousands of dollars to teach women how to explosively orgasm and who teach men how to control their bodies so they can orgasm repeatedly without losing their erection.

These are REAL people with REAL skills to teach.

What I learned during this journey changed my life.

And now it can change yours.

I have moved into a state of massive Erotic Confidence.

And now it’s your turn.


Of course you will learn creative lingual, manual, penile, breath and other techniques.


You will learn how to ignite a woman’s erogenous zones.


You will learn the secrets of “dirty” talk to help women release their “inner vixen” in a safe, sexy, and utterly surrendered way.

But this program will give you FAR MORE than that.

What I learned and what the Master Faculty of this Program will help you learn, is to boldy move into the ability to create deep intimacy: the experience of ecstatic spiritual union — the kind of union that changed my perception of what I am as a man, and as a human being.

As, I am certain, it will change yours.

I have taken a remarkable journey and now I want to share with you the most daring, provocative, insightful and powerful teachers you will ever meet.

This is Your Opportunity To Dissolve Your Self-Doubts, Rebuild your Self Image, And Learn the Mindsets and Techniques to Awaken Your Erotic Core.

You are invited to join Six Masterful Erotic Teachers To Learn Everything, and Ask Them Anything in a Safe, Non-Judgmental, No-Holds-Barred Environment.

I have gathered the best and most fearless teachers in the world.

And with them, I designed the Erotic Mastery Teleseminar Course for men who are SERIOUS about becoming the god in bed that every guy WANTS and DESERVES to be…

  • Would you like to be an object of female fantasy?

  • Would you like to enter any room knowing that you can please a woman more thoroughly than any other man in sight?

  • Would you like to know how to smoothly bridge the gap between flirtation and her erotic abandon?

  • Would you like to know the few words you need to say to induce a woman to double her efforts to pleasuring you?

  • Would like to learn word and touch combinations to overwhelm a woman’s senses?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, I think you’re lying to yourself AND ripping yourself off from experiencing the most intense pleasures on Earth.

And also, think about this: you are also ripping off the woman (or women) in your life from experiencing the most intense pleasures on Earth.

The truth is that ALL MEN want to be Erotic Masters. But only a FEW will take the steps to get there.

Will You?

I have designed this Teleseminar Course to be the most important step you will ever take toward living the Sexual Life you’ve always dreamed of.

And all done in a direct, candid, no-nonsense manner.

Some of these Masters you will not have heard of, unless you move within very elite sensual communities.

Others are “underground” teachers you might have heard of.

And some are quite well known.

What they have in common is that they will teach you skills that women crave and you cannot learn in books.

Please meet our Six Erotic Masters who will train you.

Erotic Mastery Through Attitude, Touch and Speech
with David Shade

David Shade is an icon in the worldwide “Seduction Community,” not for anything flashy or showy, but for his rock-solid understanding of women, his intriguing teaching style, and (for my money) his uncanny and understated mastery of how to unlock women’s fantasy lives.

During this session, David will show you:

  • How to be both personally and sensually powerful
  • How to create trust, connection and dominance
  • How to awaken her “inner slut” in ways that she deeply wants but needs a man she can trust.

David has been fearless in his own life, and I am certain will help you remove many of the fears you may be unconsciously carrying. Session includes lengthy Q and A.


Enroll today to learn with David Shade and the rest of the Erotic Masters.

Unblocking Your Right To Pleasure
with Erwan Davon

Erwan is a deep, deep dude. He has devoted over 15 years to mastering and teaching the giving of and receiving deep ecstatic pleasure from women through a dazzling variety of bold workshops, personal intimate coaching and erotic community experience courses.

During this session, Erwan will utterly transform your ideas about what you are trying to “get” sexually or sensually by demonstrating what you already have. You’ll discover that the key to Erotic Mastery is removing the blockages you’ve allowed to stop you.

Please be prepared to step out of any sense of inadequacy you bring and step into your innate and already powerful sensual “Being.”

Not to be missed! A lengthy Q and A will be included.


Enroll today to learn with Erwan and the rest of the Erotic Masters.

Mental, Vocal and Physical Foreplay
with Neo Young

Neo has quietly become one of the most fascinating and accomplished teachers and practitioners of Erotic Mastery I know.

Though a math genius and even a college football player, he remained a virgin right through university, hindered solely by negative self-talk.

With the same determination that got him on MTV at age 11, he devoted himself to becoming a superior, exquisitely skilled lover.

Neo is now a mainstay of the “Pleasure Community” of his city, offering one-of-a-kind courses on how to give women one and half hour orgasms (not a typo), and has so many beautiful lovers, I can’t keep track.

I consider Neo not only a great and deeply spiritual teacher but one of my closest friends, and it’s my honor to introduce him to the wider world.

Neo will help you release the doubts and self-sabotage you have put up in your way, guide you through subtle and powerful mental and physical foreplay techniques and answer any questions you have toward becoming a Complete Lover.

A lengthy Q and A will be included.


Enroll today to learn with Neo and the rest of the Erotic Masters.

What Women Want and How To
Give It To Them
with Alicia Bayer

I first met Alicia in a small cafe in San Francisco. A trained transpersonal therapist, she has spent the past several years co-leading “The Pleasure Course” with her partner, Erwan, during which several couples learn how to offer deep, ecstatic, sustained sensual pleasure to each other in a fearless workshop setting.

I chose Alicia because she brings a sweet, serious, passionate, sultry, professional and deeply spiritual approach to teaching men how to pleasure women.

And she is eager to answer your questions, offering a woman’s point of view—not just any woman, but a woman who has worked with hundreds of men and women in the most intimate, vulnerable setting you can possibly imagine.

A lengthy Q and A will be included.


Enroll today to learn with Alicia and the rest of the Erotic Masters.

Tantric Ecstasy
with Steve Piccus

What more can I possibly say about the legendary shaman, hypnotist, ex-biker, spiritual seeker and master teacher featured in the bestselling book, The Game?

Steve has taught thousands of men to pleasure their women, and at last count, over 400 women to “squirt” – an orgasmic experience previously thought to be a lucky coincidence.

Steve has a unique, often shocking way of cutting through B.S.

In this session, we will be discussing

  • Hypnotic techniques
  • Confidence-creating techniques
  • His White Tiger Tantra method (it changed my life!).

But most of all, I want to give you as much Q and A time with Steve as possible, which I hope will fill at least 3/4 of the session.

Steve is one-of-a kind and this session will be absolutely unforgettable.

Bring your most daring, wildest and most outrageous questions. Nothing is beyond his expertise.

A lengthy Q and A will be included.


Enroll today to learn with Steve Piccus and the rest of the Erotic Masters.

Mystical Union and Deep Pleasure
with Satyen Raja

Satyen is one my most influential personal teachers and friends. A kung-fu master, a leader of life-altering experiential workshops, a world-traveler and spiritual explorer who takes students deep into the Peruvian jungles and South Indian temples but more importantly, deep into their untapped selves, Satyen will walk us through the steps, both internal and external of creating nothing less than divine pleasure on a a mystical level.

What I love about Satyen is that not only that is he one of the most profound spiritual teachers I know, he is also no-B.S. and also a great, funny, likable, formerly dorky guy.

His life is proof of his teaching, with his gorgeous wife who often co-teaches with him.

For Satyen, as one of his courses evidences, there is no separation between “Sex” “Passion” or “Enlightenment” – they are all part of one sizzling continuum.


Enroll today to learn with Satyen Raja and the rest of the Erotic Masters.

Can You Imagine What It Would Be Like to Travel to Their Home Cities and Learn From Each of These Masters?

I have spent thousands of dollars over the last several years studying with many of these teachers. I’ve invested time to learn from each of them. I’ve also spent time and money with several more who just didn’t make the cut — who weren’t the real deal.

They are not included in this course.

The masters I’ve chosen for you — if they publicly teach what they know at all — charge hundreds of dollars for an evening, or thousands for a weekend, to teach the kind of material that you’ll be receiving in this course.

And then there’s the matter of travelling to where they are, which alone could amount to thousands more.

One of the reasons I’ve put this course together is that there is a real need for men to have this kind of training, while still being mindful of the budget that many men live within.

So, this course is not a $1,000 or even $500. In fact, the tuition is far less than that.

Some very important things
You should know:

Please read this carefully

We have made a commitment to raising the bar on the quality of the audio and your overall experience for this telecourse. The costs for me are high to have the course run professionally.

We’ll also be having a substantial amount of additional Question & Answer time with the faculty. In order for each of you to get the attention you deserve, I’m forced to limit the enrollment to a smaller number of students than I’d like. As a result, there will be

Only 250 Seats Available

In a recent survey of my readers, I discovered that many of them had a problem with initiative. “I know what to do, I just wait too long to do it, then the moment passes, and she’s gone.”

Well, that is a problem we’ll be addressing in the course. But if that’s an issue for you at all, begin healing yourself by enrolling now in this life-changing course.

Bonus #1

Each session will be recorded. Three to four days each session, you will receive the MP3 audio recording in both a Streaming and Downloadable format. These recordings will be the heart of the $397 home study course that will be available a few months from now, but you’ll get them Free with your enrollment in the Live teleseminar series.

Bonus #2

In addition to the audio recordings, each session will be transcribed and delivered to you as convenient PDF files. This will give you an opportunity to search through the content for the material you want to study further, and to take Erotic Mastery with you when listening to audio isn’t practical.

Bonus #3
“The Worthy Playboy Lifestyle”

The subtitle of this special bonus teleseminar, which you’ll receive by MP3 download, should be “How a 330lb, balding Canadian man can date a European Beauty Queen — and a half dozen other beautiful women — all at the same time.”

You’ll learn the secrets of confidence that allows him to approach any woman, and induces many more to approach him. Plus, you’ll discover his secrets to managing multiple concurrent relationships.

This interview is an unparalleled primer in Inner Game and Confidence.

It’s a $29.95 value, and it’s yours Free with your enrollment.

Bonus #4
“The Million Dollar Point”

Dr. Alex Benzer, creator of The Tao of Dating, discusses with me the Eastern Secrets of Eroticism — including Taoists Techniques, Yin Yang Polarity, and a discussion of “The Million Dollar Point.”

It’s a $29.95 value, and it’s yours Free with your enrollment.

Bonus #5
Mystery Bonus

This week I’ll be recording a revealing conversation with someone who knows all there is to know about pleasing a woman. Let’s just say that knowing and using these secrets is this person’s life’s work. And some of what you’ll hear may be shocking to you.

Another $29.95 value, yours Free.

Limited Additional Bonus #6
for First Movers

“The Extra Session”

One of the the Erotic Mastery faculty has agreed to conduct with me an Extra Session. This one session will be entirely devoted to your questions, what you learned during the course — whether about self-talk, seduction, confidence, sexual technique or the bliss of spiritual union.

Because of the personal interaction
in this session, it will be
limited to the first 100 students
who enroll in the “Erotic Mastery” course.

In addition to the opportunity to attend the call live, you will also get an MP3 recording and a written transcript of the call. This complete bonus, which you’ll get Free if you are among the first 100, is valued at $49.95.

Notice: As of Midnight Monday, Only 23 Spaces Left!

“Erotic Mastery”
Begins Thursday, January 18, 2007, and will be held each Thursday for 6 weeks.

I always stand here with the singular goal of your success. I’ve worked hard to make it apparent to you that there is a big change coming in your life by the end of this program.

If I could have learned 6 years go what I have since had to pay dearly for in time, money, and wasted opportunity, I’d have done it in a heartbeat. I just didn’t know anybody who could teach what you’re being offered now.

Today, you are being given that very chance to shortcut the path I’ve travelled, and transcended.

You owe it to yourself, and the women you know and those you’ll come to know.

Your Pal,


P.S. One other thing I feel compelled to tell you about.

I had an expectation of 400 people joining the Priority Notification List. You’re on that list, and as it turns out, you are one of more than 700 people on the list.

That means that both the First Mover bonus and the Priority Pricing are likely to go faster than expected. If you’ve just skimmed this page, go back and read it from the top. There’s an important lesson on this page, and an opportunity to learn it right now.

Take action now.

Don’t miss this opportunity, or your chance to learn from these Masters that I’ve brought here for you.


Salepage: http://www.eroticmastery.com/priority/home.php
Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20070118065039/http://www.eroticmastery.com/priority/home.php

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