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2022 Teach Them Diligently At HomeDavid and Leslie Nunnery – 2022 Teach Them Diligently At Home

TTD at Home invites you to enjoy the benefits of our in-person convention from the comfort of your home! This virtual event is FULL of engaging sessions that seek to focus on encouraging parents in many areas of homeschooling.

Have you always wanted to attend a Teach Them Diligently event but have never been able to? Now you can!! With meet-ups, recorded workshops, live sessions, and too many other elements to mention, this will be as close to a TTD event as we can make it by streaming to your home!

The TTD at Home Virtual Summit aims to help you strengthen your confidence in homeschooling, encouragement in your parenting, family matters, special needs education, encouragement for mom and dad and much much more!

Enjoy more than 70 workshops specifically designed to help you focus on your marriage, homeschooling, special needs, homeschool how to’s, special education, and so much more!

Here is what you get:

  • Workshops going LIVE the week of April 18, 2022.
  • More than 50 Speakers
  • More than 70 Different Workshops
  • Lifetime Access
  • Swag Bags for All Who Register

Your Instructor

leslieanddavid | eSy[GB]

David and Leslie Nunnery

David and Leslie Nunnery are the founders of Teach Them Diligently and the parents of four children who range in age from 15-22. God has given them a strong burden to minister to Christian families to help support, encourage and equip them to disciple their children, protect their marriages, and serve God in the ways He has planned for them. They are advocates of home education with a strong focus on discipleship which is evidenced in their writings and the events their family produces. They are authors of countless articles as well as several books and courses. They are also heavily involved in mission endeavors through Worldwide Tentmakers, for which David serves as president and Teach Them Diligently supports.

Course Curriculum

Homeschool How To’s
  • Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview — Israel Wayne
  • How NOT to Educate Like a Heathen — Israel Wayne
  • Large Family Homeschooling — Amy Roberts
  • Homeschool Reality Check — Rebecca Spooner
  • The Once a Year Plan: Taking the Overwhelm Out of Homeschool Planning — Kim Sorgius
  • Homeschooling Adopted Kids — Tricia Goyer
  • For the Heart of your Homeschool — Leslie Nunnery
  • But How Will I Teach Them To Read? — Laura Macfarlan
  • Parenting and Homeschooling by Faith, Not Fear — Jon and Ann Dunagan
  • The Dark Side of Socialism — Linda Lacour Hobar
  • 10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for STEM Studies — Laura MacFarlan
  • Juggling Life and Lesson Plans — Vicki Bentley
  • Five Core Habits for a Lifetime of Learning — Marc Hayes
  • Curriculum 911: What to do when Homeschool isn’t Going Well — Kim Sorgius
  • To Teach or Not to Teach — Kim Sorgius
  • Neuroscience and Music Education: Giving your Child a Superpower through Music — Gabi Haberer
  • Organize and Manage Your Homeschool — Kim Sorgius
  • Homeschool Survival Guide — Heidi St. John
  • Teaching Several Grades at Once — Brook Wayne
  • Homeschooling For Parents of Preschoolers — Hal and Melanie Young
  • Raising Empathetic Readers, Fueling Biblical Imagination — Dr. Scott James
  • Freedom from Idolatry in Homeschooling — Norm Wakefield
  • Lessons Learned in Four Decades of Homeschool Involvement — Ruth Adams
  • Bringing God’s Presence into Homeschooling — Norm Wakefield
  • How to Create and Sell Curriculum on TpT — Jen Dodrill
  • ABC, 123!! Teaching Phonics and Phonetic Awareness– Dr. Rebecka Spencer
  • Embracing Fun in Homeschool — Mickey Richards
  • Someone Hates Your Homeschool — Trudie Schar
  • My Kids Hate School — Marilyn Boyer
  • Homeschooling Without A Method — Christine Zell
  • What Deschooling Is and How It Can Change Your Homeschool — Alison Morrow
  • When Bible History and World History Meet Face to Face — Linda Lacour Hobar
  • Connection Over Curriculum — SaraRuth Owens
  • Homeschooling Multiple Ages — SaraRuth Owens
Family Matters
  • Discipling Teens and Tweens — Hal and Melanie Young
  • Keeping our Children and Teens Hearts — Brandi McIntosh
  • Foster Care and the Homeschool Family — Vicki Bentley
  • The Grumble Free Home — Tricia Goyer
  • No Longer Little And Not Quite Teens — Hal and Melanie Young
  • Let Boys be Boys — Mark Hancock
  • Practical Apologetics — Chuck Black
  • Aiming Our Arrows Into Adulthood — Jon and Ann Dunagan
  • Mission-Minded Families — Jon and Ann Dunagan
  • Write the WORD! — Laura MacFarlan
  • The Way You Pray Will Change the Way You Parent – and How You Live — Leslie Nunnery
  • Training Our Girls to be Mission-Minded Women — Ann Dunagan
  • How to Help Kids and Teens Study the Bible and Grow in Faith — Kim Sorgius
  • The Battle For Our Sons — Hal and Melanie Young
  • Waiting for God to Speak — Chuck Black
  • Your Marriage And Your Kids — Hal and Melanie Young
  • Dealing with Doubt: Strengthening Your Children’s Faith — Chuck Black
  • Independent Learner — Kim Sorgius
  • Helping Our Children See that Biblical Faith Is Not Blind — Elizabeth Urbanowicz
  • From Boy to Men – The Goal is godly Adults Not Well Behaved Children — Jeff Reep
  • 10 Ways to Keep the Heart of Your Child — Kim Sorgius
  • Anchored in Christ In the Homeschool Storms of Life — Norm Wakefield
  • Living to Love with Jesus — Norm Wakefield
  • Sanity Saving Tips to Simplify Your Homeschool — Katie J Trent
  • Stop the Yelling, Lecturing, and Power Struggle — Kirk Martin
  • 10 Ways to Stop Defiance, Disrespect, and Meltdowns — Kirk Martin
  • How You and Your Spouse Can Make A Team — Katie J Trent
  • Homeschooling Spirited Children — Stephanie Radcliffe
  • Celebrate Kids — Dr. Kathy Koch
  • Marriage and Relationships — Steve Blackston
  • Discipline that Works When Consequences Don’t — Kirk Martin
  • Your Home Needs Family Worship –Christian Horstmann
  • Building Your Family’s Bible Knowledge Through the 3 Cycle Approach — Hannah Jinks
  • In Sickness and In Health: Why Your Marriage Is So Important to Your Homeschool — Joie Harber
Classical and Charlotte Mason Homeschooling
  • Five Flavors of Homeschooling — Sonya Shafer
  • Getting Hemmed into Classical Education — Amy McVay
  • Charlotte Mason and Her Methods — Sonya Shafer
  • The Early Years: Homeschooling Your Preschooler — Sonya Shafer
  • Laying Down the Rails: The Power of Good Habits in Your Home School — Sonya Shafer
  • Learning with Living Books — Sonya Shafer
  • A Quiet Growing Time : A Charlotte Mason Approach — Shanda Jacobs
  • The Difference Between a Schedule and a Routine — Dollie Freeman
High School and College Track
  • Homeschooling Teens for Home Business — Rhea Perry
  • Help Your High Schooler Graduate College Early and Debt Free — Samantha Shank
  • Struggling Learners In High School And College — Hal and Melanie Young
  • Homeschooling Your High School Student — Matthew Bullington
  • Choosing a Major/College/Career — Jeff Reep
  • Simplifying College Prep — Matthew Bullington
  • Welcome to Harding University — Mark Pruitt
  • How to Take Notes: Learn how to take notes in college — Mark Pruitt
  • Got Study Skills? — Mark Pruitt
  • Essential Life Skills for Teens — Jen Dodrill
  • High School English — Michelle McCarthy
  • Understanding the Phases of High School — Matthew Bullington
  • My Teen Has No Direction! — Matthew Bullington
Special Needs Homeschooling
  • Learning Struggles — Jan Bedell
  • Absent-Minded Professor – ADD/ADHD Solutions — Jan Bedell
  • Conquering ADD, ADHD, and Dyslexia — Linda Kane
  • Making It Work-Adapting Curriculum to Make It Work for Your Special Needs Child– Michelle McCarthy
  • Home Educating When There Are Challenges — Linda Kane
  • Let’s Fix It! — Linda Kane
  • Riding the Roller Coaster of Dyslexia — Jan Bedell
  • The Sensory Child — Linda Kane
  • Teaching the Most Effective and Efficient Way for the Brain! — Linda Kane
  • Reading is Rocket Science — Dr. Rebecka Spencer
  • Facing Your Fears-Bringing Your Special Needs Child Home — Michelle McCarthy
  • 5 Components of Literacy Teaching Reading Through the Lens of Dyslexia — Dr. Rebecka Spencer
Especially For Men
  • Raising Godly Men — Jeff Reep
  • Training Our Boys To Be Men — Jon Dunagan
  • The Calling Out of Sons: What’s a Father to Do? — Norm Wakefield
  • The Ordinary Homeschool Dad — Matt Adams
  • Help! I’m Married to a Homeschool Mom! — Todd Wilson
Technology and Culture
  • Parenting in a Gender Confused World — Hal and Melanie Young
  • Taming the Techno Beast — Todd Wilson
  • Education: Does God Have An Opinion — Israel Wayne
  • What’s the Point of Popular Culture and Why Should Parents Care? — E. Stephen Burnett
  • Equipping Our Children to Navigate the LGBTQ Movement in Truth and Love — Elizabeth Urbanowicz
  • Prayers for the Battlefield — Heidi St. John
  • The Revelation Generation: Preparing Your Children for the Days to Come — Chuck Black
  • Raising Faithful Disciples In a Culture of Confusion — Elizabeth Urbanowicz
  • Living Free From Hurry and Creating Your Unique Family Culture — Brandi McIntosh
  • Spiritual Warfare: Fighting for your Family — Chuck Black
  • TTD365 Accountability — Cheryl Kischuk
  • Why TTD365? — Cheryl Kischuk
  • Tecnology and Family — Dr. Kathy Koch
  • Standing For Truth Against Culture — Patti Garibay
Especially for Moms
  • Moms, It’s Never Done — Kira Jahn
  • Mothering By The Book — Jennifer Pepito
  • P.A.S.S.I.O.N. & Life-Planning – for Moms — Ann Dunagan
  • How To Find Mom Friends — Aimee Smith
  • What’s a Mom to do with Teenage Sons? — Norm Wakefield
  • Dare to Dream, Mom! — Tricia Goyer
  • Mary Heart + Martha Home = Peace & Joy — Laura Macfarlan
  • Homemaking Matters — Marci Ferrell
  • Home Management for the Homeschool Mom — Amy Roberts
  • Lies Homeschoolers Believe — Todd WIlson

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