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A Revolutionary Idea that Could Save Our World

You are invited to expand your mind, enrich your relationships, and refocus your purpose for being alive.

Neighbor-Love is an 8-hour video course from Andrew DeCort that transforms the way we see and treat one another across our greatest divisions.

Enroll today and become and ambassador of Neighbor-Love!



[wpcc-iframe src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/yZvl-PSG53U” width=”200″ height=”350″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen” data-mce-fragment=”1″]
/></p><p><span style=[Andrew’s] lectures were incredible. He’s the best teacher I’ve ever had, and that’s not hyperbolic.”

~ David Robinson, operations associate

/></p><p><span style=“Life changing! The best class I’ve taken at Wheaton, hands down.”

~ Maria Krump, Facebook, formerly FBI

/></p><p><span style=“The Christian scriptures are clear: Knowing God, obeying God, and living into the calling that God has given to humanity requires us to love others. We are called to love enemies, strangers, and neighbors, regardless of what they think of us, whether they are like us, or whether they love us back. Andrew DeCort’s Neighbor-Love is a rigorous and accessible exploration of these themes, a deep dive into the rationale for and demands of neighbor-love, and a stirring examination of exemplars like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Oscar Romero, and Martin Luther King, Jr. If you want to be informed, equipped, and inspired – transformed to serve our world – Neighbor-Love is a course for you.”

~ Dr. Noah Toly, Professor of Urban Studies and Politics & International Relations, Director of the Center for Urban Engagement, Director of the Aequitas Program, Wheaton College



Neighbor-Love: A Revolutionary Idea that Could Save Our World is the first video course devoted entirely to the ethics of neighbor-love. Combining scholarly depth, popular accessibility, and practical application, this course will immerse you in the history, meaning, and practice of neighbor-love. It makes a passionate case for why we should champion neighbor-love today as the center of our lives, churches, and cultures.

Where did the idea of neighbor-love come from? What does it actually mean and require in practice? And how can we become ambassadors of neighbor-love in the twenty-first century?

As religion disappoints, hate grows, walls rise, violence explodes, and the largest refugee crisis in history continues, where can we find hope and a practical pathway into a flourishing future? Neighbor-love is the passionate wager of Christian ethics.

I believe this course will expand your mind, inspire your imagination, enrich your relationships, and refocus your purpose for being alive. I invite you to join me.


Your Instructor

Andrew DeCort

Andrew DeCort

Andrew DeCort holds a PhD in Ethics from the University of Chicago. He is the author of Bonhoeffer’s New Beginning: Ethics after Devastation and director of the Institute for Christianity and the Common Good (iccgood.org). Andrew has taught courses in theology and ethics at Wheaton College, the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology, and the University of Bonn. His teaching has been recognized for excellence by the University of Chicago Center for Teaching. Andrew and his wife Lily live and work in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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Course Curriculum


Course Intro (0:42)

Lecture 1: The Crisis and Hope of Humanity


Section 1: The Idea We Need Today (6:12)

Section 2: Bonhoeffer’s Question (2:30)

Section 3: The Ethics of Neighbor-Love (5:27)

Section 4: The Crisis of Humanity: Ancient Mythology (4:14)

Section 5: The Crisis of Humanity: Classical Philosophy (7:08)

Section 6: The Crisis of Humanity: Classical Culture (3:35)

Section 7: Contemporary Crises of Humanity (4:03)

Section 8: Eyob: The Crisis of Indifference and Dead Dogma (6:19)

Section 9: An Idea that Could Save the World (4:37)

Lecture 2: Origins of Neighbor-Love: The Hebrew Bible


Section 1: Progress and Problems (1:44)

Section 2: The Creation of Humanity in Genesis 1 (3:27)

Section 3: Original Human Community and the Violence of the Fall (4:25)

Section 4: Abraham and the Blessing for All People (2:29)

Section 5: The Curse of Ethnocentrism (5:04)

Section 6: The Hebrew Command of Neighbor-Love (6:13)

Section 7: The Moral Neighborhood in Ancient Israel (4:36)

Section 8: Israel’s Treatment of Non-Israelite Neighbors or “Aliens” (5:38)

Section 9: Israel’s Enemies (4:57)

Section 10: Boaz’s Enemy-Love (3:58)

Section 11: The Future of Non-Israelite Neighbors (3:44)

Section 12: Conclusion: A Mirror for Us Today (2:36)

Lecture 3: Jesus: The Revolution of Neighbor-Love


Section 1: Jesus’s Breakthrough (2:06)

Section 2: The Sermon on the Mount (2:13)

Section 3: Creative Nonviolence (3:52)

Section 4: Love Your Enemies (4:41)

Section 5: The Reason of Love (4:33)

Section 6: The Golden Rule (3:34)

Section 7: What God Really Wants (3:29)

Section 8: Matthew 19 and the Question of What Is Truly Valuable in Life (5:08)

Section 9: Matthew 22 and the Command of Neighbor-Love (2:35)

Section 10: Globalizing Neighbor-Love (2:10)

Section 11: Mark 12 and the Greatest Commandment (3:55)

Section 12: Luke 6 and the Extravagant Generosity of God (3:49)

Section 13: The Parable of the Good Samaritan and Luke 10 (7:42)

Section 14: Insights from the Enemy (3:10)

Section 15: John’s Ethics of Love: The Superpower Washes Feet (6:56)

Section 16: The Death of Jesus and Divine Love (4:11)

Section 17: Conclusion: Jesus’s Answer to the Crisis of Humanity (2:50)

Lecture 4: The Revolution Continues: Neighbor-Love in the New Testament


Section 1: The Early Christian Counter-Culture of Love (4:45)

Section 2: Paul: From Terrorist to Apostle of Love (3:37)

Section 3: Romans 12 and Paul’s Ethics of Enemy-Love (3:28)

Section 4: Romans 13 and Neighbor-Love (3:23)

Section 5: Romans 13 and the Politics of Love (3:10)

Section 6: Love and the End of History (2:01)

Section 7: The Brilliant Irony of Romans 15 (4:24)

Section 8: Galatians: A Reunited Humanity (3:02)

Section 9: Galatians: Freedom, Love, and Service (4:52)

Section 10: Ephesians 4 and a New Way of Being Human (4:55)

Section 11: Paul’s Love-Saturated Letters (4:35)

Section 12: James and True Religion (3:20)

Section 13: James and the Law that Gives Freedom (3:05)

Section 14: Conclusion: The New Beginning of the Christian Revolution (2:35)

Lecture 5: 20 Centuries: The Red Thread of Neighbor-Love


Section 1: The Moral Belief that Changed the World (8:40)

Section 2: The Didache: Neighbor-Love as the Way of Life (5:14)

Section 3: The Epistle to Diognetus and Early Christian Cosmopolitanism (6:38)

Section 4: Augustine’s Love and Pursuit of Happiness (6:11)

Section 5: Augustine’s Universal Love against the Death Penalty (5:29)

Section 6: Aquinas: Neighbor-Love, Crusades, and Capital Punishment (8:37)

Section 7: Martin Bucer’s Universe of Love (7:56)

Section 8: Martin Luther’s Radical Contradiction (9:11)

Section 9: Nietzsche, the Will to Power, and the Lie of Neighbor-Love (6:46)

Section 10: Freud, Sex, and the Madness of Loving Your Neighbor (6:25)

Section 11: Kierkegaard’s Works of Love (11:24)

Section 12: Conclusion: The Globalization of Neighbor-Love (3:20)

Lecture 6: Modern Masters of Neighbor-Love


Section 1: Five Paradigms of a Plausible Future (1:47)

Section 2: The Life and Love of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945) (3:51)

Section 3: Bonhoeffer’s Christological Vision (4:14)

Section 4: Bonhoeffer’s Community Service (5:59)

Section 5: The Life and Love of Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968) (3:41)

Section 6: King’s Neighbor-Love (4:02)

Section 7: King’s Enemy-Love (6:30)

Section 8: The Life and love of Oscar Romero (1917-1980) (6:12)

Section 9: The Prophetic Preaching of Oscar Romero (8:10)

Section 10: The Life and Love of Mother Teresa (1910-1997) (5:24)

Section 11: Mother Teresa’s Way of Love (7:25)

Section 12: The Life and Love of Jean Vanier (b. 1928) (4:04)

Section 13: Vanier’s Wisdom of Tenderness (8:36)

Section 14: Conclusion: Stars in the Darkness (3:27)

Lecture 7: Neighbor-Love Now: A Humble/Dangerous/Hopeful New Beginning for Humanity


Section 1: Exemplars, Insights, Questions, and Commission (1:15)

Section 2: Exemplary Church: Coach Wayne Gordon and Lawndale Christian Community Church (6:13)

Section 3: Exemplary NGO: Gary Haugen and the International Justice Mission (5:06)

Section 4: Exemplary Business: Eden Gelan and Chiban Leather (5:06)

Section 5: Neighbor-Love DNA: Who Is My Neighbor? (3:25)

Section 6: Neighbor-Love DNA: What Does It Mean to Love? (2:49)

Section 7: Neighbor-Love DNA: As Ourselves? (2:50)

Section 8: A Summary: “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself” (5:25)

Section 9: Fifteen Questions for Neighbor-Love (49:23)

Section 10: Christ’s Final Commission (3:32)


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Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/JzPrl

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