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Drew Binsky - Travel Hacking Course1`Drew Binsky – Travel Hacking Course


Mastermind Travel Hacking Course
Drew Binsky shares his best tips, hacks, secrets and resources that he’s learned from visiting 197 countries in the world.


12 Video Lessons ‣ Real Tips


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16 minute lesson | Layovers, Routes, Points, Airlines

After taking 1,200 flights, Drew has mastered the process for finding the best deals. Everything from using the 24 hour flight cancellation hack, to choosing the right search engine to utilizing budget airlines. Make sure to look for layovers in the 4 Cs – Cairo, Casablanca, Cape Town and Colombo.


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17 minute lesson | Hostels, Airbnb, Hotels, Couchsurfing

No matter your budget, there is always a reliable place to sleep. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple, or family – accommodations are not as expensive as you may think! In this section, Drew tackles all of the best options from cheap hostels to quality Airbnbs. Pro tip: Location is everything.


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12 minute lesson | Public Transit, Ride Sharing, Rental Cars

So you’ve arrived in a new city, checked into your hotel and now you’re ready to explore… What do you next? Learn how to navigate the city safely, from walking, biking, ride sharing, taxi, public transit and rental cars. Find out why Google Maps is your best friend and discover other navigation apps.


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14 minute lesson | Apply Online, On Arrival, At Embassies

Depending on your passport and the country you wish to visit, a travel visa may be needed. The process is usually daunting because each country has different requirements. After visiting 197 countries, Drew teaches the pros and cons between e-visa, ‘visa on arrival’ and getting the visa in advance at an embassy.


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10 minute lesson | Check in, Lounges, Immigration

The world has 17,678 airports and they are all confusing. Learn how to maximize your flying experience to save money, time and stress. Find out how to avoid lines, get into premium lounges, snag the best seat on the plane, plus dozens of Drew’s secret tips that will make the airport 10X more enjoyable.


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9 minute lesson | Apps, Phrases, Journaling

While the world has 6,500 languages, did you know that 70% of all humans speak one of 12 languages? Learning a few basic words and phrases can go a long way when visiting a foreign country. You will feel proud when speaking with locals and earn their respect. Discover the different techniques and methods to pick up a new language.


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11 minute lesson | Food, Sleep, Activities, Extras

Everyone travels on a different budget, but money should never hold you back from taking the trip of your dreams. Drew teaches you how to thoughtfully plan and track your expenses across transportation, accommodation, food and drink, personal activities, and the unknown extras – so you will be on your way to making lifelong memories.


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17 minute lesson | Luggage, Clothing, Toiletries, Electronics

In this lesson, Drew dissects his entire backpack on camera and shares a detailed run down of every item that is necessary to bring on your trip. It has taken him 10 years to create this system, and for the first time ever, he is sharing it publicly to help you become a master packer. Pro tip: Less is more!


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7 minute lesson | Social Media, FB Groups, Bars, Websites

A stranger is a friend you’ve never met before and Drew teaches you exactly how to find them. Exploring with a local gives you a unique perspective of their culture along with safety tips, food suggestions, fun activities and hidden gems. In exchange, you’re also doing them a favor by showing interest in their country and becoming a lifelong friend


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13 minute lesson | Credit Cards, Airlines, Hotels

The cheapest flight or hotel that you can book is free, and the easiest way to do that is with points and miles. You can think of them as a type of currency. Every time you take a trip or make a purchase with a rewards credit card, you earn points that you can redeem for free flights, hotels, rental cars or anything else travel related.


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19 minute lesson | Scams, Wifi, Phone Connection

In this lesson, get dozens of safety tips such as making sure your phone works, getting wifi passwords in public spaces, keeping a low profile. Always be aware of your surroundings and trust you gut instinct. When you join the course, Drew will teach you how to avoid common travel scams such as the mustard scam and the tuk tuk scam.


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12 minute lesson | ATM, Health, Recommendations

Drew fills in the gaps with additional tips that will help you in any country. Things such as how to avoid fees when taking out money from an ATM, how to access wifi passwords, how to avoid food poisoning, as well as suggestions for which countries to visit. With these final tips, you will be well prepared for your next trip.

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FREE BONUS; DREW’S TOP 20 COUNTRIES… AND WHAT TO SEE!23 minute bonus lesson | Asia, Africa, Europe, Americas

Drew shares insight into to his most asked question…
“Where should I go?”

This exclusive bonus includes Drew’s Top 20 favorite countries and why they are go-to destinations for every traveler. Add these special destinations to your travel bucket list for the ultimate adventure.

Drew Binsky is one of the world’s most traveled people, having visited 197 COUNTRIES and over 600 CITIES by 30 years old.screenshot 66 1 | eSy[GB]


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For the past 10 years, Drew’s been traveling across the world from Venezuela to Zimbabwe, Micronesia to Nepal, Cambodia to Cancun — and beyond! He’s also lived for 6+ months in the Czech Republic, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and across the USA.

Throughout his adventures, he has gained a wealth of knowledge that he is proudly sharing with you for the very first time in this comprehensive travel course designed for any traveler, from beginners to experts.


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Never left your home country but dream of seeing the world, this course is for you! I was in your shoes 10 years ago, and I wish I knew all of the hacks that are listed in this course.

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If you travel frequently for work (or pleasure) and you are looking to save more money and get more out of your adventures – then this course is for you.

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Always wanted to go on a long backpacking trip and looking to do it as cheaply as possible? This course is definitely for you!


Hi! I’m Drew Binsky. I’ve been to 197 countries since 2012, and I work as a full-time video creator (@DrewBinsky) with more than 7.5 million social media followers and over 2 billion video views. I am also a 4-HANDICAP GOLFER and a 2X GUINNESS WORLD RECORD holder.

I grew up in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona and graduated from The University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a double-major in economics and entrepreneurship.

The travel bug first hit me when I studied abroad in Prague during my Junior year of college (Jan – May 2012). After having an incredible semester of living in Europe and traveling to 20+ countries, I knew I wanted to make a career out of traveling.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve managed to visit 197 of the world’s 197 countries, and I’ve documented it all on YouTube. My social media community is over 8.5 million and I’ve received over 3 billion video views, and now it’s my goal to help you become a better traveler & save money.


Matt G.

The Drew Binsky Travel Hacking Course has been an awesome learning experience! I look forward to putting everything from each module into practice during my future travels. Having followed Drew for a number of years, this course is the place to learn from one of the best in the business. I highly recommend this course to every traveler out there, no matter your experience!

Sharon P.

Drew’s course is soooo helpful! The part I liked the most was how to find cheap flights and hotels – I will be using his tips for all of my future travels. Many of the hacks I had never heard of before and now I realize that traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. I would absolutely recommend this course to all my friends who love to travel. I’ve already saved more than the cost of this course, so it was a great investment. Thank you, Drew!

Obed R.

This 3-hour travel hacking course by Drew Binsky was excellent – it was my first time to purchase such a class and it’s definitely worth the small investment! The format is smooth and easy to understand, and Drew (the instructor) is very articulate and gave a lot examples. I already feel like an expert traveler even though I’ve only been to a few countries. I’m ready to get out there and explore! Thank you Drew for making this incredible course and for inspiring me to travel the world.

Cheruby B.

This course is next level for someone who is very into traveling and loves to learn about different traditions and languages. The most significant thing for me is that the course is very easy to navigate with a sleek and tidy colorful interface, water-colored headlines and a well-organized framework. After taking this course, I felt compelled to pack my stuff and travel immediately for a vacation. The world is too amazing for us not to discover it!

Aaryan p.

Wow! Drew over delivered in this awesome travel course, and I loved it so much that I’m watching the videos again a second time. I’m heading to Turkey next month and I’ve already saved $400 on my flights and hotel expenses thanks to Drew’s smart tips. I’m really looking forward to using many of the other the strategies that Drew taught me on my future trips. He’s really one-of-a-kind and *actually* knows his stuff when it comes to backpacking the world and living in new countries.

Christina P.

Drew is a travel mastermind. I’ve traveled to about 100 countries, and thought I was somewhat experienced, yet I still learned a tremendous amount from his course. He does a great job breaking each category down in a way that’s incredibly easy to understand and emulate, and will save me big $$! The most useful tip I learned is how to maximise my travel rewards credit cards, which I’m using to book a flight next week. I highly recommend Drew’s course!

Travel Hacking Course By Drew Binsky, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)

  • Bonuses
  • How To Book Cheap Flight
  • How To Find & Book Cheap Accommodations
  • How To Navigate Cities
  • How To Get Travel Visas
  • How To Navigate Airports
  • How To Learn Languages
  • How To Budget Yourself On A Trip
  • How To Pack Your Bag Like A Master
  • How To Make Local Friends
  • How To Use Travel Reward Points
  • How To Stay Safe In Foreign Countries
  • General Travel Tips (Extra)
  • Drew’s Recommended Countries To Visit

Sale Page: https://www.drewbinsky.com/course
Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/EnfoT

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