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Want To Know What REALLY Triggers Women To Have Earth-Shattering, Mind-Blowing Orgasms? Don’t Take My Word For It … It’s All Captured Here LIVE!

ListenIn As One Of The World’s Foremost Sex and Intimacy Experts Lets You Into His Own Bedroom And Allows You To Hear — LIVE, RAW, UNCUT AND UNCENSORED — As He Creates Orgasm After Orgasm With His Lover…


…Then Reveals Step-By-Step How YOU Can Recreate This In YOUR Own Bedroom…”

From The Desk Of:
David Wygant
On Monday, 10:45 a.m.
In Sunny Los Angeles, CA

Re: Sex With The Masters

Dear Friend,

Single? Dating? Married? Wildly Sexually Experienced? Newer To Sex? 

No matter which of these describe you, you are going to want to put down whatever you’re doing, pull your chair close to your computer screen and read this letter top to bottom.

This letter will without a doubt change your sex life … forever.

In Fact, It Just Might Change Your Life Completely!
I know what you’re thinking.

Oh c’mon now … How will listening to a couple people having sex (even amazing, off the charts, world-class multiple orgasm producing sex) possibly change my life?

I Thought That Exact Same Thing, Until I Heard It And Saw What Happened For Myself

This Is Virtually Guaranteed To Contain The Most Raw, EROTIC, White Hot Sexual Encounters You’ll Ever Hear

Let’s (for now) put aside the fact that just listening to this is guaranteed to be hotter than any fake, staged, over-acted porn (that while graphic is also contrived and – if we’re being honest – usually pretty cheesy).

There is NOTHING hotter (for both men and women) than the real thing -especially when both parties are experiencing true, unbridled passion and uncontrolled orgasms.

It’s true…

BUT how will listening to this change anything in YOUR life (and, more importantly, in your bedroom)?

And I’m sure there’s one BIG question on your mind…

So let me answer it before we go any further–

Yes This is 100% Real… No Editing, No Dubbing, No “Cutting And Pasting” — Real Time, Real Orgasms!

There are not too many folks out there (especially too many of the so-called “experts” out there) who would feel confident enough to record themselves LIVE, raw, uncut and uncensored.

But that’s precisely why you don’t have to trust me that this man “knows his stuff” … All you gotta do is listen.

What I Found Out…And WhyWhat’s In Here Is Something YouCannot Afford To Miss!

Let me ask you a few questions…

  • Are you someone who already has a great sex life with a special partner (or multiple partners) but you want to know how to take your sex life to that next level?
  • Are you someone who struggles to create or to experience consistent, soul-shaking orgasms?
  • Are you single and want to experience the most incredible sex and earth-shattering orgasms with your next partner?
  • Do you wonder if incredibly hot, passionate sexual experiences and body-rockin’ orgasms are things YOU are able to create for women (or experience yourself if you’re a woman)?

Is this something you have to be born with?

(Hint: NOPE!!)

The Best Part Is That EVERYTHING On Here You Can Do — And Every Orgasm You Hear Is One That Can Happen (Many Times!) TONIGHT In Your Own Bedroom

It’s easy once you know how!

Do you want to not only “know how” to create and experience these kind of mind-blowing orgasms, but how to feel 100%confident, free and connected in every one of your sexual encounters…

…and know that you can have each sexual experience be better than the one before it?

How would you feel if you knew you could give this kind of unprecedented pleasure and body-shaking orgasms to women EVERY TIME you have sex? 

How would YOU like to be that guy every woman can’t get enough of in bed and that guy with whom every woman wants to come back for seconds (and thirds, fourths and fifths!)?


If You’re Only Looking For A Basic Course OnHow to Be “Good In Bed,” Or Even How To Just“Satisfy Her” In Bed,
Then This Program
Is Not For You!

Right now you have the opportunity to unearth the same secrets and techniques which were really not available until now…

For The First Time Ever, A World Renowned Sex Expert Not
Not Only Teaches — But Demonstrates LIVE, RAW, UNCUT AND UNCENSORED — His Very Best Orgasm Producing Techniques

Presenting “Sex With The Masters”
| eSy[GB] | eSy[GB] | eSy[GB] | eSy[GB]
You’re Invited To Come Grab Every Single Technique, Insight And Carefully Guarded Secret Used By One Of The World’s Foremost Sex And Intimacy Experts To Generate Astonishingly Powerful Multiple Orgasms…At Will

This remarkable 4 VOLUME program will not only allow you to hear first-hand how unbelievable and powerful really good sex can be . . . but will also show you exactly how you can experience this for yourself and your partner.

You Won’t Just Hear It Happening LIVE…
We’ll Also Tell You EXACTLY How To Do It!
Here’s just a sample of everything you’ll hear and of the tasty “sexual secrets” you’ll be getting…
Introduction To
Erotic Massage And
Connected Lovemaking
| eSy[GB]
bulit | eSy[GB] Hear David and our World Famous Expert introduce you to what’s in this unbelievable audio program
bulit | eSy[GB] Find out the “back story” behind these now infamous “caught on tape” moments
bulit | eSy[GB] Learn how this program is useful no matter where you are in your sexual life and what your sexual status is
bulit | eSy[GB] Get my personal insights into what this program is really all about and why it’s so revolutionary.

*LIVE* Erotic Massage

And Connected Lovemaking

| eSy[GB]

The first of the two LIVE “bedroom audios” with our expert and his lover. Hear it all from beginning to end … and everything in between:

bulit | eSy[GB] Listen LIVE as our expert and his lover engage in an erotic massage followed by connected lovemaking
bulit | eSy[GB] Listen in and hear step-by-step how to create the most erotic massage
bulit | eSy[GB] How to feel totally “connected” from the first touch all the way through foreplay and lovemaking — and how this creates the best sex and the biggest orgasms.
bulit | eSy[GB] How to cultivate masterful lover mindset, and hear it in action.
bulit | eSy[GB] The benefits of making love with the lights on.
bulit | eSy[GB] Learn the power of seeing and being seen.
bulit | eSy[GB] Sexual time distortion – and how to be completely in the moment.
bulit | eSy[GB] Secrets to controlling your orgasm.
bulit | eSy[GB] Hear exactly how to create connected lovemaking at every step along the way
bulit | eSy[GB] Find out exactly how and why each thing creates better sex than you’ve ever had before
bulit | eSy[GB] Find out how to simultaneously create maximum connection and maximum pleasure and orgasms
bulit | eSy[GB] How to give her mind-blowing orgasms multiple times, every time.
bulit | eSy[GB] Learn EXACTLY how and where to touch her to create all of the different kinds of orgasms she is capable of experiencing.

| eSy[GB]

The Power Of Foreplay:
*LIVE* Secrets Of The
And Squirting

Brace yourself … this is HOT! Think non-stop orgasms, the g-spot, squirting and body-shaking orgasms are all possible BEFORE you even begin having intercourse. They are — and you will hear all of them occur LIVE and uncut in this Volume.

bulit | eSy[GB] How to create unbelievable pleasure from the first look.
bulit | eSy[GB] How to communicate your way to an orgasm.
bulit | eSy[GB] The power of not knowing what’s next, how to let things unfold organically
bulit | eSy[GB] Squirting live and multiple times.
bulit | eSy[GB] The power of masturbation and mutual masturbation.
bulit | eSy[GB] Learn straight from her mouth the power of letting go completely, and how it allows her to squirt and orgasm.
bulit | eSy[GB] How to squirt, and how she feels when she squirts.
bulit | eSy[GB] The power of her multi-orgasmic bliss
bulit | eSy[GB] How to create hunger in your lover.
bulit | eSy[GB] The excitement of following sensation and how to create “juicy anticipation.”
bulit | eSy[GB] Questions to trigger her sexual brain.
bulit | eSy[GB] Creating connection through play and breath
bulit | eSy[GB] Giving your lover full permission to be free.
bulit | eSy[GB] How to take your time Using patience as foreplay
bulit | eSy[GB] How to approach lovemaking from the reality of the moment.
How to relax when you have no idea what to do.
bulit | eSy[GB] Creating connection through play and breath.
bulit | eSy[GB] How to give your full permission to be free.
bulit | eSy[GB] How to take your time – and how to use patience in foreplay
bulit | eSy[GB] How to approach lovemaking from the reality of the moment, and how to relax when you have no idea what to do.
bulit | eSy[GB] Creating the itch that wants to be scratched.
bulit | eSy[GB] Being direct in your desires, and how to turn on the power of your cock.
bulit | eSy[GB] Unleashing the power of long, deep, sensuous breaths.
bulit | eSy[GB] The power of self pleasuring in front of your partner – as a way to share her sexual energy.
bulit | eSy[GB] How to turn you attraction to porn into attraction for your woman.
How to own your cock in front of your woman.
bulit | eSy[GB] Over 10 orgasms in 50 minutes . . . and all without penetration
bulit | eSy[GB] he secret of semi-erection sex.

The Breakdown

Listen in as I once again sit down with our world renowned expert and really discuss not only what was going on in these sexual sessions, but why it all works and how to create the most powerful and amazing sex life for yourself.

| eSy[GB]
bulit | eSy[GB] How to take the walls down sexually and emotionally
bulit | eSy[GB] How to get deeper intimacy with your love.
bulit | eSy[GB] Breakdown of each part of the audios
bulit | eSy[GB]

How to create deep intimacy whether you’re with a spouse, partner, lover or one-night stand

bulit | eSy[GB] Why this program is something that you need to listen to when you are single so you can blow the door sexially off the next partner
bulit | eSy[GB] Why if you’re in a relationship this program is critical to connect more deeply, reconnect with your partner or to get deeper with your intimacy.
bulit | eSy[GB] Why everyone needs to learn how to be open like this sexually even before you find someone
bulit | eSy[GB] Why this being graphic will push your buttons and push your boundaries.
So What Is Something Like This Worth?

So what is this entire program really worth? 

Honestly, this program is worth HUNDREDS of dollars. The LIVE audio sessions plus the detailed breakdown make this program invaluable to the future of your sex life. 

What is it worth to you to learn how to create (and to experience) the most amazing, mind-blowing orgasms you could ever imagine?

Both I and our expert each get paid hundreds of dollars perhour … and we’re BOTH on here giving you 4 volumes of this unbelievable knowledge and advice.

In fact to sit down in a room with the two of us for just one hour would cost you over $600.00, and that would be a bargain for all you’re getting here.

Grab Your Copy Now, and Receive
Two HUGEBonuses — Yours Now If You Hurry

You definitely don’t want to miss these and are worth hurrying for!

| eSy[GB]BONUS #1: The Art of Kissing

This is one MONSTER bonus, and an absolute “must have” for anyone who wants to the most masterful of lovers and who wants to be able to create the most amazing sex with their partner. In this bonus, you learn exactly what women want in a kiss and how to relax into the power of exploring. You’ll learn how to detect her subtle shudders. You’ll hear about how to make your senses more keen and how to relax your lips in a way that you would want to be kissed.

The Art of Kissing will help you unleash your power and your ability to attract somebody into your life who understands you, because the kiss communicates all of that. The kiss is the entry point to the erotic mind. The kiss can stimulate desire, relaxation, pleasure, fantasy, exploration beyond anything that you can imagine.

(VALUE = $47.97)

| eSy[GB]BONUS #2:The Art of Erotic Foreplay

This is one of the most revealing conversations you will ever hear about erotic foreplay. Learn how to communicate, keep it fresh even in a long-term relationship, and how to be totally passionate and relaxed. Also, learn right from a woman’s mouth the true power of the g-spot, and how it can create orgasms the likes of which she’s never experienced before. Learn more how to please your partners in a receptive way, how to communicate in such a way that you can really ask for what you want, but in a way that will keep your partner at ease. Learn too about the power of massage.

Also, learn the secrets to creating the most incredible pleasure and orgasms by creating total comfort, relaxation and with the power of real eye contact. You’ll learn that sometimes it’s really fun to have the experience of being unveiled by your partner, to be vulnerable, to be seen. You’ll learn about how great it is to have lights on. It’s a very powerful thing for you to experience. This will totally change how you feel about foreplay forever! 

Archive: http://web.archive.org/web/20091001102422/http://davidwygant.com/sexwiththemasters.html

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